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Jenkins And Jolly: No Surpise

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Jenkins And Jolly: No Surpise

Good to see Cullen 'Big Sexy' Jenkins and Johnny 'Doesn't Need A Nickname Because His Real One Is So Cool' Jolly get recognized for their great play on Sunday night. Of course, regular readers of Cheesehead TV were not surprised by what they saw out of the dynamic duo. What's funny is remembering when the transition to the 3-4 was announced, Cullen Jenkins giving some very luke-warm quotes about needing to learn the defense. Needless to say, I don't think he was too excited.

I'm pretty sure that's all changed now.

Capers' One-Gap scheme allows guys to shoot into gaps and cause havoc, which is something Jenkins has been great at doing from as far back as his rookie year. In the old 4-3 scheme, he was always able to, once or twice a game, shoot through a gap from his defensive tackle position and drop the ball carrier for a sizeable loss. But he had to pick and choose his spots, depending on the front call.

Now, it's his job on every play.

The one worry about both Jenkins and Jolly is the number of reps they were asked to take against the Bears. You could see them both sucking wind a bit toward the end of the 4th Quarter. Not only that, the need to spell them put Montgomery in the game. It is no coincidence that Montgomery's appearance coincided with the Bears last long touchdown drive. The hope, obviously, is that B.J. Raji's return will help with the rotation and enable Jenkins, Jolly, Raji and the solid rookie Jarius Wynn (who had a decent showing against the Bears) to be fresh going into the 4th Quarter.

UPDATE: For visual evidence of Big Sexy's excellence. (Also note how Woodson is lined up over Olsen)

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gratif's picture

Yeah, a five man rotation is a bit thin. I have a suspicion that Jolly's "he got the wind knocked out of 'im" was a Reggie-esque ploy for a little defensive rest. I know I was pulling for a time-out, they looked gassed.

But next week we should have 6, including the one they call Raji.

Ron La Canne's picture

BJ's return will solidify the line even further. You are right, with MM jr. playing more in the third quarter there was a noticable drop off in performance. I'm having laser surgery to take the "Mom" off my tatoo and putting "Dom" in its' place.

Mr.Man's picture

Aaron, I read in the JS that Wynn played less than 6 snaps. How good of a read can you get on a player in that sort of a time?

packeraaron's picture

Mr. Man - did you watch those snaps? It's always easy to tell if a rookie is overmatched, if the game is 'too big' for him. Wynn was solid and able to hold his own, that's all. Wasn't saying he was a superstar or anything...

PackersRS's picture

This may be very well the best defensive line since Jones, Dotson, Brown and White. Specially if you take into consideration Raji as a backup and Kampman and Matthews on passing downs. Watching the games this week, a lot of times (Titans, Oakland, to name a few) in the 4th quarter the DL were too tired to create any pass rush. Didn't happen with us, and we were without Raji. This line will make Qbs and Rbs miserable. I'm not saying we have the best DL in the NFL, cause the giants would have something to say about that, but when was the last time a Packers DL dominated the game like this?

Franklin Hillside's picture

You will be hard pressed to find a more amazing interception by anyone, let alone a 350 lb dude.

Asshalo's picture

If Raji and our starting 3stay healthy, that will allow us to ease Wynn along throughout the season. That way he can replace Montegomery entirely by the time we get to our toughest part of the schedule in December (balt, @chi, @pitt, sea, @ari).
Gona be some tough decisions in the offseason. With the way Jolly is playing, I hope his case is dropped entirely. With he, Pickett, Kampmann, Collins, Colledge and Spitz becoming FAs in the offseason, I wonder if we'll keep him around. We probably have room enough for all of them even if you consider salary cap restrictions. Kampmann may want to go elsewhere. Kunn will probably be let go, while Bigby and Blackmon's injury problems might make it harder for us to keep them. Probably won't renew Clifton's contract, leaving probably needs at S, DL and OL.
FRANKLIN, asks who made the biggest play on defense. more than half say Jolly

seekr's picture

@Ron I love it! Dom Tatoo!

Doug in Sandpoint's picture

Aaron: Thanks for this clip on the update. Don't miss what CM3 does to blow up this play either. He's double teamed by Pace and Olsen and gets such a great push that the pulling center (Kruetz) is forced into Forte's path...causing him to cut back into the loving arms of Jenkins. I thought Matthews had a very respectable game.

green, gold's picture

Nice observations Aaron. I honestly didn't even spot Wynn during either of the three times I've watched the game so far and didn't even remember whether he was active. But like you said, he doesn't have to come in and be a star right now. He just needs to not be a liability.

Doesn't Matthews just look strong? He's certainly not "there" yet but he just doesn't move backwards at all. It looks effortless.

packeraaron's picture

Doug & green - agreed on Matthews. He was, if not a revelation, definitely a pleasant surprise. That said, there was def still part of me wishing they had gotten Oher instead so that it might have been HIM at RT instead of Barbre... ;)

bucky's picture

Others have said it already, but watching that film shows Matthews being the prime mover in blowing that play up. I liked what I saw of him on Sunday.

bucky's picture

While I'm at it, I'd also point out something else- I've noted previously that I thought Kampman was kinda meh on Sunday, but on this play he did his job of containing the backside perfectly. That meant he wasn't the first guy in on the tackle, but it did mean closing off a possible escape route for Forte. so well done, Aaron.

NickGBP's picture

And Hawk looks FIERCE for a change.

VApackerfan's picture

NickGBP, I'm glad you mentioned this. For as much flak as Hawk has been getting (me included), it was the first time that I've seen some bite from Hawk. Let's hope this continues.

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