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It's Entirely Up To Jones If He's Back With The Pack

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It's Entirely Up To Jones If He's Back With The Pack

In light of Aaron Rodgers' comments about how retaining the services of James Jones should be "Priority #1" and Jason Wilde's subsequent report that the Packers are indeed talking to Jones about staying with the Packers, I wanted to weigh in on the situation before it becomes entirely irrelevant (which will probably be by the time you read this.)

Ted Thompson will not be swayed by his quarterback's entreaties. He has set a price for Jones and will present it to the wide receivers' camp with words akin to this: We think you're a valuable part of what he have built and are building in Green Bay. We would love it if you would join us for this price. If not, we hope you'll keep us in mind when you hit free agency on Friday.

The Packers simply can not afford to overpay for Jones' services. There are too many priority contracts that will need extending soon, starting with Josh Sitton's sometime this year, not to mention Jermichael Finley and, soon, Clay Matthews. James Jones is a young, emerging talent. But the Packers offense will be fine with Jordy Nelson in Jones' role and with a return to health by Finley. But there's no denying Jones' talent - and the more talent you can put on the field the better.

The endgame here is simple. If James Jones wants to stay with the Packers and be part of what looks to be a promising future - he'll take Ted's offer sometime tomorrow. Otherwise, he will test the free agent waters and most likely find a deal worth quite a bit more than what Ted and the Packers are offering.

Whichever choice Jones makes - the Packers offense will still be a potent force. The only question is if James Jones wants to be a part of it.

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Edward's picture

Hope TT has a creative contract to offer. Something with nice performance incentives. Jones seems like a guy who would be all world if he can focus--maybe the right contract would help.

Anthony's picture

If he does sign, he REALLY likes Green Bay. If not, he wants the money. He can play for another sometime near future contender... The Rams are out there, the Jets may be looking for a no 2,... Several good teams need wide receivers and will overpay for him.

Anthony's picture

But, you have to think, you can't say you'd be overpaying him unless it's an outrageous amount. Because he could end up getting better with his hands. If he does, he has the skills to burn defenses. He would've had at least 200 more yards last season if he didn't have so many drops.

djbonney138's picture

Is this situation what happened with Daryn Colledge?

packeraaron's picture

No. The Packers approached Colledge's agent but they weren't interested in speaking to the Packers. The agents quote: "I believe the Packers have had the last couple of years to get a deal done and we've not been able to reach an agreement. They could have done it after his third, fourth or fifth years."

And he's absolutely right.

foundinidaho's picture

And that absolutely sucks. From my totally partial view.

Anthony's picture

I'm 100% glad we didn't keep Colledge. He's touted as a better pass specialist than run, but he still gave up a ton of sacks over the past couple years. I honestly feel we're better off without him.

Ruppert's picture

IMO the Packers need to upgrade LG. Colledge's inconsistency from game to game drove me nuts.

djbonney138's picture


Mike Smith's picture

Spot on Nagler... I can tell you're getting fed up with this "situation", but what you said is spot on. I am a supporter of JJ and would like him to stay, but I am also realistic and believe in TT.
On a side note, I went up to Lambeau for the Return To Title Town event after the SB and it was VERY telling to me when the WR's were called up to the podium and JJ didn't go up. Greg Jennings had to call him up after a couple of minutes and his excuse was that it was too cold and had to stay by the heaters, but to me I took it as a sign that he felt like he didnt belong up there for whatever reason. Unless there's a sevre change of heart I don't see any way he'll be back.

Chris's picture

Ok Aaron, Gimme your odds.. 35% re-sign 65% leave???

Nerdmann's picture

He can get paid if he wants, but if he stays he can be the heir apparent to DD. Let's face it, that could happen sooner than later.

Mike Smith's picture

When it comes down to it, the most important thing is to keep ARODS arsenal fully loaded. Give him guys to win with and The Pack WILL win... I trust TT knows this and will not let us down. GO PACK GO!!!

MarkinMadison's picture

"The Packers simply can not afford to overpay for Jones' services. There are too many priority contracts that will need extending soon, starting with Josh Sitton's sometime this year, not to mention Jermichael Finley and, soon, Clay Matthews."

To me, these two sentences are the bottom line. TT will find guys. To me, your priorities are QB, OL, CB, pass rush (DL or LB), other DL, Receivers, LB/S, RB, and specialists, in pretty much that order. I look at it that way based upon the way the NFL is played, and how hard it is to find guys to do the job.

We all love the receivers (TE or WR) who are making the touch-down grabs, but the truth is that they are not hard for most teams to find (cough, Bears), and TT is very good at finding excellent receivers that other GMs overlook (Jennings, Finley, etc.). So you look at the contracts coming up (especially in light of the Lions' young and dominant interior DL) and you need to lock up Sitton, CM3, and then maybe you get to keep either Finley or JJ, but not both, and maybe not either of them. You've already got Jennings locked up. Quick - name the #2 receiver on the 49ers during the Montana-Rice era. The only real question is do you cut DD's salary next year in order to afford Finley. I think the answer is a big yes, but that's a delicate proposition. And that's why JJ was talking about DD being the starter - there's no room for him (or Finley in all likelihood) unless DD takes a pay cut. And that probably won't happen this year.

CounterPoint's picture

I entirely agree with your main point here, but don't get the 49ers tangent. John Taylor was their #2 receiver and he was damn good- I'd bet most football fans would recall Taylor as the #2 on those teams.

ohenry78's picture

I remember John Taylor, but honestly I just remember him from Tecmo Super Bowl more than anything!

mark's picture

Jones is gone, let's be real.

bryce's picture

Agreed. If he was humble and wanted to be a role player, then he'd stay. But he's not, and he wants to make a ton of money, which I can't really blame him for.

Tarynfor 12's picture

I think the price TT offered to Jones was not based on having to have money for CM3,Finley,Sitton,but more along the mindset of making sure we won't lose Jordy.Who IMO,is much more valuable to Rodgers and the Packers than Jones is or may be,as thought by some.

Tommyboy's picture

Frankly, I don't blame Jones for whatever choice he makes here.

Best of luck to him with whatever path he chooses.

BubbaOne's picture

Were the injuries to Driver last year a sign age has caught up to him? Will we see a noticeable dropoff in production? And I like Cobb but it usually takes a couple years for a WR to get fully up to speed. So yes, I would like JJ back at a fair price.
BTW-Did anyone else think AR could have handled the situation better? I would have preferred him saying he wants JJ/Tausch back but knows there's the business side of the game. He came off as playing amateur GM (Our # 1 priority should be...). I remember Michael Jordan doing it and it wasn't helpful to the real GM or the team.

Edward's picture


jeremy's picture

Rodgers seemed a little too exuberant about it, but I think he was just trying to support his teammates. There were other statements such as "if I were GM, and thank God I'm not" that make me feel he was trying to share his opinion while being respectful towards TT et al.

D B H's picture

Rodgers was also doing his part to play the recruiter. At first the headlines make it look like AR is trying to play GM, but after reading the quote in full you see it's more opinion than instruction.

Anthony's picture

Wow, do you really expect A-Rod to be perfect? What he said wasn't really even a "bad" decision. He gave his opinion. Maybe he feels that JJ could evolve into a great 1-2 punch with Jennings, and Cobb/Finley could be the side weapons. Maybe he'd rather keep JJ than Nelson.

BC_Cab's picture

Bottom line is this. Next year at this time, there’s no way they still have Jennings, Driver, Jones, Jordy, AND Finley. That would mean Jones, Jordy, and Finley would have extensions. No chance, way too much money locked up in the WR/TE positions. So…who do you subtract out of that group?? I’d say James Jones.

Anthony's picture

We have to get rid of Driver eventually. Our team gets rid of people when it's the right time, thankfully. And if JJ is signed, Nelson is out of here too.

CSS's picture

If Jones's agent is doing his job he will subtly point in the direction of the Steve Breaston contract yesterday that guaranteed $9 million and advise his client to test the market. Jones is every bit the talent (I believe he's better) as Breaston.

Anthony's picture

Great point. He very well could get a contract just as good, if not better than Breaston's.

Ruppert's picture

How did Jones get along with Jimmy Robinson? Dallas is set to cut Roy Williams...does Jones end up with the Cowboys?

packeraaron's picture

Not sure overall, but I was told quite reliably that he completely lost it on Jones in the locker room after the Miami game. I know his drops and suspect blocking in the run game drove Robinson nuts.

PackersRS's picture

The later part is the really positive thing I take out of this. Nelson is by far the best runblocking WR on our team, and with an increase in his role, you can bet there'll be better run blocking.

BubbaOne's picture

I just read Sidney Rice coming off IR and hip surgery got overpaid w/ a 5 yr, $41M contract of which $18.5M is guarateed tells me JJ is outta here, tail lights, bon voyage.

john driscoll austin texas's picture

49ers were pretty good before Rice arrived, Freddie Solomon/Dwight Clark, Earl Cooper, their great coaching and system made them all look good

PackersRS's picture

Not to mention the big, big, BIG difference between each other.

asshalo's picture

If Jones, Jenkins, and Colledge all leave, does Crosby's contract go against them in compensatory picks?

Jordan's picture

So everyone that is saying James Jones is a number 2 receiver and has loads of talent thinks that all 32 GM's in the NFL don't know what they're doing? Jones hasn't been signed by anyone. There's no buzz at all. The only team that has showed any interest is the receiver needy Vikings.

Could it be that Jones is not as talented as some Packer fans think he is after his 4 years in the NFL?

There's a lot of teams scrambling to comply with the CBA's new minimum cap floor and are being forced to overspend on free agents and he can't even get the Bengals or Panthers to sign him.

CSS's picture

Cap floor doesn't take effect until 2013. As far as teams contacting Jones, does anybody really know?

Jordan's picture

That's true. The cap floor is a 99 percent league wide committment this year and 2012 and does not apply to individual teams til 2013.

I'm sure the Bengals and Mike Brown will be "that team" and "that guy" respectively that waits til 2013.

If your James Jones' agent, don't you leak to the media all the teams interested in your client to help his the rest of the agents do?

Or are you thinking Jones has asked his agent to keep things quiet so as not to create any competition among GM's? lolll

Liz's picture

James Jones looks better because of Rodgers. Probably that is what the rest of the league thinks as well. And to be honest, they might be right. He still drops a lot of balls that come his way.

Jordan's picture

I agree Liz. And they are not just any drops. They are always game changing drops. They are nearly "suck the life out of you" drops.

There was a game in 2009 when Jones had a huge drop and they put the camera on the sideline and it showed Jones walking past Edgar Bennett. Bennett had the most disgusted look that you could ever possibly imagine anyone having. And that was coming from the RB coach.

I'm not sure why some Packer fans over rate him so much. I think it's gotten to the point where they don't want to admit they were wrong or may not be the best armchair evaluators of WR talent. I'm so glad that I don't have to hear from some Packer fans....."James Jones would be a starter on any team but the Packers" anymore. I was getting so sick of that nonsense..... :)

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