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Gut Reactions: Week One

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Gut Reactions: Week One

  • Really, really, really hope Tramon is ok. But it didn't look good as he was walking off. McCarthy called it a "shoulder injury"
  • Guess not having player-organized workouts really hurt the Packers' offense.
  • Randall Cobb was ridiculous. Guess that new kickoff rule is irrelevant when you have someone as exciting as he is. Wow.
  • How did I think this would be a defensive battle?
  • Scott Wells played one of his best games as a pro.
  • Sam Shields did not.
  • Wondering if the Saints did something different against Finley in the second half or if McCarthy/Rodgers just went away from him. He looked unstoppable in the first half.
  • Speaking of guys disappearing - James Jones sighting anyone?
  • Nice to see Ryan Grant back - but James Starks is clearly the better back.
  • That back shoulder throw to Greg Jennings is simply unstoppable.
  • TJ Lang jumped a few times, but overall you could really see a difference in his game vs Colledge. A lot more power there in the run game.
  • Speaking of the run game, Grant and Starks both did a nice job of showing patience, seeing the cutback lane, planting their foot and going.
  • Packers start 1-0. Now they get a nice little break then get ready for the Panthers.
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JerseyCheese's picture

Nervous about Tramon. HOPING, PRAYING it's just a sprain or even separated. No tears please!

chazman's picture

Hopefully the 10 days off and maybe holding Tramon out for the Carolina game, he'll be able to play. Need to take my blood pressure medicine. Great game.

BC_Cab's picture

Good stuff, Aaron.

Hey, actual running game! Starks/Grant with 21-97 against Franklin and Rogers in the middle? Not bad.

Trammy better be OK. He was holding that shoulder like Wood was in the SB. Lord I hope not...

Starks > Grant - and it's not even close.

Quietly, Jarius Wynn is becoming a very solid player.

Cobb is something special.

Who else wants less shotgun? Still seems like little threat of the run in the gun.

Drew Brees is really, really good.

From Drew Brees to Cam Newton next week...could there be more polar opposites?

Kudos to the DLine on that last play.

Is is possible to see a better regular season game? Nope.

Jeff Pieters's picture

So many weapons, only one ball. I think you'll see Jones, Finley, et al, have their big games this year. It's an encouraging start. My only fear is overconfidence. Can somebody post a "We could still go 1-15" sign in the locker room?

andrew harman's picture

i didnt think sam shields played terribly he could have had a pick at one point nd made a few tackles.. hard to judge how our defense is going to look when playing the saints.. the line looked good today rodgers and the offense looked great.. james jones really was not thrown to at all. jordy jennings and cobb had great games. was a nail biter defense came up big.. that pass interference call was terrible hawk got all ball

Mr DHarv's picture

Ithought Sam Shields played a good game. Had a couple of pass breakups,a couple of tackles, and this was against a great team.Fans are fickle and so is AARON NAGLER. He is just like most sports fans.Overall I think the team represented like warriors the way defending champs should. C ya next week!

packeraaron's picture

Everyone played great. Rainbows and lollipops for everyone. Now excuse me as I go back to the grown up table.

Mr DHarv's picture

Now see thats where you are mistaken. You were never there (@ the grown folks table)!Wah Wah Wah! I will write whatever I want on MY blog! GET SERIOUS DUDE!You cant really believe that!

packeraaron's picture

Believe what? That I can write whatever the hell I want on the website I helped create? Um, yes. I do believe that.

As for your childish posts - you are free to expose your immaturity (and ignorance) for all the world to see and then cry about it when you get called out. Unlike some other Packer sites - we don't censor people's thoughts here (unless they are truly offensive of course) But please, by all means, continue posting insults. It makes me laugh.

some guy's picture

overall, i thought shields was pretty solid. He got beat badly once but was in guys jock on a number of breakups. also easily stopped what would have been sproles 2nd special teams td

willis's picture

Cobb: Game MVP, could see him in the conversation for rookie of the year at the end.

Love this new run game thing, for once I was wanting us to run. Very effective

Wow I really really want Tramon to be okay, at least hope this isn't IR.

Jeff Pieters's picture

Let's not sell out on Grant yet. I think his experience is an important component to this team, and he looked fine.

BrianD's picture

Playoff game against the Seahawks in '08 never foget

ppabich's picture

I agree, and Grant had a nice blitz pick-up in the first quarter. Starks missed a big one on the Rodgers sack. He should give up on the play action in that situation and go strait for the pass pro.

Starks is clearly the better runner, but both players still have value.

Spongecris's picture

Your wrong about Starks. Heres a link with the play. Go to 5:18, watch and learn. It's Up to Andrew Quarless to pickup the outside blitzer and Starks to give inside help after running the fake. The blitzer didn't even disguise the fact that he was biltzing. Some of you should watch more and post less.

packeraaron's picture

While you are correct Spongecris - why be a dick about it? Chill.

Spongecris's picture

Just following your lead. :)

packeraaron's picture

My rule is always be nice - until someone isn't nice. When fired upon, return the fire. But I didn't see anyone attack you.

Spongecris's picture

Ok, I did come on strong, but please. Because I was blunt does not make my reply any worse than a few of your sarcastic remarks.
Someone says your fickle like all fans and you tell him "your going back to the adult table". Also your correction on the comment about the two minute coaches challange beginning with "Um" wasn't sarcastic at all. I will take your advice and tone it down. You should practice what you preach.

packeraaron's picture

I responded with the grown up crack after a couple attacks, not just one. Perfect example of what I'm talking about - someone attacked me a couple times so I let them have it. No one attacked you.

Spongecris's picture

Paint it how you want, but calling you fickle is not an attack. What about the "Um"? If the poster that I responded to wanted to come back at me it would have been well deserved, but you did and I didn't attack you.
Practice what you preach.

packeraaron's picture

How about I'll do whatever the he'll I want on my own blog? By god, that's genius!

ppabich's picture

Dude, if you would have posted that link and just told me i was wrong i would have admitted defeat. I watched the video, and I now see it was Quarless' responsibility.

I still stand by the fact that a pro football player should be able to make up for others mistakes. I still believe that Starks should have broken off the PA and blocked Harper. Judging by Starks reaction, it looks like he would agree.

I will remove much of the blame from Starks and put it on Quarless, but Starks can still make that play.

Spongecris's picture

Well thats fine. Take your ball and go home. So lets see what we've learned so far. I went to far on a post and you called me a dick for doing it. It was a dick move. Calling me a dick when I never said a word to you makes you a hypocrite. After that you proceeded to tell me you never attack unless attacked first. I never attacked you. That make you a liar. Making fun of someone who doesn't understand a coaches challenge rule makes you arrogant and the stuff about doing what you want on your own blog make you a tool.

So I'm a dick. Your a hypocrite, a liar, a tool and arrogant. It's true that you can do what you want on your own blog. I would ask that you at least attempt to be even handed and practice what you preach.

Glad I'm just a dick.

packeraaron's picture

(sigh) You obviously wrote this before reading my email.


jb's picture

I thought both backs blocked pretty well. I thought Starks picked up a blitzer on the sack, just not enough of them.

Spongecris's picture

Sorry I came on strong there. I was out of line.

packeraaron's picture

Spongecris - you've got mail at the email address you've used here. Hit me back.

Jeff Pieters's picture

I think I will never understand the rules regarding downing punts...

Stephen's picture

What was Charles Woodson thinking with that punch?! Hope he doesn't get suspended but you can't argue that he doesn't deserve it.

BrianD's picture

Suspend him IMO. Can't have that behavior in the NFL.

PresidentRaygun's picture

Dumb move. I don't think he'll be suspended, but if there's any game he could be, I'm just glad it'll be against the Panthers. Though having him and Tramon out the same game is going to hurt.

foundinidaho's picture

CWood doesn't react like that without a reason. Jen Lada said the same thing. Something provoked him. Not saying he should have done it, but it makes you wonder what the Saints were up to.

Jeremy's picture

So far I'm not a fan of the no coaches challenge in the last two minutes of the half rule.

packeraaron's picture

Um, its always been that way.

FITZCORE1252's picture


Jeremy's picture

To bad I wasn't born with that knowledge like Fitzcore here.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Yeah that does suck. You'll get through it though champ.

Jeff Pieters's picture

I think anything a coach MIGHT challenge should go under automatic review in the last 2 minutes...

Benny Friis's picture

Quote: "Randall Cobb was ridiculous. Guess that new kickoff rule is irrelevant when you have someone as exciting as he is. Wow."

Both and...

I agree to the "Wow" part.

But the new kickoff rule means that he won't hurt other teams as much as he COULD HAVE. (disregarding that today this would probably have been nullified with Sproles on the other sideline... but still).

/Benny aka nunobow

chris k's picture

I agree with you! Thought Lang played great overall.. He looked very good in the running game!

I was even slightly impressed by Erik Walden in coverage... I thought we would've been frightened every game with him in coverage.

Jarius Wynn played his best pro game!

I'm excited about this O-line...

BrianD's picture

Walden was bad in coverage early. He really settled down as the game progressed.

Benny Friis's picture


Quote: "My only fear is overconfidence. Can somebody post a “We could still go 1-15? sign in the locker room?"

Oh what a valid point. (Hardly) Couldn't agree more - but I actually trust MM on this point.

/nunobow aka Benny

Nononsense's picture

I thought the Hawk pass interference call in the endzone was bunk, I understand the call but... COME ON MAN.

Speaking of Hawk, you can almost blame him for Tramon's injury his terribly missed tackle on the play directly lead to it. Hope he is alright.

Randall Cobb, so much for tempered enthusiasm. This kid is who I thought he was.

Aaron Rodgers is the man, but he almost got Driver killed on one play, great clean hit by Jenkins.

James Starks, hes a beast.

What a great opening game, not a dull moment the entire game.

BrianD's picture

Hawk missed tackles all night. He's been like that since 2005 when we drafted him. We knew what we were getting when we re-signed him: a solid, yet unspectacular MLB than CAN make the big play every now and then.

Wamzlee's picture

Personally, it seemed like a lot of Packers missed tackles last night. The one thing I couldn't help but notice was how high and flying Hawk was. Heck man, he was just a bump on a log before. Jumping over defenders to make a play? Old A.J. Hawk never did that.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Aj was terrible tonight, but that call in the endzone was absolute bullshit. He's got a right to the ball too and he really didn't even touch Sproles. I thought it was Hawks best effort of the night.

Cole's picture

Absolute mayhem at the bar. 60 standing packer fans at that goalline stand screaming. Cobb was sensational. Jennings was great. Think the offensive slowdown in 2nd half was from not having the ball consistently. Poor James Jones. Jordy is legit replacement for Driver in a year. Finley didn't get enough chances in second but glad to see pack run it up the gut. We absolutely need Tramon to come back within a few weeks healthy. Crazy as it sounds, I think So-oto might be the spark we need at other OLB position to free Matthews from triple teams.

BrianD's picture

Plus they were trying to run out the clock in the second half. We all can have flashbacks to last year with Mike McCarthy's gameplan when he's up in the second half. The defense holding on the last possession is all to familiar.

Darrin's picture

x2. McCarthy takes his foot off the pedal with a lead. Last night it looked like he didn't want to run the score up in the 4th quarter. The way Brees was playing and our D looked tired, I never would give him the ball back. The secondary looked lost last night. Shields reminded me of Bush in coverage, turning every which way. Just hope Tramon is okay, but it didn't look good.

Cole's picture

Not to say Walden wasn't good. He might be great, but Brees gets it out SO QUICK it's hard to tell. He sure seemed okay in coverage. Dom Capers does have work to do though. I almost pulled a Charles Woodson on some of the saints fans at the bar tonight. Seriously, though, it looked like the guy was messing with him after the whistle but still, hope the rest of the weekend washes out memory of that gut shot.

I laughed though. C wood doesn't fuck around. haha.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Few things I be knowin...

1. When the schedule came out this was the game that I was most worried about.

2. When we are in the playoffs there is no team that I want to avoid more than the Saints. They are stylistically the worst matchup for us. Give me Philly or Atlanta all day every day, I do not want to play the Saints again if we don't have to.

3. AJ Hawk was just awful tackling tonight. Awful.

4. Our Defense is good. The thing most people were worried about was the run D and I thought they were good. The secondary gave up plays... to be expected, week 1, Payton had a whole offseason to put a plan together and it was for the most part effective. We won't play a team in the regular season that will put up 400 in the air... A FITZCORE guarantee.

5. TJ will be fine and looked good. A couple false starts i can live with as long as he's just getting them out of his system.

6. Starks>Grant. I'm glad Grant is on the team, gives us 2 viable backs that D's can't sleep on... but C'mon, if you have eyes you know where the upside is.

7. I think the biggest thing I came away with is this... you kick field goals against God's team... you lose.



BrianD's picture

#2 We weren't too great at containing Michael Vick last year, especially in the first game when Woodson wasn't a QB spy. Perhaps this year we've adjusted our gameplan.

#4 You do realize we play AT San Diego this year, right?

MarkinMadison's picture

San Diego no longer has Darren Sproles, thank goodness.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Sure do. I don't think rivers throws for 400. Thats a big number man. Believe it or not we do have a great secondary. Have a little faith man.

CaLIPACKfAN's picture

Who dat who dat thats gonna beat them saints!! Oh yeah we did.

Jordan's picture

Wow. Lots of good things happened in that game. Not sure if kickoff/punt coverage was one of them. Sure wish Hawk would have had a better game or at least made the tackle that Williams was injured on.

Time to rewatch the game and see who the core special team players were on coverage.
And cross fingers for T. Williams. Can't celebrate until I know what's going on with T. Williams.

BrianD's picture

Find the team's best tacklers. Put them on special teams, regardless of speed.

Jay's picture

In my opinion we didn't get enough pressure on Brees. He was way too comfortable in the pocket. Hopefully getting Neal back helps that. That said, he passed all over the field, but Saints' offense only got 27 points. I'm perfectly all right with bend but don't break.

Also, can we fire Slocum yet??

AusPackFan's picture

I thought I was going to be the one to make the "Fire Shawn Slocum" call. Being Australian, I don't know enough about Special Teams to know if the kick/punt returns were the fault of the scheme or the players, can anyone help me out..?

Nerdmann's picture

-Once again, Slocum's special teams almost cost us the game. They gave up a TD and another return across the 50, which iirc also resulted in a TD.
This game should have been a blowout in the first half.
Nice to see us finally get a guy who can return kicks. Very nice.
-I didn't think Shields looked bad.
-Starks is awesome. He's gonna get better in pass pro.

Jay's picture

Yeh, Aaron can you expand on your Shields comment? I remember him being burned on what looked like a go route that he didn't turn around for. Was there any other major gaffes?

BrianD's picture

Not only that, but it was a GREAT effort by the receiver to stay in bounds. You won't see a play like that often this season (think of Bears games which consist of 1/8 of our schedule).

Mr DHarv's picture

I bet Nagler wont say anything about Shields' pass breakups or the td saving tackle on Sproles' kick return. Nagler isnt much of a Shields fan! I found that out last year!

Nerdmann's picture

Another thing Shields did is he caught up to Sproles to prevent the second TD on a punt return. Sproles got it across midfield, but Shields used his speed to catch him before he went all the way.
You can't coach speed.

FootballGods's picture

'How did I think this would be a defensive battle?'

May have been more so if the field wasn't in such bad shape. Corners particularly were at a disadvantage.

ShawnO's picture

I was SO SO SO mad that McCarthy let up on the offense and called all running plays the last two times we had the ball. I know he was trying to run the clock down but don't change something that is not broken. He almost lost us the game by not trying to move the ball down field and score.

BTF's picture

I know Kuhn helped him on the TD run but Cobb's ability to stay upright and spin out of tackles is scary. He nearly broke off a big PR as well. I'd hoped he'd give our return game a boost but that was beyond my wildest expectations..

retiredgrampa's picture

DaBears are REALLY worried now, especially the DC. The Saints got lots of help their last drive but our guys got mad and slapped them down. Ingram is very good, as advertised.

MarkinMadison's picture

Maybe they went away from Finley because he didn't know where to line up when they asked him to block. Quarless came ready to play - both catching and blocking. Don't get me wrong, Finley looked unstoppable when catching the ball, but he needs to figure out he's a lot more valuable if he can do everything as well as he catches.

If they weren't throwing the ball to JJ maybe he was having a hard time getting open. It seems like he has had "on games" and "off games" in other years. But he hasn't had any "on games" yet this year.

That was the best offense we will see all year.

mark's picture

1 additional gut reaction: that 4th bratwurst was totally unnecessary.

PackersRS's picture

If the line plays like this every game, this will come down as the greatest offense ever assembled, in terms of PPG.

Remember that OL that couldn't keep Rodgers upright and could never convert on short yardage?

People will be raving about this OL when push comes to shove, just as they do about the Saints'.

In fact, it was pretty apparent which OL was the better one last night. Specially in short yardage, which used to be their strenght, up the middle.

Wells, Sitton and Lang simply DOMINATED. The holes for the running game were so big it looked like the Hogs out there.

CSS's picture

Evans, Nicks and Kreutz are likely the most dominant interior the Packers defensive line and linebackers will face. Raji, Green, Pickett and Wynn were STOUT. Looking forward to see what they do against far less talented interiors.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Yes sir. Neal might want to hurry back or jarius just wynn baby might make it hard for him to get on the field.

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