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Josh Jones Reportedly Requests Trade

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Josh Jones Reportedly Requests Trade

Green Bay Packers safety Josh Jones is skipping OTAs and is requesting a trade, per ESPN's Rob Demovsky. 

The third year veteran out of NC State is undoubtedly unhappy with the team for bringing in competition at safety and his request does not come as a huge surprise. 

That said, I thought he still had value in Pettine's scheme in sub packages and could have helped the Packers. But with this information going public, it's hard to see general manager Brian Gutekunst keeping Jones around. 

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PackfanNY's picture

Sounds like he might be moved. However, he is only a 3rd year player with almost zero leverage. Might set a bad precedent to meet his demand. Not wanting to fight for a job is not a good look. If I were Gutekunst I would only move him if we got a great deal. He doesn’t want to report, too bad.

Spock's picture

PackfanNY, Sounds like your assessment is spot on to me, especially his leverage and bad precedent. It will be interesting to see the upcoming details in the "story to follow"!

PackfanNY's picture

I don’t get it. He thinks he’s so good come to Camp and take the job. Other than a few good hits the guy has not proven himself in coverage. He was a pretty high pick (2nd?) so I don't see Gutekunst bending on this one.

TheVOR's picture

You know who has zero leverage? The Green Bay Packers in pursuing a trade. There's no meaningful film. If you're good, you simply dominate and play the game, and you don't have to worry about competing, because you dominate. We never saw this with this player. It's like they've tried to fit him into multiple rolls, and he's played none of the well! Hell, they're even talking about ILB, the dude just doesn't have it. I'd love to see us move him, but IMO there is no market for him! If GB recaptured a 6th or 7th round pick, it will shock me!

jannes bjornson's picture

Move him out and don't look back. Raven Greene plays the position with better instincts. Another fail in the epic year of our Lord, 2017, that gave us the irrational Perry Deal, the whiff on King and Jones in lieu of TJ Watt and/or Kamara, JUJU schuster, Shaq Griffen etc. Nobody was steering the ship that day while Ted was in physical peril.

Coldworld's picture

There is meaningful film, but at safety none of it is good and he doesn’t want to play the position where the few good plays occurred. Now he is scared to compete? I think he is the type of individual who would have to be all pro before I would touch him were I a GM.

I doubt we get a pick at all that isn’t conditional and, with his actions now, that’s not a given. Unproven player with an attitude and misguided self worth. Let him sit and watch others play in his place. Don’t trade him and set a precedent for future rookie contract players.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Completely in agreement!!

Amazing how some players listen to bad advice negatively affecting their career. Dissapointed in Jones taking this position. Rather than working harder competing he is seeking easy way out. Funny thing is if he does ultimately go to another team he may be in exact same situation he is in with GB and he comes in with a label of being a problem.

Stupid stupid move by Jones. Has zero leverage!

mnklitzke's picture

I would be happy with a pop-tart and a Dew in trade. At least I get the breakfast of champions in return!

Turophile's picture

The general tenor of what I have been hearing (from fans) is that he is stupid to ask for a trade, he should suck it up and compete, etc etc. That may not be the case if we knew about the details of much is speculation at this point.

Maybe it is simply a business decision by him and his agent, where he feels the fit just isn't there with the Packers. Everyone has a right to change their employers.

Yes, I'm disappointed to hear he wants to go, but it's his choice to push for this, and down to the Packers agree to either move him on, or cut him.

egbertsouse's picture

Sounds like he has an inflated sense of his own worth. He is HHCD 2.0.

Handsback's picture

You bet, what has he done???? Anyone that wants a trade has to prove they can do something. To date JJ has shown some progress but nothing to justify his 2nd round pick. If I was the GM, I would sit down with him and Pettine and ask 2 questions, first Coach Pettine, where can this player fit and how far is he from starting? Taking that answer of (just guessing now) as a in-the-box safety when the Packers run 1 down lineman, 3-LB and 7- DBs he's one of 7. Then looking at JJ....what do you think I can get for you, a soda vending machine? Get you bu-- out there and make yourself valuable and then we can talk.

jannes bjornson's picture

They already made their decision on Jones. He sealed his fate. You never want a malcontent in a Team sport.

Coldworld's picture

He is HHCD without the positive plays and ball skills. He is a rookie who was a candidate to wash out of the league before. He may just have pulled the chain.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Cannot guarantee but would bet he talked to HaHa about forcing trade. Almost zero doubt! Those two had been together for quite sometime before HaHa left.

Demon's picture

This needs to go into the YGBSM file. A guy who has done next to nothing for 2 full seasons is unhappy with the team.

If I may offer a suggestion Mr. Jones. Whereever you end up this year, try reading the playbook. If its too difficult to, hire a tutor.

4thand1's picture

Before requesting a trade, you have to prove you're worthy of a trade. JJ is not holding any cards.

4zone's picture

Ignore the request. If he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid.

PeteK's picture

I don't want a malcontent on the team.

Coldworld's picture

You think he has credibility among the players? I don’t want this to set a precedent. Throw it back on him. He can be cut at any point if he doesn’t wise up but returns, and if he doesn’t return, he isn’t around. This is not a Mike McKenzie that we are talking about.

Old School's picture

What if he shows up and on the first day develops a mysterious tightness in his back? Injured reserve?

Can't ignore. Get what we can and move on.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

My feeling exactly!

Dont want to play you dont get paid and you can sit your butt at home.

PeteK's picture

I thought that he would have some value as a backup for an ILB or S. I don't think we're getting more than a sixth for him.

sonomaca's picture

How about a trade for a player?

Coldworld's picture

Best hope is likely a malcontent swap, but really do we want that? Moreover, what quality of player would you offer for a 3rd year player who doesn’t want to compete and has never been a regular? Same with regard to a draft pick. He is worth next to nothing after this, and very little before I suspect.

RCPackerFan's picture

This is interesting.

I honestly figured he would be the 3rd safety or ILB/S hybrid player. I really did think he could possibly have a bigger role in the defense this year. Once Pettine figured out a good role for him.

I would assume that the Packers will be looking to bring in more safety's. I wouldn't be surprised to see Campbell come back.

But they may also look at other players to play a CB/S hybrid position. Guys like Williams, Josh Jackson, Natrell Jamerson could be guys to play roles like that.

Bearmeat's picture

While he's undoubtedly underachieved, I actually think he'd be quite effective as a chase WILB. Deone Buchanon style.

Here's the problem, that's what the coaches are hoping for Burks to be.
You trade or cut him and you're losing a high ceiling backup and core special teamer.

Basically, I don't think GB gets better by moving on unless it's a day 1 to 2 pick. Or perhaps a competent backup QB. Neither of which would happen from the other teams point of view.

D.D. Driver's picture

I want to be Bob Dylan. Mr. Jones wishes he was someone just a little more funky.

Since '61's picture

Ignore him. If he doesn’t come to camp he doesn’t get paid or traded. At this point his not worth more than a 6th round pick and maybe not even that.

Thanks, Since ‘61

sonomaca's picture

If best offer is lower than a 4th, forget it. BTW, he will report eventually. Not going to want to lose those paychecks . If he sulks and rides the pine, he’ll get no FA deal after year 4.

Coldworld's picture

If we can find a GM willing to give up a 4th for Jones I will be amazed.

sonomaca's picture

Then keep him. Just put him on game day inactive list every week. Can’t allow players to dictate your personnel moves.

Old School's picture

Can't ignore. If he reports and develops a mysterious back.problem we'll have to pay him because you can't cut him then.

sonomaca's picture

No one will ever hire him if he pulls a stunt like that.

Old School's picture

Remember Mike McKenzie?

jannes bjornson's picture

Sherman, playing at GM, low-balled him and the Packers lost a probowl corner.

Old School's picture

Not exactly. But McKenzie did decide he wanted out of Green Bay.

Some white players got paid. McKenzie noticed. It went downhill pretty fast.

sonomaca's picture

BTW, what competition? There aren’t many safeties or ILB’s on the team at the moment. Not sure what the REAL problem is.

This dummy should take a look at how Micah Hyde turned himself from a 5th rounder into an Pro Bowl multimillionaire.

CAG123's picture

You guys are pathetically judgmental the guy respectfully requests a trade and gets attacked knowing damn well most of you wanted him cut or saw him as the odd man out anyway. Some of you just sound outright silly saying stuff like “Get out there and win the job” from who exactly the guy they are paying big money or the guy they traded up for? Trade the guy even if it’s a 6th round pick and both sides move on.

kevgk's picture

I see where you are coming from. He has been the most athletic safety and buried on the depth chart even when the chart was terrible. I don't think its right to bash him for wanting a fresh start.
That being said, I don't think its worth trading him for less than a 5th guaranteed. Haha got traded partly because it was a contract year. Jones still has a conditional role for the team and could help out when inevitable DB injuries hit during a long season.

Coldworld's picture

Really? He was buried for a reason. Behind Brice and Whitehead no less. He doesn’t want to compete? When did he earn a spot such that he shouldn’t have to? There was a real chance he washed out this year if he couldn’t show at cover backer. Now he doesn’t think he should have to try? Sorry, I think you are way off base on this one.

kevgk's picture

What the hell are you talking about? He lost the competition at starter completely fairly, I'm not disputing that. At the same time he was often not put in a position that best fits his skill set, on both Capers' and Pettine's defense.
He thinks he is a better player than the Packers do. I'm not going to say whos right or wrong, but I'm not going to condemn the guy for thinking that. He wants a team to give him a better shot at showcasing his skills so he can get a contract. The Packers, after throwing significant capital at his replacements after putting him behind an elderly corner on the depth chart, is not that team. I'm baffled why this is a controversial opinion.

jannes bjornson's picture

Dom and Pettine both played him in the box. He could blitz from the slot and got home three times in 2017 but whiffed a few too many times on the QB for Pettine's liking. When he played SS in the second half of the year the TEs schooled him out in the flats where his coverage limitations were exposed.

Bret Iverson's picture

Josh learned from the worst safeties such as HHCD. He seemed lost and horrible at coverage. One good game and that was it.

sonomaca's picture

I’m wondering if he doesn’t get along with Simmons, the defensive backs coach.

In any case, with Randall, Jones, and HHCD, TT seems to have drafted defensive backs with various attitude/effort issues.

Old School's picture

And yet, their attitudes apparently weren't much of an issue until Gutekunst took over.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

The fact you are held accountable and need to perform shouldn't be held against Gutey. The timing of Jones wanting a trade completely shows he doesnt want to compete with the new additions. If he had said this last year after the season would be a whole different story.

This makes Jones look really bad and will hurt his career.

Old School's picture

I agree completely that he doesn't want to compete with the new guys. And if the director of player personnel isn't responsible for getting rid of Dix, Jones, and Randall.....who is?

If you recall, Eli Manning refused to play for San Diego. John Elway refused to play for Baltimore. Ted Hendricks refused to play for Green Bay. So did Mike McKenzie. All of them went on to have good seasons for other teams. This won't be held against him by his new team.

jannes bjornson's picture

Gutekunst gave them the move on and we expect the same for Jones.
SAve some cash and give it to a guy who wants to play at a professional level.

sonomaca's picture

Jones seems like a guy who might find a home in Pittsburgh or Seattle.

kevgk's picture

Panthers or Texans are teams that come to mind that always seem to need DBs.

sonomaca's picture

Hate to see this guy traded only to become a Pro Bowler on new team.

That said, other possibilities include KC and Cleveland (of course). Rams also thin at safety.

kevgk's picture

Browns seem to like jettisoned Packers DBs

Old School's picture

This was the guy we drafted to replace Micah Hyde, because he was fast and Hyde was not. I thought it was shaky at the time and I still do.

People sometimes say that character isn't as important as skill or RAS scores. I disagree. How you deal with adversity defines you.

jannes bjornson's picture

OS. You are spot on.

SterlingSharpe's picture

Can we get RUN CMC McCaffrey or Deandre Hopkins LOL?

I'll take Curtis Samuel

oldpointer's picture

The guy wants a fresh start. He sees his upward path diminished by new arrivals and he's asked his employer/ contract holder to accommodate his desire/request for a better new opportunity. OTAs are voluntary so he's not missing mandatory time. I see no need to bash the guy. I've sought fresh starts numerous times for a variety of reasons. Cut the kid some slack.

SterlingSharpe's picture

OTA are voluntary by definition yes. But saying "trade me" is not.
Screw him. Another total wasted draft pick, another "reach" just like Damarious Randall & Quinten Rollins, the 1-2 picks of that atrocious 2015 draft. And the incredible passing on TJ Watt for the wirey-thin brittle Kevin Princess King.

Charles Woodson
Al Harris
Sam Shields
Tramon Williams

Our best CBs (I know Jones is not a CB) of the past 2 decades were not Packer draft picks. Why can't we "draft & develop" this position?
Hopefully Jaire and JoshJack beat the trend.

Stu M's picture

Sam Shields and Tramon Williams were undrafted. Tramon was signed by the Texans and released before the season of his rookie year, then the Packers put him on the PS for the rest of '06 and in '07 MM made him the 6th CB on the roster. Sam was signed by Green Bay in 2010 as a rookie. So although we didn't draft those two, I'd say we developed them.

jannes bjornson's picture

What upward path?

cheesehead1's picture

Let him sit out as long as he wants.

SterlingSharpe's picture

As Big Tuna Parcells would say: She'll be back.

Johnblood27's picture

"Execute the Mother F***ers! Every last one of them!"

Hunny Bunny in Pulp Fiction.

She must be a Packer fan.

Qoojo's picture

It doesn't work like that. Plus, no team wants a guy afraid of competition. NFL is all about being better than the next guy or getting cut. At least as far as players are concerned, not so much for coaching and front office.

SterlingSharpe's picture

#1- none of you guys were clamoring for this guy to be drafted in the first place.

#2- he was a reach compared to 99% of the analysts like Mayock, McShay, Kiper, Matt Miller, the guy at the Athletic who I keep forgetting his name.

#3- we bought the company-line on him: "He's so athletic, such a versatile player, etc...."

#4- he has no trade value. If we can't get anything higher than a crappy 6th rd pick for him, then I say F him. Let's see what he does. Time to send a message that there's no 'i' in team. He's disposable.

Old School's picture

So you'd rather just cut him than get a 6th round pick?

stockholder's picture

Monty #2. Dump him. Bennet #2 Dump him. Randall #2 dump Him. It doesn't matter. We have are guy in Amos. This is what has been wrong with the packers for the last 10 years. Spoiled Babies! And Jones is exactly why the packers need to stock pile the positions. If they can't be in the spot light. They wreck it for others!!!! Gute should be done with him. Dump him. But don't make it easy for him or his agent. The hardest thing for Jones will be to PARK IT!

jannes bjornson's picture

The NFL has his film. If he can't even man the sp teams w/out getting a penalty, he has issues.

dobber's picture

We don't know what kind of messages he's been getting from the coaching staff, but didn't he come out of camp a year ago unhappy with his lot in life? Then, injuries gave him a chance to play...and he played a lot:

Did he play well? Not really. As a S, can he cover? Not well. His forte is playing downhill and playing in the box. Someone mentioned previously that he's a Deone Bucannon type...that's his ticket. And the job is there to be won: he just has to beat out Burks.

His history and this kind of power play doesn't give him much trade value. Maybe he knows this, and just wants to be cut outright (so he can pick his landing point). Whatever the case, there isn't much in the way of mental toughness showing through with him.

Coldworld's picture

He likely doesn’t have to beat out Burks. If both are good enough they would both see the field. Summers, Sheldon or Brooks may prove as good or better in actual play anyway and likely have a more competitive attitude.

SterlingSharpe's picture

Some said that Devin Bush was perhaps too small/light at 234 pounds. Josh Jones is 220 pounds. And not intelligent, at least football-smart. He was clueless in coverage, like Kentrell Brice. Either we keep finding dumb guys back there, or our DB coaching has been bad. I can't decide.

Coldworld's picture

Worse than Brice and Whitehead based on safety depth chart at the start of last season.

Coldworld's picture

Duplicate deleted

JohnnyLogan's picture

Another RAS disappointment. Not a fan of picking players because they run fast and jump high. The only question should be how good are they at football? That said, I wouldn't give in to his trade demand. He'll definitely be moved to inside LB and with all the new talent on the D he can be free to roam the middle of the field and hit guys or rush from the LB position, which he has shown he can do. Gute shouldn't want to get burned again as he did with Randall. He got taken to the cleaners on that trade and lost a good safety all because a player was disgruntled. Randall at least showed well while he played for the Pack but I'm guessing Gute is reluctant to make the same mistake.

wildbill's picture

I was at the Packer/Bengals game his rookie year and he had a fantastic game. He seemed to play in the box alot and made very good decisions, so what happened? I agree with the comments that he can’t seem to pick up on his assignments. Is he just lazy in his preparations or too dumb to absorb his assignments. Either way it doesn’t end well for the Packers as he has very little value right now. There are plenty of great athletics sitting on benches or watching the game like the rest of us. He should man up, wipe his tears, and bust his ass to be part of what’s being built in Green Bay right now.

kevgk's picture

He committed a lot of penalties, and was often put in other safety positions where he wasn't as effective, due to injuries. I'm not saying he was ever any good, but theres more to the story than his box skills or lack of.

RickInCali's picture

The Packers ought to make this one a lesson. I’d wear his ass ass out during the whole camp and send him on a one way ticket to Cincinnati or wherever he’ll detest going even more. They overdrafted him which made him a LOT of extra money and he basically sucked. Entitled, overindulged, feminized men are not the thing this generation ought to be hanging their hats on. Do some work...overcome some difficulties and some character. Letting this guy go for nothing is bad form for the Packers after Dix and Randall. They need to erase that malcontent roadmap and use him as an example.

Old School's picture

If he had “tightness in his lower back” after 30 minutes.....what’s your next move?

TheBigCheeze's picture

jones gets burned frequently, and can't tackle worth a sh*, he's a whiney crybaby.....dump his ass......

AgrippaLII's picture

Bad move on Jones part...he should have kept his grievances in house and given Gutekunst a chance to move him. Why would anyone want to make a trade for this guy now when they can sit back and wait for the Packers to cut him !

PAPackerbacker's picture

Toot a loo buckaroo.

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