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Jeremy Ross Clears Waivers

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Jeremy Ross Clears Waivers

Now that Ross has cleared waivers, he is free to sign with any team.


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Nononsense's picture

I just wish TT would have cut Ross and signed FB John Conner before the game like I said in a previous thread. If they do that then that's one less turnover GB would have had and probably would have won the game.

If they couldn't trust Ross to return all punts and kicks than he should have been cut a lot sooner. Not sure why TT and MM wait till things are so painfully obvious to everyone else before making these kind of moves.

I mean who goes into a game against such a big physical defense without a FB, then proceed to run a dive on a very crucial 4th and 1 into the teeth of said defense without a FB. That is just a straight up lack of common sense.

Jamie's picture many keyboard GMs out there. This one's my fave.

Archie's picture

MM sez it was a "solid call". That's even scarier than his making that call in the first place.

some guy's picture

Right, because this is Madden and players can digest and execute a new team's playbook instantly. And yeah, the absence of a fullback was really hurting the team what with Franklin running for a mere 8 yards a carry, right? Why, if we had a FB on the 4th-and-1 dive then there would've only been 3 guys blowing up Franklin in the backfield instead of 4! You're basically saying we should have signed a guy in order to run one play. Easier solution: call a better play.

Barutan Seijin's picture

No one wanted Ross?


Al Katraz's picture

I bet we have 10 15 players at least that could clear waivers. Most are on the defense. Guys that were passed over in rounds 1-4 by 31 teams for a reason. Guys who costs you games by poor play, mistakes, or lack of skill

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

Lots of early round busts and late round/FA gems. Where a player is drafted means squat!

Bibbon Hazel's picture

You don't need to be a self proclaimed "keyboard GM" or actual GM to realize Ross didnt warrant a roster spot and the 4th and inches call for a 185lbs.back a dive out of a single back formation were idiotic! I like the braintrust, Jamie. I'm a mashed potato Mike and Tinkering Ted fan but believe it or not THEY ARE HUMAN and make mistakes. These being two of them.

jeremy's picture

Apparently you are not a true Packers fan if you don't rigidly adhere to one of...
1. TT and MM are immune to any criticism.
2. TT and MM are incompetent and need to be fired.

Jamie's picture

They kept Ross for various reasons, largely to give them a viable return threat other than Cobb. Had they known he would have ongoing ball security issues (yes, he had one muffed punt in the playoffs), they would not have kept him on the roster.

To say it was a mistake to keep him now, because he had further issues other than the one time, is hindsight 20/20 and just an unfair assessment of that roster decision.

To say just out Franklin in as KR must have missed how terrible/uncomfortable he looked in TC and the preseason.

To say that John Conner would have been our savior this...well that's just dumb beyond all levels of comprehension. His savior ass is still on the street.

Point is, stop complaining and talking about stuff that you have no real knowledge of, or that you are using your perfect hindsight vision for.

JakeK's picture

Go Away. (And take all your aliases with you)

jeremy's picture

Talking about the Packers is what this site is for, whether the knowledge is real or not.

Many people here would have been happy to be wrong about Jeremy Ross. While they are not NFL management professionals, their knowledge turned out to be real.

Barutan Seijin's picture

Viable return threat? Were you sure you were watching No. 10?

They don't play the games in secret. Putting aside the egregious flubs in Chicago & SF, he had two nice runbacks last year. But this year Ross was seen on national TV dropping the ball and plodding out of the end zone in cement boots then getting tackled behind the 20. There was no upside to his game this year. None whatsoever. He showed poor judgement and an inability/refusal to learn from his errors from just about day one. And he was slow. S-L-0-W. This was visible to all, not just GMs or NFL coaches.

some guy's picture

"To say just out Franklin in as KR must have missed how terrible/uncomfortable he looked in TC and the preseason."

He looked terrible and uncomfortable running the ball in PS too, and we saw how that turned out once he got into a real game with the ones.

Jamie's picture

$1,000,000 you will have keyboard ready to blast MM for putting Franklin in on KR if he tanks...and will use the, "didn't they see how bad he was in the preseason" angle.

Do you folks not see that you want it both ways? That's such a naive way of looking at things. The real world doesn't exist in a vacuum as you all seem to think.

MarkinMadison's picture

All of this is just hind sight? How about this, I argued in the pre-season with you that Ross "scared" me. It wasn't just the one muffed punt. Go back and watch his catches. He had several punts that were bobbled last year.

JakeK's picture

You're exactly right. I honestly thought Ross would be released during the offseason ... Many people did, regardless of what the self-professed expert (Jamie) claims.

Al Katraz's picture

Isn't the point, you keep someone who has talent. Yes Cobb is a poor choice to run back kicks but he was good at it. Ross had no talent.
He was a body. He caught one pass for 8 years in his entire career with the pack. He had no speed and poor hands. So how did he even get noticed by the pack?
Cheap late round pick. Key word on cheap.

Nononsense's picture

There is no hindsight, my post about Ross and Conner was before the game so bite me. John Conner may or may not have made a bit of difference in that game but cutting Ross sure would have.

It doesn't take a genius or even someone with average intelligence to see that Ross offered little to nothing in the return game through the first 2 games. And BTW the muff against San Fran wasn't Ross's only gaffe as a return guy in his time here.

My knowledge is vast buddy. You'd be wise to remember that...

Evan's picture

"My knowledge is vast buddy. You’d be wise to remember that…"

::eye roll::

Nononsense's picture

Couldn't find the sarcasm emoticon, sorry.

Evan's picture

Ah...fair enough. I retract my eye roll.

WiscoKid's picture

i rewatched the game tonight, as painful as it was...and i think the most frustrating thing is that we were better than the Bengals...but our mistakes were bigger than their's were on Sunday. we lost because of: 1) the Ross fumble (we should have been winning 30-7 at one point) and 2) the 4th and inches fumble. What also didn't help us: 1) Clay getting hurt...dude was playing lights out (that diving play to cause the fumble was ridic)...and the defense looked great (outside from the first series) the first half (we then let them score to make the score 30-21) 2) Rogers' first INT was Jones's fault. Jones was tired from the previous play and stopped running his route. Jones needs to let Rodgers know when he's tired so #12 can go elsewhere with the ball...he has plenty of options normally... 3) Rodgers got frustrated and forced his 2nd INT 4) The Tramon personal foul was not a great call, but also a stupid move by #38 ---- all in all, we eliminate the 2 huge mistakes - the KR fumble and the 4th and inches fumble, we win 30-20. Also - Jordy is incredible, and Franklin was ballin'. go lions this weekend...hate the bears and i live in chicago. bleh.

nick perry's picture

Of coarse he cleared waivers, HE SUCKS! He has a 12 yard kickoff return average and can't hang onto the ball. I'm sure it's a matter of time before Ted brings him back.

jake -from State Farm's picture

Ya Nick he could coach our return men in what not to do to get fired. LOL

RC Packer Fan's picture
Jamie's picture

Wow, selective memory much fellas??

It wasn't long ago (i.e. late last season) that Ross was consistently breaking long KR and PR. He definitely showed a lot of ability in the return game. That doesn't just go away when you are evaluating a player...though obviously neither does the muff against SF.

I guarantee 95%+ of you were complaining about Cobb remaining in on PR when Ross showed his stuff last season. Now that Ross couldn't hack it...he was always garbage. Of course.

You AAAALL know better than those in charge...our resident Monday morning QBs, second guess extraordinaires.

IMO Ross lost his edge after that muff in SF. Our decision makers valued his talent enough, as well as the health of Cobb, and believed he would get passed it. He didn't, and they cut him. They used sound reasoning. I just don't see what the big 'THEY NEVER SHOULD HAVE KEPT HIM' is all about. That's a very convenient viewpoint IMO.

JakeK's picture

Clownish at best.
Go Away. ... Just guarantee that.

Nononsense's picture

They didn't trust Ross even before this last fumble. You know how I can tell? They still put Cobb back there in crucial situations. They also looked at Joe McKnight who is a return specialist after TC.

All preseason and through the first 2 games Ross was completely average looking and at times made real dumb or bad decisions.

How long do you keep a guy like that...until it costs you games I guess. I didn't need to see him fumble again before I determined he was expendable but I guess that's the power of foresight.

RC Packer Fan's picture

'IMO Ross lost his edge after that muff in SF.'

I completely agree.
He looked like a completely different player until that muff... After that he never was able to get past that and seemed to question himself, which made him hesitant which made him a step slow. Basically he just lost his confidence.

I liked his ability he showed last year, until that 49ers game.

Bob's picture

We all hate the Bears! The Buleous arm break came one week too soon!

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