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Jolly Suspended "Indefinitely" By NFL

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Jolly Suspended "Indefinitely" By NFL

From the Packers' website:

Statement By An NFL Spokesperson:Johnny Jolly of the Green Bay Packers has been suspended indefinitely without pay for violating the NFL Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse.

Jolly’s suspension begins immediately and will continue through at least the 2010 season.  He will be eligible to apply for reinstatement following Super Bowl XLV.

Mike Neal, C.J. Wilson, Jarius Wynn and Justin Harrell? Your time is now.

UPDATE: Statement from Ted Thompson:

Johnny is a good player that loves everything about the game of football. We appreciate the contributions he has made to the Packers the past four seasons. His focus and priorities now lie elsewhere – our thoughts are with him during this difficult personal time.

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hyperRevue's picture

I don't get it. Is this about the codeine thing or did he fail a test? This seems like an awfully severe suspension for a suspect drug case that has yet to go to trial.

DaveK's picture

The league knows more then we do....

PackersPundit's picture

This is crap.

I know Jolly has been acting the fool awaiting trial, but a full season for not even being convicted of anything.

What about murderers (Ray Lewis, guy with the car) and rapists that got 6 games or less?

Unconvinced of some codine?

packeraaron's picture

Exactly. I have to think they found something while investigating the trafficking charges.

Asshalo's picture

This sucks. At least they know now, rather than waiting until July 31st or later.

PackersRS's picture

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there a player last year that was also suspended indefinitely, and, when more evidence came to light, he got a time-disclosed suspension? Though I don't remember if there were a statement such as "will continue through at least the 2010 season."

That being said, I expect him to be realeased, and open up a roster spot, leaving 2 to either Wilson, Harrell or Wynn (Neal is almost guaranteed a roster spot, being a 2nd round pick).

frosty's picture

If he's suspended all year, does he actually still take up a roster spot?

hyperRevue's picture

Isn't there a separate banned/suspended list or something?

packeraaron's picture


Ron LC's picture

RS, Ya the TT statement sounds very permanent to me. The league obviously has information seperate from the Trial. A badly failed drug test comes to mind. Or, a plea deal has been made and not yet announced is another possibility.

OK Harrell, get those pads on and start hitting something, NOW!

hyperRevue's picture

NBC Sports is saying it's not related to the drug case, but probably failed tests.

packeraaron's picture

It's most likely both.

PackersThad's picture

Not to be callous, but doesn't this make the Packers choices easier when it comes time for cutdown? Now, Wilson, Harrell and Wynn can duke it out for the two spots...And when you think about it, Jolly didn't really put pressure on the QB, and we definitely need more of that this year.

PackersRS's picture

If there are only 2 spots. If the Packers go with 7 DL, with Raji, Neal, Jenkins and Pickett all having spots, that leaves 3 spots...

Wiscokid's picture

We're saving all the extra roster spots for FBs. You can never have too many fullbacks.

Sorry to see Jolly end up this way. I hope he gets his life turned around.

asshalo's picture

easier, but having Jolly as an extra DL is a problem you want to have

NyPacker's picture

Like RS said, there's that possibility that we release him. But if he's suspended without pay and on the inactive list he can still remain on the team with no losses at all. My question is however, how will this affect the locker room. I know Jolly had a lot of good friends on the team, Woodson specifically, but are they much better mentally without the guy's name on the teams' roster?

alfredomartinez's picture

well wtf man, this sucks...aight Neal this is ur time to shine cause i gave up on harrell some moons back...

bigfog's picture

Son of a....

Mr. Neal, the starting lineup is calling. In hindsight, Ted's a genius for drafting him.

duffmon's picture

This just might be what turns out to be a two year suspension for Jolly.

Strike the 2011 season because there will be a Owners lockout.

Enjoy this year folks!

Dave S's picture

Said it here a few times, but Jolly = Cletidus Hunt. At least Thompson had the good sense to draft 2 potential replacements instead of signing him to a 6 year deal.

Andyman's picture

I liked the guy, he was a great player and could have been awesome on that d-line, but he is definitely a head case, and has too many other issues to fully focus on football. I hope he is able to turn things around, but it won't be with the Packers.

TheMills's picture

What a moron. This is a pretty big loss. Didn't Jolly set the team record for passes batted down? And remember that red-zone INT against the Bears in week 1? Somehow, I can't see Jarius Wynn and Mike Neal making these plays. I hope I'm wrong.

Oh, and I see he's already off the Packers roster on That didn't take long.


frosty's picture

I'm definitely a bit worried about this. With him I thought we had pretty good depth, even if he'd been suspended for half of the season -- getting someone back who hasn't been smacked around for 8 weeks can be nice.

But now, lets be honest, we haven't seen anything of Neal or Wilson...and Wilson was a 7th rounder. For every Donald Driver or Brad Jones there are tons of guys drafted that late that never even see the field. I don't know if I trust Jarius Wynn either. Here's hoping we can stay healthy.

ZeroTolerence's picture

Sitton also is not reflected on the new roster page. Probably an oversight that needs correction.

ZeroTolerence's picture

Assuming Jolly (and Sitton) are still on the roster (Jolly has not yet been officially released, and Sitton's absence from the 'official' roster is likely an oversight, the roster is currently at 83 with three yet unsigned: Bulaga, Neal, and Bigby. With each new signing, a roster spot will be needed by releasing someone. It may not be too long before Jolly's fate with the Packers is known.

ZeroTolerence's picture

It's also nice to see an enabled spell checker!

jerseypackfan's picture

Thanks JaMarcus Russell.

Oppy's picture

Exactly what I thought- If Russell doesn't get busted and make the use of sizzurp/lean/drank a "trend" as opposed to Jolly's abuse being seen by Joe Q. Public as an isolated incident, I don't think Jolly gets a one year suspension.

As far as WHY he got slapped with the suspension, I don't think it's too hard to believe that the commish decided that Jolly being in his car with a good amount of codeine is enough to violate the NFL's drug policy, regardless of possession or proof of use. Russell's arrest put a big bull's eye on the issue of codeine abuse, and the NFL wants to show the league and the public it WILL NOT be tolerated.

Sorry, Jolly, you just got sacrificed, but you put yourself in the compromising position in the first place. Learn from this.

JohnRehor's picture

Aaron, thank you for acknowledging Harrell as a potential replacement for Jolly. I have said all along since this mess with Jolly started that he now, more than ever, had better make use of that first round talent level (people can say what they wany, he was drafted first for some reason).

This is his opportunity to make it or break it. Assuming he stays healthy, big assumption I know, he has a golden opportunity to make an impact.

If he fails on this opportunity, or the back problems that have plagued him his whole career flare up, time to cut him loose. If that happens, Mike Neal, CJ Wilson, and Jarius Wynn had better grow up in a hurry.

Aren't you glad you decided to take a few weeks off? Nothing ever happens this time of year :)

Andyman's picture

I'd rather not have to rely so much on Harrell, to be honest. I agree this was definitely a make-it-or-break-it offseason for him, with or without Jolly, but I don't have the highest of hopes...

PackersRS's picture

I don't think the Packers are relying so much on Harrell.

I think they're expecting 2 from Neal, Harrell, Wynn and Wilson to provide solid depth, and 1 of them to contend for time in the rotation. Don't think that's relying too much... Think it's reasonable.

Ruppert's picture

This is a big loss from the standpoint that Jolly definitely did some good things last year. But from the standpoint of the position he plays, we could be hurt much worse by the year-long suspension of a lot of other positions. Playmaking is icing on the cake for a 34 DE. They really need to take up space and occupy blockers and be in good position. Let's hope that his replacement can, at the very least, be fundamentally sound (including proper pad level, of course...).

I'm curious to see if this will end up in more reps at DE for Raji. I think the number of reps he gets in camp/preseason will be indicative of how Jolly's replacement is doing. For example, the less reps Raji gets, the better the replacement(s) is/are doing.

Boothie's picture

Appears that Thompson wasn't quite so stupid drafting Neal in the 2nd round, eh? Must have known something.

packersplanet's picture

F this, Where the hell is innocent until proven guilty? Rothlisburger gets to rape a couple chicks and it's a slap on the wrist. Jolly hasn't been proven to be guilty of shit and this is what he gets? He would of been better of shooting himself in the leg or having underground cock fights, Instead he has a glass of codeine mixed with soda. Codeine is like smoking weed, it doesn't make you a supernatural athlete, it just makes you relax. BS

asshalo's picture

if nothing else comes out about why the suspension was this harsh, then I agree 100%

Shootz's picture

Guh, I was just watching 2007 Week 4 Bears vs Packers. On the Bears' first drive on 3rd and 7, Jolly bats down a pass out of nowhere that was going to gift Chicago the first down. I was so happy then so sad.

Real waste of talent.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Sucks. BUT, if it had to happen, better now than a month from now. At least we know where Jolly stands going into camp. Let the competition sort out the rest. Sure would be sweet if Harrell stayed healthy and really contributed, he's a perfect build for a 34 end (and no, I'm not holding my breath). Hopefully Neal shows the 'experts' why TT 'reached' for him. It's not all doom and gloom, some good could come from this.


Chris's picture

The NFL obviously has more information which they didn't disclose along with the sentence, which seems pretty weird in my eyes. I didn't even know they were looking into Jolly for substance abuse. And a whole season? Well, we have to wait until the reason is explained (if ever).
This supension is alright for the Packers organisation, as thy were stuck between a rock and a hard place on Jolly before.
I hope Jolly gets his off-the-field issues in order, because basically I like the way he plays football.

some_dude's picture

Either the NFL knows more, or because of the recent profile Purple Drank has been getting they decided to make an example of Jolly.

I feel someone like Mike Neal offers a much more suitable DE to Jolly anyway (someone who can get a ton of push and control the edge better.)

DAWG's picture

WOW, kinda swift and severe with not much of an explanation from the NFL.
He will definitely be missed on the D-line, not sure rooks can come in and contribute right away,untested, plus-long season.
Plus Underwood must be looking behind his back, you know somethings gonna come of that too. We all knew it was coming,something anyway, but dam, this is not good for Capers and Co.
The Packer D is becoming a little worrisome to me.
Aging D. backs, missing another proven rushing OLB, unproven and thinning D-line and Bigby unsigned, someone talk me down here.

Oppy's picture

Come on down off the ledge, Dawg.

We're having lemon meringue pie down here.

Don't you want some lemon meringue pie? Come on down here, have yourself a piece of pie, and we'll talk about it, mmmkay?

FITZCORE1252's picture


PackersRS's picture

Aging D backs: they were considered aging last year also.

Missing proven rusher: Last year, we didn't even know if Kampman could provide any pass rush as an OLB. For all purposes, we had noone in the offseason.

Unproven DL: Our DL last offseason was rubbish. 26th against the run. Our DTs were considered the worst part of our team...

Bigby unsigned: Bigby was hurt last year, and Martin had to play. Now we have Burnett, a freak in college, for insurance. Plus, in 08, Collins was considered a gambler, he gave a lot of big plays. Not in 09. Now he's considered a top-3 S in the league.

We're fine.

DAWG's picture

Mmmkay Oppy,
No, seriously op, There are depth problems on the D, our starting players are very good, w/ a few all-pros, but who's there to back them up, the Harrells-Wilsons-Neals and Lees to name a few, are untested. We can only cross our fingers and hope they pan out! We need to look at some quality FA's.
The window of opportunity for the likes of Driver-Harris-Barnett and Woodson's are starting to dwindle.
Jolly was a tested player, and now he's just a playa, who will be missed, on the field that is!
I guess I'm just trying to rally the Nation into finding a few more piece's to the puzzle so to speak.
By the way, I prefer Key lime pie, but hard to find in these parts.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Dawg, every team has percieved depth problems in one area or another. You can only suit up 53, can't be stacked everywhere. We will be fine, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them bring someone in during camp. And I've got some Key-lime right here, just get down, nice and slow, don't want you to slip.


Dilligaff's picture

I am confused, NFL said that Jolly was suspended for violating the NFL's drug policy. The first offense is rehab, second is a fine, and third is a 4 game suspension.

Thats my understanding of the policy, so was Jolly already busted a few times already? I know the NFL keeps the rehab and fine confidential, the 4 game suspension is hard to keep a secret.

I don't think this has everything to do with what he did in that car in Texas, but he must have failed a few NFL drug tests to get an indefinite suspension.

Thats my thinking, though I am missing something here, something is not right.

packeraaron's picture

My hunch is that he was busted with something or tested positive for something while waiting on an appeal from a previous suspension. Remember, Cushing's 4 game suspension was handed down last October but no one knew about it until this summer when they finally lost said appeal. None of the program is public until it reaches the suspension stage. Methinks there's a whole litany of things that will come to light,

ZeroTolerence's picture

If so (probably) than he has to go.

Dilligaff's picture

Is Jolly really that careless (stupid if you will) to show up positive on a test while he has a court case and obviously previously failed tests in the NFL?

It is my understanding that this purple drank is highly addictive combined with his respect for the courts by the way he dresses and the advertising of his big party raises a lot of concern for his mental state.

One year without pay maybe good for him. Sad though he has lost millions and will start over at the low end of the pay scale until he proves he is worthy.

What a waist of an opportunity, good contract on a superbowl contender team.

DAWG's picture

My thinking he has failed another piss test, and the comish didn't take it lightly getting caught in that car, even IF he wasn't caught in possession or convicted yet, just being in that atmosphere was enough for the comish. The NFL has a brand name to protect and he's coming down hard on these guy's.
And you gotta admit that JJ has been acting like as ass-clown considering his situation!
I agree it dose seem harsh, considering the lack of info given and the TIMING of it, swayed jury?
Maybe JJ can get the attorneys of the Williams's (Min)to help him out, and just keep pushing it back till there carriers are over, where's the comish on that!

Oppy's picture

I know it's mostly in jest that a few people have brought up the Williams' attorney should be able to help get Jolly off the hook, but for those who don't understand why both the Williams were able to hide from the suspensions for so long, it wasn't due to a crafty lawyer per se (well, it sort of was), as much as the fact that Minnesota state laws on the books give employees in MN some astounding protections from drug testing and employer punishment due to said drug use. In WI, Jolly doesn't have the same blanket protections for a crafty lawyer to use to protect him.

DAWG's picture


Jolly, your dealing in the wrong state!

LordFavre's picture

"Packer People"....hahaha.

Another washout DT that Ted drafted.

What a douche!

packeraaron's picture

And yes, "LordFavre" is "Pack 66"

FITZCORE1252's picture

Yo Nagler,

I saw you Tweeted the following - "wanted to remind everyone with DirecTV that the greatest drama ever uncut on 101. "

Dude, so dead on. They play great shows as well as playing epic concerts. If I can get one person to watch 'Traler Park Boys' on the 101, I will be a happy man. Funniest thing to EVER come from Canada (not the movies, well still great, they are not the TV series). Supreme court of comedy's pretty funny too.


FITZCORE1252's picture

LORD, I need to read my shit before I finalize it. Bring back edit, bring back edit, bring ba....

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