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Gut Reactions: Week Seven

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Gut Reactions: Week Seven

  • Another gut check win for the Packers to get to 7-0 and to extend their winning streak to 13 dating back to last season.
  • I think McCarthy went into his shell a little early in the third quarter but then again, he always does and they usually win.
  • It's hard when Shields is out and Woodson is forced to play so much coverage. The Packers really miss his presence coming off the edge both in the passing and running games. A more experienced quarterback might have eaten him alive today. He made at least three great plays on the ball and had two plays where his knowledge of route combos and routes made the play for him.
  • Aaron Rodgers had a crazy hot start but seemed to grow hesitant as the game wore on, especially on third down. Not sure if the Vikings did something different later or Rodgers was wary of forcing anything. Still a fantastic game from what has to be the runaway mid-season NFL MVP.
  • Clay Matthews had an incredible game. Just incredible.
  • That first touchdown by the Vikings is somewhat on Tramon but the major culpability belongs to Peprah. He simply got too flat before he realized what was happening and couldn't get over in time to make the play. Overall, I think the Packers though the Vikings were going to be more cautious with Ponder than they were.
  • Speaking of Ponder, that was one hell of a debut. He played as well as anyone could have hoped in Vikings land.
  • I can't say enough about Andrew Quarless. His blocking has improved ten fold, so much so that he was in the game in place of Finley on some key running plays in the second half. He even got a ball thrown his way which he caught.
  • Howard Green had a quietly solid day. Peterson obviously broke free a couple times but without having watched again, it sure didn't seem like Green was the one being moved or out of position.
  • On the play where Jennings got behind the safety for the wide open touchdown - I could not stop laughing. For about two or three minutes.
  • The Packers misuse of timeouts didn't come back to bite them today - but it could in the future. McCarthy can't be too pleased, especially with the timeout taken by Rodgers coming after a kickoff return. Simply inexcusable.
  • But that's a serious nit pick. This is the best team in the NFL, it's 7-0 and now has two weeks to rest up before traveling west to meet the Chargers.
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PackersRS's picture

I've said it in the liveblog and over at Jersey Al's, but I still haven't figured James Starks.

If he quits the pussyfooting and starts running with purpose like he did in the last drive, he can be a special player.

Also don't get what has happened to Crosby. I'll take it, though.

We're 2 games ahead in the NFC, and we will only get better.

Aaron Rodgers is the best QB I've ever seen.

Nerdmann's picture

They stopped trying to run left and started running right, behind Sitton.

Josh's picture

It looked like in the second half the Vikings started dropping 7 or 8 into coverage instead of blitzing. It seemed to be what threw Rodgers off. Like they didn't adjust from getting all the blitzes in the first half. Just what I saw.

PackersRS's picture

I think Rodgers went overconservative in the second half. You're right, they started playing coverage, but it looked like there were some windows. Very tight, dangerous windows, but ones Rodgers makes regularly.

MarkinMadison's picture

Maybe the shot that he threw Jennings into early in the game made him think twice about a few of those tight windows.

BrianD's picture

When Rodgers was sacked and the announcers said the Packers were now out of field goal range I said aloud "no, no they aren't". What an amazing game and season for Mason Crosby.

denniseckersly's picture


Majik Man's picture

That kick looked good from 63, at least. He was blasting that pigskin, today. I loved how after nailing a 58-yarder down the middle he boots the kickoff out of the endzone. Wonderful.

ppabich's picture

At least is correct. I think it had an extra 10 yards.

PackerT's picture

I think kudo`s should go out to TJ Lang for "taking one for the team" already up on youtube

al's picture

Wow I know I shouldn't laugh but that video makes me crack up, Lang just takes one like a champ, cleats to the nuts and all.

MarkinMadison's picture

Safe to assume that he chooses to wear a cup.

ebongreen's picture

Also very impressed with Ponder. Unlike Tarvaris Jackson - who never convinced me that he was a real NFL QB-to-be - the game didn't seem to big for him. Could be a very interesting division in the NFC North pretty soon.

BubbaOne's picture

Besides Cobb's muff, ST's had a pretty good day. For all the abuse Slocum has rec'd he deserves some credit for Crosby hitting 20 in a row and setting a team record, Mastay's incredible net avg, Cobb's 42 yd punt return and 31 yd kick return, and for the most part good kick coverage.

Mel's picture

correction 21!!!

BubbaOne's picture

There are some flaws in the team's play. Last year it sometimes spelled defeat; this year the team is finding ways to win. We're less than 1/2 way through the season. I'd rather have then peaking in Dec/Jan. What I'd really like to hear them say on Jan 21st "we still haven't put it all together...yet".

Extrapolating AR's current stats out for the entire season, he would end up w/ 46 TD's and 7 INT's...WOW!!!

lebowski's picture

Please use the entire 2012 draft on pass rushers. Thanks.

Cole's picture

Props to Cobb for bouncing back. Props to Newhouse for an all around respectable performance. Props to Crosby. Props to Matthews. Props to c wood, of course, and tramon. Props tO Howard green. Props to arod. Was telling my girl, he will go down as best qb ever. Truth.

packsmack25's picture

Yawn...bring on the Saints, 49ers, and Pats.

Also, remember these days?:

packeraaron's picture


Bogmon's picture

Feels good to be with a winner!

Just trying to soak it all in. What a difference a year can make.

I was just thinking today about the 2007 game in Dallas when the Packers lost...but Aaron Rodgers played his ass off and gave us some spark..some hope.

I remember feeling optimistic about the team seeing how well Rodgers performed under pressure.

I knew he'd be good....I DID NOT think he'd be this good, this soon.

Very special times, my friends!

mark's picture

Asher Allen was a "Wanna Get Away?" Snickers commercial all afternoon. Poor guy.

James Starks. What a beast. Those were big boy runs at the end of the game today.

Rodgers is on such a run right now. When will this end? I have no idea. I just know I've never seen anything like this.

Tommyboy's picture

I've never seen anyone walk into the end zone from the 35. That said, my favorite play may have been Tramon's solo open-field tackle on Peterson. W.O.W.

Even Jamie Dukes is going to be unable to deliberately dance around questions of Rodgers' greatness soon. Rodgers is playing BETTER than any QB I've ever seen.

Ruppert's picture

Aaron Rodgers is ridiculous.

This team stays calm no matter what. I think the whole team takes on Rodgers' personality a bit. At my age, it is a complete delight watching a team that doesn't fall apart in the Metrodome when it's loud as hell and they're suddenly trailing and/or underperforming.

The Packers are the best team in the league right now with Jarrett Bush, Charlie Peprah and Pat Lee in the secondary and a warm body playing OLB opposite CM3 (sorry, but neither Jones nor Walden is a playmaker). If this defense can improve, the only way they get beat is under the "any given Sunday" codicil of the Faber College constitution.

Tommyboy's picture

Oh, and Ponder can be proud of his first NFL debut.

Norom's picture

Wonder how he'll do in his second NFL debut? :-)

Tommyboy's picture

Dammit, I hate it when I do crap like that.

BubbaOne's picture

Chris Cook just tweeted..."hmm get arrested or get torched by AR...easy decision"

JerseyPackFan's picture

That is so funny!

Wagszilla's picture

Where was Grant?
He started hot but then they went to Starks.

Thought that was odd.

Also that dude who nuts hotted TJ Lang is dirty I don't care what old man Wilde tweets or the players say.

NoWayJose's picture

I think Grant had nine carries for 29 yards. He just wastn't getting anywhere. Once Starks got hot, MM stayed with the hot hand.

djbonney138's picture

The Packers are the BEST team in the league.
The Packers have not played to their full potential. AWESOME!
7-0 feels good.

davyjones's picture

Sure there were a couple of sacks and hurries, but there was a play where Marshall Newhouse absolutely manhandled Jared Allen...just flattened him...pancaked him completely...I broke out laughing and couldn't stop for about the next 4 plays. i have to find that on tape!

IowaPackFan's picture

Quarless smoked Allen, as well.

And made the big first down catch!

bomdad's picture

I wish our 88 would play like the Falcons 88.

Bohj's picture

Humbling Finley is a good thing. For contract and him trying to prove himself as we go forward.

bomdad's picture

Did you mean to say MM went into his shell early 4th qtr?

lebowski's picture

No, I noticed it halfway through the 3rd quarter, we were in "run-run-pass-punt" mode already.

bomdad's picture

I didnt notice because they put up 20 points and took over the game in the 3rd quarter. A little more stagnant in the 4th, but mission accomplished.

Packers have outscored opponents 69-10 in the 3rd this season.

Alex S.'s picture

dont forget that's the same mason who almost made a 69 yard free kick LOL

PacMan's picture

Rodgers has another great day. But Ponder was 13 for 32 with 2 INT's and we only win by 6 with a bit of a scare.
What's wrong with this picture? I guess the dif is Peterson running for 175 yards. Ok, he's a great RB but too many times he was running right through our guys. Just grab one leg and hold on!!!

Mel's picture

I just wish MM would keep on the gas like sean Payton!!! They put 62 on the colts!!! MM would never do that.. Not saying I want 62 but 40+ would be nice or even 50!!!

Juice Maloose's picture

I don't think we've played a team anywhere near as demoralized as the Colts already were going into last night.

They have talent, but are a ship without a rudder having lost Manning. Caldwell seems to be completely unprepared and unable to lead this team without him.

They are the worst team in the league at the moment IMO.

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