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How Long Will It Take Capers?

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How Long Will It Take Capers?

Good catch by Brandon over at ACME Packing Company in finding this interview with Sun Times Bears beat writer Brad Biggs and his take on how successful Capers' defense will be out of the gate:

Everywhere Dom Capers has been, he's had a knack for getting that system up and running immediately. There hasn't been an adjustment period, Capers' 3-4 defenses have been very good and they've been very good in a hurry. Even if Green Bay is aging in the secondary, the Packers still have some solid players back there and the Bears' wide receivers would probably be the first to tell you that. Capers had a dramatic impact on defenses he ran in Jacksonville and Miami in his first season with those clubs, and with expansion teams in Carolina and Houston, he was solid immediately.

I know I have had visions of the first two Giants games when Steve Spagnolo was installing his defensive system as defensive coordinator back in 2007. For those who don't remember, the Cowboys and our own Packers put up 40 points each on the G-Men in successive weeks to begin Spags' tenure. (Of course, that ended all right for the Giants)

Here's hoping Capers continues his string of relatively quick success with his scheme's implementation.

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bomdad's picture

Immediate impact because the talent is there. In 2007 the D was a fine unit despite the most consevative and predictable scheme ever. What gives with a Chicago guy dissing Al and Chuck? They are delusional about their secondary in Chitown, just like those who think Winfield is better than average.

Ron La Canne's picture

Interesting and thought provoking post. I have a very high degree of confidence in Capers and his system. Past performance is the most accurate predictor of future performance, and Capers passes that test.

The one thing that will be a question, a huge question, is wheter or not the Packers have the personnel to do the job. I get very anxious when I see OTA PR about guys who in their limited time playing are being are being touted as super stars (i.e. Thompson). So far, he has proved nothing other than he was a very ordinary first year player. Could he suceed? Sure, but you don't build a defense around a guy who has no experience in the position he will play and very little success when he has played.

Other areas of concern would be Kampman (new position), Barnett (knee strength and weight as an ILB), Hawk (will he ever reach a level that would justify his high draft status), and overall Dline depth. I'm looking forward to seeing the guys in game situations and evaluate them more accurately. Until then, I'm hoping the group of individuals Capers has can be molded into the kind of team defense that made him a great pick for the DC position.

Jayme's picture

I'm pretty sure I've heard you say this, Aaron, and it's something I've been trying to explain to anyone who will listen to me: the Packers view Capers as their big free agent acquisition this year. Even if the job was offered to two other people before him, the first two guys were pretty damn good, also. It just happened to be a great year to need a defensive coordinator.
Heck, the NFC North has two potential d-coordinators as d-line coaches. That's how good the market was. And before you knock Marinelli, he was a good enough for Tony Dungy to name him his assistant head coach in Tampa.

CSS's picture

2007 defense was a mirage. They played 3 teams over .500 that year compared to 2008 where they played 9 teams over .500. Injuries played a huge role last year but don't kid yourself, the 07' D was the same bad scheme, above average defense that played in 05' and 06'. That scheme stunk....

packeraaron's picture

Jayme - you're preaching to the choir here on Capers. Talk to Andrew In Atlanta about my effusive praise of Capers... ;)
I have also said, often, that Capers was the Packers' Albert Haynesworth signing.

bomdad's picture

CSS, your post only supports that in 07 the talent was enough to overcome the scheme. At points in 08, specifically against the Colts and the 3.5 qtrs of the Titans game, the D was in top form. Sanders/Bates scheme is nothing without two very good DEs, and losing Jenkins and KGB was too big of a blow.

retiredgrampa's picture

With the upgrades @ Minny and Chicago, a fast start is now manditory for the Pack. That means, of course, that Capers 3-4 must be working. We will have some offensive shootouts this year, but it won't be againest them.

WoodyG's picture

IMHO, GB's defense doesn't have to be hitting on all cylinders early on for GB to win more than lose. GB still brings a potent offense that alone can offset any initial start-up problems for the D.
An area of concern that I have is this. "What will be the approach by MM in pre-season games? I've gotta think the old approach of saving everyone from potential injury by restricting their pre-season play has to be quelled. GB needs to pick their starters & play preseason. I'd hate to see MM carry the preseason into the first 2 or 3 games of the regular season. You don't want injuries in preseason but to be overly-cautious may lead to a slow start - especially on defense.

MC's picture

I'm glad that he landed in GB and Mike Nolan went to Denver. I think that will turn out to be A-OK.

Aaron Rogders's picture

I hope that GB plays the Titans with starters the whole first half. That's what the Titans usually do and they had a pretty good record last season =). And then I hope Flynn wins the game this time too.

Nick's picture

How can anyone place Capers success on the talent he's had?? He started up a Jacksonville team with scrubs off the street and made them a success. That was a just formed expansion team that immediately was successful in part due to him. I think if he can do that there's a chance he can be successful with our talent. Obviously that's not a guarantee he can do it again but I like his chances.

packeraaron's picture

Nick - he started up Carolina and Houston. He came on board to Jacksonville after he was fired by Carolina.

Nick's picture

Ah. That's a bit of a difference thanks for the clarification. I am still optimistic about a strong start.

jerseypackfan's picture

I pray that this new defense has all the kinks worked out by week 4.

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