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How Far Apart Are Packers and Vikings?

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How Far Apart Are Packers and Vikings?

The Green Bay Packers haven't seen a meaningful minute on the field in three weeks' time and we, as Packers fans, had to wait out those three weeks to see the Minnesota Vikings join us on the offseason couch.

Both teams will be watching the Super Bowl from afar after the Vikings were run out of Philadelphia by the Eagles in the NFC championship game.  In the end and as the Eagles kneeled Minnesota's season to an end, Tony Barr was rendered just as useless as Aaron Rodgers was in October and November.  

Now we can exhale and not have to deal with another two weeks of Vikings fans shoving their newfound success down our throats.  But there is still a reality to sift through.

How close are these two teams to being competitive with each other?

It's hard to know how 2017 would have played out had Aaron Rodgers not gone down for half of the season.  Maybe the Vikings still make it to the NFC championship game.  Maybe the Packers do.  We'll never know.

The Vikings looked as bad as a team could look on Sunday but the fact still remains, their defense was one of the best, if not the best in football, statistically speaking.

According to Peter Bukowski of SB Nation, Fan Rag Sports and the Locked on Packers podcast, Minnesota's defense was ranked second in DVOA, first in weighted DVOA, first in scoring defense, first in yards, second in passing yards, second in rushing yards, second in points-per-drive and had the best third-down defense ever.

If you believe that defense wins and is still a huge key to winning in the postseason, the Vikings were and still are in good shape in the coming seasons. 

They have two young cornerbacks, both first-round picks, who have developed and worked out better than Green Bay's recent picks.  Safety Harrison Smith has outperformed Ha Ha Clinton-Dix so far.  That's just the secondary.

Some might say that the return of Rodgers alone puts the Packers back at even-with or ahead of the Vikings.  Offensively, the Packers seemingly hold the edge.

Obviously there's an entire offseason and preseason to get through.  Both teams will lose and gain players and we don't know what those changes will look like. 

The Packers are picking 14th in each round of the upcoming draft, the Vikings will pick 30th.  The shoe is on the other foot with regards to draft order and the Vikings (and their fans) will now see how difficult it is to add key playmakers picking that late.

The Vikings also have a big decision to make as far as who their quarterback should be next season.  There has already been talk that Minnesota may franchise tag Case Keenum, as silly as that sounds to some.  They surely can't ride with all three of Keenum, Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater.

All of this aside, one thing we know is that the current path to the NFC North likley goes through Minnesota and Green Bay.  This rivalry could get its biggest boost since Brett Favre donned the purple nearly a decade ago.

Are you riding high and feeling like the Vikings caught lightning in a bottle in 2017 or will they continue to go toe-to-toe with the Packers for the next few seasons to come?  With what we know right now, how close are these two teams?



Jason is a freelance writer on staff since 2012 and also co-hosts Pulse of the Pack podcast.  You can follow him on Twitter here

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Nick Perry's picture

The Vikings have a season like this every 10 years or so. First it was 1998 with Moss and company only to lose on a last second missed FG by Anderson in the NFCCG. Gone till 2009

11 years later it took a Ex-Packers QB to get them back to the NFCCG. At the end of the game they felt what Packers fans had felt several times before. A boneheaded pass by Brett across his body for the INT. Gone till 2017.

This year it took a nasty hit on Rodgers by Barr to propel them to the NFCCG. Who knows how the season works out if Rodgers isn't hurt but one thing is certain, the Packers don't get swept by the Lions and Vikings OR win just 7 games. So what if the Vikings made it to the NFCCG. It happens every 10 years or so. See you in 2027 Vikings fans!!!

I think Gutekunst can fix the right side of the O-Line, get a TE, and add speed to the WR position in a single off-season. Both the Draft and FA will be a big part of this mini rebuild but it WILL happen and it will happen in one year.

Edit... Isn't it great the Vikings still haven't EVER won a Championship??? All is right in the world today, at least in the Football World.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Yes it is.

The Packers and Vikings are like reciprocals of each other. The Vikings have a great team without much at QB and the Packers have a great QB without much of a team. Oddly enough the later is actually an easier fix.

The TKstinator's picture

Maybe if they’d combine the squads...

zeke's picture

I am conflicted over whether it is better to watch Viking fans have their hearts yanked out of their chests with a last second, bed-crapping interception or bed-crapping missed chip shot FG, or to watch them slowly crap the bed over the course of an afternoon. I am open to suggestions.

marpag1's picture

Either way, it's Queenie fans and a whole lot of crap. It's all good.

Final score: GB 13, MIN 0

marpag1's picture


Razer's picture

Ha, ha - both work for me.

Portland Mark's picture

Considering that it was Favre who threw the interception, I liked that the best. Otherwise, I tend to hope teams for the NFC North do well as it generates more respect for the Packers when they do well. As good as the Patriots are, their division usually sucks making it easier for them to get into the playoffs.

dobber's picture

When their division is down, it opens the door for them to play at home and to get byes...not just into the playoffs. Can also argue that it makes them less prepared to play really good teams.

I'd be curious to find out if there's a metric out there that would really allow us to compare divisions and figure out which ones have been week on an ongoing basis and which ones have been stronger. Certainly aggregate W/L by divisions gets you there, part way, since every division by necessity is .500 against itself. The nature of scheduling, where common opponents outside of divisions are parsed out as they are, makes it harder to do.

cheesycowboy's picture

I think the participation banners look very nice in the house of glass. Sincerely,

MedicMike's picture

I found it much more deeply enjoyable and relaxing to see them physically and emotionally beaten for the vast majority of the 3 hours.

Tundraboy's picture

Both are equally enjoyable,although seeing them blown out has a special place in my heart.

WinUSA's picture

Good post Perry...I just want to ad a footnote. You know I was as pissed as any Packer fan could be with Favre going to the Vikings (it took me years to be able to simmer down and begin to be able to reflect on all the great Sundays that guy brought to me) that being said. I remember watching that game for the NFC title against the Saints and wondering what the hell was going on! They were hitting Favre after the play was over CONSISTENTLY! Putting aside my anger at Favre, my sportmanship side took over and I was really feeling sorry for the man. It wasn't right. The evidence of that travesty was paid for (not enough) by the Saints (bastardization of the word). Unlike the bonehead plays he had done in the past...and there were quite a few....the man literally couldn't run 3 yards to get into feel goal range...and it had to be 3 yards for even a is legendary the amount of pain that man could withstand..that being said...the only thing he could do was try that pass...he knew when he tossed it that the game was over and so was his career. Aside from that reflection in your was right on! ....and...I am sure glad the fcking Vikings go their clock whacked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Kirk's picture

I can't believe I was yelling, FLY EAGLES FLY so often yesterday. It was especially sweet seeing Alshon Jeffery grab two TD's. I'd done some twitter bantering with a Vikings fan who said their D should just blitz every down because Eagles had no weapons. I pointed out they had Jeffery who had more career TD's vs. Minnesota than any other team. He was quick to post his stat line from last year, but wonderfully left out that Jeffery caught a TD in a 63 yard and a score game at Soldier. Went 1 for 10 yard in Minnesota so Viking fan combined the two (saying he only went 5 for 73 in two games leaving out the touchdown) and told me I was clueless. I thought about him many times yesterday.

Packers have a mile to go to catch the Vikes on D. Dalvin Cook is a special talent. Thielen and Diggs are very formidable and Rudolph is no slouch. The only thing missing is a QB. I would go out and pay Cousins or acquire him from the Skins if need be. He's not a superstar but he'd be enough with what they have to be what we've been for a long time to come.

We've ruled the North due to our insane edge at QB. Stafford is like Cousins but in Detroit they don't have the supporting cast the Vikings do.

It'd be easier for the Vikes to fill the QB position than it will be for us to fill multiple positions on D. I love Pettine but I don't recall him carrying a magic wand on the sidelines. Before, the backlash of the QB is toughest to fill...I get it. However, the Vikings don't need Aaron Rodgers to win the SB, The Vikings need a good QB to win it all, not one of the greatest of all time. We need one of those to even be in the playoffs...they don't. They just need a guy like Cousins and the gap swings the other direction with us looking up at them. Pettine doesn't appear to be the one choosing his defensive staff. MM seems to be the guy doing that. I don't believe Pettine is raiding the Colts staff, I think that's McCarthy listening to Joe Philbin and that concerns me.

Right now we're not far apart because they don't have a QB and we do. If they don't get one, we're still the class of the division but if they go out and get one, I'd be pretty concerned about the end of Rodgers career. Again, it'll be easier for the Vikes to make a move on Cousins and get him than it will be for us to build our defense to their level.

Perhaps, we have a Saints styled draft and add some key FA's and can fix it that fast. It's all unknown because we don't know what our new GM is like.

It's incredible the Vikings advanced that far with a 3rd string QB and the loss of Dalvin Cook. A real QB and Cook healthy is a scary thought.

Just remember can't spell Skol without the "L".

Since91's picture

I do not know about the Queens being that much better than an elite QB by today's standard over in Detroit. They have some nice pieces too! Imagine one of Auburn's or LSU's RBs in their backfield next year.....Oh and they are gonna hire the D-Coordinator from the Pats....Do not sleep on the Lions. The queens do not and will not scare me.....nor will any other team in this league with a "great defense" because offense wins in this league not defense! And offense we have!

Tundraboy's picture


Tundraboy's picture

"Pettine doesn't appear to be the one choosing his defensive staff. MM seems to be the guy doing that. I don't believe Pettine is raiding the Colts staff, I think that's McCarthy listening to Joe Philbin and that concerns me."

Me as well. This has to be the quietest DC hire in history. No press conference or any indication of who in the organization is picking staff. Have I missed something? Thought it was supposed to be the GM, is there a boss or is it Murphy , our figure head President. If it's McCarthy with Philbins input, how can DC and Gute have credibility.

HankScorpio's picture

You need a defense that can pick up a struggling offense and an offense that can pick up a struggling defense. Because everyone struggles from time to time. It's the nature of the game.

The Vikes have the better defense. The Packers have the better offense (with Rodgers). Each team needs to improve on the other side of the ball. Since it is a lot harder to find a QB, I like the Packers chances better than Minny's chances.

KenEllis's picture

I like the Pack's chances to improve better than Minny's as well.

But only because the Defensive Coordinator and GM are gone and we have real hope that improvements will be made to both the defensive personnel and scheme.

nostradanus's picture

The Vikings are built to be good for awhile and while the Packers have talent, they are clearly behind the Vikings except at the vital Quarterback position. Lets hope the shakeup in the Packers front office & coaching staff, plus a good draft and the signing a key off-season free agent or two can right the ship! The Vikings are going to be tough but they lack a true difference maker at Quarterback and it showed Sunday. The Vikings had their run this year and they again have experienced the pain of losing the Championship game after a great ride, kudos to them for a great season. Next season the Packers will set things right again and take back the Division. GO PACK!

dobber's picture

The Packers were built to be good for awhile, too, but that while has pretty much run its course. Arguably, the retooling of the roster began a couple years hasn't gone as well as we'd hope.

D.D. Driver's picture

"The Vikings are built to be good for awhile and while the Packers have talent, they are clearly behind the Vikings except at the vital Quarterback position."

Except for *that*, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?

To quote the great Denny Green: The Vikings are who we thought they were.

HankScorpio's picture

In this weekend of defense in the CG round, the teams with the better QBs and lesser defenses both advanced.

It's certainly a good thing to have a quality defense. But great QB play is the great equalizer. And Foles played great yesterday, even if he's not a great QB. Brady is a great QB and it showed against a defense that had his number for 30 minutes. But not 60.

cheezit's picture

"It's certainly a good thing to have a quality defense. But great QB play is the great equalizer."

I largely agree with you, but to me it feels like there are certain types of defenses that are kryptonite to Rodgers. Look at the losses to KC during the regular season in 2011, the losses to the Seahawks and 49ers in 2012, the loss to the 49ers in 2013, both losses to the Seahawks in 2014, the ugly win against the Rams and the loss to the Broncos in 2015 and the following 16 games.

I don't know if it's a schematic deficiency or what, but if you have the right personnel there is very much a blueprint to follow (the 9ers deviated from it a bit). A blueprint so effective that the Packers' offense doesn't just become pedestrian against these excellent defenses, but becomes downright pitiful at times, performing much worse than less-talented offenses against these same defenses.

OrganLeroy's picture

The NFL is all about matchups. The Giants schemes and personnel were always a matchup problem for us, especially 2011, the same with the 49ers & Seahawks. There's always gonna' be a scheme and talent base that's gonna' give some teams problems.

dobber's picture

"The NFL is all about matchups."


In a one-and-done situation like this or the NCAA tournament, it's all about how you line up against an opponent and how they're playing at the time. Multigame formats in the other sports are intended to maximize profits--oops--I mean, meant to minimize those one-game upsets.

EdsLaces's picture

I'm just so happy for Barr ...he really deserved this L.

WinUSA's picture

It was nice to see that ahole getting schredded by the eagles O line...he was like a matador back there cry Ole' trying to avoid the mass of humanity going at him...I just wish I could have seen him pancaked like a Zamboni running over him!!!!!!!!!!!

flackcatcher's picture

Good questions Jason, to be honest I don't have a clue. Until I see who MM fills his staff with and what positions they will hold I won't be able to make an wild eye guess at this point. Same with the front office shakeout. Who really holds the power on player personal is an on going question at this point. Based on current rosters I believe this Packer team can make the playoffs next year and win their division. But with the new players in the front office, nothing is sure at this point. Going to be an interesting off season for we Packer fans.

Nick Perry's picture

"Who really holds the power on player personal is an on going question at this point."

I've read and I've heard it on a Podcast that Brian Gutekunst would have final say over all roster decisions. Now if that means exactly what it says then I have no doubt Gutekunst can make the necessary moves in FA or even by trade along with the draft to get the Packers back on the top of the NFC. Exactly how much power Russ Ball has is the thing that concerns me the most. If Gutekunst REALLY wants a particular player will Ball have the juice to kill the deal by going to Murphy? Or will Gutekunst REALLY have the power a GM is supposed to have and be able to bring him in. I'm not concerned so much with McCarthy's input, he'll want those difference making players. The big concern will be Ball AND Thompson in the background whispering in Murphys ear.

Scott Stach's picture

I've heard the same regarding Gutenkunst. The little we know about Ball and his sphere of influence is leading me to believe that Murphy felt contract negotiation was BG's weakness due to a lack of experience. This way BG can set the offer parameters for Ball to negotiate within much the way Ball did for TT. BG gains that experience in the wild possibility Ball gets poached to be GM elsewhere.

Nick Perry's picture

If the only duty Ball has in determining if the Packers sign play A or B then great, let Ball do his thing and keep us cap healthy. But if there starts to be rumblings about interference by Ball, Murphy, or even McCarthy with what Gutekunst is trying to do then I'm REALLY concerned. He HAS to be the one with final say on ALL picks and FA signings. I'm ll for input from everybody to help him make the best decision but it must be his decision and his alone.

GBPDAN1's picture

After watching that total, and delightful, annihilation in the NFC Championship game, I don't think the Packers are behind, probably even or slightly better overall, than the Viqueens right now.

Minnesota won 16-0 at Lambeau late in the Season, when the Queens were fighting for a first round bye, against a very depleted Packers team (recheck the injury report for that game). A Packers team that turn the ball over and missed out on opportunities with Hundley.

Yes, MinnySoda has a better D, but, I don't think they have the man yet at QB and GB does.

With AR back (and other players) from injury, a quality free agent or two and a good draft (go Gutekunst), the Packers will win the NFC North next year.

Big Moe's picture

Exactly, I think the queens were more lucky this season than anything else, their D had periods they struggled against a Hundley led Pack, that is not an elite D, just a D that performed well at times, they just don't wow me.

Big Moe's picture

And thank you Eagles for shutting up the purple loving dreamers! Loved the ass kicking!!!

HankScorpio's picture

They certainly were lucky to advance against N.O. last week,

dobber's picture

Too often, the playoff miracles end the next week.

rdent's picture

dobber, I agree, Minnesota received their miracle last week.

D.D. Driver's picture

Have we already forgotten that the Vikings only got as far as they did based upon a lucky fluke play? That was only last week.

cheesycowboy's picture

Too many cooks can ruin the broth. It seemed to me the coaching staff had been top heavy for a while. Now the front office seems to have reciprocated. Maybe better communication regarding Murphy's involvements is a good thing but I have also seen bankruptcies due to power struggles at the top. Sincerely,

OrganLeroy's picture

I really believe that the new power structure concerns are over blown. The point was that Ted had a disconnect with the scouts, & MM concerning talent accuisition via FA's and final draft choices. It's been documented that ALL of Ted's top personnel people, Dorsey, Wolf, Gutekunst, Schneider and MM were very frustrated with Ted's refusal to do anything but draft & develop, it was Dorsey, Wolf, Schneider & McCloughan that vehemntly lobbied Ted to sign Woodson & Pickett. I don't believe there will be any problems and this structure will only help until Murphy feels comfortable that all 3 are indeed on the same page when it comes to getting the Packers back to multiple SB's.

cheezit's picture

Minnie underachieved last year and overachieved this year compared to their level of talent IMO. I have no idea what they'll be like next year. All that I know for sure is that our QB is better than whichever of their trio they trot out next year, and probably better than all three combined.

RCPackerFan's picture

Completely agree Dan!

Had the Packers had a better QB then Hundley I have no doubt that the Packers beat them in their 2nd matchup. And like you said that was with a banged up and depleted Packers team.

Bearmeat's picture

Agreed RC.

Apart from QB and RB (which lets be honest, Bradford isn't good anyway and neither was Bridgewater) Minnie had a remarkably healthy year. This was their year to win it and they blew it. Again. GLORIOUS!

That said, Minnesota is ahead at all levels of the defense, but our players are better than they've shown. We are ahead at every level of the offense except WR and possibly RB, and those are close.

Rodgers is the trump card. Our football team is still better than theirs, and we'll have 4 picks in the top 100 this year.

The NFCN is ours next year. :)

OrganLeroy's picture

The Vikings are in very good shape going forward. WR's RB in Cook coming back, TE and a new offensive line that played very well, excellent coaching. The big problem for them is QB. Keenum & Bradford are not the guys going forward and Bridgewater will never be a franchise QB, but, they proved as the Eagles have, that if you have an overall strong team, you can withstand the loss of your field General. We couldn't for many reasons. AR makes up for a lot of those weaknesses and now we fresh leadership in place and the opportunity to upgrade the talent. Patricia will make Detroit a threat, and the Bears are getting better as well. This division will be very good top to bottom going forward.

Since91's picture

Organ QB is the worst problem to have!
Look at your team this year!
Down go the queens maybe last place next year....

dobber's picture

For those who say it's SB win or bust, there's no difference between these teams right now.

RCPackerFan's picture

The biggest difference is the Packers will be drafting 14 and the Vikings 30th? I haven't heard yet where they will be picking. Regardless though the shoe is on the other foot. We will see how the Vikings do picking 15+/- spots later then normal.

Coldworld's picture

For me though, it shows that aiming to better the Vikings is aiming too low.

The NFC North was very weak this year, particularly with Rodgers’ injury. But our target is the standard necessary to get to and win a Super Bowl. Right now that means being on a par with the Eagles, who look a lot better than the Vikings even with Foles at QB.

dobber's picture

Even with the injury, the NFC-North was a .500 division. By necessity, the aggregate records within the division have to be .500. That means that the NFC-North was .500 in its out-of-division games....which isn't too bad given #12's injury. The division should have been a couple games better overall: the Packers with a healthy #12 should have beaten Baltimore--at minimum--for cross-conference games, and could have beaten New Orleans at home, too. The other games (at Pitt, at Carolina) were crap shoots.

In general, the division suffered against the NFC-South (which allowed them to get two WC teams), and made that up somewhat against the AFC-North (another weak division) to be .500 overall...even without #12 playing. Detroit was a beneficiary of it since it meant they won at least one more (and possibly 2) than they likely would have against a QB1-led Packers squad...not that it saved Jim Caldwell's job.

OrganLeroy's picture

The Vikings lost the NCF Championship game, and will pick 30th, Jacksonville 29th, New England & Philly, 31st & 32nd depending on who wins the SB. The Vikings had a better season record than Jacksonville.

OrganLeroy's picture

The Vikings lost the NCF Championship game, and will pick 30th, Jacksonville 29th, New England & Philly, 31st & 32nd depending on who wins the SB. The Vikings had a better season record than Jacksonville.

Savage57's picture

Today is like waking up and realizing Christmas has come a second time.

I could not have hoped for a better outcome as a Packers fan. Some might argue the Vikings losing in the Super Bowl at home would have topped this. I'm of the opinion continuing the championship-less streak and having to host a city full of Eagles fans for the Super Bowl only adds to the humiliation.

An Eagles win in a couple of weeks would cement it.

Skol, indeed.

dobber's picture

For me, it's more like buying a PowerBall ticket when the pot is $500M and winning $8.

RCPackerFan's picture

"How Far Apart Are Packers and Vikings?"

IMO, they aren't far apart at all...

Sure the Vikings have a better defense. But the Packers offense *With Rodgers* is better.
Vikings just got shredded last night by the Eagles, with their backup QB. They have no excuses for it either. They had their 'stars' playing. If Foles can put up 31 points on the Vikings defense what can Rodgers do? The last time the 2 teams met with Rodgers as QB for the whole game they beat the Vikings 38-25.
Also last night the Vikings offense did virtually nothing against the Eagles defense. They finally came down to earth. And they are reported to be losing their OC.

I believe that hiring Pettine will turn the Packers defense around. Under Capers it became predictable. Teams knew how to attack it. With Pettine he will figure out what the strengths of is players are and put them in the best position to succeed. Also with a new GM I believe they will also be more active in free agency. Going out and getting 1-2 key players can change the whole unit.

Again, with Rodgers, the Packers are at least equal to the Vikings. Personally I think better. Vikings have a lot of work to do as well. They don't know who their QB will be. Keenum had a career year, and he came down to earth last night.

Packers have Rodgers. I'll take Rodgers any day of the week!

CAG123's picture

Not to mention that 38-25 win wasn’t even that close.

Coldworld's picture

Simple answer. A speedy receiver of quality, an OLB who can get to the passer and a non Capers D. But we need more to reach the SB than we do to match the Vikings!

croatpackfan's picture

Vikings D is excellent, no doubt. They will have that D few more years and than, cap problems will start to emerge...

I do not see that Vikings will find The Man. I like Keenum, but he is just above average QB. Diggs and Thielen might finished their best NFL season. Rudolf is not younger and only bright spot is that young rookie RB, Cook. They will need some drat or UDFA shots in the middle.

Bridgewater - it is hard to say how god he is at this stage of his career, but story might finish similar to Griffin III.

On the other side, I think with just 3 addition to the roster Packers can elevate their story to the highest level. They need top OLB, top ILB/Safety and top TE. They will find above average CB, additonal pass rusher and depth at receiver. By my opinion those 3 players are top need for Packers to be unstopable...

Nick Perry's picture

Nice breakdown Croat..... The only thing I'd say to this is they do need a new WR to pair with Adams that has SPEED. The Packers HAVE to add a speedy WR to the mix, probably a FA so he can come in and contribute quicker than a rookie would.

croatpackfan's picture

Thank you, Nick.

Lets hope changes are for better...

Since91's picture

How excellent is their "D" against capable QBs????

stockholder's picture

Apart? That depends on the coaching. We have better players. I wouldn't trade any of them for a Viking. But when you watched Philly stick it to them last night. One could only say we need better. Muscle ,Power, and speed showed up. The Tes and the speedy Wrs were just to much for their secondary. I think if you break down that game tape. You'll see the Vikings Suck in all areas. And if you watched the patriots and brady take some big hits. You have to worry about how fragile A-Rod is. Lots of changes must happen. But First Free Agency. Let's get that Te and a QB.

cpabandit's picture

The Packers aren't even close to the Vikings in 2017 even with a healthy Rodgers simply because the Vikings would have shut down the Packers running game resulting in a Rodgers' passing game with a weak offensive line and aging receivers. Even with points being put up by Rodgers, the Packers defense would quickly give the points back. Brady, Bortles, Foles and even Keenum would have shredded the Packers defense. And how does Philly get a backup QB like Foles, Vikings wth Keenum and the Packers get a gum-chewing

The TKstinator's picture

Maybe Hundley will stop chewing gum.

HankScorpio's picture

"Even with points being put up by Rodgers, the Packers defense would quickly give the points back. "

The Packers gave up 23 and 16 vs Minny this year. In actual games they played on the field, not "would have" games.

Why "would" Keenum shred the Packers defense with Rodgers on the field when he couldn't do it to a Packer defense without Rodgers on the field?

Handsback's picture

Well which Viking's team? The one with Bradford and Cook who probably wouldn't have lost to the Eagles by 31 points, or Keenam and Murry? Either way, they will continue to be a force against the Packers. A few players at the right spots and they will be fighting toe to toe. No matter what.....there will be no free ride in the NFC North for awhile.

RCPackerFan's picture

'Well which Viking's team? The one with Bradford and Cook who probably wouldn't have lost to the Eagles by 31 points, or Keenam and Murry?'

In reality how much better is Bradford then Keenum? Anyways the Keenum of this year?
Bradfords best year was last year with the Vikings. He threw for 3877 yards, 20 tds, 5 interceptions and a QBR of 99.3 in 15 starts.
Keenum this year had 14 starts and played in 15 games and had 3547 yards, 22 TD's, 7 Interceptions and a QBR of 98.3.

Keenum really played about as well as a QB can play.

Cook was really good early before he got hurt. But with him who knows how he will be next year coming off a torn acl.

Coldworld's picture

Vikings with Cook are the Vikings of the last ten years. Not enough with their supporting cast.

marpag1's picture

Oh they’re not far apart at all. In fact, if we're not careful, Minnesota will catch up to us!

Maybe that’s not how the question was intended....

Sure, there are plenty of holes in the Packers roster. But if we assume full health on both sides, put your money on Green Bay.

4thand1's picture

The Packers will take back their rightful spot of kings of the NFCN this year. Queens have big problems, they most likely will lose 2 QBs , quality picks in the draft, and locking up FA's. This off season is going to be fun. The packers need only to fill a few holes to favored again this year. The team who will be hard to beat is going to be the Eagles, they will be better next year.............scary thought. Dome teams are 0-13 in championship games outdoors now.

dobber's picture

The Vikings are flush with cash (and cap room) and are mostly a younger roster, especially on defense. Their issues are going to more with, "do they invest in the right guys" rather than "can they find the guys they need"...which is the Packers problem right now.

If anything, this season showed that the Vikes can get by with a journeyman QB if he plays over his head. QB is their biggest issue, and they'll have to pay out the nose to get one...rumor has it they're considering a franchise tag on Keenum. Might sound dumb giving Keenum some $25M+ or so, but it allows them to determine whether he's really the guy or if 2017 was just lightning in a bottle without making a long-term commitment and sand-bagging their cap. If they keep him and he regresses (which he likely will, and we saw what that might look like last night), they'll come closer to the 8-8 record of 2016 than they will the 13-3 of 2017.

Bearmeat's picture

Keenum doesn't scare me. What worries me is if the V*kings get Cousins. While he's no Rodgers, he is a top 12 QB. Something that purple team hasn't had consistently since Culpepper before he shredded his knee 15 years ago.

Coldworld's picture

I posted in an earlier blog that they were in cap hell. My mistake. Misread the figures. Sorry folks.

That said, I hope they do franchise one of their QBs because I don’t rate any of them as worth the money that will require them to be paid.

I think they have some contracts coming up for some of their D that will also reduce their cap room if they keep them.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

MN has about $57M in cap space. Even if they franchise Keenum, they should have $32M+ left. They have no real FAs of note, and just a few middling types: Tom Johnson, Joe Berger and Terrence Newman shouldn't cost big money. MN will have a choice: shoot for the super bowl in 2018 by franchising Keenum or buying Cousins (both are 29 years old) and adding two or three big name, big $ FAs, or becoming a successful GB-type franchise and rolling the money over. In 2019, MN does have Hunter, Barr, Diggs, Kendricks, and Brian Robison (he is getting long in the tooth - maybe one of the big FAs should be replacing him or Robison in 2018?). Not sure what they'll do with Shariff Floyd, but he represents $6.75M for 2018 in cap savings if cut soon.

MN could easily replace Berger with Norwell, and add Mewhort or Jahri Evans for depth (can't find a FA OT worth signing), add a big time defensive talent, maybe Ansah or a CB like Trumaine Johnson, and add a third quality WR. Plus whatever they get in the draft. They will get two third round comp picks when Bradford and Keenum leave, offset by one for signing Cousins, and maybe see if Teddy wants a prove it year in MN. Dalvin Cook returns as well. Harrison Smith, Rhodes, Linval Joseph, and Everson Griffen are locked up through the 2021 season - that's the next 4 seasons.

I don't see why MN should not be considerably better in 2018 than they were in 2017. I'd be screaming bloody murder if I were a Vikings fan and they weren't more talented in 2018 than they were in 2017.

TJ Coon's picture

I can see the Packers being far apart if they don't make some key moves this offseason. I'm sorry if you disagree with me but Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson should both be gone. There are some top-tier free agents at receiver that would be happy to play with Aaron Rodgers. Use the cap money saved bye cutting both. Don't stop drafting defense. That's where you use your draft and develop strategy with keeping in mind offense can be built through free agency. An offensive lineman with experience and a dominant wide receiver can be had through this year's free agency. Why would you have any trouble convincing these players to come and play for Aaron Rodgers with the possibility of a Super Bowl over the next four years of his career? In my mind, that's seems easily doable.

Pack88's picture

Some Packer fans are illusory here, the Vikes struggled on their few outdoor games all year (see Chi, Pit, , Car, GB and WA). I do think the Vikings have better defensive talent than GB -happens when you pick top 10 every year. We will see how GB retools this year and how they fix the WR,RT and TE issue but I suspect with a healthy Rodgers and a few improvements' on D probably a vastly different outcome.

I keep reminding Queens fans miracle interceptions and 60 yd tds don't happen every week but average play on grass does and the results show!

4thand10's picture

How far away are the Packers ?

Well, I look at the way Philly handled business.
1) Much better play calling, especially on third down. Zimmer looked lost post press conference and during game.
2) A really good defense
3) A strong running game
4) an OL that allowed time for the deep ball
5) Tight End play was a major determining factor in this game.
6) Good to Great QB play

So for our Packers...1)changing D coordinators is a step in the right direction with the goal of improving the D.
2) I would say Tight End is a priority. If there is not one avail. who can BLOCK and catch.. try to get 2, one that can block and one that can catch.
3) OL either draft or FA.
4) I would say almost another RB would be handy...philly has a whole stable . They gave a 4th rounder for Ajayi in October.
4) I might get down voted... but a WR that draws 2 people in coverage because they are that good. Jordy used to be that guy but I don't know if he can still do it.

dobber's picture

"but a WR that draws 2 people in coverage because they are that good."

I'd settle for a couple WR that can regularly beat single coverage...

4thand1's picture

Adams can do just that, so we need one more.

dobber's picture

Yep. Until there's another, Adams gets doubled and everyone else is covered.

Community Guy's picture

Philly's pass-rushers made some big plays starting with forcing the pick-6.. after watching Philly's pass rush, i got some envy.

Mojo's picture

How far apart? About 260 miles as the crow flies.

4thand1's picture

And.........the queens have nothing to crow about.

4thand10's picture

I loved that MoJo!! Awesome

Duke Divine's picture

2018-2019 Packers finish 12-4 with top 5 defense. Vikes finish 8-8 with serious QB drama/issues.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I'm from Missouri show me

CAG123's picture

What does being from Missouri have to do with anything?

Thegreatreynoldo's picture
WKUPackFan's picture

Anyone who has seen The Outlaw Josey Wales knew that.

zoellner25's picture


Tarynfor12's picture

Not far apart at all....every other team simply scooted over a little to make room on the SB watching couch. The only difference is when you took a seat...which changes every year for some when but still taking a seat...7 years and counting.

4thand1's picture

Well I think we covered just about everything this off season so far, what's left? Tons of opinions, agreements/disagreements, everyone putting in their 2 cents. It was crystal clear everyone wanted change and we got it. Still a lot of people want more, gut the entire team,lol. These are obviously trolls and would like to see the Pack fall even harder. The fall is over and this team will rise from the ashes and be on top of the football world this year. How's that for optimism?

Bure9620's picture

About 4 players on defense, but Aaron Rodgers makes it 2 total. Not far off, a good draft, player development with 2nd and 3rd year jumps and one big FA acquisition and I like our chances in the North.

CAG123's picture

We could honestly be right there maybe even a bit further since they have Rodgers. If a new head coach can turn Jared Goff into a young rising QB many thought he would be from the potential bust he was looking like than it’s not impossible to think that the new DC can turn what LOOKED like a marginal relatively talentless def into a top 10 unit with a new scheme, younger coach, no gimmicky packages, and an actual sideline coach.

Qoojo's picture

Team-wise the Vikings are ahead. With Rodgers, the packers are ahead, if that makes sense. In other words, without Rodgers, and the packers are a 4-6 win team. Since this is a team game, Packers need more.

Packers need more veteran depth when the inevitable injuries happen. 1-3 UDFA projects at most on the roster. The rest of the UDFAs can go to the practice squad. The backup players that are active need to be able to play today, not in 2-3 years.

When you consider the coaching changes, the removal of Capers is huge. I have read more on his failure to teach his scheme and have players on the same page. Then combine this with Philbin coming back, I think the next couple of years look really good. I think the packers will win at least one more superbowl in the next 5 years before Rodgers retires, barring some horrific injury.

Since '61's picture

With a better defense and a healthy Aaron Rodgers the Packers are right there.
As for meaningful minutes the Packers haven't had any since Aaron Rodgers was injured back in October 2017.
Thanks, Since '61

Ustabeayooper's picture

My concern is that GB will abandon the running game with AR coming back. I would like to see our offense evolve into a NO style of play. As far as the Vikes are concerned, They will regress. This was their year. The ball bounced their way all year. Keenum threw many ill advised passes that were not intercepted. They have not reached the consistency of GB. While their defense had a great year, it failed when it counted. Teams will study how NO and Philly attacked their defense during the last 6 quarters and try to duplicate the strategy. I would not discount the Lions. As long as Stafford is upright, they will be a factor in the equation.

Community Guy's picture

Ustabeayooper: yeah, i think you are right that with AR back, the Pack will be a passing O instead of a running O. it is the reality of having a HOF QB. i do think the Pack drafted at least two talented RBs last year.. maybe Philbin can incorporate them nicely in the passing game.

4thand1's picture

With AR back the Packers should have a more effective running game. AR himself has lobbied for a better running for years.

Lphill's picture

In other news Casey Hayward grades out as top cover corner , highest rating in 12 years as per pro football focus.

stockholder's picture

And PFT. Belichick praises; Ricky Jean Francious.

GeorgiaCheesehead's picture

Needs through Free agency and draft

1. OLB
2. RT
3. WR

Free agency

1. Shutdown CB
2. TE
3. Quality backup QB

Keep Jordy and Cobb if they reconstruct their contracts, if not trade or cut Cobb, move Montgomery slot.

Cut Hundley
Reconsruct Matthews

Keep Janis as gunner and use in offense more. Reverses etc, just get him the ball. No more Cobb in the backfield for crying out loud.

Running backs looking good

Stay healthy and have an aggressive nasty attitude on D

Have a unpredictable offense scheme and for god sakes make halftime adjustments and we will win 2 more SB’s before #12 retires!!!

Stay relatively healthy

stockholder's picture

Draft = OLB - Better than DE. I'm going with vea DT / James- Safety. Because Football players should be picked over Fantasy hype. Rd1. **OT- I think Baluga comes back. Rd. 3 comp.& Rd.5 ** Connors OT? might be BPA./Need** WR- Bingo- Even if under sized. TRADE Back UP Rd. 2. & Pick again Rd. 4. ** Free Agency, House, Sabre Jenkins, \ Cobb and Nelson- Honor their contracts. Move Monty around. Even TE. ** Cut Hundley- correct. ** Mathews - add 2 years. Don't Wait. His speed still beats many rookies. If you draft a OLB; Lets get away from the elephant crap. (You can't have hurt players eating up the cap. ) Produce or Cut Perry! ** Janis needs to go for the good of Janis. **My biggest concern is that these guys don't want to play up their expectations. Pay me, train me, It's a career. ** Back to LBs. Edmunds is the top OLB, Smith ILB, But two guys that would really help, Jefferson, and Vander Esch is climbing fast. (Rd. 2) ** Just stay away from question marks. Attitude is contagious.

4zone's picture

We need our next gen RT, WR and TE on offense and on D, we need a second starting CB and upgrades at OLB and S. And a backup QB that can hit the side of a barn 25 yards away.

Finwiz's picture

Yet this great defense gave up 38 points and massive yards to a backup QB and no game breakers on offense. Their entire season was an aberration and anomaly.
I'm not worried about the Packer stacking up against the ViQueens.

SKOL who?

stormin's picture

Anthony Barr getting helped off the field, PRICELESS !!!

TXCHEESE's picture

The only thing that would have made yesterday's beat down better, would have been Barr shredding his knee late in the 4th Qtr. Sorry for being an a**hole, but the more times I see the picture of Rodgers with the ball well out of his hand and Barr still charging with intent to hurt, the more I want to see him get crushed.

4thand1's picture

That picture tells all. He's looking at Rodgers and knows the ball is gone and not a running threat. He'll get his, in the good old days, he would have been carried off on a stretcher.

Since91's picture

Viqueens are not that good! You can take your defense and shove it! I will take offense every day in the NFL today!

Tundraboy's picture

Pretty obvious what we need to do. Fix the D and retool the O. Need to find a deep threat WR and TE this year. On O we just don't have the mismatches in numbers we once had. Loss of a TE threat after Finley combined with the drop in veteran WR depth since the days of Jennings, Driver, Jordy etc. has left us with no consistent threats outside of Adams and Jordy. And except for a couple of great years from Jordy and Cobb, the offense is nowhere as dynamic as it once once and where it needs to be. MM has compounded it with predictable play calling, and it's too often helter skelter improvisation with ARod creating on the run. It will be interesting to see how they incorporate the running game and I hope MM let's Philbin do what he does best. Would be great to improve the OL to a level that dictates play and safeguards ARod much better.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

MN > GB at 8 or 9 of the defensive starting positions. The other 2 or 3 probably are equal. As good as Clark and Daniels are, I think Griffen, Hunter and Joseph stack up well against them.

The offensive talent outside of QB is similar. It is helpful that Bakh and Adams are better at LT and WR than anyone on MN. OL is roughly similar overall. MN is better at TE. Cook is a good looking RB, so I'd give RB to MN as well, though if MM could figure out how to use Monty, Jones and Williams, I like our RB group better. As I posted above, MN should be able to shore up their OL further, re-sign Keenum or buy Cousins, add a speedy deep threat, and add a good FA defensive player if they want to. AR is the only thing making this a contest.

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