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Here Endeth Picture-Gate

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Here Endeth Picture-Gate

This just in from Rob Demovsky:

Packers to take team Super Bowl photo on Friday so that IR players will be included a source just told me.

And lo, the people did rejoice and the plans to pummel the Steelers of Pittsburgh continued on unabated (to the quarterback).

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Bad Knees's picture

Common sense prevails.

Bearmeat's picture

I don't konw why... call me a pessimest or whatever you want to..

But I think GB loses another close game... I have nightmares of Big Ben completing some long pass to ice it or Mason missing a game winning kick...

I hope I"m wrong

asshalo's picture

Sam Shields

CSS's picture

That's it? No AND.....

Feels like there was a nice crescendo to how doing things "Ted's Way" was out of touch with players and this was another instance of him not getting something. Now it's wrapped up with, here endith picture gate????

Seems like there's a ton of information missing? What conclusions are we drawing now?

PackersRS's picture

From what I've heard, Ted's boyfriend won't be able to make it, so they've been able to re-schedulle the team photo.

Also, apparently Ted won't be at the team photo, because he's a vampire, and he doesn't appear in photos.

Wait, Ted is a vampire or a ghost? I'm lost...

packeraaron's picture

That someone leaned in his ear and said "Um, Ted?"

CSS's picture

Reference? Cite?

Love the site, enjoy the majority of the writing (almost all), but now that original article feels as knee-jerk as twitter.

packeraaron's picture

Knee jerk? I waited a day to write about it and then only wrote about how it reflected Thompson's way of doing things. Sue me.

CSS's picture

"Sue me"..

Good god, totally unnecessary. I'll never criticize again. Here endith my lesson (I guess).

packeraaron's picture

Really? "Sue me" put you over the edge?

CSS's picture

Can't imagine what I said above that would indicate I were even on the edge let alone jumped.

Unless I'm being utterly ignorant or thick about something a simple I diagree and here's why would be nice.

WoodyG's picture

Next time .... Wait two days ..... And please wipe the egg off your chin ..... LOL.

D.D. Driver's picture

You know what this entire episode teaches us?

That there is such a thing as an official Super Bowl team photo.

...The more you know.


(That's a shooting star by the way.)

packersplanet's picture

I thought the same thing "there's a Super Bowl photo?". I don't think I've ever seen one from 96 or 97. I figured they took the picture at the beginning of the year and that was it.

ehhh, I guy probably gets pretty bored on IR so maybe it's a big deal to them

jeremy's picture

Considering the selfish and public distraction that Barnett and Finley have caused over this it's not very difficult to figure out why the Packers didn't want them hanging around in Dallas with nothing to do. I never want to hear again how Barnett is some kind of team leader.

PackersRS's picture

Are you sure they weren't invited? Last time I checked, they were, just not for the picture.

I'm pretty sure they were with the team during the whole playoffs.

Ruppert's picture

Barnett said in an interview he watched the Falcons game from his couch. But I swear I saw some other guys on the sideline. So I don't know how that's determined. Me? I'd want to be on the sideline.

jeremy's picture

I read on JS or Pnews that the picture was scheduled for earlier in the week when the IR guys were getting to Texas.

The point is that a veteran player should be aware that Twitter is not the proper channel at air his issues (legitimate or not) with the Teams Superbowl week schedule.

PackersRS's picture

I agree with this point.
BS for the Packers to not let those guys on the photo, no mattew how many of them were on IR.

But the players are professionals. They should've behaved as such and not gone to complain on twitter about management.

sammer's picture

Are you sure you aren't taking this a little too seriously? Packers are in the Super Bowl, loosen up!

Chazman's picture

Someone needs to tell CM3 to move his hair appointment from Tuesday to Friday.

bleedsgreen's picture

Because, of course, there is absolutely not a damn thing precluding "take team photo with everyone" AND "giving a fully focused effort towards winning the Super Bowl."

Damn that was easy.

Moving on...

Josh's picture

All it took was PTI jumping on the issue along with the rest of ESPN. I bet the PR guy would like to take twitter away.

FITZCORE1252's picture



FootballGods's picture

I felt slightly slighted when Finley stirred up news on his team a week or so before the big game but he said last night on ESPN that he wanted to be a Packer for 10 years to come. So now... It’s OK!

Real66's picture

Wasn't bothered much at all by it, until I heard that LeRoy Butler thought it was a bit mistake - at least as posted by Silverstein for a JS post related to an upcoming 5 Q's. Butler is *the* man, at least post-1967.

Ceallaigh's picture

Easiest way to head off wank is to stop it at the pass.

Well done. Now move on, Pack and focus on something important!

jdondlinger's picture

Thank God this is over.

NoWay Jose's picture

Good riddance.

Now, let's hope and pray that some of the players dont get turkey sandwiches on media day while others get roast beef. That would rip this team asunder.

keeley2's picture

. . .however - IR players will be asked to wear "pinnies" for the photo.

ZeroTolerance's picture

What a wasted two days. Just really sad.
A waste by the team's judgement.
A waste by certain reactions.
A waste for the spotlight and distraction.
A waste by everyone discussing the situation.

WoodyG's picture

MOE = The Packers hierarchy for their fumble.

LARRY = Barnett & Finley for their inability to keep it in-house.

CURLY = The media (and CHTV) for expending so much effort on a non-story.

Let's recap ..... Moe, Larry & Curly ..... The end.

Irish Cheesehaed's picture

Wow! Time to start moderating comments? Lots of immature responses here. Are these Steelers fans in disguise? Disgruntled Bears fans? Or just ignorant people?

asshalo's picture

Who knew it'd be so slow news-wise this close to the superbowl. Glad that over-reaction can fizzle now.

zub's picture

I am glad this is over and we can move on, but Barnett may have just tweeted himself out of a roster spot next year.

jack in jersey city's picture

desmond bishop is a better plyer and less of a diva. thanks nick. it was great while it lasted!

jack in jersey city's picture

yeah!!!! next.

BLACK HAWK's picture

Who gives a fuck....let's go kick some Steeler ass!!!!

Jack's picture

Photogate? Lombardi is turning over in his grave, and glad he's no longer alive to witness this ridiculous spectacle.

Jack's picture


Marlene Makela's picture

Thank You to every one that had anything to do with this. I think it is only fair. They played they got hurt not there fault.
Way to go team...GO PACK GO

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