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In Praise of Nick Barnett

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In Praise of Nick Barnett

Just wanted to take a moment to single out Nick Barnett today, not only for his play on the field, which has not only gotten better and better as the year has gone on, but for how he has, almost quietly, become the emotional center of this team. And I don't just say that because of the clip of him giving McCarthy a game ball after Sunday's victory, awesome though that was.

No, for whatever reason, and I could be way, way off base here (You usually are Nagler! Yeah, yeah...) Barnett seems to absolutely love playing in Green Bay.

He loves being a Packer.

Again, I may be way off base, but for all the grief the guy takes for his Samurai celebration (sorry, still love it) and the attacks he endures on Twitter and even on his own site, I am extremely happy that the guy is in Green Bay, playing well and representing the Green Bay Packers.

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backslash's picture

Well, I must have given him too much 'grief' on twitter because he actually blocked me...didn't think I said more that one thing that one game but oh well. I think that makes me know, more than just famous.

packeraaron's picture

It didn't take Twitter to make you infamous Wally ;)

foundinidaho's picture

I like Nick a lot. I follow his tweets (as with yours Aaron) and he is such a positive, upbeat guy that you can't help but smile at him. At least I can't help it. Even when I wish he was playing better.

Jim in DC's picture

His samurai celebration is teh ghey.

CSS's picture

I want to see him sustain the emotional play and leadership throughout the remainder of the season.

My Admision: During the pre-season I said Nick Barnett was 'too small' to play linebacker in hte 3-4 and frequently 'caught in the wash and completely out of position'. He has proven me completely wrong over the course of the last several games.

Nick is playing with controlled aggression and his emotions aren't leading to assignment errors. He appears to thrive on getting 'up the field' and attacking the ball. I'm wondering now if my observations of his declining play in the prior year was more a byproduct of a quesionable defensive system/philosophy that didn't play to his strengths?

I think I was WRONG and this system is an absolute fit at this point.

NickGBP's picture

Look at his picture from his website and look at him today. He clearly bulked up while he was recovering from his injury.
This defense fits his style a lot more as far as philosophy (he ain't no 'bend but don't break' player), not necessarily scheme. But he looks like he's fitting in fine. He's been a pleasant and unexpected surprise to say the least especially coming back from a serious injury. McCarthy was smart with how he brought Barnett back.

Pack Fan In Enemy Territory's picture

I'd block you too if I were him. I mean what pro athlete wants to hear some nobody try to tell him how to do his job.

I'm really starting to think that some people take this form of entertainment WAY TO seriously. If a game gets you that bent out of shape then maybe its time to start looking at changes in your life.

I'm really glad for Nick. Most athletes are never the same after such devastating knee injuries. For him to bounce back the way he has is a testament to his drive and love for his trade.


jack's picture

nick had a really good game last sunday. i hope he keeps it up!

Packnic's picture

I agree and tweeted such before he got back full time.

" @Packnic I think @NickBarnett is the player we all wanted Favre to be. Does anyone love the Packers and playing football more than this guy?
6:36 PM Aug 17th from web "

One of the few guys i actually think understand what it means to play for the mighty Green Bay Packers.


WoodyG's picture

Barnett's emotional side is definitely his strong suit...... Historically, the most effective LBs in an attacking style 3-4 are highly charged emotional type people..... I wish some of the emotion would rub off on AK ..... It might improve his game at OLB.

PACKERS's picture

Barnett had one great season in, I'm pretty sure, 2007, but he really hasn't done much since. With no real leader at linebacker after AJ Hawk faded (what happened to him?) Barnett playing strongly consitently would be a valuable asset to the defense.

IronMan's picture

With one more sack, he will surpass his single season career high of 3.5.

Erik's picture

Nick is a great packer. He has always gives 100% effort and is a true professional. Was he always the best linebacker on the field, not always. I think the schemes of the last few years were not using his skills effectively.

A more aggressive style of defense works better for Nick. Coming back from the knee injury and playing at this level. Good work Nick.

PackersRS's picture

Barnett is playing lights out since Cleveland's game, when he finally got healthy. He didn't play well both Minnesota games, and was a little off against TB (but who wasn't?).

But yeah, he's the leader of the team, and if we go on track and clinch a playoff berth, you bet he'll have a lot to do about it.

Andrew In Atlanta's picture

You need a samurai celebration or similar to emphasize securing a great guest or making a great point on the live show. Work on that

DanTX's picture

As long as we're praising, I think a guy that's been instrumental to the recent defensive success isn't even on the field. Mike Trgovac is a quality head coach. He doesn't get Capers' headlines, but he's a guy that was brought in last year with the "ctrl+alt+delete" that no one seems to talk about. Jolly is playing better, Jenkins is Jenkins, and Pickett is holding the line. Kudos to Trgo.

bomdad's picture

Nice to have an emotional 3-4 LB that also has not been accused of murder or shot in the ass. I'll take a bar room kerfuffle any day.

Ron La Canne's picture

Barnett's getting back into a period where he is wanting attention. When he gets that attention his play seems to ajust upward to get even more. Smauari or no Smauri who cares. Just keep going after the spotlight and Barnett will play beyond expectations.
So, knock off the criticism on Twiiter/Tweeter/whatever and give him kudos instead. The Packers need that kind of play and when in the right frame of mind Barnett is very good at it.

Dilligaff's picture

Barnett is the only player on this team with a personality that is easily felt by the fans. The rest are happy with their performance speaking for themselves. I would like to see some more vocal leaders on the team. I feel this is a direct result of having BF for so many years, he was the spot light. At times I think DD would have been that kind of person, but he was covered up by BF's fame and he learned to be a silent leader.

PackersThad's picture

I just want you to know that I did the "Samurai" with Nick Barnett during the Cowboys game! Everything is all good when he is doing his job!

nerdmann's picture

I've always considered Barnett to be overrated. He was drafted by Sherman and anointed as a "team leader" on defense without even having to earn it.
Whenever talk arose of moving him away from the middle, he started pulling a Favre and dictating to management where he should be played.
My impression of him was always that he was a showboat, the "Darrien Sharpier" of LBs.
However, if he can consistently get to the QB as well as he did against the Cowboys, I will like him much better. But that was just one game.
Nice to see Hawk coming on, though.

Brian Carriveau's picture

Remember the extremely racist indignation he had to endure back when he owned Club 56 in Green Bay too?

nerdmann's picture

Brian, Guy Zima is the biggest low life in Wisconsin. We all know that. I just think Barnett is overrated.
If he can get down with Capers and start getting to the QB like he did against Romo, I'll be all in favor of him. But until then, we'll see.

Oppy's picture

Barnett has a somewhat spotty history of "representing" the Packers OFF the field, however.
I've decided I don't need to go into specifics.

Anyways, his play sunday was great, I've never seen him blitz that well before. If he keeps it up, great. However, the past five years he's been swallowed up by blockers. He needs to continue to show he can come clean of blocks- he's done a good job this year thus far.

WoodyG's picture

I'm not a 'huge' fan of Barnett but have to turn to the stats to defend some of the previous statements........ He led GB in tackles in 4 of 6 years..... Injury in 2008 prevented him from 5 of 6..... When Barnett is playing well, GB wins........ IMO, some fans are turned off by Barnett because he's a former 1st rd. pick & expectations are too high plus he's abit vocal which I appreciate... The same way I appreciated Leroy Butler in the 90's........ It's a positive.

Phillip's picture

I must agree, any Packer who enjoys donning the Green and Gold is a true Packer. Understood the money has evolved from pride to money. However, to see Pride Still Matter (GREAT BOOK) is encouraging. Go Barnett, but play better haha

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