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Hayward, Starks, Van Roten All Ruled Out for Lions Game

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Hayward, Starks, Van Roten All Ruled Out for Lions Game

The Green Bay Packers didn't get probably the good news they had hoped for after returning from the bye when it was made official on Wednesday that cornerback Casey Hayward, running back James Starks and offensive lineman Greg Van Roten would all be ruled out for this upcoming Sunday's game against the Detroit Lions.

Casey Hayward has yet to play a regular season game this season thanks to a hamstring pulled before the start of training camp and then aggravated during Week 3 of the preseason.

As to when Hayward would return, head coach Mike McCarthy wouldn't make any promises during his post-practice press conference, saying that they would know more about Hayward next Monday or Tuesday.

With Hayward out, the Packers continue to miss their best true slot cornerbacks, left with a combination of veteran Tramon Williams and rookie Micah Hyde filling the void.

Starks exited the Packers' last game against the Cincinnati Bengals with a knee injury, and McCarthy said he would be put in the category of missing a couple weeks.

The Packers have already braced themselves for Starks' absence by elevating fellow running back and rookie Michael Hill from the practice squad earlier this week.

The biggest surprise on the Packers' injury report was probably Van Roten. McCarthy confirmed that he sprained his foot during practice on Monday and will likely miss a couple weeks.

Van Roten has been the Packers' backup at center to Evan Dietrich-Smith, leaving them in a precarious position if their starter were to go down to injury.

It appears as if rookie Lane Taylor will likely take Van Roten's spot on the 46-man active game day roster, but it could be Don Barclay that would take over at center should Dietrich-Smith need to be replaced.

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TommyG's picture

Crap! Here comes the annual offensive line musical chairs game.

That's a little too pesimistic as Van Roten really isn't all that special of a player.

I really wish we could get a more difinitive update on Hayward, rather than just the week to week thing. If he needs to go IR then let's do that and bring in another player to the 53.

Evan's picture

"Crap! Here comes the annual offensive line musical chairs game."

At least it's not with the starters..

TommyG's picture


Stroh's picture

Theres no chance a player w/ a hamstring would go on IR for the whole year. Hayward will be back in a week, 2 at the most. Now if he re-injures it again shortly after his return about week 7 or 7 maybe, but assuming he doesn't re-injure it again he'll be back soon.

Lack of patience is what Hayward suffered from in the pre-season. That won't happen again!

TommyG's picture

If it's a hamstring pull you are correct. If it's torn and needs surgery then he needs to go on IR. Let us not forget the Jennings groin injury that ended up needing surgery.

Stroh's picture

If it was a complete tear like Bishop he would already be on IR. Jennings didn't have a groin, it turned out to be an abdominal tear involving connective tissue, which is why they had surgery.

Erich's picture

This is getting ridiculous. Does the staff not know what a hamstring is? Hayward should at least have a time line by now

denniseckersly's picture

It drags on EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. with this team.

I hope no one seriously thought Burnett would return in week 2 and Hayward would return in week 5. Whether they're deliberately misleading or just terrible at prognosticating (and perhaps diagnosing), this training staff/team can NEVER be trusted with their initial timelines.

denniseckersly's picture

Derrick Rose's recovery would be considered relatively speedy if he were a part of this team.

C's picture

52 starters didn't suite up in week 4 around the league. That's not inculding Green Bay and Carolina (bye week). Every staff is dealing with it.

Stroh's picture

The Packers won't give a timeline. Knowledge is power and giving up info about Hayward or any injury for that matter gives the opposition an advantage! Why do you think teams don't give specifics about injuries and return times!

drcpackers's picture

I'm really tired of the injury report being the first thing I look for after coach's presser. I hate hamstrings.

pooch's picture

Thank god we had the bye or it would have been 75 starters not suiting up

zub's picture

Well if we put 15 players on the unable to perform list, Pack has proven we can win it all, Pack is easily 2-1 if MM makes a few better decisions and Arod plays like a 20 million dollar man, we beat the Bengles

zub's picture

Harbaugh will out coach MM every time, Rodgers lost that game in Cincinnati, thats the 2 loses, injuries are just talk, just look at New England, anyone that has a justified reason to complain is Brady, I love the Pack, I've been watching since the Magic Man, Don M. But Brady is at this point the best QB in the league

eqfan592's picture

Brady is the best my butt. Even if I wasn't going to pick Rogers (and I would, because nobody objective would put that loss entirely on his shoulders) Brady would still not be my pick.

Jamie's picture

I'm amazed that people whine, complain, and point fingers about injuries. There are so many variables involved that none of us know anything about, in relation to each injured players, that it's just a huge waste of energy on your part.


Do yourself (and those of us that accidentally read you) a favor and stop over analyzing something that is virtually impossible to analyze from our vantage point.

The TKstinator's picture


Tarynfor12's picture

As soon as I see this in someone's comment....


I skip pass it at light speed.

Jamie's picture

The post was only intended for those open to self-improvement anyway...

Morgan Mundane's picture

Variables? Injuries aren't variables. Hamstrings that dont heal over a five week period aren't variables.
Drafting 6 and 7th rounders who were div II, smallish and injured in college often are not variables.
You act like injuries are just a thing when in fact they are predictable with lesser players.
Javid Best was analized as a long shot for all the injuries he sustained in college. Not a variable but a fact

Evan's picture

Yeah, totally, like Clay Matthews...uhhh...yeah!

WKUPackFan's picture

Pretty sure Casey wasn't a 6th or 7th rounder and isn't from a Div II school. Don't know if he was injured at Vandy, don't remember hearing anything about it. Probably a bad example for a questionable theory.

Jamie's picture

Did your head explode while typing that mess of a response? I hope so.

Stroh's picture

Adrian Peterson was injured a lot in college! Its why he slipped all the way to #7 in his draft. He wasn't injured in the NFL till his ACL! Injuries aren't nearly as preventable as you seem to think! Bulaga and Sherrod didn't miss any college game to injury, yet they can't stay on the field in the NFL.

You CLEARLY don't know what your talking about!!

Tommy's picture

I'd probably agree with you were it not for the act that just last year, the training staff diagnosed Greg Jennings with a groin injury and rested him for 3-4 weeks, only to then realize at the tail end of that "recovery" phase that he needed to have abdominal surgery which kept him out another 2-3 weeks.

The fact that Casey Hayward has now been out since mid July with a hamstring injury is fairly unsettling.

TommyG's picture

Similar names, and we think alike; uncanny!

This is my concern as well. If that hamstring is bad enough to need surgery then shut him down and get the surgery. In the meantime bring in a player that we can use on the field.

Jamie's picture

The two things I remember about that situation, though I don't recall the details, are that the injury in question is regularly mistaken for a groin injury and that Jennings' concerns about being in a contract year and not wanting to have surgery played a roll as well.

I'm not excusing the misdiagnosis, these guys have to be better, but I don't see it as a sign of gross incompetence either.

Stroh's picture

With the kind of injury Jennings had the diagnosis is largely based on the players telling the staff what happened and "where it hurts". All the muscles of the groin and abdominal are so interconnected that its almost impossible to identify or differentiate what muscle/muscles are involved since there typically are more than one or even 2 involved. So much of the diagnosis is based on what the player reports to the staff too.

hayward4president's picture

Minus Hayward (who is a great player) this list isnt exactly devastating to our team.

TommyG's picture

True, so long as we don't burn through 3 RB in one game again.

Morgan Mundane's picture

Sounds like a clusterf. The team spends more time trying to figure who is going to play and when than practicing.
Hey, the Pack knew that they had no backup at center, let a pro bowl center go to save five bucks so whats the big deal.
Things unravel when you expect 7th round picks and undrafteds to carry the torches.

Evan's picture

You're adorable when you think you know what you're talking about.

Jamie's picture

You mean the Pro Bowl former 7th rd pick Center that missed all of the 2012 season due to injury?

Life sure must be cruel to you.

Bibbon Hazel's picture

Settle down. 38-27 Pack

Geo's picture

I think Jamie and Stroh are the same person, both with know it all conceited remarks.

fish and crane's picture

I miss Cow

TommyG's picture

I bet he's still around; trolling.

PackerPete's picture

cow first posted as JakeK, and now he is Morgan Mundane

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