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Harrell Planning On Being Back Thursday

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Harrell Planning On Being Back Thursday

GREEN BAY – Packers defensive end Justin Harrell said he woke up with a sore back on Tuesday and mostly sat out of practice during the morning session of today's two-a-day schedule.

"Just woke up with a little soreness," said Harrell after practice. "Just taking a day of rest. Planning on being out there Thursday."

According to Harrell, he does not plan on participating in this evening's practice at 6:30 p.m.

"Just thought it would be best to sit this day out," said Harrell.

Harrell began the day by sitting out of calisthenics with the rest of his teammates. During jog throughs he mostly stood off to the side, although he took a few snaps on the scout team offense that included little more than beginning hunched over and then standing up and giving the defense a look.

The defensive lineman then stood on the sidelines for the majority of the remainder of practice.

Harrell has played in only 13 games in his three-year NFL career and spent the entire '09 season on injured reserve.

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maxginsberg's picture

I hope this injury isn't serious. The Packers could really use his depth this year. Ugh.

JimR_inDC's picture

Bye bye, Justin.

asshalo's picture

Not as disheartening as injuries in previous years, but it sounds awfully similiar to the same old song.

jeremiah's picture

This is exactly what happened last year.

See ya. Looks like jarius wynn just made the team.

afrenchpackersfan's picture

Don't forget CJ Wilson!

NoWayJose's picture

Honestly, this has got to be the final straw. At this point, he is either (1)soft or (2)the back is bad and he has been toughing it out.

Either way is unacceptable. If he is just a little "sore," he needs to man up and drive through it. If his back is getting tweaked again, we've been down this road too many times.

End of the road with this guy. We've got too many worthy people fighting for this roster.

bigfog's picture

Especially when you consider Zombo practicing with an ankle 3 times the size of the other one. That's a guy who's fighting for a job.

Harrell on the other hand...well. Shit. Even TT screws up sometimes.

WoodyG's picture

If he does somehow make the 53 into the regular season, then does he also get to choose which games he'll play? ...... Has MM said anything on this matter? ..... Seems to me like he's had enough time to either be healthy & practice/play or call it a lost cause .......... I have a feeling he's looking for one more year of paychecks ......... He'll never make the money he's making now out of football.

pat fermanich's picture

harrel ate to much pizza last night.just another run blocing dummy for practice.

pat fermanich's picture

how much packers payed harrel in 3 seasons?

lebowski's picture

Can not waste a roster spot on him, unfortunately. Too many tough choices already, and there's no way his back makes it through the year.

Jordan's picture

OK, everybody, listen up. Instead of looking at Harrell as a "wimp" for not practicing or "uselessly injury prone" look at him as an investment. With this view, one might understand giving the guy a day off, a little soreness can become something serious; but from the looks of it, that's not where we are yet (thank god). I don't care if he practices today, the only time i really want him playing is during the regular season. If he's going to get injured again, why not wait until the games actually matter and where his contribution will be much more invaluable. He was a 1st round pick for a reason, if he sees the field, you'll see why.

packeraaron's picture

As I indicated on the live blog, I am in complete agreement with this.

PackersRS's picture

Damn, if I invest into something that, after 3 years, has yet to deliver any profit, I count my losses and move on. (I actually don't let it reach that long without profit...)

I'm actually supporting Harrell, but the investment analogy doesn't translate.

Yes, I agree, give him some rest, after all, he has missed only a couple of practices, and due to heat, but I'm really bothered by the analogy.

Jordan's picture

Football's different from the stock market, but both are gambling. 3 years is not that long, Desmond Howard didn't do shit until his third team (us) I bet the Jaguars wish they had held onto him a bit longer. If Justin were unproductive because of laziness or lack of talent then i agree with you, cut him. But, injuries are something every player deals with. He's had some bad luck, but i think he's about due for some good, and so are we.

PackersRS's picture

When did I say we should cut him?

"I’m actually supporting Harrell,"

NoWayJose's picture

I see where you're coming from, but the problem with continuing to "invest" in Harrel is that we have to sell our stock in another guy to do so. Someone will get cut for him to make the team - and that person might not make it to the PS.

If Harrel is comfortably beating out the other fringe DL, then fine. But if its close at all, any whiff of a back injury seals it for me.

PackersRS's picture

Well, so far, no one worth mentioning has been cut for Harrell. And, if I'm not mistaken, Harrell has been put on IR prior to the 56-man cut, every season except for 07.

Ron LC's picture

Day of rest - nop problem

Two days of rest - Worry

Three days held out - Time to start planning his replacement

PackersRS's picture

Words of wisdom, sir. Words of wisdom.

PackersRS's picture
pat fermanich's picture

ok for now but when the season as said and he is on injured reserve. its the pack money.

pat fermanich's picture

one more comment im sure thers a lot more players who are hurt but need the practice .for a job another pos. player has to make up his reps. short handed.but baluga over there he played defence anther two way player.maybe all pro def. tackle.

WoodyG's picture

It's preseason so I don't have an issue yet with the latest on Harrell ...... The problem I have is the scenario is all too familiar ....... Let's say he waddles his way through preseason & lands on the 53 ...... How many games before he once again cannot go ..... 2? ..... 4? ....... And then back again to the IR ...... Then GB is forced into making DL adjustments on the run & when the games count ...... I wouldn't take a 10-1 bet that Harrell will contribute as part of the DL rotation for an entire season.

David's picture

WoodyG, bingo.

lebowski's picture

I am in complete agreement with this.

pat fermanich's picture

the great one has spoken

pat fermanich's picture

woodyg why keep him. we go over and over and over this every yr. its a WASTE of time,coaching. but it ant my money its green bays waste. and thats fine were so close yet so far. the big money deals the hand .

longtimefan's picture

Made it on espnmilwaukee

Harrell was not in the locker room during the media availability session following practice, but he told the web site that he plans on practicing when the team returns Ray Nitschke Field on Thursday following a day off from practice on Wednesday.

Michael (Pat/s Twin)'s picture

I myself think he is afraid to play in NFL via the faster and harder hitting contact. I don't think he expected this faster pace and routines of daily practices and competition. Sure and he is using his time to make good on one or two plays to keep the interest up. Cut him and get some talent in that can make the difference. Some younger players might feel some bad will with the chances Harrell has had in his time with the Pack.

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