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It\'s A Little Thing, but...

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It\'s A Little Thing, but...

... check out the 3:15 mark of this video, the part where Peterson takes his helmet off after his touchdown.

In last night's Monday Night Game, perennial underachieving 49er tight end Vernon Davis was flagged for a 15 yard penalty after removing his helmet following his first touchdown catch of the year.

Do you think the Packers could have used those 15 yards on Sunday?

Once again, it's not an excuse - but it sure sucks.

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BratsNBeerGuy's picture

Thank you for pointing that out. I think he took his helmet off several times on the field and was never called for it. Maybe the helmet rule doesn't apply to him?

packerhigh's picture

Peterson was right by the offical too. HELLO? Did some refs want the tikes to win or what? Oh, your right (BratsNBeerGuy), I forgot hot property in the NFL gets a pass on the rules.

DaveK's picture

He took his helmet off after he fumbled on 4th down. He was even arguing with the ref without it.

PackerAaron's picture

Careful packerhigh. It's one thing to complain about calls and non-calls. Perfectly acceptable. But PACKER fans arguing against star treatment from the refs? I doubt those arguments will find traction with anyone who watched Favre get preferential treatment the last 10 years...

Keith's picture

Is this what it comes down to for Packer fans? Whining that the Vikings weren't hit with a BS penalty?

The bottom line is that this is a poorly drafted rule that the NFL needs to rewrite. I would be pissed if a Packer was hit with that penalty. If you go by the letter of the rule, a player shouldn't be able to take their helmet off to adjust it.

There are plenty of other thing ON OUR OWN TEAM to direct our anger and disgust at, beginning with our embarrassment of an offensive line.

Dale Z's picture

it IS a little thing, but when you lose one game by 3 and the next by 1, these "little things" really matter. Between safeties not being safeties and no calls on players taking their helmet off on the field...things add up real fast. 4-5 though. 1 game out.

Keith's picture

My point is that the Packers need to take care of the little things that they have control of. The bottom line is that if they didn't let Peterson run wild they probably win this game.

Our offense was horrendous. They didn't do anything. The only reason why we were even in this game was because of two great individual efforts by Collins and Blackmon. Peterson outgained our entire team by himself.

And if you want to be pissed about the "illegal forward pass," I'm cool with that. But to whine that Peterson didn't get flagged for taking his helmet off after running his heart out on that final drive... come on. That wasn't done with an intent to celebrate. I actually applaud the referee for using discretion there.

We were sacked 4 times for a loss of 32 yards, including one legit safety. We committed 10 penalties for 80 yards. We fumbled twice (although we didn't lose them.) We were 1 for 11 on third down conversions.

I'm sorry, but I'm not going bent out of shape because the refs didn't flag Peterson. This wasn't a Charger-Bronco level indiscretion.

DaveK's picture

From PFT:

During a Wednesday morning interview on Sirius NFL Radio, NFL V.P. of officiating Mike Pereira took issue with the failure of the officiating crew to flag Vikings running back Adrian Peterson for unsportsmanlike conduct for removing his helmet after scoring what turned out to be the game-winning touchdown against the Packers on Sunday.

“I can’t figure out why anything wasn’t done about that,” Pereira told Randy Cross and Peter King, “but I will say this: It frustrates me that we didn’t do anything about that. You can’t take your helmet off either to argue a call or to celebrate. If you’re in a time out period or a measurement or a challenge there are times when you can take your helmet off on the field. Or when you’re nearing your team area when you approach the bench. But when you score like that, when you remove your helmet you should be flagged. Or when you take off your helmet to argue with the officials you should be flagged, too, and it frustrates me, quite frankly, that we didn’t do that.”

Keith's picture

That's fine. But I still think the vitriol of Packers fans is misplaced. The fact that you're pissed because the refs neglected to call a penalty that didn't give the guilty party an on-field advantage illustrates how awful the Packers played. Whether or not that penalty was called, it had zero impact on the game. It wasn't pass interference, where a Vikings DB gains an unfair advantage, or offensive holding, where a Vikings O-Lineman gains an unfair advantage.

So while the Peterson play is technically a penalty, him taking his helmet off did not put the Packers at an type of disadvantage. That is the whole point of calling penalties/fouls in sports, to ensure neither side gains an unfair advantage. So stop whining about this. The Pack wasn't disadvantaged because the refs didn't call the penalty. The Packers lost this game because Adrian Peterson ran wild and our offense sucked. Period.

DISCLAIMER: This post is aimed at Packer fandom in general. Any use of "you" is meant to be the general, or plural, use of "you." Thank you.

PackerAaron's picture

Keith - Vitriol? Really? As I said in the post - Its not an excuse - but it sucks. I hardly think that qualifies as 'vitriol' - Yes the Packers played terribly - as I think I've acknowledged in several other posts - but despite that they lost by one point. I don't have any problem with Packer fans getting upset about the call. Now, if they start complaining about 'Star Treatment' - well as I said above - that's a bit rich. ;)

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