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Jennings Out a Couple Weeks, Should Be Back For Playoffs

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Jennings Out a Couple Weeks, Should Be Back For Playoffs

Wide receiver Greg Jennings will miss a couple weeks after sustaining a knee sprain in Sunday's Packers victory over the Oakland Raiders, but head coach Mike McCarthy said during his Monday press conference that it's safe to say he'll be back in time for the playoffs.

Jennings was injured in the second half of yesterday's game after a making a catch. He then came limping off the field and was later carted off to the locker room.

It's been speculated by several media outlets that Jennings tore an MCL ligament in his knee, the treatment for which does not require surgery and typically takes two to eight weeks for recovery.

The only thing the Packers have left to accomplish as far as it relates to the NFL playoffs is securing home-field advantage. Any combination of one Packers win or a 49ers loss in the last three weeks of the season would clinch that possibility.

In light of that information, it seems almost a given that the Packers will rest Jennings the remainder of the regular season. The Packers have already secured a first-round bye, so Jennings would probably not return until the divisional round of the NFL playoffs.

"Greg will be missed but with that is opportunities for the other perimeter players," said head coach Mike McCarthy.

Last season, after tight end Jermichael Finley went down with a season-ending knee injury, it was at that point in the season where Jennings' production took off.

It could be the opposite situation this year where an injury to Jennings will allow Finley and the other receivers on the team to receive more opportunities and playing time.

In other injury news, McCarthy said he was optimistic defensive lineman Ryan Pickett and running back Brandon Saine would be able to return from concussions each of them suffered on Sunday to return in time for the upcoming game against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 15.

McCarthy also said offensive lineman Josh Sitton may practice this week but didn't appear to be as optimistic about linebacker Desmond Bishop.

"Desmond will be challenged this week," said McCarthy.

Tackle Chad Clifton isn't likely to practice this week but may still return this season. McCarthy indicated he could return for either the Bears game in Week 16 or the Lions game in Week 17 but also said he couldn't afford any more setbacks.

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Idiot Fan's picture


FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture



Austin Auch's picture

That is all I needed to hear

Spideyer's picture

Awesome news,

Onto 19-0

The Holy Grail in football!

Bill's picture

On to 19 - 0!

davyjones's picture

Wow--great news. Now we gotta stop this talk of whether this alters MM's thinking about holding key players out once homefield is locked up. I just don't think it is in his nature. It goes against everything he seems to stand for.
Plus, what sort of message does it send to players that don't get rested..."You are less important than the guy next to you"??
Bad message.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

I've actually been wondering that. I was convinced that Coach was going to go after perfection, seeing his #1 WR get carted off had to make him think though. Here's hoping he doesn't get cold feet after seeing that.

This crap of pulling #12 has to stop as well... The man has records to break!

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

But Davy, some players are less important. I know it, you know it... They know it.

davyjones's picture

I know, Fitz, its just yet another feeble excuse in my own mind to simply go for it. We are witnessing history here--lots of it last Sunday. I want to witness in my lifetime, an achievement never done before by our very own beloved Green and Gold (and by very own, I now mean that quite literally after purchase last week!).

Plus, I just think going balls out is the right approach...don't play scared or conservative---it's just not MM or the team's apparent persona.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Agree %100

PackersRS's picture

For what's worth, I doubt they rest players because of importance.

They'll rest players that aren't 100%.

At least that's a justification they'll use.

Norman's picture

Playoffs? You want to talk Playoffs? Really? Playoffs?

BrianD's picture

GB starters will continue to get rest in the 2nd half after they have secured a 2 TD lead in the first half of all 3 remaining games.+

The only change in gameplan I could see is McCarthy opting to receive rather than defer if he wins the opening coin toss. A greater lead at halftime = more rest for Rodgers & co.

fish/crane's picture

I'm all in on 19-0 if it costs be it.

"This team can have it all"

Bohj's picture

I really want to put this rest players thing to bed. If there is a chance to go undefeated, I think we should do it. I know people say it may cost us a Superbowl and whatnot, but if not now then when? Think about that.
There may never be another chance by any team ever to go 19-0. If every team gets to 13-0 in the future and starts resting all of their players, then it will never happen.
This is a chance to be the "best" team of all-time. Why wouldn't anyone want to be that (way to lose your opportunity Colts - because you rested your starters).
Free Agency and salary caps make it tough to stay competitive in todays NFL. To go undefeated is unheard of. 39 years have gone by since this happened. Hats off to the Pats for trying. The opportunity is now. Play em' all to win.

I'll end with this: What would Lombardi do?

ohenry78's picture

With all due respect to Coach McCarthy, I'll believe it when I see Jennings on the field in the playoffs. If there's one (very minute) thing that this administration seems to do wrong, it is to under-estimate the severity of a player's injury.

Ruppert's picture

I don't think they underestimate anything. I think McCarthy is intentionally vague in his explanations to the press in many cases of injury, though. I thought it was interesting that he actually threw out a number of weeks today. I don't believe he normally does that. For that reason, I am inclined to believe him.

Lumpy Gravy's picture

"If there’s one (very minute) thing that this administration seems to do wrong, it is to under-estimate the severity of a player’s injury."


ZaphodBeeblebrox's picture

Hallelujah. Packer Nation breathes a collective sigh of relief. I'd actually be OK with letting Bishop, Clifton, Sitton, Starks and Jennings sit the last three games and get healthy for the playoffs...

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

Well KC coach got fired toady so can Romeo coached team stop the Pack?

fish/crane's picture

So I just bought Who's in on it? I am.

Bob - Omaha's picture

I don't think you 'rest' players even if you DON't go 16-0. Remember last year when every single game mattered going into the playoffs? That's how a team stays hot - by playing like their lives depend on it week after week. You can always sit players when the game is safely in hand, but up until that point, winning has to remain the primary focus, not the imaginary goal of not playing keeps everybody 'safe'. Guys can get injured in the weight room - should they stop lifting weights too?

AJKUHN's picture

Two things, one, this could be a fun time for Randall Cobb to get some more snaps. I look forward to seeing that. Second, playing out the season to win can have the added benefit of keeping the Lions out of the playoffs. I could have easily cheered a little for them this year, but they have pretty much turned into a bunch of thugs and I can now enjoy watching them suffer.

markinmadison's picture


Bob's picture

Maybe put Soto on IR and bring Gurley to the active roster for the rest of the year.

Charlie M's picture

I would love to see this happen. Gurley is a legit punt block threat.

JarheadCheesehead's picture

Could have been a lot worse. I have complete confidence in the depth and skill of our WRs...just another opportunity for the next man up.

I think there's a lot to be said about the risk of taking your foot off the gas (I'm talking to you Jim Caldwell...) This is a team that is playing HOT and needs to stay hungry. Either way, I have faith the MM will make the right decision when the time comes.

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