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Jason Taylor To Be Cut

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Jason Taylor To Be Cut

According to PFT's Twitter. (Hattip Greg Bedard's, um, Twitter...oh this is getting ridiculous)

Go and get him Ted.

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Ron La Canne's picture

Can't see a down side. If fact, this seems to fit TT's FA mode quite well. Go grab the carrion Ted.

Ron La Canne's picture

Also, neither Holiday or Taylor or both are an answer to the Packer Front seven problems. They, at best, are stop gaps that would buy some time for the Packers to repair their very inadequately staffed front seven.

The way it is looking now LB and O-line are being completly ignored. That's a dangerous strategy to have. And let's not forget Crosby missed both his attempts that would have given the Packers two wins intead of losses. Is he a choker?

Ryeguy812's picture

As long as Taylor isn't asking for the farm, this would be perfect for Green Bay. Lets not forget one of Taylor's best seasons came with Dom Capers as his DC in Miami.

buckslayernyc's picture

Taylor is an OLB in the 3-4, he was defensive player of the year with 14 or so sacks just 3 years ago playing in it.

He is perfect for situational OLB in the 3-4 and even DE in 4-3 hybrid.

Get him Ted. That would be good.

Franklin Hillside's picture

Ron, you always sneak the weirdest negative jabs into every post. "And let’s not forget Crosby missed both his attempts that would have given the Packers two wins intead of losses. Is he a choker?"
For the life of me, I cannot figure how Jason Taylor getting cut got you to Crosby.

PackerAaron's picture

"The way it is looking now LB and O-line are being completly ignored." Come on Ron - it's the FOURTH DAY of the league year. Give Thompson, oh, I don't know, at least a week to fill every hole on the roster. ;)

buckslayernyc's picture

From 2008 Patriots media guide:
Capers most recently completed a two-year stint during which he had defensive coordinator responsibilities with the Miami Dolphins, holding the titles of special assistant to the head coach (2006) and defensive coordinator (2007). Last season, the Dolphins' pass defense was the highestranked unit on the team, finishing the season ranked fourth in the NFL. In 2006, Dolphins defensive lineman Jason Taylor won NFL Defensive Player of the Year honors under Capers' tutelage as the team finished fourth in the league in overall defense.

scrumptrulesent's picture

Please go sign Taylor now! And pick up Holliday for the Vet minimum while you're at it.


LACheez's picture

taylor would definitely add some much needed quality...and the people in wisconsin love that "dancing with the stars" crap. do it!

Ron La Canne's picture


TT's the one who brought that up via his comment on bringing in competition for the kicker. And, if the shot is there, take it.

Stanislaw's picture

Jeez, you guys have no clue. TT basically cut the best QB the Packers ever had because he was old and puttered out in the 4th qrtr of the season. You expect him to now spend money and worse yet, take valuable roster spots for DL, well into their 30's, who trust me won't be cheap?

C'mon TT will never sign those guys - there's no point to it. He'd rather keep the 23 year old FA from Saginaw Valley who has potential verse the 'carrion' that by December will be creaking onto the IR.

C'mon fellas, get your heads into the game.

(if i hear one more time about how JT was MPV when Capers was coach . . . that was 2 friggin years ago!!!!!!! You think these guys get better as they age into their mid-30's??)

buckslayernyc's picture

Wow, ok....but did you know Jason Taylor was the NFL defensive MVP while playing for Dom Capers Defense in Miami?

PackerAaron's picture

Oh Stan. First of all, nice epic fail on "the best QB the Packers ever had" - that would be one Bart Starr. Secondly, while I agree somewhat about Thompson tending to want to keep younger guys, he has never been presented with such a massive shift on one side of the ball. Perhaps we'll see Ted do some things he hasn't done before.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

ok. so i know this kind of pipe-dream post really adds no long-term value to anyone's life, but still...

de's - jenkins, jolly, holliday, ... malone?

lb's - kampman, hawk, barnett, bishop, taylor, chillar.

i think that would be quite formidable. and taylor and holliday could add some veteran insight to the system. we could do worse -- and of course we will, because we probably won't get either guy.

but again, i ask - why is holliday so far below the radar? de in 3-4, or the teams he's played for. he seems to be quite popular wherever he goes, and has had good numbers with little injury risk.

Ron La Canne's picture

I'll be serious for a change. I really see no down-side to either or both joining the Packers. They are not going to be full-time starters, but they will be rotated into the lineup regularly. That can't be anything but a plus.

Certainly they are not long-term answers. On the other hand, look at the current roster and tell me who the long-term answer would be from that group. I have to believe that this is not a rebuilding year, the Packers must win. To do that some experience would do a lot to stablize the transition.

Will it happen? Who knows what TT is thinking. I still hope that Capers will have a lot to say about the D personnel.

Mr.Man's picture

Agreed. You'd think he'd sign with the Pats, especially after they just sent Vrabel away, but TT should make a strong push for him, and at least see if they can get him out to Green Bay to have a talk with the whole crew, Capers included.

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