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Jeff Saturday Almost Prophetic About Aaron Rodgers' Frustration

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Jeff Saturday Almost Prophetic About Aaron Rodgers' Frustration

When Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy exchanged heated words on the sideline during a loss on Sunday to the Cincinnati Bengals, it made former Packers center and current ESPN analyst Jeff Saturday almost prophetic.

In an interview with The Herd's Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio shortly before the start of the NFL season back on Aug. 26, Saturday explained the difference between elite NFL quarterbacks Rodgers and Peyton Manning, both of whom Saturday played with.

"Playing with both Payton and Aaron, I think the situation is, with McCarthy he still kind of holds the keys to the offense a little bit more there in Green Bay," said Saturday.

Cowherd followed up by asking, "Does (Rodgers) resent that?"

"I think as he progresses, he will begin to," said Saturday. "If he doesn't right now, he will begin to."

What we know about the situation on Sunday is that the spat occurred at about 6:36 left in the second quarter. The Packers had just been held to a field goal, despite driving to the Bengals' one-yard line, still trailing Cincinnati 14-13.

The drive began deep in enemy territory at the Bengals' 21-yard line, following a fumble forced by Clay Matthews and recovered by Brad Jones.

In a matter of plays, the Packers faced first-and-goal from the five-yard line. After an incomplete pass and a two-yard run by James Starks, they faced third-and-goal from the three.

The call was a play-action fake to Starks while Rodgers rolled out toward the right sideline. He looked for recently-cut receiver Jeremy Ross, who was covered, and Rodgers was forced to scramble on his own.

The Packers quarterback was hit on the helmet by a Bengals defender as he was pushed out of bounds a yard short of the end zone.

When asked after the game what the argument with McCarthy was about, Rodgers declined to answer, but McCarthy shed some light into the disagreement.

“I think any time you get into a situation where there’s a change in rhythm and personnel and play calls, things like that, it’s frustrating,” said McCarthy in his post-game press conference. “I had called a play in a certain situation and he was frustrated by it. I feel good. One every three weeks would be awesome."

The Packers came into the Sunday's contest short-handed in the backfield with Eddie Lacy and John Kuhn both inactive due to injury. And earlier in the game, tight end Jermichael Finley was forced to exit because of a concussion.

It almost goes without saying that the Packers offense sputtered on Sunday. As pointed out by Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Packers' average starting position on six first-half drives was the 50-yard line, and they came away with only three field goals.

During his weekly radio show on Monday on ESPN Radio affiliates in Wisconsin, Rodgers chalked up the confrontation to competitiveness.

“Yeah, that was definitely over and done with after we talked on the sideline,” Rodgers said on his Tuesdays with Aaron show. “Mike and I have been together for a long time and had a lot of success together, a lot of big wins, a lot of fun on the field, in the meeting room, conversing during the weeks, and there’s a lot of mutual respect there and a lot of competitiveness and passion on both sides, and every now and then that passion collides and it’s something we talked about later and move forward together.”

Frustration was a common theme on Rodgers' radio show, something Saturday alluded to even before the season started.

"I think at times you get frustrated," said Saturday. "When you're in that role, you have a lot of other people chiming in, whether it be other players or other coaches that you have to manage when you're the quarterback."

Added Saturday, "Once you're the caliber player that Aaron is, you want full command of the system. And you want to do it, and you feel you know what's going to be best for your team."

Brian Carriveau is the author of the book "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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James's picture

It's looking more and more like MM miraculously caught lightning in a bottle in 2010. It's nearly impossible to catch lightning in a bottle twice.

Evan's picture

I'd probably argue that every year every team that wins the Super Bowl has caught "lightning in a bottle."

In the NFL nowadays, I feel like it's less about pure talent and more a shit ton of luck and momentum and about a million other little things that have have to go right to win it all.

Talent and coaching get you to the playoffs - after that it's a crap shoot.

Idiot Fan's picture

The randomness of injuries is a huge one.

Evan's picture

No, all injuries could be prevented by some downward dog and a Flintstones chewable.

Smith's picture

And stretching!!

Ma Linger's picture

I could not agree more. On one hand you want to strangle Mac and then, oh but he won a SB, must be doing something right.
My biggest thing with him is player evaluation: how did a Ross ever get to be a Packer. Superbowl material he aint. But Mac saw something in him no one else did and we were the ones who were right.

murphy's picture

What exactly is "Superbowl material"?

IowaPackFan's picture

Charlie Peprah, of course.

Evan's picture

At the time, I wasn't sure if he was pissed over the play call (I thought he had Ross open...) or for not going for it on 4th.

PackerPete's picture

I'm not claiming that I'd do it better than McCarthy. I don't think any fan can. It really looks easier than it is I think, but of course sitting at home on the couch and slamming down a few beers makes things look easy.
But I've always said that the Packers won the SB despite McCarthy, not because of McCarthy.
I've been a Packers fan for too many years to count almost, and there are differences the way I see the game now for sure. But, under Holmgren, I almost never knew from the way the O was lining up what the call was going to be. Sherman, I know sometimes (Kevin Barry, U71, anyone?), and sometimes not. Now with McCarthy, I'm sitting on my couch and I'm calling out the plays before they happen. Just ask my wife. But in any way, what I am saying is that if I can do that, as I am nothing but a couch potato, don't you think even an average DC in the NFL can do that? Heck, even a bad one, as they are all professionals. That it still works for the most part is due to supreme talent on the team. I don't even want to think what Holmgren could do with this Offense.
so no, I'm not surprised that Rodgers gets frustrated. But I think it would be a horrendous idea to let the QB call the plays himself. Besides Manning, who else could? Not many for sure. I am not certain Rodgers is of the same caliber in that sense. Instead, McCarthy should set his ego aside in that aspect, focus on being solely a HC, and bring in a play caller who is a little more creative. That's all that team needs on offense.

Idiot Fan's picture

"But I’ve always said that the Packers won the SB despite McCarthy, not because of McCarthy."

I just don't know how any of us could have the knowledge needed to make this statement. I recall Rodgers commenting back in 2010 about how he thought the game plan against the Steelers was excellent. And I think that game was headed towards blowout until Woody and Shields got hurt.

Usually, when fans claim that MM "got lucky", the proof is that he doesn't win a Super Bowl every year. But winning a Super Bowl is incredibly hard. I think in judging a coach's ability, we need to take into account the greater body of work. And MM has won a lot of games in this league, including a Super Bowl. So either your ability to determine what play is coming exceeds that of many DCs in this league, or you are slightly exaggerating your success rate :). MM has his faults. Every coach does. But looking at the bigger picture, I don't know that we can conclude that MM is anything but a very good coach.

PS - I loved Holmgren, but he had his faults too. Does anyone remember how he stopped running the ball in the second half of the Bronco Super Bowl loss? If MM did that, he would be lynched.

JakeK's picture

But has McCarthy improved any over the last few years? ... Has he improved since winning the SB? ... Does McCarthy make some of the same mistakes now as he did way back when?

Most important ... It's feasible that McCarthy has already surpassed his best days as a HC. ... That does not bode well for another SB trophy in GB anytime soon.

Idiot Fan's picture

"It’s feasible that McCarthy has already surpassed his best days as a HC"

I just don't know what you can base this statement on. Three years ago he won the Super Bowl. The year after that he went 15-1 (which only, what, five teams ever have done?) with the worst pass defense the Packers have ever had. Those two things you almost have to come down from. Last year he went 11-5 (12-4 with real refs) with far and away the most injuries in the league, won a home playoff game, and lost to a very good team in the playoffs.

PackerPete's picture

I'm not saying Holmgren didn't have his faults. The not running after halftime in the SB was the biggest.
But all I want to say is that his offense was much more unpredictable than McCarthy's. Holmgren the play caller was much more patient than McCarthy is, and it would be terrible to have Rodgers call his own plays. Both he and McCarthy are way too impatient. I don't think either wants to dink and dunk with 5 yrd passes. The one thing Rodgers worked on in the offseason was to improve his accuracy on downfield throws. Why? This offense lives and dies with the big play by design. There is no real plan for 12 to 15 plays marching down the field at 5 yrds / play. Best example was the play right before the 1st INT. Fake hand-off, #12 rolling to the right. He could've easily walked to get a first down, there was only 1 (slow) defender close. Instead of making the first down and living to play another set of downs he goes for the big play to Jones who couldn't reach the ball. I've heard so often from ex coaches and players that one has to take what the defense gives you. The Bengals applied pressure and covered WRs between hash and sideline. The middle of the field was wide open all day long. To take out the Bengals rush, one could've adjusted at half time latest and operate with short passes to TEs or even send Boykin or Cobb down the middle. But no, the game plan apparently called for only Finley attacking the middle and that option was gone once he was injured.
It certainly is not easy and I couldn't do it, but what I'd expect from a professional is changing things that are not working.

As far as McCarthy's ability, we've for years now had the most talented group of receivers who exist in the NFL, if you consider top 3 and TE. Heck, last year we had 4 WRs who would've started anywhere, and the 5th was a former pro bowler (of course slowing down). And then you have one of the best QBs in the NFL. Don't you think a lot of play callers would've success with that talent? Imagine you have to work with the likes of Ponder or Sanchez at QB. As another commenter posted, getting into the play offs can be done with talent, the rest comes down to luck / injuries etc. We had for several years the talent to make the play offs and did. That it only worked for one SB is ok, but the manner in which the Packers exited the playoffs the last couple of years should tell you something as well, and to me the team seemed utterly unprepared the last couple seasons to deal with physical defenses in the play offs. Better play calling could've overcome that. Not saying that they would've won it all, but they didn't look good, and I find it hard to imagine that Holmgren the coach wouldn't have done better. Maybe he'd only have won 1 SB as well, but I do think the team would've looked much better with him. All my opinion of course, just based on what I've seen the last few decades.

Idiot Fan's picture

I actually agree with much of what you say here, but I think too often we as fans boil things down to overly simplistic narratives. "McCarthy's playcalling sucks." "McCarthy can't adjust in-game." Even in this last game the offense came out and had much more success after halftime that it was having in the first half. I do agree that MM gets a little impatient, and I totally agree that Rodgers calling the plays is not the answer (I strongly suspect that it's him, not MM, that is the cause of the frequent "go deep" plays on 3rd and 1). But whatever his weaknesses, MM's strengths have won us a lot of games.

I would also argue that our playoff exits tend to be more defense-related (2009 and 2012 for sure; 2011 was bad defense and a bad day for the offense). That's also on MM, but moreso on DC in my mind.

And finally, Holmgren had some serious talent to work with too. Those teams from 95-97 were simply amazing.

PS - thanks for some civilized disagreement. It actually reminds me of what this site used to be like!

Tundraboy's picture

Well put

Starry Barts's picture


If they won the super bowl in spite of MM, did they go 15-1 the next year in spite of MM?

Are they pursuing their fifth straight postseason and third straight division title in spite of MM?

We all want this team to win another superbowl, but calm down people.

Tundraboy's picture

I remember. That is what I see now too. Score fast ,tire your D out. Or worse 3 and out with way too much odd play calling. Frustrating as hell.

Mark in the montain's picture

There is a big difference between being a good strategic coach (coordinating with your GM, building game plans) and in-game coaching (play=-calling, decisions on challenges, controling the game flow). McCarthy is strategically good, and pathetic at tactical adaptation in in-game coaching.

Derek in CO's picture

Very interesting. Heard Jason Wilde say recently that ARod used to call the plays in the no huddle, and then MM sort of took over after a while and radioed in the plays. I be there is something to this. You would think with as smart and good as ARod is, MM would let him take over more. MM too much of a control freak?

carol anderson's picture

Absolutely, MM is a control freak. I haven't liked him since day 1. JMHO

Stroh's picture

You were probably pissed that Thompson fired Sherman too weren't you? Otherwise McCarthy has been an extremely successful NFL HC and by almost anyones account would be in the Top 5-7 in the NFL. If your willing to dump him you better get the undisputed #1 HC and that guy isn't going anywhere either! McCarthy is here to stay pretty much as long as Thompson is. Get used to it!

JakeK's picture

Of course there's a problem... Rodgers has grown beyond MM. ... AR receives more money and more fame than MM could ever muster from any football vocation. ... MM still wants control because he's the HC. ... Eventually, something's got to give.

I know who I'm choosing to stick around and it's not a squatty roly-poly dude whose been riding an elite QB for years.

Al Katraz's picture

We all understand that he see's a need to be able to run the ball. Kind of a no brainer. The problem maybe is relative to what happened in Dallas and the owner stopped it.
He is so involved in play calling he isn't 'managing' the game. He wants to be Napolean and it don't work in the NFL.

He needs an Offensive coach to call the plays, work exclusively with the QB and let Mac control the management of the game strategy.

I look at the remaining schedule and quite honestly there is an arguement that this team could be 4-12 at the end of the season and it would not surprise me.
Lions are tough, Vikes aren't going to lay down and die anytime soon, the Giants will be turned around and hungry when we get there and Chicago is much improved.

Stroh's picture

Your F'in crazy stupid. Nothing about this team spells 4-12! Just stop w your non sense already!!

jack in jersey city's picture

"Vikes aren’t going to lay down and die anytime soon".

that's effing funny! that team is DEAD ALREADY!

murphy's picture

The Bears still suck.

Mark in the montain's picture

If the Packers keep losing games they ahould win - The Bengal's game being example #1! Then 4-12 isn't totally unlikely. The good thing is this would likely get rid of Mikie Mac. But it doesn't have to happen. I think AR is a good-enough professional to evolce as he continues to grow. MM is possibly capable, but he needs to addapt correctly or he'll be toast sooner rather than later

Derek in CO's picture

another thought. This offense has not been the same without Joe Philbin as OC and Tom Clements as QB coach. I think ARod works better with Clements and he should call plays, and MM should step back. I think the players like MM because he respects them and gives them favorable schedules, etc, but his playcalling is just shit.

PackerPete's picture

and what exactly gives you confidence in Clements as play caller? I am for a different play caller than McCarthy, but Clements would not be my first choice. He has to prove he can do it first, and to the best of my knowledge never did in the NFL. At least McCarthy was OC before he became the HC here, and also called plays as OC.

Derek in CO's picture

Just my hunch in the great chemistry between Clements and Rodgers. he was his tutor and QB coach for only 6+ years.

Robert's picture

He was OC and Playcaller in Buffalo with Drew Bledsoe but I don't think he will be better than McCarthy.

Derek in CO's picture

Every playcaller has to start somewhere.

Brian's picture

From McCarthy's quote:

“I think any time you get into a situation where there’s a change in rhythm and personnel and play calls, things like that, it’s frustrating,” said McCarthy in his post-game press conference. “I had called a play in a certain situation and he was frustrated by it. I feel good. One every three weeks would be awesome.”

What the hell do the last two sentences mean?

Also, I am failing to see creative thinking on MM's part over the past few years with respect to plays. He is as predictable as the sunrise...3rd/4th down and short...dive play.

jack in jersey city's picture

"One every three weeks would be awesome.”

i've been wondering what the hell he meant by this myself. any guesses?

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

A disagreement with #12 every 3 weeks.

hayward4president's picture


Mojo's picture

The ARod - MM "discussion" is Rodgers subtle way of gaining more control of the team. For someone who seems to measure-out everything he does, I'd be surprised if Rodgers wasn't using this to gain leverage. He is very aware that these "arguments" will be picked up by the cameras and commented on ad nauseum. By showing MM up in the spotlight, the message from Rodgers to fans is; "we'd be more successful if I had more say in running this offense." Or conversly; "You're F'ing up the calls." He is not doing MM any favors by bringing this out in public. Like last year when he was jumping up and down after MM threw the challenge flag. These public demonstrations have less to do about " the passion of the moment" and more to make MM look bad to the viewers. And whether Rodgers is right or not isn't the point. He shouldn't being doing this on the sidelines. It diminishes the HC's stature with the rest of the team.

For all I know, Rodgers could call and execute the plays better than MM. Or maybe MM, after watching thousands of hours of film, is aware of Rodgers deficiencies and by keeping him on the leash increases the chances of winning. But this all seems like a subtle power play to me, and I don't fault MM for fighting back. I don't think ARod ever apologized for that matter, because he still wants it out there that he's the better play caller.

PackersRS's picture

It's almost impossible for Rodgers, or anyone, to be able to be that cold-blooded, methodical and flat out devious in that situation.

Given favorable field position every drive, coming out empty every time, supposedly one of the best offenses in the league, in a heated game, they finally drive to the redzone, only to come up short again.

"This is the perfect opportunity to make a public appeal to gain more control of the offense."

I can't see it...

steve's picture

I think that every team in the nfl studies the play calling of the teams they play. They have data on what play a team will call in a particular situation. To large extent I think that is a big factor in determining what the defensive coordinator calls in particular situations. Similarly, the play caller has data on what defense a team is likely to run in a particular down and distance situation. Now if you agree with that, don't you think the Packers also keep data on the play calls MM makes? You have to believe he is aware of his tendencies and is continually trying to adjust them to fool the opposing DC while at the same time trying to run something that will work against a likely defense the team will face. Its got to continually be a cat and mouse scenario where one play caller is trying to out guess the other. So whereas it might seem easy to predict MM's play calls, I would be curious to see how often one really guesses it right. And how often do you have to guess right to be successful enough to win? Hard question to answer.

I think the bigger issue is more likely the other problem that was stated. Rodgers and maybe MM are too impatient, they frequently don't seem to like only taking 5 yards at a crack. You see it game after game. AR thinks he can throw any pass and he usually can. But, he has to learn to depend more on his teammates vs trying to do it all by himself. Do you think it is possible that his lack of trust in letting others carry the team might be the source on the poor leadership comments you hear about AR? I did not watch Manning week after week and year after year, but I have to believe he did not become a tremendous on the field leader overnight, and it will take AR more time too. The no huddle is still pretty new for the Pack.

Another factor that kind of forces AR to think he must carry the team is due to the fact that running the ball has been poor for several years. With Lacy and Franklin and a healthy Starks, maybe they will learn to run the ball on third down sometimes and be successful. Time will tell. No doubt us fans need to be a bit more patient too. :-)

Idiot Fan's picture

Excellent post with a healthy dose of sanity. This doesn't belong here at all :).

The TKstinator's picture

+1 again!
See, I was being patient there. I could have gone "+2" right away, but I went the patient route. Improved my time of possession and gave the defense a longer rest.

jack in jersey city's picture

rodgers isn't going to be able to go downfield as much this year due to our O-line. it might work against teams like washington or cleveland, but when we go up against the teams who can get pressure with their front four (like the bengals, 49ers, and lions) he's going to have to rely on plays that develop more quickly. luckily, our receivers are great at picking up a lot of YAC.

i just re-watched the bengals game (yeah, i'm a masochist) and the short passing game was there all day long. i think if AR and MM can be patient and just take what the defense gives them, then this offense can be very successful this season.

Breadman's picture

You mean like the Broncos do every week. The eat up the opposition with quick short passes and look at all the points they are scoring. Nah, let go deep sideline on 3rd and 1..... And Punt

lebowski's picture


whaler92's picture

Could this not just be two guys who want want win not being happy because they weren't dominating the game like they know they could?

And MM the same coach who has improved A Rod into the best QB in the game is now a bad coach just lol.

The 'fans' on here are either idiot trolls or should support the Jets.

Stroh's picture

I agree! Its not much more than 2 guys who want to win badly and things weren't going the way they wanted them to. Much to do about nothing!

The TKstinator's picture

Once again, I agree. These are not the Lombardi-Starr Packers. These guys work very very closely together and I believe they are both being honest when they say it was no biggie and they moved past it nearly instantly.
But that's not sensational, tabloid, reality tv now, is it?

Cole's picture

This is the best commentary I've seen on here in weeks.

The one thing I would like to see in short yardage and especially at the goal line is using Cobb out of the backfield.

tundravision's picture

Look, the Packers have had a great run. They built up with quantity players early on, got some blue chippers in the middle, and are now on the same decline every single team goes through. Two players eat up a huge chunk of salary cap space and its getting harder and harder to have quality starters at every position.

Plus, yes, you are seeing the frustration that comes with being on the downslide following blown expectations following a Super Bowl and 15-1.

It's not to say that the Packers can't turn it around this year. Anything can happen. But the best case scenario is going to be a retooling of the team. Investment in younger players, try and get some decent draft picks, and really make an upswing in two years or so.

It's not a cut on our team today. It's just the natural cycle of any team. Looking at where Rodgers is in the lifepath of his career, he's roughly where Favre was in 1999. Rodgers is going to have another chance to get back to the Super Bowl, but the surrounding cast is going to be very different from 2010.

MarkinMadison's picture

I do not disagree with most of what you are saying on a basic level, but I don't see this team as not having an opportunity to make a run this year. And I mean right now. This does not look like 1999 to me. This looks more like 1998.

Running game better? Check. The talent there is huge.

Run defense better? Check. They have a lot of big boys. The contracts for most of them are up after this year. There are a lot of question marks there going forward, but they are ready to win right now.

The question marks are at OT and S. Everything else is either good or good enough. So far the OTs have generally been good enough, and the Ss have not. What stands between this team and their goal is some bad luck with injuries.

This team has a real shot if they can come back and be healthy.

One other thing - I raised the issue in the off season regarding CM3's annual hamstring injuries. He is good for 3/4 of a season. You can just about book it. My bet is that his contract will get adjusted in about two years.

themasterfake's picture

knowing we have a coach that Rodgers still listens to and learns from after all these years is a huge plus. That they argue now and then is a healthy thing. You can see every week, QB's walking off the field and no coach or players talk to them...pity that situation.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

i really quite enjoy chicken tikka masala.

G-man's picture

Still would like to see more swing passes and screens to slow down the pass rush.

Glorious80s's picture

Is the OL strong and deep enough for the type of plays MM/AR likes to run? Particularly against stronger defenses. Eight hits and four sacks indicate the protection is not consistently meeting the needs of a QB who likes to extend plays.
Add to the fact they have a 13 game stretch without a break. Will they have the stamina? Do they have the mental toughness needed?
We'll see.

David's picture

Are you guys sure Holmgren called his own plays? Most head coaches don't call their own plays. As far as the MM vs MH debate goes. At least MM is committed to the Packers and has no plans on leaving. He has gave us one ring and I am extremely confident he will get us another! We have some very important players hurt and after the bye most should be back! Our run d and running game are much improved and when we get our starting CB and staring SS back our pass d will be real strong. MM has done damn good with how many injuries we have suffered the last few years! We started with this same record last year people have some faith!

packeraaron's picture

Holmgren called his own plays. He was one of the best playcallers I've ever seen.

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

Great play caller for given situations....even better play designer to attack all areas of the field. One of the best

PackerPete's picture

Always like your perspective. In your opinion, what is Mike McCarthy's biggest weakness as a play caller? Personally I think he is too impatient and wants to score too quickly. Meaning, there will hardly be any 15 play scoring drives with an MM offense. He'd rather go for a 30 yrd pass downfield than a quick 5 yrd to get a 1st down. His offenses put up quite a few points, but I think in preparation he's trying to identify the weak points of the opposing D down the field and not really trying to identify true weaknesses as those may be defending the quick slants or sluggles. Just a guess on my part, but always interesting to see whether a former player and coach is seeing the same thing.

Stroh's picture

WOW... Really? So your complaining that he scores too much and too fast? Do you realize how that makes no sense at all?

See when you have a Great QB, and no one is doubting that Rodgers is a Great QB right?.. When you have a great QB you want the ball in his hands as much as possible, since he decides games one way or the other more often than not. So when you have a Great QB you try to score quickly and try to increase then number of possessions he gets each game! Conversely when you have a Great RB and scoring drives can't happen nearly as quickly you want to actually limit the number of possessions for each team. All the teams w/ Great QB's use this strategy since it puts the best player in the game more often and makes his impact on the game greater. Denver, NE, Packers, NO all use this strategy.

This is really simple logic and it works! I really don't understand why this is so difficult for you to understand. Honestly its pretty much Football 101 for over a decade now.

Why do you think teams w/ Great QB's throw about 60% of the time or more? It puts the ball in the best players hands more often and allows him to decide games more easily!

Horse's picture

Investment in younger players? So ditch Jolly and Pickett since you can't ditch AR. This team is young. Picking in the high 20s every season hasn't helped get GB the draft studs.

I'm looking at this season through 2010 eyes, and I don't mean it's Lombardi trophy time. Injuries, sputtering, look out to the next season and I like what I see a lot. Whatever good happens this year from here on out is cake.

Horse's picture

PS: For God's and Vince's sakes, hire that guy who knows how to condition hips to reduce the risk of hammy injuries.

I liked the Flintstones reference but I see it a little differently. Sometimes I swear I see Fred calling plays.

KC's picture

Dancing around the obvious with the hamstring issue. Cycling off Human Growth Hormone leaves the hamstring/quad prone to pulls and potentially tears.

No one wants to say it but I will. Just because the Packers are in the folksy state of Wisconsin doesn't mean they aren't dopers like the rest of the league.

Stretching, hips, conditioning coaches... quit looking for reasons to take the blame off Matthews. He takes HGH in the off-season so he can recover faster thus workout more often, then comes off when testing kicks in before the season. There have been ex players who claim 40-60% use it. Why have hammys all of a sudden become an epidemic in the NFL??? It's not just the Packers.

Some of you people with the blinders on are probably the same ones who ate up the McGwire/Sosa HR chase, then wanted to burn them at the stake after finding out they were on roids.

Matthews is built like Hulk Hogan circa 1992. Oh but that's just good genes right??

Horse's picture

You need to look at a recent pic of CMIII's dad. And go read One trainer's take on hamstring injuries in JS.

PackerBacker's picture

And his Uncle too. No joke, that's a big family.

Stroh's picture

Shut the fuck up idiot. Seriuosly you don't dick about football or training. That being OBVIOUS don't make yourself look more like ass talking about either!

KC's picture

On the McCarthy topic.. I'll say the same thing I said on another forum:

He needs a real OC and not just a copy machine executive like Clements. He's the HC and the reason he has the flaws he does (poor in-game adjustments, goofy late-game decision making) is because his face is in the play-chart all game and he doesn't have a reliable voice in the booth relaying what the defense is doing in real-time. He can't adjust on-the-fly because he is strictly gameplan and film-based. If he gave away his play calling duties he could WATCH THE GAME and get a better perspective of what's going on out there instead of worrying about the next play call.

He'll never hire one because there's no billionaire owner holding him accountable. Mark Murphy is up in his ivory tower counting money and Ted Thompson is scouring the 1-AA message boards for the next diamond in the rough (apparently Green Bay's arena team now too)..

We are stuck with McCarthy/Rodgers' weaknesses and just have to prepare around them.

Nikko's picture

The Packers are not going to, nor were they supposed to win every game. We've lost two close games to the 49rs and Bengals, two good physical playoff teams. Aaron threw 480 yards the week before. Everything is fine and at this point it's all about what happens in the playoffs. Running the ball on 4th and 1 in week 3 is a good sign. Hopefully in January we will have learned to force our will and convert those opportunities whether the other team knows it's coming or not.

fred's picture

Prior to 2010 it was, "This team will never win a SB with MM as coach.

Two seasons after the SB win it has become, "The Packers won a SB despite MM, not because of him"

Fans will never change.

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Give that man a beer! You get it! Congrats... too bad more don't get it like you and I.

The TKstinator's picture

Hey I think I get it too.

Stroh's picture

Well then give yourself a beer on me.

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