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Kampman Should Sit Out This Weekend

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Kampman Should Sit Out This Weekend

According to Mike McCarthy, Aaron Kampman, he of the Sunday concussion, could practice on Friday in hopes of playing this weekend.


Read this and then tell me the Packers should even be entertaining the idea of playing Kampman this weekend. It's absurd. If Kampman takes the field against the Cowboys, I will be deeply disappointed in the Packers - yes, much more so than I was after the Buccaneer loss.

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fish's picture

Where is the video of Kampys fall?? Everyone keeps saying, "You have to see it", but I can't find it.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

3 concussions this week? jesus.

wgbeethree's picture

what ever happened to those ''steve tasker'' helmets...I think he was the guy on buffalo who wore the helmet with a foam liner type think on the outside of the helmets (don beebe may have worn one too for awhile if I remember correctly)...I remember thinking how that seemed like a really good idea for lessening and preventing neck injuries and concussions and my dad saying they'd never be ''allowed'' to be popular because they don't sound as cool on TV when they smack together and the NFL would never put the health of it players over the marketablity and WOW factor of it's product... I certainly hope that isn't the ''real'' reasoning behind it not catching on but I wouldn't be all that surprised... I remember thinking how stupid and cynical that sounded... no one would acctually put money before the health and safety of a human being!!! ... it sure was nice to be young and naïve.

mopak65's picture

I say this "tongue in cheek" but is football in America becoming to resemble the games in ancient Rome? Football is a violent sport but I remember watching a Monday Night Football game with a classmate back in the early 70's when padded helmets were beginning to become the norm and we nodded our heads in unison when Howard Cossell mentioned on that night's broadcast that the hitting seemed to be more vicious - tacklers flinging themselves head long to make the stop with complete disregard for their & the opponent's body. We both had played football and wore the Riddell suspension helmet and protecting our heads was a major concern for us any time we made a tackle. My point? Sometimes modern technology implemented to protect the player actually encourages players to make more daring and sensational hits.
Lets go back to the suspension helmet of yesteryear and coaches place more emphasis on the FUNDAMENTALS OF BLOCKING, TACKLING IN FOOTBALL.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Wow, quite the article there with Turley. Sit Kampman, might be for the best in more ways than one.


mopak65's picture

Yes, Kampman should sit out the next game.

FITZCORE1252's picture
PACKERS's picture

Jeez this is scary :(. I'm glad I've never played football. So much more fun to watch. I know a kid who plays Linebacker, and he got a massive concusion. He said everything was blue and green. I heard that if you get hit in the same place twice, you could die instantly. DO NOT start Kampman, for his safety if not anything else.

Holly's picture

Yup. I've been much more skittish about the big hits and head injuries after reading about the aftereffects of concussions. Kampman is only as good as his noggin. Rest, recover, and come back when he's healthy, not when he can pass the test he failed on purpose in August.

C.D. Angeli's picture

You look at Merrill Hoge...he's lucky he can still talk. He always looks like he's half-drugged as it is when he's on TV.

nerdmann's picture

Could Brad Jones be an upgrade over Kampman? Yeah I know, but just think about it.

Dilligaff's picture

Its a no brainier to rest Kampman, I can see playing through an injury like a hurt leg or arm, but your mind is all you have, without it you are nothing.

This injury brings up a question and concern that has been with the Pack since the switch to the 3-4. What to do with Kampman, does he fit this new defense?

If Brad Jones plays well against Dallas, what do you do with Kampman the rest of the season? I love Kampman, but I am pretty sure Jones will be better in covering tight ends (Witten) in pass defense. If he can handle the run and pass rush defense sufficiently, he maybe better than Kampman.

This makes things very interesting

Our season may be in the hands of an undersized rookie drafted in the seventh round.

matthew's picture

is Jeremy Thompson injured still? or just buried way below on the depth chart?

packeraaron's picture

Thompson had been injured and then buried. He was splitting reps with Brad Jones at LOLB today in place of Kampman and Poppinga.

packeraaron's picture

Dilligaff "Its a no brainier to rest Kampman" - I see what you did there... ;)

Glorious80s's picture

There was a whole lot of discussion on this when UF Gator QB Tim Tebow had a concussion several weeks ago. He sat out for two weeks, one of which was a bye, and there were those who felt he should have stayed out longer - that it was irresponsible to let him play. The team doctors had given him the go ahead after the bye. Guess he's been OK since. Maybe there's more risk to a younger player.

Dilligaff's picture

This will show the true character of MM and to a certain point TT. Their jobs are on the line here and to place that in the hands of a rookie seventh rounder, will speak volumes to me.

In some ways this fits TT, I think he would love to see his seventh rounder out play Kampman in a big game, giving TT the credit that he drafted him when so many passed him up.

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