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Gut Reactions: Week Two

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Gut Reactions: Week Two

  • So let's get this straight: They can't block, they can't tackle and they can't catch.  Did I miss anything?
  • Dear Mike McCarthy, I am officially sick of the penalties
  • Thank God they held on to Jarrett Bush, if only for his comedic value
  • Aaron Rouse was surprisingly solid
  • The Packers do not have a running game. Period.
  • Or a running back, for that matter
  • Aaron Rodgers has to speed up his clock and start checking down. The protection is shaky, but he's not helping.
  • Can everyone shut the hell up about the Super Bowl now?
  • Dom Capers needs to get the edge fixed. Off tackle has been killing his defense since the first pre-season game.
  • Charles Woodson is, if not a God, then a minor-deity
  • Mike McCarthy's team looked poorly coached today
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D.D. Driver's picture

Can't we just blame everything on Bob Sanders?

packeraaron's picture

Missing those days already...

bleedsgreen's picture

Don't like the emphasis on long drop back for every pass play. Some quick hitters would work a lot better to move the chains, instead of 1. run, 2. go deep, 3. incomplete, 4. punt.

nc packer backer's picture

We are not a good football team. AR holds the ball to long, MM is not effective calling plays and the D does not have the LB's for a 3-4.
All in all it was a terrible game to watch.

AdamInEngland's picture

Good - Woodson
Bad - Run D
Ugly - Offence. Yes the whole offence.

Please someone, I beg you to prove me wrong.

grossman76's picture

Well, at least they were 3-1 in the pre season. Ugly. Just ugly.

grossman76's picture

How was the pad level? Good, I hope

nerdmann's picture

1: TT's belief is that you can just get "guys" and plug them into the Oline. That hasn't worked his entire tenure.
2: MM's offenses seem to consistently under produce. They seem to play down to their competition and let crappy teams hang around. This has also been going on for years.
3: Charles Woodson could be in the running for league MVP. If he maintains this level, and an even bigger IF the team has a winning record this year.
4: Lost one starter last week. Two more this week. Good thing we got a new trainer this year.

nerdmann's picture

bleedsgreen, you make some great points. Seems like AR's getting Favre sickness. They like to chuck it deep way too much. That is NOT the West Coast Offense.
When your QB is getting crushed regularly, you probably want to get the ball OUT.

foundinidaho's picture

Thank God for Charles Woodson, or I wouldn't have one positive thing to say about that game.

Holly's picture

Ugh, this game gave me indigestion. This best not be a pattern this year. I like my offense throwing up points, not dropping easy passes.

Ryeguy812's picture

We got beat on every side of the ball. Reminded me of the Atlanta game last season...score was close but the game really wasn't.
3rd down D was horrendous, our OTs on both sides look got beat with regularity.
Sadly, this is more like the team I thought they'd be going into training camp.

nc packer backer's picture

The Bungles were 3rd and 20+ inside their own 20 and pick it up.
That is unacceptable.
Same story as last year.
Where are the playmakers (beside Woodson)?
Hawk is a Bitch, Popinga is the same.

VApackerfan's picture

Very disappointing. WR's dropping easy passes. Our run game is non-existent, and I don't even know where to begin with our O-line. Aaron Rodgers needs to be quicker with his decisions. Without Charles Woodson the defense would look non-existent like the offense. Just pathetic. If we keep this up, 7-9 and no playoffs.

Andrew's picture

There's a rumor going around that Thompson placed calls to Bob Skoronski and Forrest Gregg.

D.D. Driver's picture

NC: You are wrong. It was a third and 34.

Ron La Canne's picture

Crosby had the problem ID'd with that idiot Michaels (WTMJ AM)on the post-game show. It was their first day game. Yes, he said that was one of the things that hurt them. IQ is apparently one of the things TT doesn't look at too closely.
The Oline - I've been harping on it all pre-season. At this point, there is nothing that can be done to change it. It is what it is! That means MM MUST develop a game plan that accommodates the weakness of the Oline. At best, they can get a journeyman or two. No one they pick up now can change the overall incompetence of that unit.
Jordy Nelsen needs to be back as the returner. Blackmon is too oriented to dancing, not returning.
Crosby will be a problem all year. He just snuck the good one in. It almost hit the upright.
Safety depth - Rouse and Collins are FRAGILE! What can you say about the rest.
Go to Menards' and pick up a truck load of tackling dummies. Pathetic tackling techniques at all levels.

nc packer backer's picture

DD the + sign after 20 designates more then 20 yards. I knew it was more then 20, but was unsure of the actual yardage so.... I used the + sign. I new a loser like you would call me out.

grossman76's picture

All is not lost yet. I think they may be able to turn it around, at least, I hope.

erdie's picture

Cullen Jenkins was effective at getting in the backfield for most of the game.

Bengals ran in the opposite direction every time GB blitzed.

MM should have been calling max 5 yard passes after Clifton went out, can't expect Colledge to hold the left side when he didn't play at that position all offseason.

It was good to see Finley involved at the end of the game, however by then it was too little too late. Seems like they forget about him.

bigfog's picture

Colledge was abysmal today. He was worse than Babre last week, and that's saying something.

IronMan's picture

At least we won the pre season championship.

PackersRS's picture

Hey, Aaron, You posted it wrong. You picked up a post from last year's game and put it in here. It's 2009, not 2008.

D.D. Driver's picture

NC: Lighten up, Francis. I saw the plus sign. I was just clarifying that the play was actually much much worse than a third and 20.

VApackerfan's picture

These games bring out the best in packer fans

andy's picture

For all our supposed depth, I see us going into draft/free agency next year needing two safeties, two tackles, a running back, a kicker, and a pass rushing linebacker. Any way we can get 4 first round draft picks?

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

wow. ddd - in a world of overused lebowski quotes (i stand guilty), that was refreshing. uncle hulka came to play.

Packnic's picture

whatever. blame Rodgers, blame McCarthy, blame Capers. blame whoever you want to. but if we have even one Offensive Tackle worth a damn, we win that game hands down.

McCarthy did need to run the ball a little more if you ask me though. 14 rushing attempts is ridiculous.

ctSharpecheddar's picture

nc packer it was 3rd and 34 nuff said Bring back Bob Sanders (u know I'm1 kidding)

nc packer backer's picture

OK I'm Francis, I started to buy into the Hype.
Are the Packer's really better off without #4 ???
Are we just a bunch of HOMER'S that can't see the forest for the tree's???
I saw a mediocre team today, at best....that's all I got.

Asshalo's picture

They made cedrick Benson look like an all pro today

PackersRS's picture

Asshalo, that was honestly the thing that made me most angry: We just couldn't stop the run. Last game, there were a ton of 0 and minus yards runs. Today, none, I believe. Every time they tried to run, they were sucessfull. And a lot of times we managed to get Benson behind the LOS, but the tackling... Worst tackling game I've seen in a long time. Don't know what changed from one game to another, but against the bears there were passion. They wanted to win so bad. Today, nothing...

Jersey Al's picture

We had running backs. One is now in Carolina, one's on our practice squad

Asshalo's picture

I hate to say it but the only things that really look different from the Chicago game was our rush defense and our protection, which obviously got worse once Clifton went down.

Offense still looked terrible and we're still getting killed by penalties.

Glorious80s's picture

Forget about pushing the running game. The Packers' talent and identity is in passing. They have been so for a long time. Take a cue from Ariz. last year. Maximise the protection for AR and let him gun it, short, long, medium, whatever. They need to stretch the D and which will maybe open up the running game some for variety. They don't have an AP, but they do have five quality WRs and two very good TEs. And AR's got the tools to get it done.

Question: why is it "holding the ball too long" for AR and "buying time for his receivers to get open" for Rothlisberger?

sunflower100's picture

I think the Packers have a lot of room to improve but this is week 2. I think people maybe are overracting a bit. The cardinals got to the Super Bowl with a 9-7 record not that I think the Packers will get there.

I do think they will get to the play offs though.

Pack66's picture

Well..well.well...Spud fell in the well.

Is it time to fire Ted Thompson yet for not fixing the offensive line in 5 friggin' years..??

Can we put away the annointing oil and the MVP votes for AROD already. He's looking very PEDESTRIAN to me. That's another word for "SUCKAGE"....


About that other guy...he who shall remain NAMELESS...

Great Game...85% completion percentage, 2 TD's, QB rating through the roof, and don't forget 2-0..

Who should be the current QB for the GB Packers right now, Mr. STFU and get on the losing train?

ctSharpecheddar's picture

The thing you missed is how bad we were on special teams giving up 2 big punt returns compared to how well we played against Hester last week.

JerseyPackFan's picture

Are they headed for 6-10 again? Certainly looks that way by today's play. Key injuries and sloppy play was the name of the game today.
You had better bring your "A game" going against Ed Hochuli and his crew and it showed. A grand total of 34 penalties were thrown on both sides of the ball.

Madman's picture

Bad day for the Pack! Three people who should not get on the field - Jarret Bush, Brady Poppinga, and Nick Barnett. Bush is a cancer with his stupid penalties. Brady Poppinga for jumping on the pile after the play has gained a first down. Nick Barnett for showboating when the team is down instead of just going back to the huddle and doing it again. Next week we need to get Martin in for Bush and #55 in at linebacker to help with the run.

retiredgrampa's picture

Some solid (and sadly true) comments. I still can't understand why TT would cut a DB who was producing and trade for a 3-4 DB who apparently isn't ready for prime time after 2 weeks of practice. Why did MM decide to hod out a healthy BJ Raji? Is our DL perfect w/o him? (Is Montgomery better?--he was in.) I'm concerned about Rodgers--53.8% won't cut it. (All WRs drop passes, BTW) It also is painfully obvious that TT has waited too long to look at OTs. The pantry is empty. SIX SACKS!!! unbelieveable!!

sunflower100's picture

The Vikings beat the Lions/Browns. I am a lot more impressed by the Bears who beat the Super Bowl champions. The Broncos are 2-0. Are they going to win the Super Bowl?

I think the Packers sucked today, but does that make good players like Jennings/Driver suddenly suck. Of course it doesn't.

I think the Packers are going to be better then 6-10.

CSS's picture

Pack66, you are an ill informed fool. Favre has already been sacked as much as Rodgers against much poorer defenses in the Lions and Browns. He is averaging only 5 yds per attempt (lowest in the NFL) and an overwhelming majority of his completions are at or behined the line of scrimmage. Favres immobility would get him killed behined the current effort of the Packers o-line. Go troll somewhere else you marginally informed so called 'Packer' fan.

keeley's picture

If we don't fix the offensive line, it really doesn't matter. Rodgers will be on I/R quicker than you can say Bob's your uncle.

NickGBP's picture

All hope is not lost. We have Raji who should help sure up the run D. McCarthy will hopefully remember that this is a WCO team and start getting those slants going. I think I saw the Bengals run more slants than the Pack. I think all that preseason success with big plays downfield got to their head. Just get back to what you do and we'll be fine.

CSS's picture

I'm off the internet until week 5 at least. The sky is falling in way to many Packer fans back yards and it's just not rational. I'll judge this team after week 5, not until then. Good luck all....

Pack66's picture

Sunflower, you are either insane, or the biggest Homer ever with Packer blinders on.

Favre threw 2 TD's, no interceptions, and won 2 games already. He doesn't HAVE to do anymore. Saying most of his passes are behing the line of scrimmage is ridiculous.

He played behind a pathetic O-line in GB in '07 and went 14-3. How? Great ability to read defenses and quick decisions/throws...An ability AROD is sorely lacking..

Don't eat those grapes Sunflower, they're sour, right?


NickGBP's picture

Aaron, I guess Cheesehead TV has been expanding recently and picking up a bigger audience. Of course, as with any growth, you pick up a lot of garbage along the way (Pack66). Hopefully that can be cleaned up.

CSS's picture

Pack66, you are an utter fool. I've watched both Vikings games in their entirity. Favre has been sacked because of a total lack of mobility by two terrible defenses in the Browns and Lions. The internet has enough Favre apologists and we could do without them on this site. First step I would recommend for you, besides understanding basic football and being a Favre apologist, lears how to learn. You're embarassing yourself and clearly don't understand the game with your Favre loving blinders on. Sleep well. Oh, never mind, with your utter ignorance and simple world view I doubt issues require much processing for you. I love it when people like you blame everybody elses when Favre's team record stinks yet it's all his glory when they start 2 - 0. Utterly clueless...

Pack66's picture


How's that TT and AROD doing for ya', eh?

How's that O-Line that the genius TT assembled?

That's utter ignorance, that you guys were actually talking Superbowl..


NickGBP's picture

Pack66 try to think about this objectively even though I know that might be difficult for you. Even if you feel you're right, do you think the attitude you're taking is helping to create a healthy discussion? It's clear what your intention is here.

Ron La Canne's picture

Rodgers is not the problem. The problem is a coach who can't change his game plan on the fly. The problem is an O line that is stocked with untalented draft pickups that can't play their positions. The problem is a total lack of RB talent (It's so bad they have a guy on the active roster that hasn't practiced since the 3rd pre-season game. The problem is that the Packers are still the youngest team in the NFL (That just means that crappy rookies drafted two or three years ago are being replaced by crappy rookies they draft in the current year. I believe that all but one draftee in 2009 made the roster or Practice Squad.
If you want to get really depressed just look at their depth chart for the O line and RB. It's unbelievable.
MM and TT have got to make this work, if they can. They have no other option. They made the decisions that have put the team where it is now. They have to fix it, NOW! If they fail, MM is gone this year. TT might squeek by another year, but maybe not. So, all I can do is hope and pray they are successful. The Packers mean too much to me to give up on them regardless of their current situation.

Cuphound's picture

"So have no fear Packer fans. The offense will get it’s act together. Give them some time to solidify the line and get preseason under their belt and they’ll be good to go. McCarthy is too good an offensive coach to believe otherwise."
Do you still like our offensive line, Aaron? 'Cause I still don't. This is philosophically wrong for a Packers team. And when you go against your core identity, you lose. Listen to Corey. These guys should have left with Jeff Jagodzinski.
By the way, you're still my favorite football analyst, bar none. Thanks for putting yourself out there, week after week and getting the job done. You have soul that's ideal for a Packers lineman.

Astyak's picture

I just want to point out that I've been bitching about the lack of discipline for a year now. We need to get some of that old Lombardi discipline going.

No penalties.
No dropped balls.
Wrap up your ball carrier not the guy your trying to block.
Get rid of the damn ball there is no one there to block for you.
The clock tics one second, guess what, once every second. Don't be surprised when you run out of time. Manage the damn clock!

SCREW THE PAD LEVEL!!! Take care of the mental aspect of the game.

yrog's picture
Shootz's picture

Did someone point the jsonline commenters at CheeseheadTV?

IronMan's picture

Its not time to panic, but there is nothing wrong with fans being pissed off after a pathetic game like yesterday.

I think its funny how some here act like there's nothing to be pissed off about. We continue to be one of the dumbest, most undisciplined teams in the NFL. We were uninspired, ill prepared, and poorly coached. THAT'S why I am pissed and if anyone doesn't like it, tough sh#t.

I paid a lot of money to come up here to watch that crap, and to me their performance was unacceptable.

Andrew In Atlanta's picture

Well, at least now all the Superbowl talk can stop and we can reset with realistic expectations. That was a truly painful game to watch.
I simply do not understand how Poppinga stays on the field. I am now convinced he has incriminating pictures of someone because there is no other explanation.
I'm also tired of explanations as to why Bishop is not on the field more. Nice tackle (not!) behind the line of scrimmage Hawk with the game on the line. Did anyone even notice Hawk was out there until he blew that tackle?
What's the story with Raji? What am I missing?
I know we'll all feel better soon, but not right now

Ruppert's picture

AIA, Yeah, I noticed Hawk blow a different tackle for loss earlier in the game, too. He actually got penetration into the backfield, then forgot to reach out and tackle the guy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our O line is terrible, and they know it. I think they have so many penalties because they're intelligent enough to know just how bad they are, and they know they're going to get beat.
But once again, it's the same old refrain when things go badly. How many times do we see these same things? Penalties, lack of rushing attempts, poor run's nothing we haven't seen before, which makes it all that much more irritating.

Mr. Optimistic's picture

I see no reason to worry about whether MM or TT can survive a poor season. The problems we're seeing have been with the team for a while. If those two prove they can't get it done, they need to go; if the team stagnates or weakens with those two, then someone else should have a chance. The team is larger than MM or TT.

Jrehor's picture

Our safeties for this coming week-Rouse (maybe) Bush, and Martin. good thing these arent the Rams of the Greatest Show on Turf.

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