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Jason Spitz Signs His Tender

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Jason Spitz Signs His Tender

For the record, from Bedard:

Packers guard/center Jason Spitz signed his tender (yesterday) and will begin workouts with the team.
Spitz was a restricted free agent with a second-round tender.

He is coming off back surgery but has made a complete recovery and has no restrictions on his workouts.

Spitz, who will earn $1.76 million next season, will likely compete with Daryn Colledge (who has not yet signed his second-round tender) and possibly T.J. Lang for the left guard starting spot.

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Dilligaff's picture

I hope his back is fine, though back surgery is not as advanced as the knee surgeries and have the potential to be troublesome.

We need him back and healthy, even if he does not start, we need depth badly on the O-line.

With that said I hope Colledge has a hard working agent getting the Packers an additional 2nd round pick.

It will be interesting to see how this coaching staff handles this LG position, especially if Iupatai is available at #23 and where they are going to focus Lang's contribution to the O-line.

Making a run this year, I would be tempted to start Spitz at guard, using Lang as the 6th man for our O-line. Practice him at the guards and tackle positions as the first backup option. Given the health and age of our line I believe Lang would get a fair amount of playing time which I think he has earned.

wgbeethree's picture

Personally I'd take a different approach. IMO at 23 it's pretty unlikely we get someone in the draft who can step in from day one and start on the line. I'm not a scout but Pouncey at center is probably the only exception to that I see right now. Not a Iupati fan and none of the likely tackles available are ready. As of right now I think it's best to keep the line the same way we ended last year. Ideal? Probably not, but it was good enough to go 7-1, average over 30 ppg, and only gave up like 10 sacks over the last 8 games. I'd practice Lang EXCLUSIVELY at LT while Spitz is the primary backup for both guard spots and center. With EDS behind Spitz at all three. I'm really (REALLY) tired of the musical chairs everytime someone goes down and that way you wouldn't have to. If/when somebody goes down you just replace them without having to move anyone/everyone else. My guess is that regardless of the draft this year if/when Clifton goes down Lang will be the guy who goes there. Pretty sure everyone can agree that's the most likely scenario. It's probably not going to be Colledge again or a rookie. Give him a chance by actually practicing him there. We've all seen how well it works to move a LG over there without any reps all offseason. Let's not repeat that mistake again.

Dilligaff's picture

I understand the idea of not playing musical chairs, and works well when you have good depth.

I just don't think the Packers have the talented depth to do what you are proposing.

I feel you put the best 5 players on the field. Certain players personalities work best when things are consistent. IMO Lang is one of the players that is not hurt by moving around.

Thats why I think in his second year he is the perfect 6th man for our O-line situation. Unless we draft a viable LT in the draft, Lang will more than likely finish the season at LT.

Why have Lang on the bench and a lesser player playing because thats not his position.

wgbeethree's picture

just my opinion but I feel we do have the depth. I'm very confident that Spitz can step in at any of the three interior line positions and play at least at a servicable level if not better. he has done it before at all three spots. the difference IMO in levels of play between Barbre and Tauscher at RT was very minimal last year. just by looking at the sack totals that's not gonna be obvious but going back and rewatching the games has me convinced of that. the early season problems had much more to do with playcalling, holding on to the ball, and poor blitz pickups by the RBs than it did just one player's inefficiancy. I'm sure we will have to agree to disagree about Barbe though. as for the LG/LT I feel that the production at LG would be near identical between Colledge and Lang. Lang may in fact be, like you suggest, an upgrade but I myself don't feel there would be a huge advantage at that position by either of them. I do feel though that out of the two Lang is much more likely to succeed at filling in at LT. I also feel that while he is perfectly capable of moving around it is not necessary and it would be to Lang's advantage to be able to focus on the position we both agree he is very likely to be playing at the end of the season (and playoffs). Basically what I'm saying is the importance of the difference in production levels between Colledge and Lang at LG for the first half of the season is much smaller than the production level between Lang focusing on LT for 8 months and Lang while getting no offseason snaps at LT come the end of the year. IMO if Lang is going to be the LT during the seasons most important stretch like we both feel he is we need to do everything we can to make sure he is in the best position possible to succeed even if that means (and I don't completely feel this way but you do) having him as a back up to start the season while an inferior player starts.

Pack Fan In Enemy Territory's picture

Do you really ever make a "complete recovery" from back surgeries? I'm tempering my expectations with him as I know he will be battling with 300 lb monsters & that could easily re-aggravate his back issues. I'm usually VERY optimistic about players, but color me skeptical with him. Hope for the best for him though...

dilligaff's picture

With his back problems, I really don't understand why he did not sign his 2nd round tender right away. IMO no team would give up a 2nd round pick for a guy who has not proven himself and is coming back from the IR.

greenbowlpackerbacker's picture

the peices are all falling into place for a run....

packeraaron's picture


Pack Fan In Enemy Territory's picture

I think this may be the most creative name I've read on here & it's absolutely HILARIOUS!

FITZCORE1252's picture

One of my Fantasy teams was "The Green Bowl Packers" for years. Copyright infringement. Nah the guy's probably just "a fan", I'm flattered.


PackersRS's picture

C'mon, Colledge! Work a trade for us to get a 2nd rounder! Though I'd gladly accept a 4th!

Dilligaff's picture

The true story line of the Packers this up and coming season is the Offensive Line.

Cuphound's picture


FITZCORE1252's picture

Hard to argue that. And by the way, why don't you gaf?


Dilligaff's picture

Its just a name of my boat, plus it just the opposite of me, I do care.

I bought the boat with the name not knowing what it ment, kind of grown to like it. I live in Pensacola FL and kind of take a red neck approach to things in life.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I know you care, I was just messin' with you. Kinda funny you bought that without knowing what it meant, bet you got a laugh when you found out.

Ron LC's picture

Sorry just can't get excited about a guy who is going into his fifth year and still has not made a statement in any position he has played. He signed the tender for a reason and it wasn't loyalty to GB. He needs the money and that was his only option.

Dilligaff's picture

This McNabb trade has really taken another LT prospect off the board in the first round. Although with Dallas releasing their LT, maybe a team ahead of us or the Skins pick him up and draft for other needs.

I hope Spitz's back is healthy to go all 16 games and playoff run, we need the depth at least.

This O-line still bothers me, I just don't see any way to address it for next year and it is hard for me to get excited about the Packs chances when I take my biased Rosie classes off and see it for what it really is.

FITZCORE1252's picture

You gotta think though, the 2nd half of the season the Line "produced" much better. There is no way they come out of the gates as poorly as last year.

Aaron wasn't comfortable with Barbre, and it showed (rightfully so, I might add). Granted Tausch and Cliffy are injury risks and near the end, but I think the line will be much more settled going into this season with both of them at the ends (#12 just looks so much better with Tausch on the line).

It is absolutely crucial that we walk out of New York with a SOLID LT prospect of the future. I think we're fine with Lang @ RT in the future, but I sure hope Clifton can get us through this season, because after him... we got nothing on the left.


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