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Key To Beating The Bears: Finishing

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Key To Beating The Bears: Finishing

With Bear Week in full swing, everyone from Packers head coach Mike McCarthy to Packer fans in far off countries are revisiting the penalty-filled disaster that was the Packers 20-17 loss to the Chicago Bears.

A common theme, from the coach to the media to the fans, is that the Packers were the better team that Monday night in September. The oft-repeated phrase is that the Packers "beat themselves" with their record-setting 18 penalty performance.

While this is somewhat true, the other mitigating factor in the loss was the Packers' inability to finish. Drives, tackles, blocks - you name it, the Packers just didn't finish off whatever it was they were doing. Much could be made of the points taken off the board when right tackle Mark Tauscher was flagged for a hold on Julius Peppers when Rodgers hit Jermichael Finley for a touchdown. But there were plenty of plays where the Packers simply didn't "seal the deal", from the protection breaking down on a field goal attempt which allowed Peppers in for a block to the offensive line's inability to get to the second level in the running game, the overall effort was way too uneven that night for Packer fans to go around talking about how the Packers were the better team.

Against the Bears this Sunday, McCarthy's club has to continue on the path they set when they came out against the Patriots two weeks ago. The Packers have been playing their best football all year over the course of the last eight quarters. They have also become one of the least penalized teams in the NFL, if you can believe it. The Bears are no joke and it will take another strong, smart performance from McCarthy's team for the Packers to come out on top over the Bears who, despite the perception that they have somehow "lucked" into 11 wins, have also been playing their best football at the end of the year.

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Steve in Mpls's picture

Aaron,please don't get me wrong on this...
Never would I look past the Bears this week.
I just feel the Pack is totally pumped and
ready, and should handle them ( not without
a couple of scares ) this go-round. My fear
is next week. Last year's Arizona game still
gives me nightmares. Being that the scenario
is nearly identical, the old blood pressure
needs to be checked already. We can only
pray the football Gods will be kind to us.

davyjones's picture

"I just feel the Pack is totally pumped and ready".
I so hope you're right, but I'm guessing Giants fans said the exact same thing last week. We have know real way of knowing how they'll come out of the tunnel.

Bearmeat's picture

Well, we won't have to worry about playing the same team 2x in a row anymore thanks to the Iggles sucking at life. I don't care what anyone says, I would rather have faced the Bears in rd 1 than the Iggles.

lmills's picture

Agreed. As much as I like saying that "the Bears still suck", I think they're better than I expected they would be. I think the packers are still a better team, even with the injuries this year. However, another error filled game for the packers will not cut it. A mostly clean game will have to be played in all fazes for this to be a packers victory. I think this week's home game will get a big boost from the home crowd, but if we have to play at Chicago the following week it'll be a whole different story. Go Pack!

Edward's picture

Bears fans have so much insecurity about their club (they're well aware that they exceeded expectations this year.)

I know the Bears are pretty good, but this is all in fun, right? And we have a heckova catchy tune to sing along to..."the Bears still suck..."

Edward's picture

I hope they practice ball security all week...especially with: Quarless, Jones, Nance & Nelson.

Tarynfor 12's picture

Dare I say it"history has a habit of repeating itself".Hopefully only by those who cannot learn from what they did or didn't do.Pay attention Bush.
I would love to be listening in on that"history" class this week.

nerdmann's picture

With two games handed to them against the Lions and one game handed to them by James Jones, they are who we think they are.
But I agree, let's not let them off the hook this time.

Edward's picture

Good points. And they've been untouched by the injury bug.

I would like to see the Packers steal their O-line coach. I think Mike Tice has a below-average group playing pretty well together.

NoWayJose's picture

You may actually be right there... but I think I could die a happy death having never seen the likes of Mike Tice patrolling the GB sidelines.

Edward's picture

Would you be ok with stealing Dave Toub, the Bears Special Teams coach? :)

Bearmeat's picture

The Bears ARE a good team. But GB is better. If GB executes on the O and D line, they win going away. If not, we are in for a nail biter and possible disappointment.
Oh, and one more thing: DON'T KICK TO HESTER!

davyjones's picture

If they play the way they have the last two weeks, ie, win the turnover battle, limit penalties, average 3.5 ypc or better, protect the QB adequately, get QB pressure up the middle, contain a strong RB, cover on ST's...they win. That could really be said almost each and every week. This team has the talent to beat any team in the playoffs when playing up to potential (note Atl, NE, Jets games--all on road).

Edward's picture

I'm not worried about the Packers winning this week. Its the week after (@Chicago) that worries me.

I believe we will destroy Chicago this week and then have a letdown the week after in the Wild Card matchup.

al's picture

i couldnt agree more, my god i just hope they remember arizona... please everyone lets start the "Remember the Arizona" slogans!

PackersRS's picture

We face Chicago twice a year every year. It's an entirely different scenario than against AZ.

We've gameplanned against Chicago, and vice versa, since the preseason.

Edward's picture

True. My gut feeling comes from watching this team play to their level of competition (both good and bad) except when they are in the underdog or "backs against the wall" mode.

Because of the win-and-in significance this week, the Packers will trounce the Bears. But a little overconfidence mixed with Bears being P-O'ed over getting trounced and the "play to the level of competition" spells trouble for the W.C. weekend.

BigbyATTACK's picture

Okay, I agree that we should beat Chicago. But the next week is no guarantee. I think our Packers learned their lesson very recently, because, while it's just my opinion, I think they were looking past DETROIT to New England. Detroit was more of a "gimmy" than Chicago is, and I think they know that. There will be no looking ahead for them, because if they don't focus squarely on Sunday, there will be no next week. I think our boys are hungry. We'll see their best efforts, mark my words. For what they're worth. :P

PackersRS's picture

No bad team can win 11 games. Impossible. The Bears have a great D, the best ST in the league, and a dangerous offense. They are a very good team.

But it's completely out of luck that they've won the North and have gotten to 11 wins. Like a lot of people have said, they have exceeded expectations. The Packers are the better team. Too many times the ball have bounced their way, the refs have called in their favour, they lucked out with key players missing the game.

This week we take care of business. Next week, we make a statement.

Ruppert's picture

Well, the Bears are 3-0 against teams' backup QBs, beating Drew Stanton, Jimmy Clausen and Miami's 9th stringer. They are also 2-0 against teams whose starter got knocked out of the game and a backup finished it...(Lions week 1 Shaun Hill and Queens last week).

So they are 6-4 against teams whose regular starting QB played all 4 quarters, and one of those was obviously the game where our Packers beat themselves.

bomdad's picture

The Bears have always stuck with that deep cover 2 just avoiding a big play against them. And big plays are what the Packers have used to fire up their offense in every game, most notably when it didnt happen against the Lions. My keys to the game is forcing the Bears O into mistakes, and Aaron throwing it away and scrambling to make them pay for the deep zones.

And dont let James Jones touch the ball.

Edward's picture

And we need a little help from mother nature: no 40mph winds please!

BigbyATTACK's picture

Dude, it's Chicago. I'd have a better chance riding a bull full-time than predicting the weather there. I'll cross my fingers with you, though.

keeley2's picture

Check the injury reports - the Bears have a total of 1 player on IR of any significance (Hillenmeyer). The rest have been waived or offered an injury settlement, with no experience whatsoever. Think what the Packers Offense and Defense would look like if they had their full complement of personnel available to practice every week since the beginning.
I find it comical that Bears fans are so paranoid - surely something bad is about to happen to them. At least the law of averages is well past due on this "rabbits foot" of a Bears season.

WayneF's picture

Key to winning:

Play up to your ablility and don't make stupid mistakes. Period.

The Packers are the better team. Period.

I'm done. Period.

Ruppert's picture

The key to this game is our defense. We REALLY need to avoid being blinded by Cutler's fluorescent white teeth. Did anybody besides me notice that? They made the snowflakes look gray in comparison. He's trying to blind linebackers and cornerbacks so they lose sight of the ball.

Oh yeah, and we need to hang onto the football. Our O (specifically WRs) need to avoid fumbles and our D-backs need to hang on to the inevitable bad throws that Cutler has every game.

Edward's picture

I'm really hopeful that Jenkins can return this week! Would be fantastic to have him on that end after a few weeks off...

Tarynfor 12's picture

We were better than them in week 3 and lost,we were better than Mia,Was and lost and we are better than they are now.Just because your better doesn't make you a winner.The we're better rant only works for the fans...the players have to prove it.
The defense can show more schemes and still succeed in the rematch.
The offense is more easily deciphered if held to one dimension play.
This is when the ability to run comes to rescue.Just enough to keep them peeking in.

holly's picture

I'm looking at you, Andrew Quarless and Quinn Johnson.

al's picture

i suppose starks will be inactive, dont get me wrong nance looks okay but i havent really seen anything impressive from him running the ball. the only reason he is even okay IMO is because he runs tough.

Cheddarhead's picture

The Packer-Bears game was moved to 3:15 If they had played at noon at the same time as the Giants,Tampa Bay and Philly they would have no choice but to play to win. But the Giants play at Washington and Tampa Bay is at New Orleans, also Philly and Dallas plays at noon. The Bears and Packers may not have anything to play for at that time? Interesting, just saying.

BigbyATTACK's picture

WE'LL have something to play for; our playoff lives. Chicago, on the other hand, if Philly wins against Minnesota and then wins next week, will have only Lovie's promise of "beating the Packers" to play for. We're in the driver's seat.

Cole's picture

Who is the officiating crew for this game?

PackersRS's picture

It doesn't matter.

We'll go on the road for the playoffs, if we win. And we all remember how that went last year.

Expect unfair games from now on. We'll have to raise our level of play even more.

MadMan's picture

The Philly/Dallas game was also moved to 3:15 CST.

BigbyATTACK's picture

Oh. Scratch my post a little above this. Why do they keep moving the game times, anyways? I'm thinking the obvious reason is money and television ratings, but there has to be more to it.

Cheddarhead's picture

I'm saying that if the Giants and Tampa lose we are in and don't have to risk injury to our starters

Jim's picture

Giants game on at the same time

pooch's picture

Ed Hockly group

al's picture

oh were screwed, that guy is so juiced it effects is judgement on every play

bomdad's picture

The league moves game time not only for ratings but to avoid having some team's playoff position known before kickoff.

Sucks for out of state fans who have to watch games that really are meaningless unless the Packers lose.

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