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It Won\'t Be Nolan

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It Won\'t Be Nolan

Mike Nolan will be the defensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos according to several different reports. I know this will make some people happy, but consider this - if Williams ends up taking the New Orleans job, and the Eagles keep winning (or even if they don't - remember, under the new interviewing rules, the Eagles could block McDermott from even meeting with the Packers since he won't be interviewing for a head coaching job)...well, we could be looking at Winston Moss.

Let's hope there are a few other candidates waiting in the wings...

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Andrew in Atlanta's picture

Wow. And Moss seemed like such a good choice a short time ago. TT & MM have to be getting a little nervous I would think. You want to be thorough and interview everyone, but if you wait until the last team is eliminated (Super Bowl) you lose more than a month in preparation for draft, OTAs, camp, etc. Not to mention the fact that I bet both guys were looking forward to an offseason with no "drama" for a change. Oh well, the best laid plans...

IPBprez's picture

There's still TIM LEWIS. Of course, since it's not a Head Coach position, possibly could be blocked as well. I'm sure there are several others, that were on the original list, which MAC could look at. But, sticking with the 4-3, as what the Eagles just won with isn't all that worrisome. Sure the AFC 'seems' to dominate the Playoffs. Yet, here we see Andy Reid & Co back at it again - 5 times out of 8 seasons.

My question is - if other teams really respect their Coaching Staffs, then why would they want to block their advancement in the ranks?

I mentioned this topic to a couple of Eagles fans, yesterday while watching the game - one guy had just moved to Indy, from Philly only months ago, so he was still pretty much a tourist. They all thought that when it comes to Defense, it's ALL Jim Johnson, period, end of discussion.

So, with that retrospect, maybe there's a window of opportunity anyway. I don't see Andy Reid as being a Manager/Coach that would work to ruin another Coach's potential career --- unless, they see room for McDermott to step in and replace Jim Johnson in the next year, or two.... How old is JJ?


IPBprez's picture

I guess I'm not fully understanding the nature of the Biz, so to speak, Aaron. Maybe you should enlighten the masses....

Here's an Article (oops?) from Andrew Brandt's website which seems to disagree with your premise of "blocking" assistant Coaches from interviews with other NFL teams....

What gives?

packeraaron's picture

The difference w/Ryan is that he will be/would be interviewing for a head coaching job, so the Ravens can't block the move. The new rule states that the team can block ANY assistant for interviewing for ANY job OTHER than head coach. It used to be that you had to be interviewing for a position that was considered above yours (ie a linebacker coach could interview for a coordinator job without getting blocked) but now, all assistants can be blocked from moving to another team UNLESS they are interviewing for a Head Coaching job.

Needless to say, it gets confusing... ;)

IPBprez's picture

Yea, after I posted, I had an epiphany and figured it out. But, editing comments here is not an option. I guess the Owners are getting greedy again (shock). It's tough on Assistants, I guess, unless you're a part of a losing season.
Is there a link which lays all that out? I'm searching now....

Ron La Canne's picture

Andy Reid would never block McDermott from an interview with the Packers. He didn't block Childress did he? Wait a minute, I seem to remember him pushing Childress out the door and driving him to the Airport.

For GB's sake we have to hope TT and MM are not stumbling around a dark room hoping they don't trip. There is certainly no comprehensive plan in view.

I'll hold out hope for McDermott. The remaining candidate pool is now evaporating quickly and it appears to me that TT and MM either have their candidate identified and have made informal contacts with him and his team, or they are clueless. Let's hope it's not the later.

Go for McDermott. Lewis, much like Moss is in a position where he is either very effective under the radar or is just not dynamic enough to move up the coaching ladder. In both cases you are taking a big risk.

McDermott's group performed at a very high level this year. Yesterday his charges were all over the field making play after play. Sure, it could be Johnson's influence. I believe Mc Dermott did have some influence in this outcome, however. Moss' LB's and Lewis' DB's, do they indicate a path to success or just more questions?

packeraaron's picture

I don't know if it's 'evaporating' but as I said before - other teams will move swiftly. There's a fine line between being deliberate and being caught flat-footed.

I'd also like McCarthy to take a look at Dom Capers. The man is no head coach, but he's got a great defensive mind and would be the best defensive coordinator the Packers would have had since Shurmur.

DaveK's picture

This is a huge decision for MM and TT and will likely decide their fate in Green Bay. An above average defense will probably save their jobs next year and another mistake at D.C. and M.M. will be someone’s quarterbacks coach in 2010. I fear the importance of the decision has them frozen in the fear that they might make another mistake. But, who really knows. We get so little info that it is almost impossible to speculate on these things. Maybe they are sold on Nolan but Nolan wanted some time as he was under consideration for other jobs. So, they moved onto considering other candidates until Nolan was ready to accept. Maybe they are just not that sold on Nolan and are working out the details with another candidate. Maybe Nolan is miffed he wasn't offered the job right on the spot. Also, I think a lot of the info we get also comes from agents who always have alternative motives for putting out certain (mis)information. Who knows??

packeraaron's picture

DaveK - you are 100 percent correct about most of the information out there coming from agents. That's why you have to take a lot of this with huge grain of salt.

I don't think MM and TT are "frozen in fear" at all. I do think they are being very deliberate in their search, as they are in all things (ie, cutting punters) ;)

PRC's picture

Peter Giunta is now available for an interview. MM go get that done!

Ron La Canne's picture

Latest rumor via Denver Players - it's not Nolan but Capers. Will this ever stop?

packeraaron's picture

Saw that as well Ron. Pretty sure it's Nolan. "The National Football Post has just been informed that former San Francisco 49ers head coach Mike Nolan has officially been hired as the defensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos."

IPBprez's picture

Sorta like skeet shootin'..... huh?

Keith's picture

Don't want Tim Lewis. He was awful with the Giants. Capers is a nice thought, but doesn't he run the 3-4? At this point, I just want them to make a decision.

Aaron Rogders's picture

Is it possible that McCarthy is waiting for the chance to speak with the Baltimore Ravens DC? With all our cap room, could we just pay him the same amount a coach would make? Or is it pretty much a done deal he will be looking for a head coach position for next year?

packeraaron's picture

AR - If reports out of NJ are to be believed, Ryan will be the head coach of the Jets very soon.

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