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Hard To Doubt...

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Hard To Doubt...

...Jay Glazer's report on Favre.

Had this happened 5 years ago, I would have laughed about it. But after every thing we saw over the summer, all the obvious un-truths that Favre unleashed on his quest to be released from the Packers so that he could play for the Minnesota Vikings, it's hard to doubt Glazer, who has impeccable credentials as a journalist. Unlike a Chris Mortensen ("Eli Manning will be out for a month, guaranteed." And then Manning plays the next week...) Glazer does not "go to print", so to speak, unless he has the story cold. Remember who broke the Patriots videotape? Glazer. Who had the Favre trade first? Glazer. The list goes on, and each time he's been dead on accurate.

Brett Favre is a sad, old, bitter man who has let down not only Packer fans, but football fans everywhere. People expect more from a legend. Can you imagine Joe Montana calling the Rams when he was with the Chiefs? Please.  It's obvious that Favre's bitterness with Thompson has tainted his judgement and has allowed him to jeopardize his iconic status in the state of Wisconsin and with Green Bay Packer fans all over the world.

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Andrew in Atlanta's picture

What is the NY media saying? You know they're gonna beat up on him for not knowing the playbook but having the time to call the Lions.

manolito's picture

Jason Wilde has league sources confirming that Glazer's report is 'absolutely true:'

If so, what a disappointing, small-minded little d-bag our formerly beloved Favre has become.

Holly's picture

The NY news has plenty of speculation, both about the veracity of the Lions claim and about the rumors of other similar conversations Favre has had with other teams. The NYT's comments section is full of folks who would think less of Favre if the reports are true.

This whole story leaves such a bad taste in my mouth. Just because it's not explicitly against the rules of the league doesn't mean that it's in any way allowable.

Keith's picture

I know a lot of you will disagree, but I look at this situation differently. I understand how a lot of Packers fans would be upset with Brett, but I am treating this situation like I would treat a fight between two good friends... I'm not getting involved.

packeraaron's picture

Keith - I hear ya, but I grew up with one of those friends. The other friend only came into my life in the last 15 years. And he's treating my life-long friend like shit.

verno329's picture

Aaron, you couldn't have said it any better. Favre is treating his old friend like trash and he is gonna end up pissing off all of his old fans to the point that I am now openly rooting against him. Earlier I was hoping that the Jets would make the playoffs so we could get a 2nd rounder, not now. It was very sweet to see them lose to the Raiders in OT yesterday. Keep losing Brett!

manolito's picture

So, I know that PFT is little more than the Drudge Report of the NFL, but I can't help wondering if the reaction of Favre's teammates and other players throughout the league may be similar to that hypothesized by Florio in this article on Tatum Bell:

Maybe calling the Lions and divulging 'the goods' might not be the kiss of death, but it certainly wouldn't do much for the level of trust that Favre would expect from his colleagues, would it?

Football Fanatics's picture

Part of me has a bad feeling that if this is true and things keep going the way they are, Brett's legacy could be tarnished. I doubt to the extent of Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens... but it could go downhill from here.

Keith's picture

Well, I still want the Jets to make the playoffs so we can get the draft pick.

And Aaron, it's different for me because I met both friends at the same time, and they both made me feel at home since I'm not from the area originally ;)

Also, I'm not taking what Brett did (if he in fact did divulge info) personally. This is just my opinion, but I don't think he wants to see the Packers lose as an organization as much as he wants to see Thompon and McCarthy fail. I know in the end his indiscretions could potentially trickle down to affect the organization as a whole, but I can understand why he would be bitter and act like this. I don't personally condone it, but not everyone is like me.

Donald's Designated Driver's picture

If all of this is true (and I'd bet good money that it is) the Packers should not retire his number. The Packers have only retired 5 numbers in the entire history of the franchise. It is the highest honor, and right now, I think adding Favre to the list would tarnish the honor.

First of all, I think Favre's "greatness" has been dramatically oversold. Second, this act of petty selfishness to try to tank the Packers is an absolute DQ for having his number retired.

He'll go to the Profootball HOF. He'll be inducted into the Packer Hall of Fame. Hell, put him in the ring of honor. But in no way shape or form should be have number 4 retired. That would be demeaning to Canadeo, Hutson, Starr, Nitschke, and White.

Keith's picture

I don't really want to get into this, because I would rather enjoy the Pack smoking the Colts on Sunday, however, I can't resist.

I really get sick of fans, especially Packer fans, make snarky remarks about Favre's career. I know a lot of it is a knee jerk reaction to the mainstream media's infatuation with the man, but that's not his fault.

The facts are as such: the guy may not be the greatest QB ever, but he is probably the most valuable ever (unless Peyton keeps up his iron man streak, then it's open for discussion.) He has never missed a start... EVER. His teams only had one sub .500 season... EVER. Yes, his "gunslinging" ways may have cost his team a shot at more Super Bowls, but let's me honest, we watched the games, the only truly great teams he was a part of were the '96 and '97 teams (and everyone forgets how well he played in both Super Bowls.)

But I digress. So, while he may have morphed into an uber-douche in his old age, it doesn't erase what he did while wearing green and gold. It still happened, and we were still lucky to have him as our QB for 16 years. I can't stand it when people play revisionist historian and pretend like you didn't wear a Favre jersey with a big smile on your face every Sunday.

One more thing: Florio said it is disgraceful for Favre to do this to the organization that gave him a chance to become great... well, say what you want about Brett, but he left everything on the field every Sunday, for better or worse. And while it may have been better for the team if he had taken a seat instead of playing through some of those injuries, the fact is he played through them. In this day and age where players are worried about their next contract and will step out of bounds right before the orange marker rather than risking injury on another big hit, Favre was throwing blocks on 300 lb lineman.

I hate that I sound so obnoxious and preachy in this post, but go ahead and blast Favre now. Root against the Jets and hope he adds so many INTs to his record that he will always be at the top of that list no matter who comes down the pike. But don't hop in your imaginary Delorean and disparage his time in GB. That would be disingenuous and just wrong.

Anyway, I'll step off my soap box now. Enjoy your day.

Rob's picture

Keith, how can he not want the organization fail, but only see Thompson and McCarthy fail? What he's doing or did (again, if he did it) causes the team to fail first. That would be those people with whom he played side-by-side. That's not trickle down, that's trickle up.

Keith's picture

Rob, my point was that the organization is collateral damage in Brett's eyes. His main motivation in allegedly divulging secrets is to bring down TT and MM.

I know this is kind of backwards logic, but I don't think Brett is thinking clearly these days.

packeraaron's picture

"I don’t think Brett is thinking clearly these days."

And Keith wins the Understatement of the Year Award!

Keith - I can't speak for others, but I'm pretty sure at no time in my post above did I disparage Farve's time on the field. His actions off it over the course of the last nine months have been, to put it simply, repugnant.

Donald's Designated Driver's picture

Listening to to Packer fans defend Favre's action is like watch the a made for Lifetime movie about battered women.

Yes. That's right. He is trying to tank the Packers because he loves the Packers so much and not because he is a petty, selfish jerk.

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

He's a child & nothing more. He made such a big deal to make sure TT told the media he left GB out of concern for his teammates. He doesn't give a rats ass about his teammates. He didn't hang with them the last few years, he didn't do squat to help Rodgers and I hope he gets eaten alive by the NY media for this. He was an awesome player, but he is a spoiled adolescent as a person. I posted similarly several months ago. He's making TT look like a genius right now

Keith's picture

I would just like to note that I didn't defend his actions. I blatantly said he was acting like a douche-bag.

And my rant was a general one not aimed at anyone here, just blowing off steam based on conversations I've heard and posts I've read on various football sites around the net.

Why is it such a big deal that he didn't embrace Rodgers? Or that he didn't hang out with teammates? Why am I still typing? I really don't know why people care about this stuff so much. Here we are, on the heels of our most impressive win of the season, and we're talking about soap opera BS. And why is it such a revelation that Favre is a jerk? Did we not forget all of those stories of his off the field activities during the "glory days?" Is it any surprise that things turned out this way?

Oh, and for the record, the man who is making TT look like a genius, and the man we SHOULD BE taking up Cheesehead TV bandwith talking about, is AARON RODGERS.

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

You are correct Keith. We may have turned our season around last week and that's what we should be talking about. I yield to reason...

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