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It's Time For The Packers To Say Goodbye To Donald Driver

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It's Time For The Packers To Say Goodbye To Donald Driver

Good post here from Zach Kruse about the tough spot Packers general manager Ted Thompson is in when it comes to Donald Driver.

From Zach:

Driver is a respected team leader who worked his way up from the poverty-striken streets of Houston to the sandy beaches of four NFL Pro Bowls. Losing him would be an unquestioned blow to the Packers’ well-established locker room and the state of Wisconsin, where Driver has committed countless hours to improving the Green Bay community and state as a whole. Driver also proved there is still something left in the tank, catching six touchdowns during the regular season and being arguably the Packers’ most productive receiver in the playoff loss to the Giants.

But there’s another side to this decision. For starters, Driver is 37 years old. Football skills diminish rapidly at that age, and he has already lost several steps. Expecting Driver to match his 37 catches and 445 yards—both equaling Driver’s lowest production numbers since 2001—would be a stretch next season regardless of who’s roster he’s on.

There’s also the looming reality that the younger players at Driver’s position in Green Bay—Randall Cobb, Tori Gurley and Diondre Borel—are probably deserving of increased roles in 2012.

The oft-repeated refrain, including by me, after the playoff loss to the Giants was that Driver was one of the few Packers who "came to play." While this is true, the fact that the Giants assigned a linebacker to cover him for almost the entire game speaks volumes.

Driver actually had one of his best games of the 2011 season against the Giants during the regular season. His second touchdown catch in that game is a crystallization of the value he still brings as an NFL football player. The issue for the Packers isn't what Driver showed this year - it's very much what Zach points out in regards to football skills diminishing rapidly. There's an old adage in the game of football, one that Thompson has adhered to pretty sturdily in his time as Packers GM: It's better to let a player go one year early rather than one year too late.

I'm pretty sure letting go of Driver this offseason would be letting go of him a year too early - but that is preferable to watching him go through the same motions Ravens fans watched Derrick Mason go through or Broncos fans watched Jerry Rice go through. It happens to every receiver to play the game. As they say, Father Time is undefeated.

The other component in this is the fact that the Packers have some young talent they need to get on the field. Randall Cobb looked excellent the last month of the season - when he was on the field. His explosiveness after the catch pops off the screen when you watch his tape, and he showed a knack for getting open against man coverage - and not with linebackers in coverage.

Then, of course, there are Diondre Borel and fan-favorite Tori Gurley, waiting in the wings. Both players flashed in training camp last year, both players spent 2011 on the practice squad, and both players received raises that put their salaries in-line with guys on the 53 man roster after other NFL teams came with offers. The Packers no doubt went ahead and paid them with the idea that at least one of them could seriously compete for a roster spot next year.

(One other thing that bears noting, though a small matter in the whole scheme of things when it comes to Driver, is that both Borel and/or Gurley would instantly compete for jobs on special teams, where both flashed some ability in camp and preseason)

The receiver position is so important to the Packers, simply because Mike McCarthy's offense uses so many of them. As long as they employ the multiple wideout sets, Thompson and company will need to be developing young receivers. Another year of Driver on the roster may pay dividends on the field or it may not. What it will most certainly do is continue to stunt the growth of Cobb and company. Cobb in particular needs to play. Now.

Donald Driver is an all-time Packers great. Nothing will ever change that. But as Thompson showed in his dealing with Brett Favre, no player should be given special consideration for what he has done in the past. Thompson's job is to look forward and constantly improve the Packers as a football team. Bringing back Driver for the 2012 season, for the first time in his incredible career, starts to work against that purpose.

I have no doubt there are fans that feel strongly the other way on this. I completely understand where they are coming from. But the time has come for the Packers to say goodbye to Donald Driver.


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IowaPackFan's picture

Really hard to stomach, but the key here is that Cobb, Gurley and Borel need the time to play and grow. If either Gurley or Borel show the explosiveness that Cobb has shown, the offense/special teams will be even more deadly.

etronsman's picture

Driver has consistently been my favorite Packer for the last ten years. I think it was an early season game (opener?) against Atlanta in 01 or 02 where he had 7 catches for 70+ yards - nothing flashy, but I was there and thought "wow, this guy goes over the middle, holds on, and looks great."

Add to that the fact that he went to my alma mater (St. Norbert College) on a few occassions to volunteer his time with the track team I was on, and that pretty much sealed my esteem for him.

I would hate to see him go and hope he can someday come back to a place on the coaching staff, or with administration as a player development director of some sort. Whatever happens, he'll always be an all time Packer great.

Leigh lumley's picture

Say it ain't so! I love him. His demeanor, smile and class make him one of the VERY best.

djbonney138's picture

All great points Aaron but you left out a few things on why he should stay...
1) He has more character in his pinky finger than The Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys have combined.
2) Chemistry-You let him go and you mess up the chemistry of the whole receiving core.
3)His smile cures cancer and his hugs make the lame walk.
Give him one more year for mentoring purposes and get rid of one of our 5 tight ends for the roster spot.

markinmontana's picture

I think the chemistry of the wide receivers will be OK- they all seem to be pretty grounded guys (for wide receivers, anyway), and they've learned a lot from Driver the last few years on how to carry themselves. Jennings should be ready to take over as the leader of the receivers in all aspects, and Nelson and Jones have enough experience to mentor the younger guys as well. I agree that they have to work on their mystical healing skills, though.

packeraaron's picture

I think I'm going to need to ask for a link in regards to Number 3, djbonney138 ;)

Leigh lumley's picture


Cole's picture

As sad as it is it's true, we have to get Gurley or Borel involved. Crazy how barren the cupboard was during some of the Favre years at WR and now we have more capable receivers than we can handle.

PackersRS's picture

We had to stop Moss, what good would receivers do? Picking 3 consecutive CBs was clearly the right move.

Kevin's picture

Well said Aaron. While I would hate to see him go, the time is right. I would also say he needs to be released before free agency begins this off-season. To wait until the end of training camp (which would be tempting in case of a rash of injuries) would only increase the distraction and bad feelings right before the season. Releasing him now gives him the best chance to find a good fit with another team and removes that distraction in Aug/Sept.

Samsheapdx's picture

I know it has to happen. It makes all the sense in the world to say goodbye to Drive. Wish we could have won this year although he still may have wanted to play. Its like I will wave goodbye while turning my head and crying.

Nerdmann's picture

1: The Queens and Bares are gonna have a bidding war over DD.
2: Gurley routinely blocked punts in TC. Be nice to see what he could do in real games. Dude's got size like Plaxico, but he doesn't necessarily have the blazing speed of most of our WRs. Still, dude can play.
3: Cobb IS explosive. With a year under his belt, he should be the #2 guy. Future's bright for him.
4: DD was solid in the playoffs this year, but so was Cobb. And DD did have problems with drops last year. Still, he's an all time great. Sad to see him go, but it's time. Thanks for the memories, DD.

Oppy's picture

Wow, after the 22 game long clinic that Jordy Nelson has put on, you're willing to say that Cobb should be the #2 WR?

Don't get me wrong, I'm very high on Cobb as an offensive weapon.. But it's way early to thrust him between Jennings and Nelson.

I see Cobb as a 'X factor' weapon- a guy you scheme to get into exploitable match ups and utilize in gadget plays. Yes, he's a loaded gun with the ball in his hands, and versatile. But Jordy is the clear-cut #2 pressing the issue as to if he's a #1. Cobb has a lot to prove still.

nerd's phone's picture

Yeah, I just think he'll prove it.

PackersRS's picture

I remember watching Gurley in the preseason, and the guy I saw simply did not get separatios. But he was undrafted with no NFL experience.

Still, I worry that all the hype from his size and his fan interaction may surpass his actual talent and production.

On the other hand, I've watched him in preseason. From the computer. So...

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

I'm with you RS.

Leigh lumley's picture

Cobb is a fumbler! He cost us the Giants game.

Bercovici's picture

Cobb didn't have a fumble in that game. The fumbles were Rodgers, Grant and Kuhn. Jennings had one that should've been ruled a fumble but he got lucky.

packeraaron's picture

I think Leigh is thinking of the initial kickoff where Cobb lost the ball, but was (correctly) determined to be down.

Wisconsin German's picture

Cobb cost us the Giants game?, is all I can say.

jeremy's picture

Donald Driver is such a great guy it's really tough to see him leave. If he needs to go somewhere and try to play until forty like he has stated is his goal we will wish him well. We will welcome him back to retire as a Packer, and look forward to his induction to the Packers Hall of fame a shining beacon of Packerdom.

Richard Chang's picture

totally agree. Love DD, but you have to think about the youngsters coming up. Can't stunt their growth, plus as you mentioned, their potential special teams contributions make them more valuable to the team than DD and his big smile.

Though, I do love his big smile.

I don't expect him back, I'll miss the hell out of him, but it's time for the kids to play.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

While I think he's gone, I still contend he's worth having around if he's truly willing to take a sizeable pay cut. Even if he rarely sees the field, solid leaders with fantastic work ethics aren't a dime a dozen. The more time these young guys - that everybody (me included) wants to see on the field - spend with DD the better... Not gonna happen, but I think it's worth a couple mill.


FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

And a roster spot!

BubbaOne's picture

do you mean...And a roster spot?

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

He's worth a couple mill, and a roster spot.

BubbaOne's picture

I would love to keep him but I think his time on the roster is NFL...Not For Long.

FITZCORE1252's picture

And I think you're correct, unfortunately.

Leigh lumley's picture


PackersRS's picture

Spend a roster spot on a guy that can't win against man coverage, doesn't play special teams, because he's a solid locker room guy?

I think Edgar Bennet and the guys already in the locker room are enough to keep the young guns from turning into Divas. Fines from dropping the ball and all that...

Norman's picture

Doesn't play special teams? True, not regularly, but I recall a couple of crucial onside kick recoveries early in the year this past season.

PackersRS's picture

Driver recovered?

I don't remember that. Even so, hands team only is still too little.

packeraaron's picture

Driver did indeed recover a couple of onside kicks early in the year.

chuck's picture

Left out is the fact of drafting another receiver. If there is one thing TT hits on more than not, it is a receiver. Gurley and Borel weren't even drafted. Take a look at TT track record with drafted WR, and if I'm not wrong, he doesn't even use first round picks. His second round picks have been golden. (Nelson, Jennings, Cobb) He missed on a couple, but not many. Lots questioned taking Jordy that year in the second round. Wouldn't surprise me a bit to see him take another receiver. You need speed/quickness at receiver, that can catch. For years we had one or the other, speed (Schroeder, Bradford, etc with no hands) or catch (early Freeman, Mayes, etc. with no speed) TT seams to be able to find guys that can do both (most of the time)

MarkinMadison's picture

Basically, I agree with you - TT hits on most of his WRs. But most teams avoid spending a 1st round pick at WR unless the guy is a freak of nature. And that we definitely do not have on this roster (unless you count Finley).

BLACKHAWK's picture

Yes, and he also hit on the young WR who looked promising but had a career ending injury...can't remember his name?

Phil's picture

terrance murphy

packeraaron's picture

Thought of him as well. He looked promising before his neck injury in Carolina. I follow him on Twitter now, he sells insurance and seems to be doing well. Will always wonder what might have been with him.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Is selling insurance really that big of a no brainer? Seems like a large % of players who's football careers don't pan out jump right into selling insurance.

packeraaron's picture

You know what? Completely mispoke/typed. He's in real estate, not insurance. My bad.

BLACKHAWK's picture

Yes...his name came to me, but thanks Phil and Aaron. Good to hear that he seems to be doing well.

dk mke's picture

If we have three young guys in waiting, (and presumably more can be groomed in the next two years), why not keep driver for a year or two, and trade some of the potential talent for much needed defensive talent.

Wouldn't a team with a good enough QB and lacking WR be interested in over-paying for Cobb or Gurley?

It seems to me we have an over-abundance of talent at WR. Must be a way to parlay that in to something on the other side of the ball.

BrianD's picture

You can bet TT is looking at the potential to move Jordy. His value is at an all time high and he's got a team-friendly contract. Who knows if he'll ever be able to match 2011-2012's success.

Nerdmann's picture


MarkinMadison's picture

+1for Nerdmann

BrianD's picture

I'm serious. If you can trade Nelson for a young, talented pass rusher you do it without hesitation. A pass rusher would have far more impact on the success of this team than Jordy Nelson.

Leigh lumley's picture

Are you on drugs?

PackersRS's picture

I agree.

That Rodgers guy, he's also in an all-time value. He's never going to duplicate this season, and he'll demand 15+ MI the next contract.

Ship him for an elite pass rusher and a couple of draft picks!

BubbaOne's picture

If you want to keep DD but want to parlay a trade to get help on D then James Jones is the one WR who could facilitate this. I like JJ but I also think he would bring you the most in return for what we would lose in production.
No way they part w/ Cobb and Gurley wouldn't bring you much in return.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Did you forget JJ hit the market last year... And nobody bit? Not sure he's gonna bring much of a return. A 4th? Maybe?

BubbaOne's picture

No I didn't forget. I think the lockout played a part in what happened. Now a team would have a whole off season to incorporate him in their scheme. His contract is cap friendly for a # 2 receiver which he would be on some teams. Maybe Flynn would like him as a security blanket wherever he ends up.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I was absolutely baffled as to why duh bares picked up Roy Williams instead of JJ. I know a couple of bare fans that were as well.

Cole's picture

There's zero chance Cobb or Nelson get traded. Nelson is the best receiver in the league relative to how much he makes. Jones is the only possibility and I bet we'd get no more than a 6th. Not worth it for that return.

dk mke's picture

The point in the salary cap era is that you can't keep every great player. Even at WR you need some awesome talent, then supplement that with cheaper (either because they are unproven, or are just a little less talented). Packers seem to have too much at WR (and are we still at 5 TE's as well?). Cash those chips in and get some defensive talent.

dk mke's picture

You guys are right, I screwed up that analysis. You need to trade away a higher paid contract player and replace them with a lower paid player, and use that savings to pick up help elsewhere. So it's JJ or Jordy that should be on the block.

Brandon's picture

This won't happen, but I would prefer to see Jones traded, Cobb given his spot, and Driver & Gurley/Borel kept as 4/5.

Oppy's picture

I can get on board with this.. to a point.

JJ is still a better option to have around as a WR than Driver at this point in their careers, But DD's intangibles in leadership make him a more valuable asset to a team with the young WR's.. Even if DD has already passed on the good work ethic and knowledge to his WR kids Jennings, Jones, and Nelson.

JJ still has upside, and he's a better WR that we tend to give him credit for. But DD is DD. I would accept your scenario as a comprise to getting one more young player on the field while exposing them for one year to DD.

FITZCORE1252's picture

As would I.

JerseyCheese's picture

The man is willing to take a pay cut and WANTS to be a Packer. They're not going to cut/release Donald Driver. He means too much to the team and more to them than just a player. Sorry.

BubbaOne's picture

If Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas et al can be cut/traded from the teams they led for years, trust me DD can be gone tomorrow.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Wouldn't it be nice if that's the way it really was. Hope you're right, bet you're wrong.

bryce's picture

Keep him, let him play one more year, and then tell him to retire.

Oppy's picture

I sincerely hope DD will retire if the Packers tell him they're going to let him go.

But one of DD's big goals is to play till 40.. He also wants to retire a Packer. He's conflicted, and I have the feeling he might go on to play another year elsewhere if he's not 40 and his body hasn't pooped out on him. That will be difficult to watch for me. I won't be angry, it'll just be hard.

bryce's picture

Agree. That's the rub with TT. He'll build healthy, young, competitive teams, but you have to cringe every time he cuts one of your favorites loose.

cow42's picture

all of this conversation here about which wr's they should keep/release/trade.

how are you all forming your opinions?

are you looking at game tape of each wr and checking...

Footwork? accuracy of routes based on the defensive call and secondary alignment? primary and set-up moves? break away speed? fluidity in route running?keeping feet underneath center? ability to not show hands until just before the ball arrives? hands vs. body catches? blocking prowess?

just trying to learn.

i hear a lot of commenters on this sight do a great job of breaking down pro-football player technique.

cow42's picture

hey css - wouldn't you agree that all these opinions are week-ass and lack substance?

FITZCORE1252's picture

Hey EVERYONE not named Cow42 - Wouldn't you agree that what lacks substance is Cows incessant whining?

"how are you all forming your opinions?"
- Uh, we watch lots of Packer football, and have opinions.

"are you looking at game tape of each wr and checking…"
- Uh, abso-friggin-lutely. Have every game on tape/dvd going back to the 90's... pretty sure I'm not the only one. FYI NFL, stored very, very, far away from my house... so don't come looking. Actually, no, their not mine, I have no ownership of any NFL games not sanctioned by the governing body. They're a friends. Wait, a friend of a friends... yeah, that one. Seriously. 8-)

"just trying to learn."
- Uh, no your not. You're trying to be a Smart Ass Douche, as per the us'. Doing a remarkable job, as per the us'.

Done with Cow42.


cow42's picture

not whining - just making a point.

every time i voice an opinion that lacks substantive statistical support or a complex technical performance break-down i get hammered.

anyone else posts something like...

"Nelson is the best receiver in the league relative to how much he makes. "


"You need speed/quickness at receiver, that can catch. For years we had one or the other, speed (Schroeder, Bradford, etc with no hands) or catch (early Freeman, Mayes, etc. with no speed) TT seams to be able to find guys that can do both (most of the time)"


"I see Cobb as a ‘X factor’ weapon- a guy you scheme to get into exploitable match ups and utilize in gadget plays."

and they're accepted as fact.

nothing to back up these opinions... just opinions.

why the hypocrisy?

oh - because my opinions don't only look at the bright/sunny side of each player.

that's the only difference.

you may not like hearing what i have to say.
you may not agree with a single one of my opinions.
but to hold me to a higher standard or bash me and throw insults is not fair.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

dude's got a point.

isn't about packer football, more about blog-comment-etiquette, but it's a point nonetheless.

part of me says cow's built a reputation and should deal with what he's 'created.' another part of me says i try not to jump down people's throats unless i think they're doing intentional harm to children, the elderly, or defenseless puppies.

Oppy's picture

2 things for the record-

1) the excerpt you took from my post is CLEARLY an opinion, as it starts with "**I see **Cobb as", not "Cobb *IS*"

2) I've actually supported some of your most-bashed opinions during live-blogs and whatnot., even if I haven't agreed with you, I've more than once said the bashing you've taken was unfair or that I didn't think what you've stated was all that horrendous.

But, yeah, you do come off as a negative nancy quite a bit.

cow42's picture

just using your post as an example. i actually agree with everything you said.

didn't mean any offense to you.

i'm just sick of my opinions being bashed just because they're negative.

i tend to look for and focus on problems that need to be fixed. others lean towards soaking in the positives.

PackersRS's picture

You say you look for and focus on problems that needs to be fixed.


BubbaOne's picture

My expertise comes from I once stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.

Wiscokid's picture

Any chance the Packers could keep him on as an assistant coach?

BubbaOne's picture

"It's better to let a player go one year early rather than one year too late."

I hope fans keep this in mind when discussing Cullen Jenkins. Playing in a 4-3 he had 1/2 sack his last 11 games though he did have 19 hurries.

JoePackersNYC's picture

If he stays, I'll be thrilled.

If he's cut, I'll miss him, but that's the biz.

Regardless, the WR will once again be a position of strength for the 2012 team.

Kathy's picture

I hate this subject. Just expand the roster and stop Father Time.

One thing is absolutely sure. Packer fans will always love Donald Driver for a myriad of reasons - not the least of which is his life example.

Franklin Hillside's picture

"Quickie Says Goodbye"?

Damn. That's sad.

Lynn Dickey 12's picture

I don't think we'll be reading "Quickie Restructures His Contract"

Bugeater's picture

Maybe he can transition to safety!


Rocky70's picture

The argument to retain DD over a couple of unproven, undrafted PS WRs can be made just as easily.

It's absolutely weird that nearly all posters agree with the blogger even though the evidence presented is scant & pure 'opinion based'. (as it should be)

People ---- there is no 'inside information' presented here. All you have is one blogger quoting another blogger. Try a little independent thought. I don't believe it's against the rules.

packeraaron's picture

NO chance they ARE thinking interdependently - and just happen to agree with said blogger? Nahhhh.

Rocky70's picture


If you want to really make this interesting - follow-up with a piece stating the several reasons why DD should be retained by GB. (You know you can). The argument is compelling & would sway many of the above to 'keep DD'.

I would suggest a focus on who Gurley & Borel really are as football players. The college careers of both are spotty & both appear as if they have always been project players (even in college). Their rise to prominence in the minds of Packer Fans is based pretty much on their ability to catch passes while on the scout team in shorts & t-shirts. (And, of course, playing the 2nd half in a handful of preseason games)

All I'm saying is if one chooses to dump a player like DD, one must have an almost guaranteed improvement. Neither Gurley or Borel fill the bill.

packeraaron's picture

You're completely overlooking Cobb. He is the reason it is time to move on, not Gurley or Borel. They will probably struggle to even make the 53 man roster. But Cobb was sensational the last month of the season. He is the future. Driver is the past. It's time to move forward.

Rocky70's picture

I agree. However, Cobb will play no matter who the other 4 WRs are on the 53. I think he is that good.

Personally, I think's it's only a matter of time before James Jones requests a trade. This will become the best way Gurley can make the 53 if GB really really wants him in 2012.

CSS's picture

"The argument is compelling & would sway many of the above to ‘keep DD’."

I'm open to the concept, tell me why they retain him and what he brings to the field that other receivers fighting for the 4&5 spots cannot replicate.

Rocky70's picture

DD on the field & in the locker room.

However, I will not respond to any requests from you until your 'adolescent posts' become history. You have not earned the right to ask questions of anyone. Sorry.

CSS's picture

Not an adolescent item here, serious question. What is it you see in his game that would lead you to keep him the other 4&5 options don't possess?

Oppy's picture

Cue the chirping of crickets

PackersRS's picture

Thank you for enlightening me.

I really don't know what I would've done without you.

Point Packer's picture

The amount of emotion in this string, is a testament to how great DD was and is on and off the field. My sister graduated from St Norbert's and saw him in the grocery store on multiple occasions, family in tow.

Donald rarely turns down an autograph, is kind to everyone that comes up to him and has become a walking banner of service to his community. If only all pro-athletes followed his lead. Undoubtedly, the Packers as a team are better due to his presence.

Yes, he has lost a step. Yes, others are waiting in the wings. But my gut says we should give him one more opportunity to help bring the Lombardi trophy back home.

Unlike "when the one who won't be named" left. I'll probably shed a tear or two when the times comes whether this year or next.

Dano1660's picture

He is not just a great football player but a true gentleman, family man and a very respected person. I hope that the Packers can keep him in the Packers system. Will miss his warm smile and the very best to him and his family. :)

Ruppert's picture

As you can plainly see, I'm a fan of Double D.

And I definitely do not fall in line with Aaron all the time.

But I have no problem with the Packers not bringing Donald back. Basically, I think there is more risk involved with his return than with his departure. He is 37! That's old, unless you're Dennis from The Holy Grail, the 37 year old guy who believes that supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not some farcical aquatic ceremony. Oh...Sorry.

Anyway, the risk of a severe performance falloff is huge. The risk of injury is also large. And you can't even quantify the risk of cutting someone else with potential. You can't just keep guys until the wheels fall off. IMO, Cobb will cleary pick up all Driver's production, and then some.

Donald is one of my favorites. Reminds me of Ace Rimmer. What a guy.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I guess we look at this a little different Rupp. You see all this risk, I just don't. If he is serious about taking a paycut, I guess I just don't see it as all that risky. What is risky though is cutting an aging/slowing YET proven commodity for the dreaded "potential". DD may take better care of himself than anyone on the team, but yes, he's not DD from 6 or 7 years ago. Right now he should not take a single snap from Cobb, that would be negligent, I wholeheartedly admit that... love me some Cobb. I hope Borel and Gurley turn out to be worldbeaters, BUT I just get wary when people talk of axing a proven commodity for 'potential'. Even if he is old and being covered by LB's, he still gives his all and balls when nobody else is apparently interested in doing so.

I think we could still stash those two on the PS if we wanted to. Bill Johnson thought it would get raided last year, didn't happen.

I fully admit some of this might be tied to sentiment, but just remember folks...
$2.50 and all the potential in the world will get you a cup of coffee and nothing more if you can't play. Not saying the young guys can't, fact of the matter is none of us really know.

I'm all for the "cut a guy a year too early as opposed to a year too late" philosophy... usually.

Just don't forget the seemingly one guy who knew what time it was in the playoffs, that carries a lot of weight with me.


Ruppert's picture

A lot of stuff from the past carries a lot of weight with me, too. But we're talking about the future here.

He's a 37-year old #5 WR who will eat up $5 mil. Let's say he plays for free and we take the financial aspect out of it. I'd still rather see our #5 WR be a young guy who can play all the special teams positions--gunner, blocker on returns AND hands team. If a couple special teamers get injured, I want a guy who can come in and block for a big return. Guys that are down far on the depth chart HAVE TO do multiple jobs. There aren't enough roster spots to keep a ton of dedicated special teamers.

It probably isn't worth this much debate over a #5 WR. The team probably won't suffer too much either way. And I'd be fine if he comes back at reduced pay. We'll see how important Thompson thinks a locker room presence is. But I don't see it happening.

Oppy's picture

I agree.

This is more about value per roster spot than it is about production per contract dollar spent.

Take away the respect-induced depth chart slotting, and what DD really is, is the #5 WR, who doesn't(and you wouldn't ask to) play on all the ST units.

I'm all for keeping DD, I think he still has value as a WR and definitely as a leader. But I can't really justify taking away a roster spot from a young, developing WR who needs play time to take the next step, who will play on all the ST units as well.

#5 wr roster slot needs to go to a guy who plays on the field on at least two ST units as well as offense.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

" It probably isn’t worth this much debate over a #5 WR. The team probably won’t suffer too much either way"... Lol, you are absolutely right! And for the record, I don't expect him back. But hey, we kept 5TE's last year... Let's go for 6 or 7 WR's this year... What the Hell!

The long and short of it is you're right, no matter how I try to spin/justify it... I know in this instance your take is the sound take... But man... Hate to admit it.

Peace Rupp.

BLACKHAWK's picture

Well said Fitz!

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A negative comment cannot be found concerning Driver on or off the field much like John Anderson. However it is big business and tough decisions need to be made ASAP. Cobb is a Percy Harvin without the migrane headache issues, a natural who has been called by Packer coaches "as tough as Hines Ward" and he needs to have more opportunities as the slot receiver. Gurley and Borel have potential based on the team paying to keep them on the practice squad. In addition with Finley playing as a WR half the time there a fewer chances for all the receivers. Best of luck to the Packer with the permanent smile no matter what happens.

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