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Iloka Fined $15,000 for Shot on Finley

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Iloka Fined $15,000 for Shot on Finley

Originally reported by Mike Florio of

Per a league source, Iloka was fined $15,000 for the hit applied to the head of Packers tight end Jermichael Finley when Finley was in a defenseless posture. Finley suffered a concussion on the play; no flag was thrown.

The fine, communicated to Iloka by letter dated September 24, already has been appealed through an online tool that allows the review process to be initiated, and that gives the player the ability to watch the play in question.

The amount of the fine is a bit confusing. From the 2013 fine schedule, the minimum amount for hits to defenseless players is $21,000. That’s the amount Eagles linebacker DeMeco Ryans was fined last week for a hit to the head of Chargers receiver Malcom Floyd.


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A-rodg's Mustache's picture

Hey guys, Not to jack the post but I wanted to get this in so peopel will read it. And sorry if I post it on multiple threads.

Anyone want to watch the pack play the ravens sunday oct 13th? I have 2 great seats.. section 125 row 11. Selling for $250 each. Dead center, 11 rows behind the ravens bench. the seats will be with my wife and I. I had a buddy back out on me at the last minute and now I ams stuck wih these. damn ravens fans!

I have posted here before and am willing to speak with you on the phone. I will meet you there on game day to arrange swap. Check online and you will see these seats are going for about 300-450$ each.

you can email me at [email protected]

Derek in CO's picture

As usual, no flag thrown on an elbow to the head of a defenseless receiver and the NFL levies a fine amount that makes no sense whatsoever. haven't heard boo about a fine for Burfict for hitting Ryan Taylor in the berries.

J.'s picture

I agree.

Mark in the montain's picture

So Findley out of the game early costs the cheap-shot Bengals $15K big-f--kin-deal! What is a win worth in the NFL? No penalty, and there goes the ball-game.

Maybe we need team disqualifications/forfits and fans get face-price-money back of ticket price before teams get serious about elimination of defensive head-hunting! How many weeks in a row does this crap have to happen?

The TKstinator's picture

Good ideas.

But I'm still wondering what a "montain" is.

Stroh's picture

Whose this Findley your referring too? I don't see his name on the Packers roster. Get it right!!!

Evan's picture

I really hope someone is keeping track of all these bullshit illegal hits on Packers players that haven't been flagged.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Or how about the flags that they throw on Packers players for that.

Finley's hit was more brutal live then the hit Nick Perry put on the player that was going to the ground. Perry was late, but his hit wasn't as vicious as the one that Finley left the game with.

Ryeguy812's picture

A small price to pay to take away the one player that could blow up your defense. Cincy knows Finley was a match-up problem on their LBs. going at his head might get you 15 yards and some pocket change but it also got Cincy a victory.

djbonney138's picture

The Packers should be able to receive all the fine money and be able to use it towards salary cap space. We would have a ton of extra cash.

Evan's picture

Now THAT would be an interesting rule. haha.

djbonney138's picture

Just having Suh as an opponent twice a year could bring us a ton of cash from all of his antics.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I really wish they would put an extra ref upstairs to overlook that stuff... A lot of times you can see more stuff on TV then during the game. I understand you can't have a person making all the penalty's but certain things they could look for.

Like the Burfict punch to Taylors balls... The guy standing there didn't see it, but the official above would have been able to with replay.

Evan's picture

Hits to the head, etc.. should absolutely be reviewable.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I don't see how it would be hard to do either...
Right now I think with all the additional rules it has complicated things for the refs on the field. Having an extra official with a different view of stuff could absolutely be beneficial...

Stroh's picture

Complicated for the officials? yes... remember last week Cutler was running for a 1st down and the Defender pulled up and was reluctant to hit him? So Cutler delivered the blow instead of taking it. The NFL has legislated hits to the point that any good hit is gonna draw a flag, whether its legal or not, and the Defensive players are now afraid to make even a clean hit. Imagine how that DB feels in his own lockerroom having been shown up by Cutler?

Its almost like touch football for Christ sake. It sucks! Its gotta suck to play D now. THe NFL has over-reacted to the point that now offensive players are gonna hit the D cuz their afraid to take a penalty and/or fine and/or suspension!

Its not like NFL players don't know what their in for when they start an NFL career but they still CHOSE to play!

themasterfake's picture

go back to leather helmets and no facemasks. That will change how they tackle.

The TKstinator's picture

How about the defender tap the ballcarrier gently on the shoulder and politely ask, "May I please apply the tackle now?" to which the ballcarrier would reply, "yes, but please don't strike my cranium or either knee," then they'd shake hands (but not too firmly) and tumble to the ground together.
Maybe a coach along the sideline could put down some memory foam at the anticipated point of impact.

I think I just threw up a little.

The TKstinator's picture

Maybe I should send a copy of my previous post to Goodell's office?

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