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Harris, Bigby and Starks To Start On PUP

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Harris, Bigby and Starks To Start On PUP

Not much news out of McCarthy's season-opening press conference. The one big nugget was that Al Harris, Atari Bigby and James Starks will all start training camp on the Physically Unable To Perform list. They each count toward the 80 man roster limit while they are on PUP (the team waived LB John Russell this morning) and can come off at any time before the regular season starts. If any of them is on the PUP once the season starts, they can not play in a game until Week 7.

Harris is obviously battling back from his knee injury and Starks apparently has some lingering problems with the hamstring that caused him to miss some time during OTAs.

The surprise, I guess, is Bigby. McCarthy indicated that Bigby's ankle gave him problems during the conditioning tests. Now, I'm no doctor, but if what they are saying is true (a 50/50 when it comes to Bigby and the history the team has of reporting his injuries) I can't help but think that this is some kind of chronic thing that is never going to completely heal, they know it, and thus the move up in the draft to grab Burnett.

Just spitballin' here, but something just doesn't sit right with the whole Bigby situation, including his decision to stay away all offseason...for what exactly? The whole thing stinks of yesterday's diapers.

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TedTheSledge's picture

Let me be the first to go all Oliver Stone off the rails on this =). They probably COULD have passed him on his physical and allowed him to start practice but he grimaced once so he will be on rehab workouts. Not much danger of him injuring himself there while they work on a trade for him knowing full well he could most likely pass a physical with his new team.

\tinfoil hat alert

Dayne's picture

It sounds like Bigby has played his last game as a Packer.

Cole's picture

My money says Burnett will start Sept. 12th.

Asshalo's picture

Could be chronic, but maybe the off-season away from the program was what Bigby's ankle needed. We shall see.

some_dude's picture

A whole offseason and his ankle his still bothering him?... sounds bad.

jclombardi's picture

This explain a great deal to explain about their draft move up to get favored S Burnett on their short top 3 needs. It really was a very valued and very lucky draft indeed.

Good post, Aaron.

Jclombardi Packers Lead Blogger

maxginsberg's picture

After watching his facial expressions during the press conference, I get the feeling he smelled the same thing you did.

Ron LC's picture

One would think that a player with an ankle injury so severe that it did not respond in a month or two after the season would have looked into surgery. And the team who made an RFA tender would have been adequately informed of said injury. Something doesn't add up here.


Heard MM's Presser and he sounded very optimistic when addressing Harris. That's great news.

Harrell is fully cleared for play after conditoning tests. OK Justin let's see what you've got.

One QB reported weighing more than he should. I'm guessing Flynn.

PackersRS's picture

Great point.

Harrell isn't on the PUP list. I think that's a good sign. (Yes, there hasn't been any contact with pads).

Bearmeat's picture

Bigby is going to be a backup for the Pack for a year or two. Then he'll be gone.
I don't know why, but I see Burnett as a young Darren Sharper. If he can duplicate that productivity over the first couple years like Sharper did over his first few years our D would be SICK at turning over the ball!
The record for forced turnovers in 1 season is 66. I don't see any reason why we can't get close to that number this year.

Tommyboy's picture

I'm not too big into the sexy conspiracy theories, although one that could also be playing out is that Bigby is complaining of it hurting as a way to "hold out" without actually holding out...admittedly, I don't really think that's happening.

Frankly, what I'd think would be interesting to try this year is Bigby playing a little LB to cover a tight end in perhaps the psycho package. Burnett and Collins with the hard-hitting Bigby at LB...just interested to see how that would look.

nypacker's picture

I'm not too sure about Bigby playing zone but he does just fine covering man to man on a TE or back. That pretty much suits him better as someone for our old defense. I agree, he may just play out this season until Burnett gets settled in. I think he will find a home somewhere else in the league.

FITZCORE1252's picture

C'mon Morgan, take that bitch!


afrenchpackersfan's picture

As Scout pointed out about James Starks: "An erect runner who always could have issues staying healthy given his running style".

TT made right (outstanding?) moves by picking up Burnett (regarding the Bigby issue), Neal and Wilson (regarding the Joly case) and Bulaga (regarding Clifton health). But concerning James Starks, I am still wondering what the hell he was thinking?...

PackersRS's picture

That he was a 2nd round talent, and could be healthy.

He took a gamble. That's what those later rounds are for. You gamble on athletic players, on injuried players, on players with behavioral problem...

afrenchpackersfan's picture

Thank you. I have already figured this reason. ;-) What suprised me the most is that all the late picks have been huge gambles (except maybe Wilson): Quarless (and his behavior), Newhouse (and his lack of athletism) and Starks (and his health).
Concerning more precisely Starks, I think I remember that Dwyer was still available when TT picked Starks... I would have not made the same choice.

Tarynfor12's picture

I believe in reading between the lines but,I think you are reading things that aren't there.Putting players on the PUP list now is a ploy all teams do for reasons.
Starks will be ready and will contribute highly to the team.Don't read to hard or look for things that aren't there yet.

afrenchpackersfan's picture

Maybe I am too pessimistic regarding James Starks. But in any case, I would be more than happy if he stays healthy the whole season and bring something to the team!!! Trust me. But I would not bet on that though... ;-)

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