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Kolb Under Pressue, But Not Like Rodgers Was

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Kolb Under Pressue, But Not Like Rodgers Was

It's our job in the blogosphere to give you instant analysis of everything when it comes to the National Football League and the obvious parallels between the Packers trading Brett Favre to make way for Aaron Rodgers and the Eagles trading Donavan McNabb to make way for Kevin Kolb have people reaching something fierce in their quest to provide the masses with content.

This morning, from Adam Schefter:

QB Kevin Kolb now has as much pressure on him in Philly as Aaron Rodgers did in Green Bay

Packer Update (of all people) counters:

No he doesn't- and it's not even close.

I have to say, I'm in complete agreement with the ol' Update here.

Yes, Kolb is starting for a franchise who's fans are notoriously difficult to please. Yes he has a veteran quarterback behind him in Michael Vick for the masses to call for the moment he makes his first mistake. And yes, he will have to face the man he replaced twice a year.

And all that doesn't add up to close what Rodgers had (and has) to deal with.

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Brett Cristino's picture

I love Schefter but that's the biggest load of crap i've ever heard. He's nowhere near under the pressure of Rodgers. McNabb didn't go blast Howie Roseman/Banner/Laurie in a local TV interview. McNabb didn't have even 1/10 of the support that Favre had in GB, and the supporters McNabb did have didn't put him on the same level as Jesus. I highly doubt Kolb is going to be booed during TC and I highly doubt there's going to be a hoard of people with anti-Kolb signs at TC. There has never been another QB in NFL History who was under the pressue that Rodgers was when he took over the reigns from Favre, maybe he has a short term memory because that's insane. I remember arguing at nauseum in favor of A-Rod 2 years ago against the insane incoherent Favre apologists, led by the national media.

IPBprez's picture

Totally agree! Rodgers had it waay harder than McNabb ever had. In fact, I remember the four-letter going so far as to compare McNabb with Favre (of all things) right about the time ol' Limbaugh was pretending to be the next Keith Olbermann.

Anyway - Kolb does have a tough road to hoe. Just not as tough as Aaron has had. Isn't the O-Line in Philly considered to be a bit better than what we've had for the last two seasons?

I figure Kolb to have the same chance that Jason Campbell has had, or Alex Smith. But, one thing will be different. And, that's the Coaching Staff he will have to work with him. Therein lies the real difference in success or failure. That, and the loyalty of the Players along the Offensive Line. Better to buy a few Rolexes now....

alfredomartinez's picture

Total disagrement with schefter, it is similar paralles to a certain degree, however Kolb aint gonna b the next Rodgers...

packeraaron's picture

Well, that last part is a totally different argument, if you're talking about their play on the field. Kolb has looked quite good in limited duty. He could very well be "the next Rodgers" - we'll see.

nerdmann's picture

I'd take Rodgers over Kolb any day. And I agree, it's a different issue. Kolb isn't under anywhere near the pressure AR12 was under.

dilligaff's picture

The situations are different indeed. A-rod had the media to deal with every second his helmet was off, yet A-rod on the field had no competition (2 rookie QBs) and the QB position was his alone.

Kolb won't have to deal with anything as close as what A-rod had to deal with the media/fans on a consistent bases, but the QB position is not his alone on the field, he has Vick standing behind him with playoff wins under his belt.

A-rod had no such pressure on the the field from another player, even if A-rod struggled would we have put Brohm or Flynn in their rookie year? I think not, we would have let A-rod work it out.

In a pure football sense, taking away the media, Kolb is in a lot harder situation than A-rod with Vick standing behind him. Kolb has a far greater chance of sitting the bench next year, were as A-rod almost had no chance of getting bench his first year starting.

As pure football goes A-rod's situation was ideal, yet when he took is helmet off he got no peace, the peace he got his first year was on the field away from the media/fans.

Kolb will not have any peace on the field with Vick aggressively trying to win the job and when Kolb comes off the field he will have to deal with Fans/media to some extent.

PackersRS's picture

dilligaff, if this situation was last year, you'd be right.

But now, he won't. Because Vick played last year, he won't have competition.

He has the full support of his teammates and coaching staff.

To them, and rightfully so, Vick is just a Wilcat QB/trading goods.

They know he can't throw the ball accurately for more than 5 yards. That's why NOBODY has asked for Vick, and that's why he won't have competition.

dilligaff's picture

You may have written off Vick as a starting QB, but wait and see if Kolb struggles in his first few games and see what the media and fans of Eagles are feeling then.

Even if A-rod struggles this up and coming season, the only way he sees the bench will be the result of an injury, if Kolb sruggles badly, he will see the bench for sure because IMO Vick can play and win games.

So who do you think is the better backup today, Vick or Flynn?

PackersRS's picture

I think Flynn is.

I understand your reasoning, but you're thinking about a 2 seasons, proven Rodgers. If Rodgers had struggled in his first season? You have to remember we had drafted a highly touted guy in Brohm.

I bet A LOT of "fans" would be asking for Rodgers' head, if he had struggled then...

Though I agree, Vick makes for more pressure than Brohm would've made then.

But only if Kolb struggles.

And most importantly, he doesn't have to go through what Rodgers did with Favre wanting to come back. If I remember it correctly, Favre only got traded in May. Before that, Rodgers' job security was prety much in jeopardy with every ESPN report...

Dilligaff's picture

I see your point with Brohm, he was a 2nd round pick like Kolb, but he showed nothing in the preseason and could not even win the backup position.

So when A-rod took the first snap that season there was really no pressure from fans to put Brohm in, the coaches were ready to put a 7th round draft choice in only for an emergency.

A-rod's pressure was following the legend.

IMO Kolb will have a percentage (you pick the number)of Eagle fans that believe Vick should be the starting QB now, and that number will only grow even if Kolb plays ok, nothing special.

I don't think there were any fans that wanted Brohm to start after what they saw of him in preseason.

As far as pressure I would rather have been in A-rod's position, he had to battle the popularity contest with BF, Kolb has some of that to a degree, but he has a true athletic competition with Vick, where as A-rod had almost no competition on the field and as time went on Brohm was never in the mix, maybe from a naive fans stand point, but never with the coaches.

nerdmann's picture

If Kolb goes down with a separated shoulder, he won't have to still continue playing. Does that make it "easier" on him?
Rodgers not only continued playing, but did so at a high level.

PackersRS's picture


dgtalmn's picture

Actually, let's not forget the Montana/Young event. This seems much more like that then Favre/Rodgers. I think they like to us Favre with anything so they can get their daily minimum requirement of saying Brett Favre.

Ruppert's picture

Aaron Rodgers is the gold standard for judging the most pressure a QB could possibly have in taking over for another QB. I'll be pretty surprised if I ever see a more pressure-packed situation than his. Schefter is looking for effect.

nerdmann's picture

Thank God for Ari Fleischer!

bomdad's picture

The MNF Vikes/Pack game was on last night. I was so distraught with the score I didnt realize that AR piled up a career passing day against the Vikes in spite of all the sacks. Vikes better get some secondary help. I am on the side that a 41 y.o. Favre does not come close to repeating last year's performance...but HGH can do wonders for a man.

packeraaron's picture

Not to mention Daryn Colledge was the starting left tackle in that game... Packers are better than they showed in the two contests against the Vikings - but they have to find a way to get to Favre. That's the whole game.

Dilligaff's picture

I can't remember if Rouse was still on the team and I believe Bigby was hurt. Not to mention Raji was not a 100% with the high ankle sprain.

Mathews was not a full time starter and Brandon Jackson was still recovering from his high ankle sprain.

And don't forget about Barbre.

Our bookends were Colledge and Barbre, say that with a straight face.

FITZCORE1252's picture

One thing that caught my eye was how much Martin was on the field... that can't be good (aside from ST's).

Glorious80s's picture

"...find a way to get to Favre..." Or, keep BF and that offense on the bench with time eating drives.

nerdmann's picture

THAT would be so, so nice.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Yep, I sat through that too. That CM3 strip was one of the coolest things I've seen. That was really Finley's "coming out party" as well. Couple of young stars introduced themselves to the nation.

Gonna be a different outcome next year. Book it.

IAPacker's picture

If McNabb had won Phili a SuperBowl maybe that would be true. The Boos at McNabb's drafting in '99 offer an eerie but accurate metaphor for his time in Phili. The fanbase has been calling for his replacement for years. There were literally people asking for it after Kolb's one good performance last year. McNabb will be appreciated in years to come but not today or even this season.

PackersRS's picture

Yeah, the same thing...

Favre was a 15 year starter, who had won the only SB in the franchise since the Lombardi era, and was a surefire 1st ballot HoF.

McNabb was a probowler, who was hated by a large part of the fanbase, and who hasn't won squat...

Obviously, it's the same thing.
Schefter is GREAT at reporting breaking news. Probably the best in the biz.

But when he opens his mouth to give opinion, it's a disaster...

foundindaho's picture

I thought of Montana/Young too. Talk about a beloved QB and someone who, while liked, wasn't your 1st round HOF QB who had won SBs. There's no way Kolb has as much pressure. But, then again, he probably won't have as much support as ARodg either. Even when I was furious at TT for letting Brent go, I still supported Aaron 100% and of course wished him the best.

bomdad's picture

TT didnt "let BF go", BF chose to retire.

FITZCORE1252's picture

And THAT is a fact.

IPBprez's picture

Curious - you were furious, yet you type BRENT.
However, many people on ESPN do applaud McNabb's time in Philly. That's all I heard for hours, yesterday. Is it propaganda?

PackersRS's picture

I saw McNabb get booed in favor of T.O. Philly fans are douches, don't let anything convince you of the contrary.

No, they're not worse than Vikings fans (Cardinals and Steelers fans came to complain about them on the forum I participate). But they're awfully close.

I think the lack of SB trophies, couples with numerous close, failed attempts of a tittle, can really mess with a fanbase...

foundinidaho's picture

I WAS furious. I have since (and publicly stated before) come to the point that I totally agree with Ted (even then, I saw his point). And when that man went to play for the Vikes, he became Brent to me and Brent he shall remain for a long time to come.

And "the letting Brent go" part was how I viewed it at the time. Gosh guys, I wasn't the only person who felt that way who feels differently now. At least I can admit when I'm wrong.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Not even close.


alfredomartinez's picture

this is more like the jake delhome/matt moore transcition...IMO

FITZCORE1252's picture

THAT is funny.

Pack Fan In Enemy Territory's picture

Damn that was a long sentence, Aaron!

Any QB replacing a long time star is under tremendous pressure. I really don't see that big of a difference between the 2 other than one team was one game away from the SB & the other was a couple away.

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