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Julius Peppers hangs 'em up, salutes Packers fans

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Julius Peppers hangs 'em up, salutes Packers fans

Former Green Bay Packers linebacker Julius Peppers announced earlier this morning that he is retiring. 

Peppers also spoke about his time with the Packers and how special it was to play in Green Bay:

Peppers finishes his career fourth on the NFL's All-Time sack list, behind Bruce Smith, Reggie White and Kevin Greene.

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Razer's picture

Total class guy and a great player. He is the best of NFL football and the standard that next generation players need to live up to. Only disappointed that he came to the Packer late and we couldn't get to the finish line in 2014.

Cheers to Mr. Peppers.

Handsback's picture

Would love to have had him in Green Bay instead of the time he spent in Chicago! He was a very class act.

Hawg Hanner's picture

In retrospect, another huge Ted Thompson error in not keeping him around. Like we were all set without Peppers.

jannes bjornson's picture

To not even offer Julius a chance at a contract extension in 2017 was just another sign that Ted was losing it. The epic fail in the draft by over-looking TJ Watt was the nail in the coffin and then he tried to cover with a disastrous contract going to Ahmad Brooks.

holmesmd's picture

There are indications that Pep wanted to “go home” and finish his career in NC. I would like to believe that GB knew that and was the reason he was not retained. If that was not the case yes, it was another head scratching personnel decision. The season following his departure, he lead CAR with 10 or 11 sacks on the season. One of the all time greats and a phenomenal Packer. Cheers Julius!

PackerAaron's picture

Russ Ball made the call to let Peppers walk, per Demovsky.

Tundraboy's picture

Exactly why you don't let the non-football people make those decisions.

jannes bjornson's picture

Oh, you know how I dislike those two words.

Tundraboy's picture

Yep,HH. Same as with Woodson, acted like they were so smart,"save the money, we'll a draft a replacement, and in the meantime someone will step up". Problem is that only works, when you are replacing an aging star and you already have their clear replacement. They gambled and we lost.

The TKstinator's picture


The TKstinator's picture

So, “they” gambled but “we” are the ones who lost? Seems kinda disconnected.

fastmoving's picture

but a couple of years he gambled on Woodson as no one else wanted him an won. And without that there would not be your complaining point. Even is was a way smaller one than the move to bring him in......

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

There was at least some concern about whether Peppers could transition from DE to OLB. If you're going to dish out criticism for letting Peppers go (Demovsky is pretty reliable so probably was Ball's decision), at least give some credit to TT for signing Peppers in the first place.

Coldworld's picture

It seems pretty clear that Peppers was signed by TT, for which huge credit is due, and his departure was during an era when Russ Ball had been delegated the autonomy to make such calls. If we look at that period that is when the “TT” era really came off the rails.

TT was a great GM, his and the Packers great mistake was in thinking a good figures man could become a good roster man.

That tarnished TT’s legacy. It is a shame. It also clearly will have diminished Rodgers’ legacy too. That is unforgivable in a football team. Despite that, mere repetition of Demovsky’s comment gets a bunch of negative votes! Wake up people. It couldn’t get more simple with hindsight. It may make you feel better to ignore the fact because Ball and Murphy are still around and making key decisions on players, coaches etc. However, success generally comes from not hiding from the truth. I fear we will not succeed until we hold them accountable.

fastmoving's picture

Even I can not get over the "go down" sign, he was a great player and a good person as well. Wish him only the best...….

Jonathan Spader's picture

Loved hearing other players talk about how Peppers was in the locker room. Said he was extremely soft spoken but when he did speak everyone would listen. Wish he could have gotten a SB ring with the Pack. Getting 1 play away over and over must have been heartbreaking.

For how much grief Packer fans have given Capers he's the one that revitalized Pepper's career. Peppers in the elephant position as a rotational pass rusher was a disruptive force. Yes the Packers released him too soon but even with Peppers we didn't have quite enough to get to the SB.

Coldworld's picture

Capers was a talented coach with a long career, he made many good things happen. Unfortunately he did not leave GB at the top. That leaves everyone with the freshest memories being negative. Always a trap for us and a shame for him.

Tarynfor12's picture

I don't want my team to sign a player just so he can get a ring.

I certainly don't feel bad for Peppers not getting one in GB when he was a huge part in not securing a win to get to the SB with the go-down call.

He could have come to GB instead of Chicago and increased his chances but took the money instead and chose Cutler over Rodgers....not one tear from me because of his SB ring less career.

LeotisHarris's picture

What do you want "my team" to do, Taryn? You excel in spite, bile, and resentment, as well as the ability to point out what you perceive as wrong. Somewhere along the line most people realize most humans are inherently good and do the best they can in their chosen vocation. Julius Peppers excelled in his profession for many years beyond what others in that line of work typically do. He was a gifted athlete, one elected captain by his peers, and a surefire hall of famer. Out of respect, one of the best he played with paid him a compliment. That's something you can't get your head around. I'm not surprised. I'll bet you were a back-biting whiner on any team you were ever involved with; be it work or sports-related.

Tarynfor12's picture

I want the team I cheer for to get the players that will get them to a SB and not because they're at the end of their career and want to go the team that gives ' him' his best chance after playing for the money on losing teams.
I can't stand when I hear fans chant he deserves a ring...Fitzpatrick for ex,. He could have left Ari years ago both stayed for the money. Should GB sign him because he deserves a ring though he won't make the team better at this point.
Jordy Nelson signed for less money his last contract and was quoted as saying...How much do you need, I want my career to have meaning...SB etc.
I don't diminish what Peppers did in his career, he was great, but him choosing to play on the weaker, less likely teams for more money over the better for less, live with the disappointment he helped ensure. He chose Cutler and the Bears and his play in GB those years would more likely got him a ring and Rodgers would have two..he didn't and his time with GB was to late and he made no real difference except for the go-down call.

holmesmd's picture

You don’t know JP and you don’t know what “he chose to do”! Did you see the offers that went to his agent? You sound very unaware. JP was the best pass rusher on the Packers every year he was on the team. Just stop with the ring drivel. That’s not the reason he was acquired or should have been retained. It was the fact that he was productive and the best we had. Wishing the guy got a ring is a kind sentiment that apparently you can’t comprehend. SMH. Bitter much?

Skip greenBayless's picture

Leotis, please stop with all the attacks on good people lately. You attacked me yesterday now Taryn today. People have a right to their own opinions. May I suggest going for a walk tomorrow. It's supposed to be warmer out.


Tarynfor12's picture

What many forget or simply don't want to accept is that many great players put a price on the value of having a SB ring. That price is the difference in a contract from a team that is going no where over a team that likely will because of the larger money offered or the location in which a team plays.

Then later in their career they want to play for a SB ring because they NOW believe they deserve the chance.

Everyone has a price to pay for the choices/paths they choose whether right/wrong, good/bad, but having/expecting sympathy for those who chose to play for money/location over what is suppose to be their pursuit as they all claim is not a forte' of mine and if some think I'm spiteful...fine...have at it.

Larry Fitzgerald choose to play with these assorted losers to name a few...Lienart,Kolb,Skelton,Gabbert, and his only very limited possible, Palmer who had one season of possible during 4-5. If he believed they'd win that's fine and he got paid to do so. He could have gone anywhere he wanted to a real SB caliber team and QB a couple of times. He got his money and just deserves as to a SB ring. I won't cry for it and I'm sure his money will keep from crying also.

fastmoving's picture

the people who call them self "good people" are the best. Not the smartest by any means, like we can see every day, but funny like hell. and they disgrace them self more than anyone else the last 1034 times. but when no one else called they something good, what else can they do. just the same like his hero in every regard. Besides Im not sure if he is praying at all.

Nick Perry's picture

"He could have come to GB instead of Chicago and increased his chances but took the money instead and chose Cutler over Rodgers"

Hmmm...I don't recall a snippet of news suggesting Peppers was coming to GB after leaving Carolina in 2010. Based on the contract he signed with Chicago (6 years $72 million with $40 million the first 3 years) there was NO WAY Thompson even entertained the idea, especially in the Spring of 2010.

Peppers should have gotten his chance at a ring in 2014 but that didn't happen. Hell in that playoff game vs Dallas that strip of Murray for the fumble was probably as important play as ANY in 2014 considering Murry had 60 yards of green grass in front of him for a certain TD. But he had an AMAZING season for the Packers that year and was IMO was one of Thompson's best moves as GM in GB.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I don't understand much of your comment, Taryn. I don't feel bad for Peppers' failure to win a ring simply because that's the way it goes sometimes. I agree with that. Telling Burnett to go down is a small part of that as well I suppose.

I am fine with a player signing with the Packers just to get a ring so long as that player helps us to get said ring.

I don't think Peppers could have come to GB instead of Chicago in 2010. I am pretty sure he lacked an invitation.

Coldworld's picture

All players make mistakes. That call was just that. Not going to judge a career on what turned out to be a tactical blunder in one game. Peppers was an all time great and a great guy by all accounts. I would rather he had a ring than many many players and I am not going to criticize him for getting paid during his career. That sort of hypocrisy had, I thought, long been consigned to history.

Good luck Julius, wish we had had you longer.

Daren726's picture

Can we keep it positive. The man had a great career. We were blessed to have him for 3 years. He was worth every penny we paid. God bless him and his family.

I'm Dunn's picture

Thank you Daren.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Thank you Julius for wearing the Green and Gold..Class act! !

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