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Jermichael Finley: Rodgers has "a trust issue" with new receivers

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Jermichael Finley: Rodgers has "a trust issue" with new receivers

Jermicahel Finley made the rounds on Radio Row this past week and had some unsurprising words regarding receivers needing to gain the trust of Aaron Rodgers by doing things right in practice.

Feels like Finley and Jeff Janis should form some kind of club.

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D Ernie's picture

I read over the years on some blogs/ packer sites that he had issues with guys screwing up in practice and could dictate who played and who didnt. Janus was horrible in practice they say and he would run the wrong routes as if he just couldnt learn the pass plays and Rodgers would go ape shit. Otherwise why would a speed guy who is 6'3 not be playing but bench sitting most of his career with the team?
I think their was a lot of that going around this year.
Guy drops a pass and Rodgers says thanks, I'll remember that.

TheVOR's picture

So trust issues or not, Rodgers needs to be better, and he needs to step up in helping develop WR's. Sooner or later everyone is going to drop a ball, you can't make knee jerk decisions based upon a dropped ball. Furthermore, lets a say a dropped ball costs us a game. It's not on Rodgers, it's on the WR and the coaching staff. Also, Rodgers would be correct in saying preparation and execution is Key. If we have players on this roster that will never be an integral part of the team, get them out of GB! Period. Id even go as far as saying Rodgers needs to voice that with his coaches, and we need to get guys in here that can play.

I never really bought into the trust thing. I think WR's need to run their routes as expected, be where they're supposed to be, and all of this should be down to timing, and route running, not trust. The only trust factor is, did you run your route precisely, and as expected. If not, why not? Quite worrying about only having 2 ints at the end of the season and start playing freekin football. Get the ball out as the pay is designed and expected to be executed, and stop worrying. Play the game as designed, and expect your players to respond. If they don't, then its a coaching issue, and a WR issue, if you did your job as QB.

holmesmd's picture

WR in the NFL is probably the most difficult & nuanced position to learn in NFL football. Most take 2-4 years to be their best and breakout. Our infallible QB missed a ton of throws this year! What is his excuse? Yes I’ll also say that he missed throws that I could have made after setting my beer down and running onto the field;) Lol. Seriously though, MR all world had terrible mechanics and sub-par accuracy much of the season. I get the WR’s need to develop but what is 35 y/o #12’s excuse. Stop bitching and develop these guys! There is a lot of ability with our last year’s draft selections at WR IMO. Get it done! Don’t let perfection be the enemy of the good.

mnklitzke's picture

Coaches need to hold players ACCOUNTABLE... Gasp.. I know. I remember Sherman not coaching Favre then MM came in a coached him to playing some of his best football. Funny that MM stopped hold Rodgers accountable after having to restart with Favre. Hopefully MLF will hold Rodgers accountable when he is playing like garbage. Hopefully Rodgers will buy into this new system and not take the deep shot ALL the time. Lots of hopes and ifs but that is all we can go on currently.

dobber's picture

In recent years as the college passing game has started to catch up with the pro game (and as the pro game has borrowed more from the college game), rookie WR have had more of an impact. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect more of rookie WR than we have in the past. I don't think it's reasonable to expect that they are going to be able to perform out of the gate like a 4-year vet, but we shouldn't expect every rookie WR to be a hollow roster spot for 2-3 years.

LayingTheLawe's picture

Janis is not the player to use. He's not exactly gone out to light up the league after the Packers either. Maybe he truly was just bad.

Hawg Hanner's picture

Janis didn't show anything after he left either. Finley himself struggled in running the routes the right way early on. The trust issue is you gotta be in this spot in three seconds or less, and if AR sees you often don't get there he's not going to put it up for grabs. The timing required is astounding. I never thought Finley really got it, he was somewhat erratic and shot his mouth off a bit. What don't you understand about failing to trust rookies?????

Lphill's picture

Finley is an idiot, he said Rodgers gets mad if you run the wrong route, well shouldn't he get mad?

Skip greenBayless's picture

Not everyone learns at the same pace and same level. Finley isn't an idiot, he's an American hero for speaking out against tyrants and bullies like Aaron Rodgers who publicly demean and berate coaches and players he deems not to his standards. Instead of yelling and embarrassing a player for screwing up maybe Rodgers needs to give him a smile and tell him it's ok. You know, kill the player with kindness and positive reinforcement rather than tearing them down publicly and calling them stupid. I hope Rodgers takes whatever Finley said ( I actually didn't listen to it just based it on what I read in the title) and finds a way to change himself as a human being. This lack of "trust" needs to officially end.


JDK52's picture

So you're just going to conveniently ignore the ways Rodgers has encouraged guys in tough spots, and just latch on to hearsay from a couple malcontents?

Aaron Jones, when he was thrust into action in Dallas in 2017, said Rodgers specifically told him he was his "biggest fan" and thought he would tear it up. This is a total rookie, low draft pick, guy most of us expected to be depth but never a starter. Rodgers saw the potential and encouraged him in a huge moment.

Quit following this stupid narrative. It's old and pointless.

Guam's picture

AR is neither a tyrant nor a bully. He is a leader who holds teammates accountable and he does so in private and within the confines of the team. I have never seen him rip teammates in public nor during a game nor in the media. Being demanding of professional performance is not being a bully, it is being a leader.

Lare's picture

I agree Guam. Packer fans know this, Vikings Trolls not so much.

Skip greenBayless's picture

You see Rodgers as a leader and others see him as a bully. When I see Rodgers ripping on MM in a press conference after a game or yelling/screaming at MVS for not being able to read his mind it's borderline abuse in my book. As I said, I'll be in the minority always with Rodgers. Most here are Rodgers enablers. You will fight for him no matter what he does or says. I fight for the little guy. The Jeff Janis' of the world, the J'Mon Moore's of the world. These are the guys that take the majority of Rodgers wrath. I am their voice.


sam1's picture

Baring some people from here seems like the right thing to do!

Coach JV's picture

I'm sure they'd prefer you weren't their voice.

Lare's picture

I'd guess Vikings fans love some of the posters here.

Demon's picture

Weren't you the one calling j'mon Moore, Shame-on Moore?

johngalt's picture

“Idiot” was out of line, but you calling him an American hero? Come on man, I know it’s common for today’s younger crowd to go “top shelf” immediately to illustrate their point, but I think your choice of words is an exaggeration. If you’re genuine, I feel for ya, cuz speaking your mind ain’t being a “hero”.

Johnblood27's picture

for chrissakes Rash, go get a puppy and some crayons will ya?

Bearmeat's picture

They're both probably right. Finley is a jerk. And Rodgers needs to accept that he works with HUMANS. Humans make mistakes occasionally. That doesn't mean they're stupid or malicious or untrustworthy. Just that they're human.

How about working working with the guys you have, eh?

holmesmd's picture

Especially when #12 made plenty of mistakes this season by his own admission. “I need to throw & play better”. LoL. No **it Sherlock! Ya think?:/

Ryan B Dub's picture

The best leaders use the skills of who is available. This whole idea that everyone is uniform. That everyone works, and learns, and functions the same way is ignorant, and childish. I have no idea what Rogers thinks, but I can only hope his memory is served by utilizing talents as they are, and not as how he wishes they would be.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Excellent comments Ryan B Dub!!


Daren726's picture

You should listen to the entire interview before you comment. I don’t think he said anything that hasn’t been said before. This story takes things out of context.

Lare's picture

Exactly. Finley says that what is important to Rodgers is that you know the plays and run the right routes. That is called being a professional.

Personally, I'm glad that Rodgers isn't just flinging the ball up to receivers that have shown they aren't professional enough to know their jobs and do them correctly. Stupid mistakes cause turnovers and cost you games. Without stupid mistakes this past season, the Packers probably make the playoffs.

PeteK's picture

and play hard in practice. That's what winning teams do.

JDK52's picture

Yet another situation where Rodgers gets criticized for being demanding and uncompromising, yet Brady gets complimented as a competitor and a leader for doing the same. Why is that?

Easy answer is that winning fixes everything.

davfar's picture

Just stole my thunder. Funny thing no one had a problem with AR in 2010 or 2011. And frankly, we've been told this team needs to be more accountable, and if yelling helps, so be it.

JDK52's picture

Totally right. Finley didn't complain back in 2011 when he was featured (along with Rodgers, Driver, Nelson, Jennings, Jones) in the SI photoshoot after SB 45. All this garbage comes out when the team struggles and a few guys decide to capitalize and get their 15 minutes of fame.

You can't complain about Rodgers not getting all fired up on the sideline during games and then criticize him for holding his receivers accountable for poor effort. Doesn't work.

Lare's picture

It's always the same few people that are always criticizing and looking for anything they can to find fault.

As a wise man once said "Haters gonna hate!"

Coach JV's picture

If you want ARod's trust, run the right damn route... it's pretty simple.

Jordy, Cobb, Jones, Driver, Jennings... those guys knew how to run a route, so they got the ball.

Janis, Abberdares (SP), Trevor Davis, and whoever else has come along cannot run a route. And Finley was only marginal as a route runner.

But it's still simple. You want the ball? Run the right route.

Lare's picture

Sounds like there might have been a lack of accountability in Green Bay when it comes to running routes correctly. If others were doing their jobs it wouldn't be up to the QB to do their jobs for them.

Coach JV's picture

I agree completely Lare!

Rodgers said during preseason that he was unhappy with the effort and play of the receivers. He named a few who were doing okay, and said the rest were low-effort. (Or words to that effect)

I think that it all goes back to MM and staff not holding anyone accountable and losing the locker room.

Wilment's picture

I don't want to scare anyone, but if you have ever played organized sports, "plays" are drawn up with specific routes and assignments, whether its hockey, football, basketball or badminton. Running a route contrary to what is laid out is going to lead to issues. If in fact Rodgers is pissed off about it, so be it. This isn't sandlot football. Finley knows this , so why he is making an issue out of it …….oh, yeah. He isn't a football player anymore and has nothing better to do.

Lare's picture

Funny how all the Rodgers critics don't have a job in the NFL anymore.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Finley's was the most immature player the Packers have ever drafted in recent memory along with Buckley, Randall, and the DB about 7 years ago (Carroll?) who was drafted along with another DB and the two got into a fight. Cant recall names tonight. Probably because none of them were worthy of remembering.

Finley's was so brash and immature but he wanted Rodgers to accept him so bad but Rodgers knew he was a punk.

Johnblood27's picture

Joey Thomas from Montana State

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Finley's was the most immature player the Packers have ever drafted in recent memory along with Buckley, Randall, and the DB about 7 years ago (Carroll?) who was drafted along with another DB and the two got into a fight. Cant recall names tonight. Probably because none of them were worthy of remembering.

Finley's was so brash and immature but he wanted Rodgers to accept him so bad but Rodgers knew he was a punk.

4thand1's picture

Hmm, anyone ever see Brady blow up on the sideline? Receivers running wrong routes tend to make a QB look stupid. AR loved Jordy and now Adams is his guy. He knows they will be where they're supposed to be.

Jonathan Spader's picture

@Aaron Nagler

Finley's comment sounds eerily similar to Ryan Grant's comment when he was watching a Packer game with you. "Rodgers doesn't trust anything he sees".

Oppy's picture

THere's a difference between not trusting players to do their jobs and not trusting that you're reading the defense correctly.

4zone's picture

It isn't ARs job to trust his receivers. It's the HC or OC's job. AR needs to be indifferent to who is on the field. He needs to read the defence and work through his progressions and throw to the open guy. It's the coach's job to play his best players and yank those who can't be trusted.

AR blows too many plays when guys are wide open because 'his guy' was covered. It's what separates him from Brady. Brady takes the open guy, where AR throws to only guys he trusts.

marpag1's picture

Uh-oh. Is it "The Year of the Take Over" .... again??


Samson's picture

With the barrage of dislikes and the constant "drama king" posts, why is Dash still allowed to post here at CHTV? --- It's extremely annoying to have to sort through posts just to avoid all of Dash's "yadda-yadda crap".

The Pack are headed in a different direction. -- Maybe Dash needs to hit the road so real Packer fans can enjoy the Pack ---- version 2019.

egbertsouse's picture

I think this site may have a “fan-friendly” setting if you only want to hear happy talk. Some people like to hear all opinions.

egbertsouse's picture

I should clarify my last post. I meant all opinions involving sports topics. I have no problem banning people using the site to promote political agendas.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Rodgers had a TRUST issue with J. FINLEY. .HE DROPPED THE BALL on 3rd down!

1 game wonder against Arizona, then SUCKED!

Tundraboy's picture

Yeah,that AZ game. I thought my God if he continued to play that way,and having a TE on top of the receivers we had at the time,we would be unstoppable.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

J. Finley was always dropping the ball.

Lphill's picture

Finley complaining about Rodgers is like a guy who was on the Yankees a few years back for 2 seasons and after he left he said in an interview New York is a tough place to play all they expect over there is to win , sounds like Finley when he said Rodgers expects you to run the correct route and make the catch.

ottscay's picture

Rodger's has been pretty clear that drops don't bother him ("physical errors happen to everyone), his issue is with receivers not knowing the route trees, or misreading a defense and running the wrong part o the route tree. McCarthy's offense was predicated on receivers and QB being on the same page in how they see the defense playing them - this tells the receivers what part of the route tree maximizes getting them open (and spacing everyone out to help others get open), and it tells the QB when and where the receiver should be expecting the pass (inside, outside, back shoulder, etc.). Not running the right route is how you get interceptions, since the receiver is no longer where he should be when the ball gets there.

That's what they mean by "trust" - does the QB and receiver both see the same thing and does the receiver know where and when to go once they see it? If they can't do this consistently Rodgers isn't going to throw to them.

Johnblood27's picture

My Hero

You get it and explained it better than anyone else.

Nice job

Qoojo's picture

and the hope is that with MLF's system, there is less ambiguity and less possibility for interpretation errors because the complexity will come from running different plays in the same formation and the routes themselves. That's the theory, and this year, we get to see what it looks like with a HoF caliber QB.

JDK52's picture

So much yes. Very well put.

Packerpasty's picture

Tell me a vet QB who doesn't?? come on now, can we get to the draft or something, this slow news cycle of gossip shit is boring stuff...dont have McCarthy around so it heaps on shots..

HankScorpio's picture

The competition to have the hottest Hot Take on Rodgers has jumped the shark. It's one thing to see flaws in Rodgers game and talk about them. That's fair because flaws do exist. It's quite another to talk like he's some scrub that is holding the team back and has been for years.

I'm not naming names. Or really even thinking about anyone in particular. But it is boring beyond belief. Thank god for the scroll wheel on my mouse.

Point Packer's picture

That's great, Nagler. But can you give me a status update on Cole Madison?

Lare's picture

I don't even think Cole Madison can give you an update on Cole Madison at this point.

Leo Van Groll's picture

This is why Rodgers likes Kumerow so much. Rumor has it that was a bone of contention between AR & MM, Kumerow's amount of playing time.

Oppy's picture

That's a great rumor... Except that Jake Kumerow was on IR all season, was announced as a player to return from IR on 11/21. Mike McCarthy was fired 12/2- Kumerow's first regular season game of 2018 coming off of IR. He had 5 snaps, and was targeted twice. He also has Adams, Cobb, ESB, and MVS ahead of him on the depth chart.

If Rodgers really made MM's use of Kumerow a "bone of contention", he's a bigger cry baby than I originally thought.

Ferrari Driver's picture

I had issues with Finley when he was here too; I got mighty sick of seeing him drop passes and listening to the big mouth.

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