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Harris, Burnett, Jones, Hayward All Injured in Seahawks Game

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Harris, Burnett, Jones, Hayward All Injured in Seahawks Game

The severity is yet to be determined but the following players suffered injuries in Friday's preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks at Lambeau Field, as confirmed by head coach Mike McCarthy in his post-game press conference:

  • Running back DuJuan Harris, knee, the same knee that was injured early in training camp
  • Cornerback Casey Hayward, hamstring, the same hamstring that was injured early in training camp
  • Safety Morgan Burnett, hamstring
  • Linebacker Brad Jones, hamstring

McCarthy also informed that cornerback Jarrett Bush had suffered an ankle injury during practice this past week but hopes he'll be practice during the upcoming week.

The next opportunity for an update on injuries from the team is likely following the Packers' next practice on Sunday.

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Bearmeat's picture

Friggen Awesome. Ugh.

TommyG's picture


Walty's picture

I've been one of the most reserved with the bashing of the Packers training staff/regiment but how many hamstrings injuries can you have before the possibility of it being a coincidence becomes just too much to buy?

Jamie's picture

Better question...


Jesus christ the Internet has turned everyone into know-it-all blamemongers.

MLecl0001's picture

Its how humans deal with the randomness of the universe. People need to be able to organize data, no matter what it is. Its why there are stereo types, why people are segregated by color, religion, politics, etc. People don't understand what true randomness is, and that in true randomness there will be clusters. "That's life" could be used to explain the injuries and why people need some one to blame for everything.

Mojo's picture

Ok, but no discussion on the chaos theory.

MarkinMadison's picture

Wow, so scientific analysis is useless, because everything is merely a cluster of random events that defies true explanation? Damn, I guess we are all lucky that out of a mere random happenstance of cluster we figured out how to, oh, I don't know, create computers and the internet. ;-)

Zoso's picture

Speaking of clusters, how about that offensive line play?

Phatgzus's picture

Very true, except for the fact that randomness, in the most absolute of senses does not exist, it is sImply a human construct that exists because we are not intelligent enough to understand how each operational part of the universe interacts and affects one another.

MarkinMadison's picture

I'll agree with MLec this much - people are people; the internet is just another communication tool.

Packman's picture

and some people are just tools . . .

Burt Favre's picture

No, they are right. There is definitely someone to blame for these pulled hammies, but I heard it's AJ Hawk. A reporter once told me he keeps a broom handle in his locker, and he uses it to hit his teammates-right in the hammie. Why would he do this? Job security. His durability is his best attribute, an attribute relative to everyone else in the locker room. Totally serious.

Bob Tundra's picture

How can you honestly not look to the training staff for answers as to why the hamstring and other injuries occur? Do the players perform enough stretching exercises? Are they hydrated sufficiently? Coincidence or not, these injuries seem to be piling up at an alarming rate.

zeke's picture

Are these injuries piling up only in Green Bay, or across the league?

TommyG's picture

I live in southern Maryland, and therefore have to endure the Ravens' and Redskins' talk radio. Both of those teams also feel that they are riddled with injuries. RGIII's knee is the talk of the town.

PackerBacker's picture

You are talking about athletes who are bigger and stronger and faster than at any other point in history. It may be a case where they are just so big and fast that their muscles and joints can't handle the torque and pressure that is applied in extended use. Because of that, injuries go up.

That and social media has made it possible for us to know about every ding and booboo that a Packer gets instead of just seeing that they aren't playing in the game that week.

Stroh's picture

That is very true. Along w/ the existence of PED's it puts more stress muscles and ligaments, which don't stronger from using PED's. That's not to say all NFL player are using them but it does make muscles and ligaments more prone to being injured.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Not good... I'm not sure which one is worse. Hyde can fill in for Hayward but at this point he isn't the playmaker that Hayward is.
Harris, losing his explosiveness isn't good at all... Major weapon lost, But still have Lacy...
Burnett really hurts based on depth.

I guess I say right now that Burnett's injury hurts the most.

Cow42's picture


jmac3444's picture

hopefully nothing bad

Cow42's picture

hamstring injuries are always bad.
all those guys will be out until after the bye (my guess).

Evan's picture

And we all know you're a regular Nostradamus...

fish and crane's picture

i remember reading how Seattle was going to put 50 on us.

CowKiller's picture

Why don't you injure your finger and STOP POSTING HERE. HEIFER.

VApackerfan's picture

and I thought Pete Carroll was an idiot for playing his starters in the second half due to risk of injury...I should have figured Packer players would be the only ones getting injured.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture


FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture


The first one that decodes it wins a prize!

Mojo's picture

The eagle has landed... ? Or maybe someone biting something.

Chad Toporski's picture

Figured it out!

Many times we are big pansies, Packers are champions if they fight.


FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Alright, ill give you the first part. "Make the world a better place"...

Doc J's picture

Punch a (Cowboy? Cow? Cowboy Fan?) in the Face.

The original thing is "Make the world a better place, punch a Yankee fan in the face"

Norman's picture

"Punch a Cow42 in the face?"

Bibbon Hazel's picture

They will all probably be on IR and never play another down again in green bay. They were all undersized anyway

Longshanks's picture

Somewhere Justin Harrel is smiling away feeling good about himself.

No worries. We have the Banjo player and Lacy to fill in for Burnett and Harris.

Lars's picture

You'd be happy to if you got paid $10 million to sit in a hot tub for four years.

TommyG's picture

Yes I would!

MarkinMadison's picture

Yeah, you could dream about the $50 M you could have made if you could have been healthy.

Crede's picture

Francois can hold it down for Jones in the middle.

hayward4president's picture

Francois sux.....jones is playin great.

Bert's picture

I'm tired of the annual whining about Packer injuries. Bottom line is that this is not a coincidence. These guys are simply not as well conditioned nor as tough as their opponents. Face it. Many of our opponents (i.e. Seacraps, Whiners etc) are simply bigger, tougher, faster and better conditioned than the Pack.

MLecl0001's picture

So you are going to say that Matthews is not conditioned? As I remember he has dealt with his fair share of hamstring injuries. What about the rash of ACL injuries and such around the league so far this year? Is that all on the Packers training staff too?

VApackerfan's picture

Yeah not buying it. These guys have to pass a conditioning test just like everybody else in the NFL. The bigger/stronger/tougher vs. injuries doesn't work.

PackerBacker's picture

Pretty easy to say from the sofa in your living room. Bet you don't pull a hamstring at all. That'll show them. They should bring you on as a consultant for the Strength and Conditioning staff.

Orourkean's picture

Bert, If that was indeed the case then they wouldn't have players going down with season ending injuries. You can't just say a team is soft and blame that for injuries. Chris Culliver, Marcus Lattimore, and Michael Crabtree all have season ending injuries for the 9ers. Does that make them soft?

Bert's picture

Nope, I'm saying with the annual string of muscle related injuries it is more than just "bad luck". Broken bones, ACLs are one thing. Hamstrings and various other conditioning related injuries are another. Also, it just seems that the top tier teams just play faster, stronger and more aggressive than the Packers do.

Chip Soup's picture

So is it irony, randomness, or a hole in your theory that Brad Jones was a beast last night before his hammy? Bishop was pretty fast, strong and aggressive before his, too. Says who that the Pack have more of any one type of injury than others? I'm curious to see stats if they're out there.

The TKstinator's picture

At first I thought you were kidding. Now I think you're just a troll.

VApackerfan's picture

Don't forget clay matthews was in beast mode when he was hit with the hamstring injury. Remember when we won the super bowl and all the injuries that plagued us?

TommyG's picture

Nope, not soft. Playing hard results in these types of injuries.

Stroh's picture

And the added adrenaline and testosterone of playing in a game, allows them to play much harder in a game than they do in practice or a training environment.

Runn Fouret's picture

For what its worth, I go back to when the Lions drafted Best. The analyst were quick to point out that Best was still available to them in the second round because he had a history of concussions and injuries in college. He was always hurt.

The Pack have a lot of late round picks and undrafted's on this team. guys 31 other teams passed on for a reason. Zombo was a good example of someone who was always injured in college and was considered soft. Is that it, we have a lot of players that were oft injured and that trend is continuing in the NFL?

Bert's picture

Maybe something to be said for that theory too Runn. Maybe it's a combination of things. But given this has become an annual event I would have to say it's something other than just "bad luck".

Stroh's picture

Zombo was always injured in college? Curious it says that he was All Mac as a Jr and played 14 games as a Sr. I doubt he was always injured in college. As far as soft? I don't see that either. He played DE in college not LB. Kinda hard to be soft on the DL. Only scouting report I could find said this.

"could be a valuable late round or camp addition to some NFL club, due to his overall desire and intensity from play to play."

Don't know about you but that doesn't sound like soft! Maybe you should try getting real info instead of making it up?!

al's picture

if your worried maybe ya should play touch football and see how meany injurys they get it happens next man up that's what makes champions .............

Calabasa's picture

For all his failures, Zombo did have a sack in the Super Bowl...not a bad memory!

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