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It's Official: Aaron Rodgers Will Start Against the Bears

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It's Official: Aaron Rodgers Will Start Against the Bears

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Photo by Corey Behnke of

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy said on Thursday that Aaron Rodgers will be the starting quarterback for Sunday's regular-season finale.

"We're preparing for the Chicago Bears with Aaron Rodgers as our starting quarterback," said McCarthy. "Our goal coming into this week was to have this announcement Tuesday by our team meeting, but that did not happen. All the evaluation and the communication was not concluded yet at that point. We waited to tell the team today at 8:05, because we felt that obviously the first people that needed to know about that was our football team."

If everything goes according to plan, it will be the first time Rodgers plays since breaking his collarbone Nov. 4 against the very same Bears team, which was also the start of a five-game winless streak for the Packers.

Over the course of eight games without Rodgers, the Packers have gone 2-5-1 and find themselves still in contention for a spot in the playoffs in what has become a de facto NFC North championship game on Sunday.

The winner of this weekend's game between the Packers and the Bears will win the division and earn the right to host a home game during the wildcard round of the playoffs.

With so much at stake, McCarthy message to his players was to make sure it was still a team game and not just about their quarterback.

"I think it's important, it's something we talked about as a football team, Aaron's obviously important to our team, history defines that clearly," said McCarthy. "But we need to go down there and win this game as a team.

"There wasn't a bunch of flyers that were thrown up in the air. Everybody understands that we need to run the football. We need to stop the run, we need to pass protect, we need to get after their quarterback, we need to play pass defense and we obviously need to get after them on the perimeter. That's what we're trying to stay focused on, but this is the decision I'm sure everybody was waiting for."

After weeks of consideration, the decision was finally made to instill Rodgers as the starting quarterback over Matt Flynn, who guided the team to a 2-2 record since taking over as the starter.

"Every football player that plays in this game Sunday will have risk, and I think we all understand that," said McCarthy. "We've done our due diligence. We've gone through all the evaluations, and it's time Aaron Rodgers is ready to play."

McCarthy continued, "Aaron has accepted the level of risk for this is probably the third week. He's been put through… this has been a stressful period for him. I think he's just relieved to play, and frankly, I know in our conversation this morning, it's time to play football. This situation, particularly out in the media focused on our internal talks has been discussed thoroughly over and over and over again. He just wants to focus on playing football."

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Yay! And I dont see his porn star stach! Even better.

Jake's picture

Cheesus has risen!!!!

RC Packer Fan's picture

Greatest news Packers have received in a very long time...

WKUPackFan's picture

An epic battle awaits!

Derek in CO's picture

Merry Christmas to all Packer fans!

SOL's picture

And a Happy New Playoff Year!

steven's picture

The nfc dark horse

Joe's picture

Nice timing ... Rogers... Cobb... hopefully Lacy to beat Da Bears !!!!! Go Pack Go

jh9's picture

Great news, but our defense still has to show up!

White92's picture

Agreed there. Trying not to get too excited..

cLowNEY42's picture

Can he play safety? Or linebacker? Or defensive line?
Can he play on kick coverage teams?
Can he call the plays on offense? How about defense?

Jake's picture

He can call plays on offense...

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ZeroTolerance's picture

Thought you said the team had no chance of winning 5 games, early in the season, without all the significant injuries? Yet it may win 8. A question - do you ever have a positive thought? Can you not root and be happy? Is a dark cloud always raining on you?

cLowNEY42's picture

I said 6.

Was just thinking about this, actually.

Let's say they lose to the Bears. That leaves them at 7 wins.
Now let's say Rodgers had never gotten hurt. Which games would they have won that they lost without him?

Eagles? I don't think so.
Giants? No. Giants own us.
Vikings? Probably.
Lions? NO!!!!
Steelers? Toss up.

So really we're looking at ending the season with 1 more win than they have right now.

I said 6.

If 12 had played all year it probably wold have been 8.

Some of you homers were calling for 12 or 13.

I'm closer.

Stroh's picture

Dude seriously. I'm not certain we would have lost any w 12. Very close to 14-2, 12 - 4 worst!

cLowNEY42's picture

i disagree.

murphy's picture

They would have beaten the Bears at Lambeau. That's 9. With Seneca "3 and out" Wallace at the helm the Bears still had a hard time putting the Pack away.

Rodgers vs Lions in DET would have made it a much closer game, but I'll give you that one as a loss.

Eagles, Giants, Steelers? I think they take at least 2 of 3 without the crucial QB mistakes from the Not-Rodgers. Tell me where I'm wrong. That's 11 wins.

With Rodgers in, they don't spot the Falcons 14 or let Dallas take a 3-score lead in the first half. Both of those games are the easy wins they should have been.

11-5. I predicted 10-6 with a healthy QB. I'm closer.

cLowNEY42's picture

They would have lost to the Eagles (who are better), the Giants (who own the Packers), and the Steelers (Rodgers would not have been playing defense or special teams).

murphy's picture

"They would have lost to the Eagles (who are better), the Giants (who own the Packers), and the Steelers (Rodgers would not have been playing defense or special teams)."

You're like the cover band that only knows one song, and that song is off the B side.

You did concede the first Bears game, at least. 9-7 is three losses from 12-4 and three wins from 6-10, making you no closer than the average Green-and-gold lens-wearing homer.

It's closer to 10-6, though. I'm still closer.

cLowNEY42's picture

Now I'm lost.

ZeroTolerance's picture

When he plays, the defense plays less. Therefore, no matter how inept, the damage is minimized. Field position is improved. And the need to score more on the other side increases, and therefore so do the risks.

On the offensive side, he has more control to change the play at the LOS than any other QB, except for Peyton Manning.

Does that answer your questions?

ZeroTolerance's picture
cLowNEY42's picture

Bears' offense will absolutely dominate our defense. All of the Pack's defensive disabilities will be on display...

Inability to even slow down, let alone stop, the run.
Handling backs who catch passes.
Matching up with TEs.
Defending big receivers.

We're gonna have to score 40.
I'm not sure I see this happening on the road, with winter weather, 12's first game back (rust), and Lacy on a bum wheel.

4thand1's picture

As usual, cow, you didn't disappoint. Fully expected the doom and gloom post. The Packers will win for sure now, because you're so wrong most of the time. WTG COW!!!!!

cLowNEY42's picture

hey - i'm happy he's back... just not sure it'll make any difference with this team.

too many holes.

this year's pretty much shot.

been looking at the draft...

R1 – tuitt DE
R2 – verrett CB
R3 – adams WR
R4 – skov - ILB
R5 – bailey FS
R6 – smith QB

Verrett's small but sounds like he plays big.
I love Skov - that dude's an animal.

RunAndHyde's picture fn way we get Skov in the 4th round. Injury problems or not ...he paints his face...has a mohawk...and murders people....Get him in the 3rd rd it....seriously do it.

Stroh's picture

Cow... Skov is slower than Hawk by a lot. He'll make the D worse! Estimated near a 5.0 40 which is what OL run, not LB!

No short little shits playing CB! Too many the way it is. Gilbert from OK St would be a much better pick, so would Fuller for that matter.

Just like your Packer prdictions you haven't a clue!

cLowNEY42's picture

Hey Stroh,
I agree with you on Verrett. I' don't love him.
As for Skov - I could not care less about his 40 time. Hawk absolutely CRUSHED the combine... but his play-speed is pathetic. I LOVED Burfict when he was coming out... dude ran like a 6.0 40, didn't even get drafted... now he's an absolute stud.

Go watch Skov play.

This D needs an emotional bad ass. Someone who wants to knock somebody out. Skov would change the demeanor of this defense 180 degrees.

By the way - B. Jones ran a fast 40 too... too bad he can't tackle for shit.

Stroh's picture

Burfict wasn't in shape for the combine. He blew off training for his last year or 2 at ASU. But EVERYONE knew he had good speed and outstanding ability if he got his head outta his ass! I live in Scottsdale, so I'm very aware of what Burfict is as a player. There was NEVER a doubt in anyone's mind that if got his head on straight he would be a GREAT player. He was estimated to have sub 4.6 speed when in shape.

Same isn't true of Skov. He is recovered from an ACL now and if he doesn't run very well he'll drop like a stone. NFL is a speed game more and more every year. Skov better prove he can run or he'll be a late rd pick.

The TKstinator's picture

Hey man, I share the pain of watching a crappy defense. I really hate watching other teams move the ball on GB. I hate watching long methodical drives and I also hate getting gashed for big chunks.


If you were FORCED to choose a squad with:

an elite defense AND a mediocre QB


an elite QB and a mediocre defense,

which would you take?

(I know, I think MOST fans would hope that OUR elite QB had at least an average defense, but, that's not the question to debate that I am posing here.)

I, like you, don't want to wait forever to see 12 get a better defense to back him up. I don't think ELITE could happen overnight but to rise to at least respectability seems realistic and could happen fairly soon, I think.

What say ye?

cLowNEY42's picture

I think it will take at least 2 drafts to get enough new defensive players to bring it up even a mediocre level.

The entire DL group needs to be overhauled. Daniels is a quality player but he's a situational guy.

The entire LB group, save Matthews, needs to be scraped. Just a pathetic unit.

Out of the secondary I think you have Shields outside, Hayward inside, and Hyde as a dime back. THAT'S IT. House is useless. Williams is old and expensive. Burnett is a ghost. Jennings - yuck. Richardson -backup/goal line package guy. Bush - is what he is.

So you have...

Hyde star, two solid starters, and two situational guys.

The D needs 9 news starters.
That's gonna take a while.

RunAndHyde's picture

Neal and especially Perry will be solid dude. Datone might end up being pretty good. Draft a good DL,a thumper LB, and a head bustin safety and this D is well on its draft and we are set. Throw in a solid 4th or 5th rd WR and a decent TE and we are not to be f#cked yeah it COULD be done in one round.I said could. Also I'd like to add that I watched the cboyz game again today (hey it was on again) and I am really startin to like 81. Does anyone else feel the same way? Now that sissy arm is gone do we continue to use him when 12 is under center?

Evan's picture

It is fucking on.

Tarynfor12's picture
PresidentRaygun's picture

I about bounced around like flubber in my cubicle when I heard this. YESSSS

Hope we get Cobb and Lacy back too.

WKUPackFan's picture

MM said he expects Lacy to play also.

Wenis's picture

Leave it to CowPie to find the slightest shred of negativity.

jeremy's picture

I knew what this comments section was going to be when 8 of the 12 comments in the recents were clowney42.

Derek in CO's picture

If Cobb isn't too sore tomorrow, I think he goes Sunday as well. Shootout time!

packsmack25's picture

I just went from six to midnight.

The TKstinator's picture

I wish I could un-read that.

KurtMc's picture

Kind of torn with #12 starting.

I want him to start and kick the living shit out of Da bums...

but I don't want to sacrifice next year for a playoff spot with Rodgers potentially being injured again. The Bears will take every cheap shot available. Do they really care if they get a 15 yard unsportsmans penalty? PLUS, With this D and Capers at the helm, where can we go next once in the playoffs?

As always, Go Pack.

Marlow's picture

I don't know if this makes me happy or scares the living daylights out of me. Both, I guess. Go, Pack.

murphy's picture

They didn't cause the first injury with a cheap shot. I'm not too worried about dirty play.

The Bears are rivals and tempers flare in a divisional game, especially a regular season playoff like this, but don't confuse them for the Lions.

bogfan's picture

Rodgers returns...Eddie Plays....Cobb also poised to make a comeback.

Getting the band back together! It's a mission from God.

CtSharpeCheddar's picture

In Chicago just like the Blues Brothers

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

I'm starting to feel warm all over.

Nononsense's picture

Man talk about a great Christmas for me. Just got back from a 7 day Cruise to the Bahamas, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Grand Turk and now the best news a Packer fan could here is Rodgers is back.

We shouldn't need him to do too much though as the Bears cannot stop the run. I fully expect to see Lacy and Starks running wild on the Bears D with Rodgers providing the proverbial dagger at opportune moments. Can't fucking wait!

Bart's picture

Great news. Now just win the damn game!! If we can somehow get to the playoffs we at least have a "puncher's chance" with Aaron & Cobb back even with the Caper's D.

Mojo's picture

To be honest, I didn't give the Pack much chance with Flynn. I know da Bears were destroyed by Philly last week, but with Flynn I just didn't think our O could keep up with theirs. Now with Rodgers back, the Pack have a very good chance.

One thing I'm guessing they'll emphasize to Rodgers is getting the ball out quickly. More quick hitters, slants etc.(much like Flynn was doing, but with better accuracy). I don't see MM putting him in harms way either. If he follows orders I think this bodes well for now and the future. Their could be a benefit in the long-run from all what transpired this year.

RunAndHyde's picture

Why do I have to call off work all the time ? If this team can pull one out Sunday its game the f#ck on for the GBP! Go pack go!

TommyG's picture

I just landed in Baltimore and read this!!! Merry Christmas, Cheeseheads!!!

Digital Tucker Hero's picture

aaron who?

4thand1's picture

The Packers went from 4.5 underdogs to 3 point favorites. and from 30something to 1 to 12-1 to win the SB. Guess vegas knows more than the trolls.

cLowNEY42's picture

go ahead... throw your $ on that.
let us know how you do.

Tom's picture

4thand1, I don't like the line. 2 1/2 is not enough with Rodgers. I'm looking at this game from a betting stand point. I would think the money is all going on Green Bay with this line. I don't play the Green Bay game, but I play & win enough games to know, this line does not, (normally) bode well for us. I can see us winning, but not covering. Also, the Over/Under is 52 1/2. I also heard that Green Bay went to 12 - 1 for the SB, but I looked tonight, & unless it wasn't updated, they went down from 35 to 50 -1. I'm sure it's 12. I took them before the season started for the SB, & only got 8-1. Without a Defense, I still like my chances, if SF is the #1 Wild Card. I believe they would come to Green Bay. I don't want to play them out there. I would go anywhere else with a healthy ARod, Cobb, & hopefully Lacy.

Ruppert's picture

"I hate that Clown..."

--Happy Gilmore

Albert Lingerfeld's picture

I apologize. I earlier posted espn says he is out. My wife had heard Mathews was out, he seems to be on her mind (lol) but said Rogers. I was wondering why it would have been suck an early pronounce and should have questioned it. Sorry bought that.

cLowNEY42's picture

is this english?

Stroh's picture

Sounds like your wifes having fantasies for 52. Be worried, very very worried... LOL Kidding of course.

Ruppert's picture

Autocorrect strikes again.

The TKstinator's picture

Ok, here's an interesting scenario:
The Bears have struggled to stop the run all year. Now, with Rodgers back, do they EVER even bother to bring a safety down into the box? And if they do, does Rodgers just destroy them downfield? Or do they stay in a 2 shell look and let 27 and 44 run all day?

Stroh's picture

Exactly my thought. Bears would have loaded the box w/o Rodgers, now? Have to think they stay back a little more. No matter they couldn't stop our running game w/o Rodgers in 1st game. Rodgers will only make the run game better just by his presence on the field. 12 to 87 DEEP on one of those rollout shot plays. Lacy/Starks push 200 yds combined!

The TKstinator's picture

Can't wait to see the cat and mouse. Pick your poison!

The TKstinator's picture

From the perspective of the cat, that is.

Stroh's picture

Be the Predator, not the prey! LOL

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

Mel Tucker will run a fair amount of single high safety on early downs against 11 personnel. The key will be playaction in those situations. I suspect a fair amount of 10 personnel to put the Bears in 2 high looks. The key will be the Packers ability to run the ball effectively from those personnel groupings. If they do those two things effectively it will be a long day for Chicago.

jeremy's picture

Let's just hope one of the guys in the 10 is Cobb.

cLowNEY42's picture

Bears will have the same advantage over the Packers defense. It's a push. Problem is they have better skill players. They also have better special teams. They're also at home.

HUMP's picture

AND YOU LEFT OUT.........they beat the living shit out of philly 11-52,quite an imposing foe we got this week!!! you always do your due diligence when opening your mouth!! P.S... the bears have as much chance of beating us as we have taking jason verret, 168 lb corner in the 2nd round!! as you previously predicted

Cheddarhead's picture

would of beat the bears ikes steelers philly?

4thand1's picture

Cow the Packers lost to the Lions who lost 5 or their last 6 games . They stacked the LOS and stopped Lacy cold. Rodgers would have made all the difference in that game. Also they would have beat the Giants (They own no one this year)and Philly and the Vikes along with the Bears. They would be 12-3 right now. You give some of these shit teams waaay to much credit.

cLowNEY42's picture

Did you watch the Lions game.
You're telling me the Pack would have won with 12?

That's insane.

RC Packer Fan's picture

They might not have won, but it would have been a hell of a lot closer...

cLowNEY42's picture

All those "shit teams" have superior overall talent than the Packers.

12 - 3 is straight up homerism.

murphy's picture

6-10 is straight up trollism.

eqfan592's picture

This statement alone would have invalidated anything you had to say as meaningless ramblings, and you've made about a dozen such statements in this thread alone. Smh...

steven's picture

Prediction rodgers wants revenge and score 4 tds. Our rushing attack tops 150

cLowNEY42's picture


That's crazy.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Have you seen the Bears defense?

I'm not saying its going to happen, just saying the Bears defense is bad...

4thand1's picture

Cow is now a staunch Lions supporter. They obviously have a superior front office, better coach, and QB. By the way it was the 1st time a Stafford led team beat GB. I wonder why? Oh Wait! Someone was missing.

cLowNEY42's picture

Front office? No.
Coach? No.
QB? No.
Overall talent? Yes. By a long shot.

RunAndHyde's picture

Jeffery Marshall Bennett over Cobb JJ Jordy N Boykin? No. Forte over Starks n Lacy ...hell no. Cutler or McCown over AR negative.

cLowNEY42's picture

"Jeffery Marshall Bennett over Cobb JJ Jordy N Boykin?:" HELL YES!

"Forte over Starks n Lacy"... A THOUSAND TIMES YES!
So if today (right now - Lacy's ankle and all) you could swap RB's for this game... you wouldn't? That's ridiculous.

I'll give you the QB's.

RunAndHyde's picture

Ur high on the WRs thing....I would take Cobb over BMarshall..Cobb is a game changer. And I would take Jordy over Jeffery. And we struggle at TE but I'd take JJ over Martellus all day long. Now for the rbs a healthy Eddie and Starks > Forte. Stop smokin the cheeb bubbers.....

Arlo's picture

Alot of you dudes really, really need to wait for the game before assuming too much. AR being out for 7 games is all uncharted territory. I'm just hop'in Mac's playcalling (early) considers that AR may be abit rusty.

Besides, the D & winning the TO battle will be more important than AR's return

RC Packer Fan's picture

Arlo, SO great to hear from you. I have missed you so much.. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I hope you have a very pleasant new year as well.

You know what Arlo. You are right. Packer fans shouldn't get excited that Rodgers is coming back.

You are right that Rodgers probably will be rusty as well.

Now I know you don't like hearing from me, so if you can't take my genuine comments and appreciate the true kindness that I am showing you, well then...

Digital Tucker Hero's picture

Rusty A-Rod > All

4thand1's picture

Cow logic: 50% of the league has superior talent than GB. Their front office has to go along with the head coach. Fire the training staff too. I'm tired of these playoff appearances, time to invest in top FA's and win 1 to 2 games per year to get a bunch of top 5 picks. Look out in 5 to 10 years, we'll be the toast of the football world.

cLowNEY42's picture

I don't think I've ever called to have anyone fired.

I do believe that the overall talent on the Packers' roster is in the bottom 1/2 of the league.

If Rodgers being out has taught us anything at all, it's that without him... there ain't much.

Stroh's picture

You just don't understand the effect Rodgers has on the Team. Offensively (obviously), defensively and ST too. Hell every part of game day is different when #12 is on the field! Don't believe me? Believe this...

James Jones "When you're a player of that caliber, teammates don't just play with you, they play for you."

Or this... "he makes this team a thousand times better."

Or... "It may not be something they even realize or can measure but deep down in their subconscious, it's there."

RC Packer Fan's picture

your exactly right.

Rodgers makes the whole team better. Not just the offense..

Opposing offenses come in knowing they have to score more points, so it forces them to be more aggressive which causes turnovers.

cLowNEY42's picture

This Packer defense (even with Rodgers) will not hold Chicago under 35.

zeke's picture

"I don't think I've ever called to have anyone fired"

Wasn't it you who wrote that Capers should be let go because he had too much money in his bank account and was no longer "hungry"?

cLowNEY42's picture

Wow... that was a long time ago, but I do think I may have written that.

Calling for Capers to get canned shouldn't count, though. Everyone wants Capers canned.

Digital Tucker Hero's picture

I went back and watched the 49er's and skin's game....In the words of the immortal Ronnie Milsap singing about Aaron Rodgers:

4thand1's picture

Cow,You tossed them in the trash at the start of the season and everyone here knows it.
This is one of the youngest teams with players still developing. The players listed would start on any team. Rodgers makes them all better and still you threw them under the bus.

Ruppert's picture

What? Only 17 doom and gloom comments out of 92? No, that's not the work of a troll. Not at all.

FYI, normal people come to a blog to read the post, read a few different reactions, then throw on a couple comments.

Getting Rodgers back is huge. Getting Rodgers and Cobb back would be even bigger. Screw Chicago.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Isn't it funny, how as soon as the Packers get good news the trolls stop trolling...

I like to come and put my thoughts out there. I don't come here to start fights with people, as certain ones do.

I like to have rational conversations with people.

cLowNEY42's picture

Point to where I started a fight.

Bugeater's picture

You're kidding again right Cow? I think we could paste just about every comment you've made in this article as a very nice starting point.

You rarely seem interested in an intelligent conversation. You merely list a bunch of things and say the things you list are better than what the Packers have. You then apparently use some sort of Mad Lib template to point out how your love of the Packers requires you to be totally negative regardless of what is happening. Because this is somehow honest. Positive comments are merely ignorant homerism in your world.

The conclusion to your essays normally results in this: In order to enjoy the Packers they need to be a team other than the Packers.

Even somebody as kind and knowlegeable as "Paul Ott Carruth" called you out.

Oh, and please don't come back after the season concludes and confess that you did this all because of your superstitions and it is your way of supporting the team.

Ruppert's picture

While it may not fit the definition of "starting a fight," I would say that when one person accounts for 20% of the comments on a post, it is certainly excessive. Particularly when they are all negative.

This is a fan site. It's not terribly surprising that there is a lot of optimism around here. Of course people will respond to your negative comments. It seems you post that stuff as a way to go fishing for responses that you can argue with.

C's picture

"It seems you post that stuff as a way to go fishing for responses that you can argue with."

Isn't there an internet reference for people that do this in and ongoing basis? It escapes me.....

James's picture

Gone are the days of this being a great website. Talk about trolls. Everyone, pan up and down all the comments above. Then visit every story on the site. You'll see "about" 6 common names that do nothing but wait for someone to post a comment containing their opinion. A post, like anyone else. Not a statement from a trial lawyer that has to be backed with hours a factual information in order to justify an opinion. We're not taling about declaring facts, we're talking about having an opinion, a perspective. Based on likes, dislikes, views, interpretations etc. But the true 6 or so trolls somehow believe this is their personal information station to the world at large and somehow deserve recognition for their accurate reporting. To the six, and count them, they have from 5 to 25 comments slamming anyone that comes in their way, we really don't care about your opinion. In fact, we are looking to read and hear about the general feelings fans have about THEIR team, not you. So, please give it a rest. The rest of us have tired jaws from laughing. By the way, post a comment, it'll add to the count from above. Any one of the 6. Go.

The TKstinator's picture

Let's bring the greatness back then. Justin Timberlake can't do it alone.
Oh wait, did I get that mixed up?

cLowNEY42's picture

Here Here!
Good call James!

packeraaron's picture

<em>Gone are the days of this being a great website.</em>

Comment sections don't make a website great. If they did, forums would still be all the rage.

Evan's picture

Gotta disagree. Comment sections help foster a sense of community. I can read news about Rodgers getting cleared anywhere. But I like to come here because I like to talk about the Packers with fellow fans/readers (as well as you, Brian, Zach and Jayme).

zeke's picture

Agree with this completely. There is more (though not necessarily better) free content on sites like ESPN, SI, etc., that have plenty of Packer news, if that's all you're looking for. Although I'm sure I'm in the minority as I haven't lived in the US for over a decade, finding this site was a bit of a dog-send as it was a way of connecting with a "lost" community. I'm not looking for a bunch of cheerleaders, but the obvious trolling often makes the site almost unreadable. Unfortunately, Packer fans are some of the most "troll-able" because of how impassioned they are, but for every interesting POC post (for example), there are half a dozen posts where someone throws a grenade in an effort to hijack the thread, too often successfully. I know the only way to avoid that is to have a moderated comment section, and I'm certain that is enormously time consuming and poses its own problems. Ultimately it's a matter of deciding whether the risk/reward of reading the comments is worthwhile, and at least for me lately the answer is more often than not "no". And if the comments aren't worth the effort, then... But, to each his own. My two cents worth, and it isn't worth that.

Point Packer's picture

Ha! I agree with Nagler.

Arlo's picture

Like it matters. A whopping &lt;5% of true Packer fans have anything to do with football forums &amp; blogs like ---- Some of you who own the place need to get over yourself. The bowling alleys &amp; bars &amp; homes in Wisconsin are where the Pack fans are. ----- Not here.

The TKstinator's picture

That's not very nice.

Stroh's picture

See right there your trolling! What about that don't you get? Go somewhere else and troll that site!

Packerbacker55's picture

James ! 100% correct.. We Packer fans should be on the same side w/o suffering ridicule from OUR fans for having a different opinion. No One can see the future,but hope We can cage the Bears. Great to have Rodgers back! Please LETS get along.

James's picture

Thanks packerbacker55. Appreciate it. Even after my honest post, people are coming back with ultra technical responses stating how more "accurate responses" could be filtered out and make it a more accurate forum. Do they not get it? It's not a reporting structure. It's a fan comment section and should not be subject to hammering. Someone should be able to get on site, read "one of the 6's" comments, read everyone elses comments, and say I agree with so and so. I won't recap the reasons for this, please read my above commentary. This is tiring. Anyway, Rodgers is about two weeks late in getting back on the field due to TT (my opinion). TT will have his day. Wait for it..........Aaron, go out there and do it. I hope the OL protects him. Make plays. The receivers will come through I should think. Lacy will push through the pain. Starks will back up. Our defense will be inspired. Let's close this up, win the division, and see what we can make happen in the post season. Go Packers.

Stroh's picture

Thompson has already had his day. It was called SB 45! He'll be here as long as he choses to stay. Probably w/ another SB to his credit!

James's picture

Ok. I understand your view. I still think that TT will be fired if not this year, next. SB45 was awesome. But, it wasn't because of TT. You don't sit down at a desk, sign a player, and then get credit for all the player does. You don't. Like wise, a bad player is not to be blamed on TT either. But all in all, TT is atrocious. He hires the handicapped, the light, the limited. I look forward to today's game. Hope we do well. Go Packers.

packeraaron's picture

Ted Thompson will GM the Packers until he decides to retire.

Ruppert's picture

This is still a great site, regardless of the comments. The writers are excellent.

James's picture

In the end, I agree. it's still is a source for inside information and perspective. Let's hope the that the 6's get on the same page as all of us and remember that they don't report, they comment. The rest of us have the same information they have. Let's all comment. Then, like a lottery, we'll see who is closest to the outcome. Go Packers!

farts mcgee's picture

Yeah there is a roggers in the house! fart faft. yay there is a rogders in the house! fart fart fart.

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