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Jeff Saturday Agrees to Deal With Green Bay Packers

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Jeff Saturday Agrees to Deal With Green Bay Packers

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, free-agent center Jeff Saturday has agreed to a deal with the Green Bay Packers.

And now, former Colts C Jeff Saturday officially has agreed to a deal with the Green Bay Packers. Nice Packers pickup.

Contract details were not immediately known.

UPDATE: Ralph Cindrich, Saturday's agent, confirmed reports that the deal is for two years.

The Packers need for a center came on strong after the team lost long-time starter Scott Wells to the St. Louis Rams in free agency last Friday. While addressing the position through the draft was on option, several veteran centers remained on the free-agent market.

Saturday, a 13-year veteran of the Indianapolis Colts, was clearly the best available center left.

According to Pro Football Focus, Saturday graded out as the No. 5 overall center—just two spots below Wells—over the course of the 2011 season. While Wells allowed just two sacks, one quarterback hit and six pressures on 1,055 offensive snaps, Saturday wasn't far behind with 2/0/9 on 1,001 snaps. Saturday also hasn't allowed more than two sacks in a season since PFF began tracking the stat back in 2008, which is obviously important for the pass-happy Packers.

The five-time Pro Bowler and two-time NFL All-Pro has also remained surprisingly healthy over latter portion of his career, having played all 16 games in each of the last three seasons. In total, Saturday has missed just six games since taking over as the Colts' starting center.

Green Bay had heavy competition for the soon-to-be 37-year-old.

Packers GM Ted Thompson fended off Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, who many expected to land Saturday after signing the center's longtime quarterback early this week. Saturday also took a visit to Tennessee, where the Titans have been actively attempting to sign a free-agent center this offseason.

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lebowski's picture

Ted Thompson, you da man!!

PackersRS's picture

They're sure EDS nor Genus are the answer, at least not this year. Not how they have been doing things, usually the replacement is in the roster. Depending on the contract, this might've been a desperate move.

Rather have Wells but Saturday is a borderline HOF center, certainly one of the best of this century, and he played very well last year.

Now, more than ever, I expect them to pick a center early on in the draft. But Saturday brings certainty.

MarkinMadison's picture

"Now, more than ever, I expect them to pick a center early on in the draft. But Saturday brings certainty."

I can't agree with this, and usually I don't bother to disagree with you because you're a lot smarter than I am. They could be looking for Genus to be ready in a couple of years. Or they could look to a mid-round draft pick to be ready in 2-3 years. I'll be shocked if they go center before the thrid round, and I'm betting on the fourth round.

PackersRS's picture

Thanks for the compliment but we know that noone in here has inside knowledge, so it's all guesses.

My line of thought was that, if they believe what they have is good, they usually let them play, even if said player is not completely ready.

But, yeah, there could be other possibilities that don't necessarily mean they've given up on the current guys, and that they'll draft a center early. Just my hunch that they will (if the right guy falls to them).

I don't want them to though, I think we need to invest the early picks on defensive players.

PackersRS's picture

With the reported money of $7.75MI with $4MI this year completely nullifies my thinking.

TT didn't overspend on him, he came cheap.

Zero possibilities it was a desperate move. Great job by the front office.

Evan's picture

Let EDS and Genus learn from Saturday for a year or two.

I bet they don't pick a center in thr first 3 rounds.

jack in jersey city's picture

i agree with you guys. i think ted will stock up on defensive players in the first 3 rounds and then will draft a center in the 4th or 5th round. i think saturday is a good short term solution in the meantime.

Mojo's picture

I was wrong. I though he would go with Denver. I hope though, that this isn't a long-term commitment or for a lot of dough. Else should have stuck with Wells considering Saturdays age.

Rocky70's picture

The dismal Packer "D" is why Saturday will be spending a few Sundays in GB this fall. Rounds 1 thru 3 in draft 2012 are needed to help repair the "D". Obviously, TT is starting to realize that all the 7th round picks in the world aren't going to correct the problems on the "D". The less 'project players' on this roster, the better.

pkrNboro's picture

I wonder if he tries to go after Ingram ?

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Quit talking like that... I can't be walking around work with wood.

pkrNboro's picture

Maniacs on each edge -- rushin' like their hair's on fire.

Raji & Pickett scoopin' up everybody -- tossin' out the ones without the ball.



Cole's picture

It would cost a kings random to be able to move up that high. I'd rather stand pat and get Curry. Guy is a playmaker.

Oppy's picture

I agree, Rocky, guys like Desmond Bishop and Tramon Williams are complete bums.

Rocky70's picture

There are always exceptions to the rule. Rebuilding teams have rosters with many 'project players'. GB is not a rebuilding team.

CSS's picture

Super Bowl Champion Giants had 10 starters drafted after the 4th round, a few undrafted.

Super Bowl Runner-Up Patriots had 12 starters drafted after the 4th round, several undrafted.

Do they count as rebuilding teams?

Rocky70's picture

Only one game & two teams. If you know anything about 'sampling size' you would know that you cannot draw solid conclusions unless your sample size is statistically significant. I would suggest that you do some research regarding statistics & relevancy. It might help.

packsmack25's picture

Rocky, the story is the same for the previous Super Bowl and the one before that. It's the story of every Super Bowl since the salary cap. Whoever develops talent the best from the later rounds/undrafted guys, wins. Everyone gets first round picks. Not everyone develops the 2nd and 3rd day picks.

CSS's picture

Sounds like you're willing to educate me. 16 games, 32 teams and 53 on each roster, with 45 suiting up. That's 1,696 players with a roster spot, of which only 1,440 are active on any given Sunday.

But, you also have to take into consideration rosters are fluid (IR, PUP, waiver-wire transactions, street free-agents, etc.) so you also have roughly 20-30 roster moves per team over the course of a year (of course, some of these are the same players). Let's say 500 additional players for arguments sake.

Tell me at what point we have a statistically significant sample size both in terms of players and games to determine 'relevancy'?

I'm open to the learning.

Rocky70's picture

Your opinion does not change the fact that the best players in the NFL are drafted in rounds 1, 2 & 3. This goes back to the merger of the NFL & AFL.

Rounds 1, 2 & 3 will have the largest most immediate impact on the Pack's "D". That's my only concern. (plus Graham Harrell as BU QB)

Rocky70's picture


I'm no one's mentor. Plus, my time is important to me. Try a search engine.

On another note: there is a rumor that the Pack will have 4 7th round picks this year. This must excite you. Think about it. Maybe GB could draft another 'project TE" & then we'd have an even 1/2 dozen on the 53 for season 2012. ---- LOL.

Pack Morris's picture

Awesome. Yeah Mojo, totally thought he was Denver bound. This is great!

maxginsberg's picture

Just when you think you know how Ted Thompson thinks, he goes out and signs a 37-year-old player.

Ted is a wild man. And I like it.

Oppy's picture

Ever see that glazed, wild look in ted's eyes and that rosy complexion he wears on his cheeks during his pressers, Max?

That's from doing keg-stands of "Tha Beast" in the back room before taking to the podium.

Wild man, indeed.

Evan's picture

Love it!

pkrNboro's picture

I was wwww...




but, not really considering Ted's philosophy: EDS the stop-gap, and Genus the heir-apparent seemed to fit TT.

Will be really eager to see the terms.


Since age doesn't seem to be a factor, I'd suggest we look at Gilbert Brown and Willie Davis for some help on the dLine -- and maybe Dave Robinson at LB.

Jake's picture

I just saw Dave today and he was looking good. Maybe that's the answer. He'll be in Wisconsin Rapids on Saturday, maybe Ted's got a secret meeting in mind.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Given the circumstances, this is a great great. Epitome of a band-aid get. I like it.


FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Great get... Phone!

packsmack25's picture

Obviously the Packers were not impressed with EDS. But as Silverstein mentioned on Twitter, Saturday's familiarity with the no-huddle has to play a big role here.

pkrNboro's picture


...maybe this is the year that we have an entire fleet of Centers (having moved on from FBs one season, TEs after that...)

packsmack25's picture

I'm thinking it'll be DL that holds that distinction this year, maybe they keep like 20.

tony's picture

Soooo it seems that if Konz is available, it'll probably be him in the first round. I'm cool with that.

Saturday's still got some life left in his legs. He'll be great for such a young OL.

Evan's picture

Why do you say that? How does signing a 1-2 year stopgap = the Packers drafting a center in R1 who is ready to play immediately??

I think this move takes Konz off the board in R1. And probably any center in the first few rounds, unless an absolute steal presents itself.

tony's picture

Yeah, you're probably right. I guess I was thinking that Saturday would be around for a year, and if Konz were available, he'd have a year to learn, then step right in.

Evan's picture

I think you're exactly right, but with EDS or a mid-round pick. A 1st round center would be ready to play from day 1.

lebowski's picture

I don't know, that first round tackle we took last year wasn't even ready by week 13 of the season.

tony's picture

I mean if TT doesn't like who's available on defense and can't dump the pick... I could see it happening.

But yes, Konz would be ready to play by Day 1. It wouldn't be the best pick, but it's not out of the realm of possibility.

BrianD's picture

lebowski, remember when Bulaga first started? It was Ugly with a capital U

Bearmeat's picture

I am shocked. Glad, but shocked.

This frees up room to grab DE/OLB in rounds 1,2,3... YES!

Now - Nick, about that neck injury. You're cleared right? C'mon docs! Fix em up!!

bryce's picture

I just peed a little.

Cole's picture

Thank you god! What a relief. I would've snapped if we took Konz. TT isn't that entitled to think he could just plug some nobody in there. Great move!

New cow smell's picture

This is all so new to me.
I have no idea how to react.

pkrNboro's picture

Lie flat in a nearby ditch or depression and cover your head with your hands.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Deap Breaths.

Evan's picture

Now go get Manny Lawson and bring on the draft.

Brian's picture

Anybody know what the status of the Lawson situation?

FITZCORE1252's picture

My sources tell me that they are still exploring 'the player'.

Jer's picture

I'm reading a lot of opinions on how this affects TT's likelyhood of taking Konz in the first round.

Why would adding Jeff Saturday cause Ted Thompson to change his grade on Konz or anybody else? Do we think Ted Thompson is lying when he says he'll take the best player available?

New cow smell's picture

He doesn't simply pick the best player available. If he did, he would never trade up or down-which he does all the time.

Tt hunts for value.

The theory that he just sits and drafts the highest ranked player on the board is a falicy.

Rocky70's picture

Agree completely. The 'draft theme' for 2012 should be this:

"I Wanna Take You Higher"

Would like to see TT target specific players (all on the "D") in the early rounds (1-3) by moving up (if he has too) using 4, 5, 6 & 7 as bait.
You can't trade compensatory picks so GB will still have 3 or 4 later round picks.

redlights's picture

First time I've agreed with you: TT should look to trade up in this draft; and that he drafts for value.

That being said, while ProBowlers are usually drafted in rounds 1-3, I don't agree with putting too many eggs in the early rounds. First, who can afford a roster of pro bowlers? Each team needs a group of over-achievers, too. Second, pro bowl voting is part popularity, so the higher draft choices have a better chance due to their higher visibility.

What I think many people are trying to say in this and other posts, is that recent successful teams also get the production from the low draftee's, UDFA's and other "no-bodies" who all overachieve, or do the "next man up" thing.

Rocky70's picture

I'm really not looking for pro-bowlers initially. Just a few who can send Wynn, Wilson, B. Jones, Zombo, whoever to the sidelines if not off the roster entirely.

FITZCORE1252's picture

+1. We don't need 10 to 12 more players, just don't. We need 5-7, with a couple being beasts.

PackersRS's picture

Are you gonna start posting rationally and intelligently like this with this ID, and emotionally with the other?

Just so we know ;)

Bearmeat's picture

lol... too true

New cow smell's picture

No-I plan on being all over the place with both.

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