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Jolly In A Heap Of Trouble

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Jolly In A Heap Of Trouble

From Bedard:

Packers defensive end Johnny Jolly was placed on much tighter bond restrictions this morning in a Harris County (Texas) courtroom because of some questionable behavior as he still awaits trial on felony drug possession charges.

Jolly’s jury trial, which was scheduled to start today, has been reset. The new date is not yet known.

Prosecutors today presented judge Mike Anderson with a flyer that said Jolly would be hosting a party at a Houston club, The Blue Door, on May 7th.

The prosecutor also presented recent photos from a website that showed Jolly at various parties with alcoholic drinks in his hand.

Under the terms of his bond, Jolly is to abstain from drugs and alcohol.

The prosecutor wanted Jolly's bond raised, but Anderson decided to keep the bond at $10,000.

However, Anderson placed more restrictions on Jolly after pointing to the flyer and telling Jolly, “I don’t want to see another flyer like this.”

Under the new terms:

  • Jolly must submit a hair follicle to be tested for drugs by a lab within the next seven days.
  • He is now subject to a 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew;
  • Jolly was ordered not to attend any place that has drugs or alcohol;
  • He must go to an evaluation center to determine whether he has issues with drugs for alcohol, and then abide by any recommendations for treatment.

Beck asked the judge if Jolly could still travel with the Packers.

Anderson said that will be handled as it comes it, but they’ll use common sense

Hey! You're awaiting trial on felony drug possession charges! You're a professional athlete looking to earn a new contract! I've got a GREAT idea. Do something that could possibly jeopardize your ability to travel with the team you play for!

What a turd.

UPDATE: Some of the photos that have Jolly in hot water below.

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NickGBP's picture

I'll give him one of my hairs.

Max's picture

Ugh. Honestly? Maybe the Packers should hire a babysitter for Jolly.

I guess this illuminates the Mike Neal and CJ Wilson picks.

packeraaron's picture


michaelcainlaw's picture

He's lucky they didn't try and violate his conditional release. Really too bad, he showed some promise in the new D last year. I hope TT continues to draft O and D linemen.

Where do you draw the "Packer People" line?

CSS's picture

The Mike Neal and C.J. Wilson picks are starting to look mighty fine right about now, huh?

Mad Town Scott's picture

There's no treatment for being stupid.

DaveK's picture

Before this recent development I felt Jolly maybe just made a stupid mistake and I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I hoped this legal situation matured him and opened his eyes a bit. Apparently not. This incident shows someone willing to risk a career and a big contract because he wants to go clubbing. It shows someone who is facing serious jail time willing to ignore a court order. Idiocy. It leaves me with little hope this guy will ever be anything except a 'turd' and regardless of his play can't be counted on to help the team because his poor judgement will continually put him at risk for incidents like this. Maybe the Cincinnati day care for turds will have better luck with him.

PackersRS's picture

Really? The guy took some codeine, and then partied, and is a turd?

He is a bit of a moron, absolutely. He's immature. But cmon, he didn't do anything bad to anyone...

packeraaron's picture

Jeopardizing his ability to be available for the team is def turd behavior. T.U.R.D.

PackersRS's picture

Oh yeah, the adult had a party! Throw him in jail, for crying out loud! What? In those parties he had legal substances! OMG! Behead him!

"Anderson said that will be handled as it comes it, but they’ll use common sense"

If he can't play, he's a problem. Not a turd. Pacman Jones is a turd. Ben Roethlisberger is a turd. Mark Chmura is a turd.

packeraaron's picture

We could argue semantics all you want. It's not about "having a party" - it's about doing so WITH THE KNOWLEDGE that he was a) violating his bond terms and b) that by so doing was putting his availability for his team in jeopardy. That's a turd to me. The word I would use to describe the other gentlemen you have listed here would be much stronger...

Detox's picture

but he WASN'T violating his bond terms.

He got his case set back because of problems associated with appendicitis, but was on a flyer to throw a party the following weekend.

NOW he has NEW bond terms.

Oppy's picture


In those parties he had substances that he was ordered by a court of law to abstain from as a condition of bail.

This is a guy who's facing the possibility of 2-20 (Yeah, that's two-to-TWENTY) years in prison for a 2nd degree felony drug possession charge, and not only can't he follow a simple mandate to abstain from drugs and alcohol, but he's out drinking in public, posing for photos to promote club appearances?

Add in the fact more than one PAckers team mate has told the press he's a jerk and an idiot, and I'd say we've got ourselves a bona-fide turd. Can dude play? You bet. And Dude is a turd.

CSS's picture

Dont' forget the didn't charge him for the gun found in the car that same night AND the weed.

PackersRS's picture

Again. That's a moron. It may be semantics to all of you, but to me it isn't.

Raise your hand if you never broke the law in any manner. You're a turd because of it?

I get the whole "accountability" thing, but that's BS, as it wasn't in his intention to hurt his team. Because it may in the process, he's an idiot...

Detox's picture

Heres why he won't get 2-20, let along 2-20 HOURS in jail.

the Late Terrance Kiel got arrested for shipping codeine across the country, yes shipping, yes intent to deliver, yes he paid in cash had fake names (common with drug dealers) and he got... drum role please..... 100 hours of community service, probation, and gambling counseling.

Buckslayernyc's picture

After reading this article, its clear the Packers had a plan long before this info came out....

I am wondering if Ted Thompson has connections to the Houston Police department having played there for 10 years...and he is a Texan by birth....its the only way I know of that they could have anticipated moving on without Jolly which they clearly have done. Raji is now the nose, Picket is at Jolly's old position at Left End and Jenkins at RE...that is 1000lbs of run stopping at point of attack by the way. And in the Nickel it will be Raji and Jenkins at the ends .....and they also drafted two potential replacements for Jolly (and also Jenkins methinks....who is a FA next year and can make more $ as an End in a 4-3) in Mike Neal and CJ Wilson...(Wilson, the Packers 7th round pick, is my Cullen Jenkins type pick to make the team and slowly grind his way into the starting lineup....ala Jenkins after being signed as an UDFA), Mike Neal should be in the rotation immediately.

All in all, when you add the fact that Harrel may actually see the field....(don't hold your breath) The packers appear as loaded at LB and DL as the Giants were 2 seasons ago when they won it all through sheer defensive willpower and not turning the ball over on offense. This is particularly hard to do these days(replace big guys) in the 3-4 since officially 50% of the league is now running it (with Wash being the latest convert).

All in All, Jolly is a dumbass, but the Packers are ok no matter. One can only imagine, with the behavior exhibited above, that this same dumbass is guilty and will be found so....reminds me a little bit of Cletidus Hunt crossed with Corey Williams....Makes you pretty happy the Packers have Thompson, and no one has a gun to their head at any one position.

Ahhhh if you listen closely you can hear the sound of a championship caliber team being built in Greenbay....Can't wait for the season!


CSS's picture

The only problem with that theory: Why did they tender Jolly so high if they had this information to begin with? They would have done the opposite and tendered him low, get him out....

misterj's picture

Oh no, he went to a party with some friends. CRIMINAL SCUM!

CSS's picture

When the terms of his probation clearly stated, 'no drugs or alcohol.' Criminal scum, nah. Supremely stupid half-wit jeopordizing a substantial sum of money in what's basically a contract year.....yes

packeraaron's picture


misterj's picture

Well, that clarifies it. I haven't really followed the case.

misterj's picture

Still, though, telling a wealthy guy in his early 20s not to drink is... a tall order (pun intended). Not that I can defend him for apparently going against terms of his bond, I just don't think it's very surprising. Boys will be boys. Being young is all about making horrible mistakes. It's kinda beautiful in a way!

PackersRS's picture

Supremely stupid. Yeah. But he's being portraited as a vile person. And I'm not even going to enter the debate about the terms of his bond...

packeraaron's picture

Mostly because there's nothing to debate.

PackersRS's picture

A guy is prossecuted with carrying an illegal substance, and as a result, is bonded to abstray from using a perfectly legal substance?

If it's the "addiction" is the correlation, why not ban him from also using cigarretes???

Look, I get it. In here there's the same procedure. I have to almost babysit some of my clients. I know it's the padronized deal. It doesn't make it right...

CSS's picture

To be clear, I only see reference questioning his decision making and intellect. You're the one invoking the word 'vile' in an extreme context to make it sound as though the general frustration towards him is out of bounds.

Obviously, he can't make good decisions. Remeber there was weed and a weapon found in the car the evening he was pulled over. Instead of running with a new crowd he's back in the same element clearly violating his probation. He can't even learn to help himself.

Bad judgement, no intelligence.

PackersRS's picture

Yeah, to me turd has another connotation...

I agree with everything you said afterwards, that's exaclty how I feel about this deal.

frosty's picture

This is where I have a problem with this line of commenting. Back in with the same element? You're equating people who roll around with codeine, weed and illegal firearms with those who might be photographed with an alcoholic beverage in their hands. Calling that "the same element" is totally blowing it out of proportion.

Maybe he's dumb for violating what he should have known was the rule, but that isn't really the point here. I think it's pretty stupid to tell someone they're not allowed to go enjoy a perfectly legal activity because they are SUSPECTED of having perpetrated some other unrelated crime.

Is it really that reasonable of a ruling to tell someone that they better not be photographed enjoying a vodka cranberry for the next year and a half or they're in deep trouble?

CSS's picture

Frosty - before the legal issue in question occurred the Packers asked Jolly to exercise caution in terms of, 'who he runs with':

He didn't heed their warning and ended up in a car with a hand-gun, weed and illegal codeine.

Fast forward to today and he's not exactly hanging with a crowd that has his best interests in mind. If they did, they wouldn't encourage him to be in environments that had, you know, substances (like alcohol and who knows what) that are a violation of his prohbation. Good influences would have him on the straight-n'-narrow, not hosting a party with fliers n' such.

frosty's picture

CSS -- I don't disagree that what he did was dumb, especially the whole part of being on a flyer for hosting a party.

That said, I think most people here have been pretty quick to crucify Jolly for going out and having a few drinks. Assuming he was being completely irresponsible by doing so is alarmist and ridiculous.

Some players have habits and tendencies that they need to get out of their systems. Jolly is probably one of those people, based on what he originally got in trouble for. Enjoying going out with friends for a couple drinks is really stupid to half-ass criminalize though.

D.D. Driver's picture

Our last three presidents were recreational drug users. Obama JOKED about it in his stump speech, noting that inhaling was "the whole point."

Then again, you could make a pretty good case that all three guys are turds.

Jeremy's picture

The Free Jolly Refrain

Heyyyy . . . Jollllyyy, whoa Jolly, by golllllyyy,
Why are your arms are so loooong.
It made me want to sing this soooong.

Whooa . . . Jollllyyy, by golly, oh, Jollllly.
Why did you get higgghhh, so higgghhh . . . on yo’ codeine opiaaaate!
Uuuused for its analgesic, antitussive and antidiarrheal propertieees . . .
My guess is it was for the ladieeees!

Aaron's picture

I'd like to hear a demo of that fresh joint submitted by Jeremy (re: Jolly Long Arms)? Anybody know where I can get a copy?

jerseypackfan's picture

If my butt was in trouble with the law. The last thing I would be doing is hosting a party. I just do not get it. He is so screwed. Bye bye Jolly Green Jackass!

Franklin Hillside's picture

I'm surprised he didn't head-butt the judge after this ruling...

Packnic's picture

looks like cranberry juice to me. Whos to say what was in that cup??

So is Jolly not allowed to be used in promotions at Green Bay because Miller Lite is a sponsor?

packeraaron's picture

Like the post says - the court sees it as "questionable behavior".

Wiscokid's picture

So what's everyone thinking? Is Jolly on his way to being an Oakland Raider via cell block C? They seem to like this type of character. After all the NFL let Vick and Pacman back into the league.

I just don't get it. Stupid doesn't even come close to describing this guy.

CSS's picture

Honestly, I hope the judge gives him extremely rigid terms of prohbation with counciling and testing. Not to benefit the Packers, but to benefit himself. Also, I hope he makes it clear that a violation of the terms and the 'hanging with the wrong people' will land him in prison for an extended period of time....for his own sake.

Packers should move on, but I can't imagine a better place to prioritize your life with less temptation than a small market.

coloradopackerfan's picture

The fact is that Jolly get's it done on the field and we don't know if neal or wilson can. We need him.

Spencer Havner drove a motorcycle drunk, which is probably the most dangerous thing you can do and no one calls him a turd. Why is that? What's the fundamental difference between him and what Jolly did?

CSS's picture

Last we checked Spencer Hayvner wasn't subject to extensive prison time as a violation of his prohbation. And Hayvner was not only criticized as a bonehead but there discussion everywhere that he needs to blow up camp to stay on the squad.

I can't believe people can't see the difference.

coloradopackerfan's picture

I suppose you're right. I guess I just see the word turd as a personal derogatory attack that is simply uneccessary.

I just hate how people act like they are so much better, smarter, and more responsible than any athlete who get's in trouble. As soon as they make a mistake they are a turd? Last time I checked Johnny Jolly makes more money than everyone here and is very successful as a person. It does take quite a bit of work and discipline over an extended period of time to be an NFL athlete.

Sure it hurts the team and his own career, doesn't mean he's a turd. That's my opinion. I just think we should support our players not tear them down. Maybe I'm wrong.

packeraaron's picture

"As soon as they make a mistake they are a turd?" - please. Like this is the FIRST mistake...

CSS's picture

*derogatory term, understood but I doubt it was intended that way.

*How is criticizing a highly visible athlete for violating the terms of his clearly outlined prohbation making us 'better' than Jolly? Not only was he dumb enough to violate said terms but he had PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE published in a public domain of said violation. That's dumb in my book. No, that's beyond dumb.

*It wasn't 'A' mistake, it was a succession of mistakes that were/are completely avoidable.

*So in your book money=successful person? Wow. Fidel Castro is one of the most successful individuals in history and Mother Theresa is a loser.

*Jolly and hard work??? He's been criticized by coaches in every single year he's been here for his lackadaisickle play and apparent indifference at times on the field. He stepped it up last year in a (surprise) contract year. God given talent, yes. Does he maximize it, no.

coloradopackerfan's picture

Alright, alright you make very good guys are right, I conceed. Just trying to play devil's advocate. :)

packeraaron's picture

Well, Mother Teresa IS a loser, but that's another discussion. ;)

packeraaron's picture

I'm just glad you're here to type it for me CSS. ;)

CSS's picture

Well, I need your blog to avoid work on a Friday afternoon where all my surgeons are crabby and every nurse in the state are talking about a strike.

I'm drinking tonight!

(the above action is not a violation of my prohbation nor should it be miscontrued as unsavory kittens were harmed during this message)

packeraaron's picture

Just don't let anyone take any pictures. ;)

FITZCORE1252's picture

"I’m just glad you’re here to type it for me CSS"

Get a room.

packeraaron's picture

Get a life.

jack's picture

great player but an idiot

VApackerfan's picture

If you were indicted on felony drug charges and ordered to not use drugs or alcohol would you be promoting night clubs and frequenting them while on probation? It's not about his age, in fact he's 27. It's about using your brain in conjunction with common knowledge. He is a highly paid athlete in the public realm and is already facing a 20 year sentence. I'm sorry, but that is just stupid on Jolly's part. Now he has to submit to a hair sample, a counselor, and a curfew. He can be a disruptive player on our D-Line but he also makes the same stupid decisions on the field as well. He's a liability to say the least

jerseypackfan's picture

Did one of those stupid decisions on the field happen during a Vikings game last season?

packeraaron's picture

One of many.

nypacker's picture

What is DJ Khaled doing with Jolly in the first pic?

Ron LC's picture

Doubt we'll see him in a Packer uniform again. Combine a strong possibility of jail time with leagues suspensions and goodbye JJ. Why the hell are you so damn stupid.

We can all wait for the steriod shoe to drop soon. The Dr. involved with NFL current players is about to spill his guts to get a plea bargain.

Chicago Hooligan's picture

I always wanted to try a can of JOOSE but I bet it's pretty gross.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I got a hundo says his hair comes back dirty. Any takers?


Cletus's picture

I imagine the agent is camped out on Jolly's front doorstep, with a pen and the Packers tender in hand.

packeraaron's picture

Wilde made the same point on the radio today. You'd def think so.

jbeebe's picture

Follow this link to N.F. Post article and they go further with the story. They quote a Bedard JS story that says he had postponed a court date May 5 stating he was being treated for illness in a hospital. It was then discovered he was hosting a party and drinking in a nightclub not 48 hours after being granted the delay. Sounds like he might have been "playing" the legal system to buy some more party time. Hardly a good idea for a football player with OTA's coming up. I would think the guy would be trying to get the legal BS handled as quickly as possible given his professional commitments. Of course buying time would make sense if he thought he was going away to prison soon. Time will tell. For the record, I'm still pissed about that headbutt anyway. Just another clown who can't keep his s%$# together.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Yeah, supposedly he had an appendectomy. Partying 2 days later... WOW.
One thing seems evident, he's not big on 'taking care' of himself.

FITZCORE1252's picture

That, and he's a bit of a dumbass.

CSS's picture

Just had an appendectomy 4 weeks ago. I have no idea how you can party unless you mix all the Vicoden with alcohol? Gee, what are the odds he was mixing liquor with potent narcotics:)

ZeroTolerance's picture

I'd say something, but it's all been said. Flush the dude. TT has the best interests of the team as his number one priority.

dilligaff's picture

Jolly's head butting incident is understandable to an extent, getting lost in the moment.

The biggest problem and most telling was his comments after the game when he had time to cool down and THINK about it.

This incident and the way he is handling his legal problems leaves a lot to be desired.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"This incident and the way he is handling his legal problems leaves a lot to be desired."

Very true.

Look, the guy is a gang-banger from Houston (notice I didn't say EX, usually you're loyal to your crew your entire life... even if you "make it", and those pics sure look like he's 'reppin' with his hands). Right or wrong (I'm in no position to judge), that's just the way it is. Inner-city Houston doesn't get the run that say a Compton or Cabrini Green gets, but that place isn't a joke. I'm not giving the guy a pass in any way, but, being raised in that environment is something few that post here can relate to, (hunch, could be wrong).

You can take the Homie out the Hood... can't take the Hood out the Homie.

Unfortunately when I go home, I run into guys that 'banged' in school... now in their late 20's early 30's, still reppin' the Black and Gold or Blue and Black... with zero intentions of changing. Just the way it is.


VApackerfan's picture

I b reppin' the Green and Gold 4 LIFE!!!!

FITZCORE1252's picture


Mel's picture

Send him packing!!! With draw the tender sheet!!! We don't deal with people like this in PACKER NATION!!! We are small town, great football, good people who don't get into crap like this... Get rid of him!!!!

FITZCORE1252's picture

What criteria does "PACKER NATION" hold players to? Just curious.

Before you answer, I recommend doing some 'SOLID' homework (fair warning... anyone else smell blood?).

Get back to me, I'd love to see how "PACKER NATION" stands. LOL. Bring links!

"We don’t deal with people like this".

People like what, exactly?

Please expound . I believe I have evidence that proves we do indeed "deal with people like this". I'm intrigued to see what you bring to the table.

Buh-Buh-Buh...BRRrring it!




PackersRS's picture

This is what I'm talking about. "people like this"...

The guy is an idiot, and that's it. He smoked some pot, took some vicodin. Then he broke his bond by "allegedly" drinking.

There are no reports that he takes plays off, that he hurts people...

Are you gonna tell me with a straight face that in GB everybody abides by the law??? Really???

Chuck's picture

I wonder what JJ's Wonderlic score was. My guess would be under 10.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Couldn't tell ya. Were you asking that when he picked off Cutler 9/13/09, subsequently halting a promising bares drive (I believe they were driving to take the lead, don't quote me, but they were driving?) Didn't think so.

Fact of the matter is JJ appears to consistently put himself in poor situations. That equates to 'DUMBASS' status.

Congrats! It appears you and JJ share a trait! YAY!

WTF is your Wonderlic? That's what I thought... 'results not in'.

Kid's a Thug, you're a Douche... I'll pencil him in at a 17 and you at a 4. Sounds about right.


ZeroTolerance's picture

No way Jolly gets a 17. No way. Just my opinion.

CSS's picture

I don't know how credible the source is:

But, apparently Johnny Jolly scored a 13.

Chuck's picture

Jolly obviously has great football instincts; that goes without saying. But it's also apparent that he is not very intelligent. The Wonderlic test is a measure of one's aptitude for learning and problem-solving, and Jolly seems to be deficient in those areas. That's all I was saying.

PackersRS's picture

Which has zero translation to playing DL in the NFL, or even getting in trouble. I also believe he's an idiot, but all I can say is that he has done dumb things repeatedly, and seems immature.

Big Ben had a 25... He's an idiot AND a douchebag, and possibly a rapist...

frosty's picture

Excellent point that wonderlic scores really mean jack for how intelligent someone's meant to measure problem solving skills, not where you might fall in the character spectrum.

PackersRS's picture


Exactly. What a bunch of hypocrites. Well, Nick Collins was a douchebag last year, wasn't him???

Ken's picture

I can't believe I used to defend this guy!

I know Aaron's said before that you can't have 53 angels but that no longer apply with this turd.

Hope he has played his last down in GB and Cullen Jenkins has some left in the tank beyond 2010.

And this obviously also confirms the Pickett move.

Ron LC's picture

Off Topic- Bent has announced he had artroscopic surgery yesterday. And micacles of miracles his rehab gets him into camp about two weeks after the start of pre-season.

FITZCORE1252's picture


PackersRS's picture

So you're saying that Favre somehow managed to skip much of preseason??? WHAT. A. SHOCK.

But, no, obviously he couldn't have had this surgery before... I'm pretty sure it's just a coincidence...

Well, MN's problem...

Ruppert's picture

Ain't no gettin' around a hair test, people. We're gonna find out exactly what Mr. Jolly has been up to for the last few months.

I like it. If he comes back clean, then he definitely hasn't been doing any drugs and he deserves to be back on our D line. If he pops, then he's an idiot for doing stupid stuff, and good riddance.

Dave S's picture

What you, or I, or anyone thinks about his actions and where they may fit within our respective moral codes is almost besides the point. The real point is that he has done NOTHING to convince the Packers that they can trust him with any kind of meaningful financial commitment. Now if Jolly doesn't care about that, then that is fine, because it's his life and his choices.

Just don't whine about not being "given respect", or anything of that sort, whenever TT decides to build around other pieces. That's a consequence of his choices. He's shown where his priorities lie, so that needs to be factored into the equation.

I've made the unfortunate, but accurate, comparison to Cletidus Hunt here before. Sherman made a lot of mistakes. To me, that was right near the top of the list. You can miss badly on a draft pick, it happens to everyone. What is unforgivable is making meaningful commitments to guys that show they can't handle it. Sherman screwed that one up bigtime. I put the odds of TT making the same mistake pretty close to zero.

PackersRS's picture

Amen. Great take.

FITZCORE1252's picture


frosty's picture

Can't argue at all here. The legal nonsense that he may be involved in is ridiculous, but the facts as far as the team is concerned point to a totally unreliable player.

JohnRehor's picture

After taking in all the information regarding Jolly's actions over the past 2 years (not even going to include the Wonderlic score), I have a one word analysis of his behavior.


Jeopardize your career, the Packers as a team, and your freedom and there is no other word to describe him.

Mike Neal and CJ Wilson, your opportunity just got a ton bigger. I wonder if the tender is going to be revoked anytime soon.

Nypacker's picture

PackersRS that's a lot of stuff that Jolly is "just doing." To do all that you can't be an idiot only "and that's it." There's something really wrong with the guy if he keeps getting warned not to do those things and still does them, especially as a full grown adult.

PackersRS's picture

A full grown adult that has a much different background than you or I have.

That's not an excuse. I'm not defending him on our team, because I didn't like him in the first place, he brings ZERO pass rushing skills, and that's why he batted so many balls. He was never near the QB.

But all you described is someone immature. He has issues, but who hasn't? He's not making it rain, he's not raping anybody. He's not even driving under influence...

All that is seems like is that he doesn't care about being caught with some drugs... He probably has some great lawyers, he's a first time offender if I'm not mistaken...

Really, condemning him it's either puritanism or selfishness.

foundinidaho's picture

I get the being young and stupid. Was that myself. But I wasn't risking millions of dollars and my career by being so. He is. That's dumb, turd or no turd.

D.D. Driver's picture

Was Paul Hornung a "turd"?

All those players from the sixties that everyone lionizes did the same shit that today's players did. Maybe they are all turds. Maybe 90% of all pro athletes that have suited up are turds. I really don't care one way or the other.

We look back at the Packer legends as lovable rouges. And its not just that, we love them even MORE because it. Take Max McGee for example.

Why are yesterday's players considered lovable rogues and today's players thugs and turds?

(I have my own theory.)

packeraaron's picture

I missed the part where Hornung and McGee were doing what they did while up on charges. I need to go back and re-read Instant Replay... ;)

D.D. Driver's picture

I missed the part where Jolly did anything particularly "turdish" while up on charges. Making a club appearance ain't that big of a deal. Is it all that smart *under the circumstances*? No.

Is anything Jolly has been accused of even in the same neighborhood of gambling on NFL games? Or why we are at it, is anything Jolly is accused of even in the same neighborhood as the things Ahman Green has been accused of by multiple women? Last time I looked Ahman Green is a CHTV darling. But, if we are going to start tossing the turd label around....

packeraaron's picture

Holy semantics Batman. (See what I did there...?) How did Green jeopardize his ability to travel or even practice with the team? Look, I completely agree that the law on this is stupid (I have referenced your posts on this a number of times). And again - you deflected my point. Hornung and Green never did those things knowing they would directly lead to them missing games and/or practice time due to the restrictions they were under. You're right - I could care less what they're doing on their own away from the field. But when you knowingly put yourself in the position to hurt the team - that's a turd to me. Might not be to you, and you are free to write as such on your blog.

aussiepacker's picture

I have always liked jolly's play but man must be dumb. I must admit i drink on a regular basis and have been arrested for being stupid while on the drink (never hurting anyone but myself) but if someone was offering me the sort of money this kid was being offered damn i would obstain from everything and be the good little boy my mum thinks i am.

IPBprez's picture

Aaron -

As much as I like having Johnny Jolly around, I do believe it might be good investment practice to let go of the guy. I mean, after all, they let go of James Lofton for roughly the same extremities of behavior - getting in trouble with the Law.

I say, "thanks for a job well done" and simply end it. Like a posting earlier... we now know what the choices in the Draft were for, after all.

nerdmann's picture

1: Four black guys sitting in a car? (No, NOT driving.) Obviously probable cause, right?
3: What codeine there may have been was ALL attributed to Jolly, being that he was the "driver." But he wasn't driving. They were parked. Yeah, I know. You want case law? Dude walks.
Fact is the Houston police are rascists. Remember the situation with Donald Driver's dad? And yes, I do support the police. It's always the bad apples that make them all look bad.
The drug war is idiotic tyranny.

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I completely agree with all of this, esp your last sentence, but I'm pretty sure it was the smell of weed, not the odorless codeine, that gave the police pause.

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The car wasn't sitting, the car caught the cops attention because they could hear the radio 1/4 mile away; then when the car drove closer to pull into the club parking lot the cops smelled weed coming from the car (all windows were down). The marihuana gave them probable cause to search the car, and when they pulled Jolly out he admitted there was a gun in the car. And one of the cops was black, one hispanic, two white. They say they didn't even know who Jolly was until they booked him....his two buddies that also got arrested have both been to the pen before.

I wish he would have stayed up here and not gone back to thug-houston.

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So do the Packers. ;)

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Does anyone know WHEN those photos were taken? That might be a relevant fact.

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I was starting to think you didn't like us anymore...

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Hornung "didn't know" that gambling on NFL games could lead to a suspension from the NFL if he got caught?


The two examples demonstrate two different concepts. If we are concerned with the "gravity" of the allegations, what Green is accused of is far worse than anything Jolly is accused of. If a "turd" means someone behaving stupidly and placing his availability on the line: Hornung easily takes the cake. You can't tell me he just didn't know that gambling on NFL games was a serious infraction that would lead to a serious suspension. But he did it anyway.

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I take your point on Hornung. Hadn't thought of it that way - but you're right.

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