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Kudos To Wilde

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Kudos To Wilde

...and not just because he's our guest on Packer Transplants tomorrow ;)

I get the sense that Jason's gig over at ESPNMilwaukee isn't getting the readership that he most certainly deserves. Die hard Packer fans are really missing out if they're not checking out his page daily and listening to his podcasts.

His write up of Driver's touchdown is just perfection. Enjoy:

Driver lined up across from safety Brodney Pool at the line of scrimmage in the left slot, beat the Browns’ blitz, caught a short pass from Rodgers, then stiffarmed cornerback Eric Wright when Wright caught up to him downfield.

“I was wide open, I caught the ball, and I scored, plain and simple,” Driver said. “I didn’t expect him to blitz, I expected him to try to cover me, and the designed play was to either throw it to Greg (Jennings) or me holding the safety off. Once the play was called, everybody kind of lit up.”

That’s because the Packers had practiced that exact play in practice.

”They ran the same defense that they had run last week against Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh had gotten sacked,” Rodgers said. “We call it ‘Two Sly,’ where they’re bringing a safety off the slot and playing Cover-2 behind it. We practiced it to the right during the week and I hit Driver on the run and they actually, (Packers linebacker Desmond) Bishop played it better (on the scout team in practice) than they played it today. … The rest was Driver being Driver.”

Driver confessed that he was about to “start showboating” when he realized Wright was closing on him.

“People say I’m old, so after I made the first move, in my head I was like, ‘OK, no one should be near me.’ So I was thinking of starting to dance a little bit before I got to the end zone – until when I looked back to start my move, the dance, I saw him,” Driver said. “And that’s when I had to hit him with a stiff arm and had to kick in a little bit more gear.”

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NickGBP's picture

Might want to add his iTunes link. I was hoping to add his podcast but if it doesn't go through iTunes I dont listen regularly. Thankfully I found it.


hopefully that works.

nerdmann's picture

Nice to see some YAC. DD is elite.

green, gold's picture

If you're not hearing Wilde's podcasts on the 540 page your missing the best packers conversations on the planet.

Pelissaro is still my guy though!

PRC's picture

I love all the options available to Packer fans today. I have to travel from WI to Seattle every week and while I am on the road I stream Wilde's shows live and via podcast and listen to ESPN 540, 107.5FM from GB and then listen to my favorite Packer podcasts like Packer Transplants and Packershow....All on my iPhone...

Its great...and yes Wilde is great too...

IronMan's picture

Driver is the best receiver in the team. (Sorry Jennings; don't kill me in my sleep!)

keeley2's picture

Garry Howard (JS Sports Editor) should be fired! His piece today on telling people how to act on Sunday is just plan idiotic. The thought police are out in full force for this one folks. Don't take the bait - boo that SOB every chance you get.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

i want leroy butler on our coaching staff. somehow. i don't know how it would work. or when. or how. or whatever. make him a defensive quality control assistant. make him the common sense czar. whatever.

Darcy G.'s picture

I look forward to seeing the classless, liquored up, idiot lemming GB fans make fools of themselves on national TV when they boo the man who helped bring GB back to relevancy in the NFL. And I hope the media compares it to how MN fans gave him a standing ovation when he broke Dan Marino's TD record in their house.

Color doesn't matter, respect does. Except in Green Bay.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

and this guy - keep him as far away as possible. how can this be the cover story on jsonline packers? he just doesn't get it. he makes great points, he's compassionate, blah blah blah. brett favre is coming to lambeau to try and defeat the green bay packers. leroy makes my point for me. you boo until he's not your opponent anymore. boo averagely if you must, just like any other qb waltzing into town to try and pick apart our d.

packer fans aren't going to lambeau to say applaud their ex-girlfriend for hooking up with their arch nemesis. they're going to lambeau to watch the packers put a beat down on the men in the purple pajamas. it just so happens brent will be there.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

does someone hear a mosquito in our tent?

Jayme's picture

Damn, I almost bit. Good try Darcy. You almost had me. I had even started typing my response, but then I stopped myself.
To the point at hand, I haven't been reading/listening to Jason Wilde, but I'll be giving it a look today. I enjoy listening to podcasts while I work.

CSS's picture

We should really try to keep it classy like our cross state rivals (I'm looking at you, MN) that walked by TT's booth, piss drunk, cursing and throwing things at the window throughout the game. When you think about it, pretty dumb to curse out the guy that released the QB currently starting on your squad. Shouldn't you be thanking him?

Now it makes sense that when I moved from Wisconsin to Minnesota the IQ went up in both states:)

bomdad's picture

Thanks for the tip on Wilde's podcasts. Looks like he's quite prolific, podcasting from the back seat of a limo yesterday...well radio interviewing anyway.
New sponsor for Packer's Therapy, "Green Bay Packers Nation." Who is that?

Jack's picture

Wilde outshines everyone else at ESPN Milwaukee. That may be part of his problem; there is so much drivel on their station during the day, it may turn people off from their website.

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