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Jenkins Indicates He Could Be Done For The Season

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Jenkins Indicates He Could Be Done For The Season

In what would be a devastating blow to both the Packers chances next week against the Patriots and for the remainder of the 2010 season, defensive end Cullen Jenkins indicated after the Lions game that the calf injury he has been battling since training camp could finally shut him down for good.

From Tom Silverstein at JSOnline:

Jenkins re-injured his left calf against San Francisco on Dec. 5 and did not attend a single practice last week. He spent the entire week staying off his leg and didn't show up in the locker room for interviews.

After the Packers' 7-3 loss to the Detroit Lions at Ford Field, Jenkins said he has been battling the calf injury since training camp and this was by far the worst pull he has suffered. He officially has only missed one game - Minnesota at Lambeau Field - but he did not play against Dallas because he pulled the muscle in warm-ups.

"There's been a few times I've done it this year going back to training camp," said Jenkins, who has a career-high seven sacks this season. "This is the worse one yet.

Asked if there is any kind of timetable for his return, Jenkins said no. Given he didn't even walk on it much last week, there's almost no chance he'll play this week. He said it was possible it would knock him out for the year.

"You can't rule out any possibility right now," Jenkins said. "I have to take it week by week and see how it goes."

Rookie C.J. Wilson played probably his finest game of the season in Jenkins' absence against the Lions, but losing Jenkins would be a serious blow to a defense that already features a number of players who started the season either on the bench or on the street.

As far as injuries coming out of the Lions game, both offensive lineman Daryn Colledge and outside linebacker Frank Zombo sustained knee injuries, Colledge on an attempted tackle after Andrew Quarless' fumble in the first quarter and Zombo during the fourth quarter. The Packers should find out the severity of both on Monday.

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BrianD's picture

This could make Jenkins' contract situation very interesting.

Do we risk giving a contract to a player who keeps aggravating injuries throughout the season? He is a risk and we do have Neal & Wilson who may be able to fill Jenkins' role next season.

Will another team be willing to risk giving Jenkins a huge contract now that he has injury concerns?

Could his injuries give us a discount?

Even Jolly could factor in!

SpartaChris's picture

Sure, why not. Heaven forbid we manage to keep any of the remaining guys we have healthy during the final, and most important, games this season.

Time for an overhaul of our strength and conditioning coaches. I also think we won't be re-signing Jenkins next season. He's become injury prone, and with Jolly and Neal coming back, we might as well trade him for some picks so we can get our next men up!

BigbyATTACK's picture

I'm on the same page with the strength and conditioning staff getting an overhaul. This is getting ridiculous.

Badknees's picture

Aaron believes the Packers strength and conditioning staff and the medical staff walk on are not allowed to criticize stop that.

He also believes injuries are due to (bad)luck.

Last time I suggested the staff was under performing he was ROLF laughing at my comments.

Still laughing Aaron or has your position changed. Our IR record is what it is...worst in the league...and getting worse...and every team plays the same number of games, so the IR statistics are a good/accurate measurement of the staffs performance.

Currently the average number of players on IR is a little over 8. Some teams have as few as three. We have 13 with more to come.

Saying this teams strength and conditioning staff and medical staff is good or even average is a stretch.

This is not an opinion, just fact.

D.D. Driver's picture

It's pretty evident that the strength and conditioning coaches have failed to emphasize the importance of stretching. And of eating your vitamins, saying your prayers and drinking plenty of water.

Also, Rodgers wouldn't have had a concussion today if he would have been taught how to limber up his cranium. A good strength and conditioning coach would have put Rodgers on a regimen of herbal tea and the Shake Weight (TM).

For the record, I have never heard any medical professional assert that professional athletes get injured because of their trainer are forgetting to do X or Y. This whole theory is something that some drunk slob made up on a bar stool 40 years ago and it just keep getting repeated like an old wives tale.

CSS's picture

Yet when it's pointed out to you, ad nauseum, that it's the SAME MEDICAL AND TRAINING STAFF that saw them through the last two decades, including 2 Super Bowls and multiple seasons where they were injured and un-injured you simply ignore it.

That's not opinion, that's just facts...

SpartaChris's picture

Well then I'll eat a little crow and chalk all this up to some very bad luck on our part. I had no idea we had the same S&C coaching all this time.

But, three years of losing several players for the year due to injury is a trend. I don't know where to start, but something needs to change.

PackersRS's picture

People do get outdated.

CSS's picture

Outdated since the 07' conference championship game where the entire squad was relatively un-scathed the entire season? 08' they definately sustained injuries, contributing to their down season. However, in 09', they were quite healthy at the right time, thus contributing to their run of wins and playoff appearance. Now, in 10', they have injury issues.

Possible, I guess. But there is no common denominator and, unless the staff has some form of medical attention deficit disorder that alternates years I have my doubts the game has passed them by.

IdiotFan's picture

While we're at it, we should probably fire the groundskeeping crew. Other teams with their grass are not getting injured as much, so our guys must be doing something wrong with our grass. Fact.

WoodyG's picture

Most NFL teams would have to fire/shake-up their 'strength and conditioning staff' if injuries were used as the barometer.....

"Bigger, faster, stronger" are why players get hurt ..... Blame the "strength and conditioning staff" for making the players 'bigger, faster & stronger', then you may have a slight correlation ..... Otherwise, you're argument is not even remotely 'fact-based' ....

thepretzelhead's picture

THis is a simple and fair question..
"How are training staffs evaluated?"

nerdmann's picture

Training camp? By that he means, "goofing around kicking FGs before the Dallas game." Right? We don't need bullshitters on this team.

Norman's picture

Was that just a rumour (I had heard it too) or was Jenkins really kicking field goals before the Dallas game when he reinjured the calf?

packeraaron's picture

It was supposedly before the Viking game, and like I said at the time - I was down on the sideline before the game and I never saw it.

DBH's picture

So it's another Monday. And we've got news that another key Packer may be done for the season. Again.

BubbaOne's picture

After the game vs the Falcons, Michael Turner said "last year we had 13 guys on IR incl. me. Injuries happen and you have to deal w/ them".
They went 9-7 and missed the playoffs. It's possible we're heading for the same scenario. Last year the Broncos went through 7 RB's. Ya tink they fired their Strength and Conditioning coaches for the poor regimen they had for the Rb's.
From the movie "The American President"...Don't be a Bob Rumsen. (Make you afraid of it and telling you who is to blame for it)

WoodyG's picture

The decision on Jenkins has probably already been made by GB .... Neal wasn't drafted in the 2nd round to sit behind Jenkins for the next few years ...... This, along with the play of CJ Wilson, has pretty much made Jenkins expendable .... Teams can't retain all of their players all of the time .....

IdiotFan's picture

You're probably right, but I've always liked Jenkins, and he is a difference-maker when he's in there. I'll be sad to see him go.

PackersRS's picture

They can't.

But Jenkins isn't "expandable". If the Packers think he is, they're in for a big surprise.

His talent level and versatility is too big. Just too big. We would lose too much.

CSS's picture

If fored to make a choice between Jenkins and Bishop, it's Jenkins hands down. I don't know that the CBO or new cap force such a decision, but it's a no-brainer to me.

I'll get flack for saying this, but I've watched Bishop very closely and it's time to call him what he is:

He's a guesser. He's not instinctive, he doesn't appear to read lineman well or stay ahead of play development (bad anticipation). He guesses.

Sometimes right, where he makes a play but it's processed slowly and made beyond the LOS.

Sometimes wrong where he takes himself out of plays, gets caught in the wash or gives up his body for no reason. He's a guesser.

I just don't get the praise. I thought it was brutally apparent against Detroit.

Pay Jenkins the premium, pursue Bishop as a high-end back-up. He can hit, no doubt. Sorry, he isn't anything more than average by NFL standards.

Sign Jenkins (if we really are forced to choose).

PackersRS's picture

Right now, talent wise (and probably importance wise):

thepretzelhead's picture

FUnny listening to the Bears radio in Chicago. Still excited about being in first place. A caller said, "That's the problem with the Bears. The Packers are trying to win Super Bowls and we just want to beat Green Bay."

Too bad it isn't working out for us this year....but our goals are good.

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