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In Wake of Injuries, Adams, Brooks Get Clean Bills of Health

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In Wake of Injuries, Adams, Brooks Get Clean Bills of Health

If the last few days have been any indication of Green Bay Packers rookie defensive tackle Montravius Adams' progress, then he may very well be on the field sooner rather than later.

Adams was listed as a full participant on the Packers' Wednesday injury report as well as Thursday's, indicating that the team's third-round pick in April is handling much more of a practice load than he was several weeks ago. He had been a limited participant up until this week, and the timing really couldn't have been any more ideal.

With fellow defensive tackle and the anchor of the defensive line MIke Daniels likely missing Sunday's tilt against the Cincinnati Bengals, the Packers could certainly use another big body to help clog up the interior of the front seven against a rushing attack that features Giovani Bernard and rookie running back Joe Mixon.

Daniels is still dealing with a hip injury since being removed from Sunday night's loss to the Atlanta Falcons after only playing seven snaps. Losing him is already a big enough blow, but having Adams on the field for his rookie debut would help lessen the impact.

Just after final roster cuts, Adams feared that the Packers would place him on injured reserve in order to free up a roster spot elsewhere. However, Adams was adamant that he'd be capable of getting on the field before the first eight weeks of the season pass. So far, his word is proving to be trustworthy.

Adams missed the entire preseason after suffering a stress fracture in his foot on the second day of training camp, leading to surgery in August.

Wednesday also marked the return of one of the Packers' free agent acquisitions.

Ahmad Brooks was back on the practice field along with Adams after being in the concussion protocol since exiting the season-opening game against the Seattle Seahawks after playing only -- you guessed it -- seven snaps.

Much like Adams, Brooks' timing couldn't have been more impeccable. Due to a hand injury that will require surgery, outside linebacker Nick Perry was one of the eight non-participants in both practices this week. Inside linebacker Jake Ryan is also sidelined with a concussion and a hamstring injury.

With Perry out for two weeks at the least, Brooks may see his first series of extensive snaps on defense since signing with the Packers in early September. Many are still waiting to see Brooks channel the same player that he had been in each of the last six seasons -- six seasons in which he's tallied at least six sacks in each.

The good news offsets with an injury report that runs 13 players deep, however, getting a couple of helpful defensive components back and practicing in full capacity could end up being huge for the Packers in the coming weeks.


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV and a contributor/analyst for the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

It is always better to be healthy than not healthy. Maybe we will see what Montravious Adams can do, though one would think he's weeks away from getting on the field.

I hold out considerable hope that Brooks can help us right away.

flackcatcher's picture

I still think Adams is boarder line this season. The odds of a second break are pretty high unless the bone is completely healed, not 'football healed', completely healed. Packers are doing what they can to get Adams on the field, so he must have some level of medical clearance. I want to see Brooks play this week too, but concussions are serious business. As a rule, the packers do not risk the health of their players. Under Ted and Mike, they have become even more conservative in letting players back on the field. I wish more NFL teams were like Green bay in how they treat their players health.

flackcatcher's picture


Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Well you caught some flack for your comment. I wasn't trying to guess when Adams would be healthy enough to play, though. Assuming he is healthy enough right now, they might give him a handful of snaps in the next few weeks just to get his feet wet. The probability is that Adams won't be ready to carry any kind of load this season given that he is a rookie DL who got no time in TC. Barring injuries that force GB's hand, I'd guess Adams plays less than 150 snaps this season.

Johnblood27's picture

I cant believe that Perry is injured.

al bundy's picture

Ya again. Maybe they can bring Datone back and he can play three snaps and miss five games too. Depending on the surgery Perry could miss a lot of games.

WinUSA's picture

I am just f$%^&ng tired of the Packers constantly not being able to field it's best team because of injuries....

Finwiz's picture

RIght - this is why I wasn't sure about that big contract, any more than I was sure about them giving Lacy a contract. Right decision on Lacy....doesn't look so good on Perry.

rdent's picture

Johnblood,your kidding right?

croatpackfan's picture

Good news. I expect to see Adams on the field, especially if Packers will be in comfortable situation later in the game...

Nick Perry's picture

My God, another injury to one of Perry's hands?? Let me get this straight, Perry is having surgery on his hand and is expected to only be out at least 2 weeks. I think we can forget "2 weeks" (I mean we ARE talking about Nick Perry) and even if by some miracle he is back we have another season of Perry playing with a huge club??

I'm really starting to wonder about this team. They have to be one of the most snake bitten, bad luck, can't catch a break group of guys I've ever seen. The Packers FINALLY get through a preseason pretty damn healthy and in a matter of 2 weeks are already borderline decimated with injuries. Not to mention the Players injured are the players the Packers can't afford to lose for really any amount of time.

The TKstinator's picture

Maybe one Nick Perry could offer a hand transplant to another Nick Perry.

Nick Perry's picture

If it would help him get on the field faster I'd be HAPPY to!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I am not going to wonder about the recovery time on hand transplant surgery or whether there conceivably might be a marked disparity in the size and strength of the donated hand versus Perry's god-given hand.

lou's picture

Nick, I am hoping Perry's run of injuries is similar to those Wisconsin native John Anderson had in his first few years as a Packer linebacker, with John it was always the forearm being broken and then the last 7-8 years he was injury free. Had Anderson played on better Packer teams he would have been a Pro Bowler, great guy and legitimate talent. I am looking forward to Adams getting a chance to play some snaps, no better way to know what you have going forward than to get them snaps in the regular season games, lets look at this as a positive.

johnnyd17's picture

John Anderson, one of my favorites, 3 years in a row broken arm, finally took a piece of his hip bone and transplanted on his arm and that seemed to help, was as good as Jack Ham (my opinion) just not on quality teams much

Finwiz's picture

What do you expect Nick? They don't play in preaseason and put any game speed stress on their bodies, so all they do is delay the inevitable.
I'm not sure what the GD difference is between babying the players in preseason and having a load of injuries in games 1-2 because they aren't prepared, or having them play at least 2 1/2 games in preseason and risk losing a player or two. Makes no damn sense to me.

Nick Perry's picture

Wouldn't it be AWESOME if Adams was able to take the field and be one of those draft picks who can contribute in year one. I look around the NFL and see examples all the time but in Green Bay we always seem to be waiting for them to heal up from an injury, or make the the GB World Famous 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year jumps.

From the draft classes of 2013, 2014, and 2015 the Packers picked 13 defensive players, 9 picks just from 2013 and 14 alone. Of those 9 picks they have only HHCD to show for it and 7 of the 9 players aren't even on the team. To make it even worse they drafted 4 more for the defense in 2015 and two of those are named Randall and Rollins.

13 players, THIRTEEN!! Those are the facts, the data, and the truth. That's some pretty CRAPPY drafting by the man everybody trusts.

I'm glad Brooks is back. Guess I'll have to wait a few more weeks to see Matthews, Perry, Brooks, and Daniels on the field at the same time.

freddisch's picture

Spot on. TTs draft picks over the last several years have been terrible. Change needs to happen at the top. GB will not see another SB with the current leadership. Plus TT is weird

jeremyjjbrown's picture

NOOOO your wrong!

Thompson is the MASTER of the DRAFT.

I read it over and over on my tablet and even Vic Ketchman insists it's true.

Nick Perry's picture

Well if Vic insists it's true then it MUST be so!

I miss Vic...And all his Pittsburgh Steelers stories !! UGH!

stockholder's picture

TTs drafting has been bad. AS packer fans we rate them to high. We expect better. He's actually better at bringing in Free Agents now. His picks are only for development. Next man up. This team goes on A-Rod. While TT has one of the best Offensive coaches in the Game. He still has Capers. The defensive players are TTs big failures. Their not developing like they should. The biggest problem with that. Is to many guys are coming from losing programs! He has to start taking guys from the championship teams to play defense. The #1 rated defenses in the country. TT doesn't anymore.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Well, there is at least one Packer fan who hasn't. And, I've gotten beat up pretty badly for bringing facts that support it.

Finwiz's picture

If TT's drafting is really that bad, how does he manage to stay around?
Nobody's ever been able to explain that one to me.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Aaron Rodgers.

Now it's been explained.

Nick Perry's picture

"If TT's drafting is really that bad, how does he manage to stay around?
Nobody's ever been able to explain that one to me."

1) SB win 7 years ago
2) He drafted Aaron Rodgers
3) Murphy doesn't have the sack to fire him.
4) See Jeremy's answer below!!!

There's those reasons and if you just go to any site and look at the Packers Draft History it's right there in black and white. There's TONS of picks of players who are no longer with the team or have stuck around because where they were drafted.

His last 4 seasons or so have been pretty bad all in all. Sure there's the occasional diamond in the rough by Ted, but they come fewer and farther between. I've said for years if you took Aaron Rodgers off this team you'd have a 2-14 or 4-12 team, just like Indy had the year Manning sat out with the neck injury. For example take Brady off NE or Ryan off Atlanta for 6 games and I'd bet my last dollar they don't completely fall apart. Take Rodgers off the Packers for 6 games I don't have that same confidence. We saw what it looked like when Rodgers broke his collarbone in 2013 for 8 games. Thankfully they were 5-2 when he got injured so they had a cushion. Until Thompson FINALLY sucked it up and brought Flynn back did the Packers win a game.

flackcatcher's picture

Drafting in the lower rounds year after year means higher risk. That just the way it is. Complain about Ted and the front office all you want. The reality is some things are simply out of his control. Injuries are one of them. (and no, I am not going off on another rant about the owners, players, and CBA:)

Nick Perry's picture

Hmmm....New England has managed to draft Dante Hightower, Chandler Jones, Jamie Collins and Malcolm Brown drafting from the same spots year in and year out. Hell BB does it so well he actually TRADES them before he has to pay them (Jones and Collins).

Lphill's picture

Nick Perry I agree about Adams I think the Packers are expecting him to contribute sooner rather than later or else they would not have kept him on the active roster , I hope we will be pleasantly surprised Sunday.

RCPackerFan's picture

The player that we need right now to be good is Brooks. With Perry injured and not much depth behind him we need Brooks to come in and be the player we know he can be.

While we need Brooks right now the safe bet is that Adams won't be ready to contribute for a few more weeks. He just started practicing recently after missing all of training camp/preseason. With all the injuries though Adams may have to be active this week. If he is I would assume he would only get a few snaps. Which honestly could be a good thing for him to get some snaps just to see where he is at.

The 2 draft picks that I'm hoping can give us a boost towards the end of the year is Adams and Biegel. Both of which could add some pass rush to our defense.
In the mean time I think we will see a lot of King and Jones this week. Time to let the rookies loose!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Well said. I should have scrolled down instead of replying above.

RCPackerFan's picture

Reading yours above, I think we will see Adams snaps increase as the season goes on. I could see him getting 5-10 or so snaps soon, and increasing towards the end of the year. 150 snaps for the season probably would be a good guess.

Archie's picture

The good news is the Bengals are just as beat up this week as we are. Ross and Eifert are out and DL is hurting.

Been obvious for a while that Thompson is not a very good drafter. Sure he has an occasional HR e.g., AROD, Jordy, CMIII, Daniels and Bakhtiari but probably every GM in the league averages at least 1 HR every 2-3 drafts. TT has blown a ton of R1 & R2 picks on busts. That is why we have no depth or quality at way too may positions. His defensive picks never seem to fit the system we play - too many 4-3 DEs for a 3-4 defense. And he doesn't spend enough top 3 draft picks on LB. And his drafting of CB has been terrible for a long time. His three best CBs over the years have been FA, despite spending a ton of premium draft picks on them. He doesn't spend premium picks on RBs either. Lacy being the exception. OL he has done a decent job despite missing on Sherrod. The problem is he lets his OL leave too early. QB he has lucked out w AROD. That was a gift but in a way it has haunted us too because otherwise we would be picking in top 10 every year. WR has been nothing special since Jordy. Adams and Cobb are ok but far from real #1 WR types. And now Bennett & Kendricks look like busts at TE compared to Jared Cook.

It's time to clean house in the Packers' front office. Problem is, I don't think Murphy has the stomach for it.
He's a don't rock the boat kind of guy. Get along to go along. Bring back John Dorsey! He did a good job in KC.

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