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Jolly Charged with Drug Possession for Fourth Time

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Jolly Charged with Drug Possession for Fourth Time

If there was any glimmer of hope, the one in a million, slimmest of chances that suspended Packers defensive end Johnny Jolly would return to the NFL following his third drug related arrest this past March, that would have seemed to have gone out the door on Saturday.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Jolly is facing his fourth drug possession charge following his newest arrest over the weekend.

"Jolly was charged with possession of a narcotic compound containing codeine and other substances, a felony," writes Zain Shauk of the Chronicle. "He was also charged with a felony of concealing codeine while he was being investigated on Saturday. He was in the Harris County Jail on Sunday, according to court records."

Jolly is currently serving a suspension of indeterminate length. Cheesehead TV's Aaron Nagler has been told by an NFL representative that Jolly's suspended status hasn't changed after his third arrest in March.

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AJKUHN's picture

I don't think he is a very bright man.

packsmack25's picture

Must be why he unfriended me on Facebook.

Brooklyn81's picture

This guy needs some serious help he has a very bad problem. Maybe 10-15 years in the slammer will help him but he doesnt seem to learn from his mistakes

PackersRS's picture

A drug dealer with wasted football skills.

Ceallaigh's picture

Oh for the love of god...I think he's proven the fact that he'd rather be a dealer than a baller.

Go to jail, Johnny. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Abe's picture

He needs to get out of Houston.

mark's picture

While it's a sad shame that he's essentially flushed a promising career down the toilet, I also wince when I hear about him going to jail for an extended period of time.

Seems foolish that we'll spend however many thousands upon thousands of tax dollars to incarcerate a guy who just likes to get wasted on codine. Drug laws in this country are so pointless.

Ceallaigh's picture

except the amount he has been busted with is a tone of codeine. It doesn't look like he's just using. With that amount, he could very well be dealing.

Oppy's picture

...Dealing to other people who just like to get wasted on codeine, who we will also have to spend however many thousands upon thousands of tax dollars to incarcerate..

PackersRS's picture

Yes, but people that, when stoned and broken and in need for some fix, will invade our homes and steal our children!

Joking aside, let's be real here. How much money does the government lose with addicts that don't contribute to the society? Enough to prompt the "war on drugs".

Oppy's picture

While codeine probably doesn't fall into this category, almost all of societies' ails from illicit drug use (outside of the personal toll it takes on the users' health) stem from it illegality.

The illegality of drugs is what makes most illicit drugs so expensive and profitable to dealers. That profitability fuels violence between rival cartels, trafficers, and drug dealers over turf.

The expense of the drugs to the users is often what causes them to steal and commit other crimes to afford their use.

Treating drug abuse as a health problem is infinitely more affordable and has far better results for the users and society at large than treating drug abuse as a crime.

an unprecedented amount of money has been thrown at the war on drugs since the early 80's. Drug use has not gone down. It is actually on the rise.

Let's be real here. People will always do drugs. The illegality of drugs hasn't curbed their use, it has cost tax payers alarming amounts of money, and the stigma it places upon users means they are less likely to seek help for their problems for fear of persecution. The war on drugs has made illicit drug trafficing a multi-billion dollar industry.

Let's be real here.

And, Johnny Jolly is a moron :)

jack in jersey city's picture

what an effing idiot. he doesn't deserve to play for this organization

gbfninminnolnd's picture

I for one say good ridence. Ilove the guy on the field but the best part of being a pack fan is the"quality" of our players. Always been that way. So long jolly.

Norman's picture

I'm reminded of an old saying when thinking about Jolly's chances now about returning to the NFL: Slim and None, and Slim just left town.

Sam's picture

Wow, I grew up watching him play at A&M and was excited when he joined the Pack. What a let down.

Mr. Bacon's picture

The only reason why he had these friends was because of his money, and only for his money. Jolly will go to jail for a while, and probably not that much.

I think it has to be stressed for any player who came from a bad neighborhood, to never go back once you have that much cash.

I know it's not fair, but money will change people and how they view you. I cannot remember what is the statistic but around 65 to 70% of former NFL players actually run out of cash.

You worked your butt to get to a Div 1A school, and then worked hard to just make a NFL team and now you go to jail because you cannot just push your friends aside and say "No". Sad case for Jolly.

JohnRehor's picture

What a sad waste of talent

I wonder if at some point he'll look back and wonder what his life could have been...

Anita's picture

There are just no words to describe the stupidity.

Ruppert's picture

Right about now I don't even like seeing the Green Bay Packers' name linked to this guy.

al's picture

HAHA! what an idiot!

Nerdmann's picture

I agree all that shit should be legalized, but the fact is it is not legal right now. So stf away from it! Football is a great opportunity, when you're that good, you don't need to deal sizzurp to make money or have friends. Idiot.

Stevelknievel's picture

Shame about Jolly. However, that pic you used just about sums it up. lol.

packersplanet's picture

This just makes me want some codeine. Sippin on a purple codeine drink on a hot Sunday afternoon, with a little bit of ice --- must be some good stuff

Josh's picture

Drug abuse is bad, the Drug war is worse.

packeraaron's picture

Could not agree more.

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