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King Hints At CM3 Steroid Use

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King Hints At CM3 Steroid Use

Peter King, in MMQB, offers the following on the Packers' newest outside linebacker:

I don't trust Clay Matthews, but we'll see. Why? He walked onto the USC campus weighing 161 pounds. Is his frame fine, adding 80 pounds in such a short time?

Now, this could truly be the result of amazing determination and work ethic, but this kind of thing scares the crap out of me. Something to watch for sure...

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Bobby.O.Shea's picture

wow what lazy reporting on Peter King's behalf. CM3 was 220 when he arrived at USC

packeraaron's picture

Was that what he weighed his first game? Note King says "when he arrived on campus" - big difference.

Keith's picture

I think King is being irresponsible here. Unless he has a source it is just conjecture. If anyone was going to be a late bloomer and have a growth spurt/have the ability to add muscle, it would be a 3rd generation NFL player.

I recently started working out again myself and while I have always been strong, I had to basically start from scratch. After a couple of months my max bench is up to 225 and I can rep 580 for sets of 6 on the leg press (I weigh 215). Now, that isn't anything to brag about, but I'm also a law student who lifts 3 times a week, doesn't take supplements, and doesn't have any of the other resources that someone who attends a world class program like USC has.

If King has a source, fine. But to just dangle that line out there with no evidence is BS and unfair to a kid who busted his butt to get where he is today.

Donald's Designated Driver's picture

I think King has it wrong. "As a **junior at Agoura High, Matthews was 6-1 and weighed about 165 pounds."

Then he grew two inhces and put on some weight.

scrumptrulesent's picture

I've read a lot of stuff about how all 3 USC LB's may have been juicing. I've got to believe that the Packers were very aware of this and did their homework before giving the farm for Clay. He was bound to get bigger due to his genes.

We'll see. Peter King is entertaining but he may be just reading internet rumors for all we know.

PackersRS's picture

Irresponsible is a kind word to what this man is doing. If you have any kind of evidence, then show it, but just saying he added weight in a short term is a proof of steroid use? If I were CM3, I would sue his ass... He said he weighted 205 pounds coming out of high school, so it's not a 80, it's a 40 pounds over 2 years. 40 pounds over 1 year is NOTHING, over 2 years is no thing to be concearned. And the steroid speculations wasn't on CM3, for what I've heard, as much as it was on his fellow USC linebacker. And those, too, are just speculations

Donald's Designated Driver's picture

I'd also like to point out that as a 165 high school junior, CM3 would have been 16 years old.

Franklin Hillside's picture

I read in multiple places he was 200 when he set foot on campus at USC. He even mentioned it in his conference call as "being a late bloomer".

I'm probably being naive, but I didn't get to the steroid thing from that statement, I just dismissed King as not having the right info. With his family, would he use steroids? Seems like the influence of Dad and uncle would nip that in the bud.

Jayme's picture

Amusingly, I had the same concerns when I first saw pictures of this guy. He is ripped and has a humongous head. There would be tremendous pressure for him to perform coming from the family that he did, and he "bloomed" incredibly late. His dad wouldn't even start him in high school.

Although I have only circumstantial evidence, I truly would not be surprised to find out he was on 'roids.

Ryeguy812's picture

I think King is pointing out that just about everyone gains the freshman 80 when they go to college. Its those damn keggers and late night pizza.

willie's picture

To be fair, king doesn't say anything about steroids at all. I think his question has more to do with the physical training needed to gain 30-40 pounds and whether there has been any negative consequences with his skeleton and/or musculature.

Rainman's picture

I put on 40 Pounds in one year... None on it was muscle, but I put it on.

Cletis's picture

I emailed King - essentially asking him to clarify whether or not he is accusing Matthews of taking steroids. His comments certainly suggest as much (particularly given the noise we've all heard about Matthews and his colleagues in recent months). If that is his intent, he should come out and take ownership of the accusation. But its been a long few days for him and I have no problem giving him the benefit of the doubt if that was not his intent.

Keith's picture

Whether King intended it to be an insinuation of steroid use or not, the vagueness of the comment makes it irresponsible. You have to know that some people would take the comment as a steroids accusation, so he should take ownership of the comment. And as DDD said, he was 16 as a junior... kids hit late growth spurts and grow. IMO, not an unexpected thing, especially considering his family. PS: I don't remember CMII, but I remember Bruce Matthews, and he had a large dome.

BeerKid's picture

later on in the article - King says about another LB

Quote of the Week II

"Countless hours in the weight room. Countless hours in the cafeteria.''
-- First-round pick Aaron Curry of the Seahawks, describing how he was able to put on much-needed weight at Wake Forest.

But I guess CM3 was doing something different...

I think we all know that many athletic programs in the NFL and College push the boundaries on what they can do to enhance their athletes.

Mr. Optimistic's picture

Roids & HGH were the first thing that came to mind when the stories came out about his "late bloom". A look at his picture only deepened my suspicions.

However, whatever they have in their rulebook, the NFL doesn't get that worked up about steroids. Also, it's safe to assume that if he has been using them, he's been successfully masking them or using something that the tests don't detect yet, which probably means that he won't have to stop using them in the NFL. All of which is to say that the Packers can reasonably expect to enjoy his services for the next few years.

Of course, that is assuming he avoids injury. Aside from the long-term effects on his body, the biggest risk is likely to be steroid related problems with joint, ligament, & cartilage problems. Herniated disks are another common symptom of steroid abuse. (I wouldn't be surprised to find that steroid abuse is the root of Harrell's injury problems.)

I don't like this Matthews guy at all.

buckslayernyc's picture

I went from 175 to 205 my freshman year (football) an 205 to 215 sophmore, and then to 225 and 235. It aint hard at that time of your life if the food is readily available and you don't burn too many calories getting to weight room every day. The tough part is not turning into a weightlifter instead of a football player.

Mr.Man's picture

I'm conflicted on this. One on hand, a good friend covers USC football and is deeply suspicious of Cushing, and, to a lesser extent, Matthews, about these exact issues.

That said, I believe Matthews said he was 195 when he started college. Growing two more inches and getting to 245 or so doesn't seem outlandish, especially after five years of college.

After going on a long kayaking trip and doing a lot of running, I was 170 my senior year of high school. About 13 months later, after I tore my ACL and was limited to sitting around and lifting weights, I weighed 230. Of course, some of that wasn't good weight, but still. People get thicker as they get older.

Keith's picture

"The tough part is not turning into a weightlifter instead of a football player."

See A.J. "Click, Clack" Hawk.

Ron LaCanne's picture

King must be right. He's using Mc Ginn's unknown executive as his source. What an idiot! Or should I say what a bunch of idiots?

Matt B's picture

He weighed 225 as redshirt freshmen before the 2005 season. He probably topped out at 250-255 in the 2008 season. Whether he can beat an NFL tackle off the edge is another issue altogether...

grhombe's picture

Alright everybody CM3 said he was around 220 when he started at USC. So lets start with that number.

"How much did you weight when you got there like 180??"

"The story has been a little exagerated I was around 220..."

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