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Gut Reactions: Week 9

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Gut Reactions: Week 9

  • Welcome back Aaron Rodgers
  • Hard to get a real read on anything - that is one really bad Cowboys team.
  • Clay Matthews can not be human.
  • Nice to see James Jones be himself out there.
  • Nick Collins will most likely be suspended for the Vikings game for his helmet to helmet hit on Roy Williams.
  • Sam Shields is the real deal.
  • Bigby got some quality reps.
  • Loved how Rodgers kept throwing the little smoke screens to the wide receivers. Hey, if you're going to keep playing 10 yards off the line of scrimmage.
  • Love watching Capers work when he has a big lead.
  • Going to enjoy the bye week and watching the Bears and Vikings beat up on each other.
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PackersRS's picture

Vikings at Chicago. I will root for lightning.

foundinidaho's picture

Or at the very least hurrican force winds. Vikings and Bears suck.

Bearmeat's picture

Yes, they both suck. BUT I am in the terrible position of having to root for the Bears next week, simply because I don't want the Viqueens thinking they're good by the time we come to town.
I want them depressed. Out of it. I was really upset that CHI, MIN, and NYJ all won close this week.
If Harris goes to the Queens that's just one more reason to hate them.

RockinRodgers's picture

NBC's coverage of this game was a joke. Collinsworth and Michaels were tripping over each other to talk about the Cowboys coaching situation. Why wouldn't you want to talk about the home team with the winning record up by 38 points when you could talk about Wade Phillips.

JerseyPackFan's picture

I agree. I love and hate Sunday night games!

MarkinMadison's picture

Why listen to those guys? Turn on the radio, hit the mute button on the t.v., and enjoy two guys who actually know a bit about the team.

Tommyboy's picture

That was borderline pornographic. Should we really have been watching that?!

PresidentRaygun's picture

That would explain the boner I had during the game.

Was the Collins hit that bad? I missed it!

djbonney138's picture

As I watched it live it didn't seem that bad but the slo-mo was pretty gnarly.

spiderpack's picture

I dont rhjnk he did it on purpose.

FootballGods's picture

I will absolutely FREAK OUT if NC is suspended for a game. I disagree with your assumption. There will clearly be a hefty fine but nothing about it was flagrant. All the bad hits so far this season, and for Collins to get the first suspension for that...ridiculous.

packeraaron's picture

Not saying I agree that he should be suspended - but I definitely expect the league to do so.

Ruppert's picture

If the league didn't suspend James Harrison for his helmet-first, head-down, straight into the QB's back, 2nd offense hit last week, I find it hard to believe that Collins will get suspended for this. It's a first offense, and it would inconsistent on the league's part. Goodell is, if nothing else, consistent in his punishments in that first offenses don't get huge punishments.

Tommyboy's picture

Just to be clear, I was talking about the 45-7 dismantling, not the hit.

PkrNboro's picture

---Clay Matthews can not be human.

at first I thought he was off-sides on the pick6

djbonney138's picture

How about when he blasted the running back (Barber?) Knocked him right on his ass. Popped through the O-Line like Nicholson in the The Shining, "Here's Matthewwwwsss!"

JerseyPackFan's picture

I jumped out of my seat and ran across the room screaming like a mad man on that play! What a hit. Matthews was making that OL look like a spaz out there.

PackersThad's picture

same!! And my roommate is a Cowboys fan!

nerdmann's picture

I don't see Collins getting suspended. Williams wasn't even injured.

Joel's picture

Collins isn't a habitual offender. He will be fined, but that will be about it.

NickGBP's picture

$75000 fine. No suspension. He wasn't headhunting.

jack in jersey city's picture

yeah, he won't be suspended

Chris's picture

If it's his first issue with helmet-to-helmet hits (can anyone confirm this?) then I expect a 50k fine. If the league really wants to stick it to the players they will suspend him for a game.
I am still all for ejecting a player right at the spot, so that the opponent which suffered the hit has a positive effect and not the next opponent. Collinsworth made that point again during the broadcast and I am with him on that.

MarkinMadison's picture

Only if it comes after reviewing the replay, and only if the player hit was injured. I don't want them making that call on the spot.

Chris's picture

I agree that it should be reviewed by the booth if it really was intentional helmet-to-helmet, but I totally disagree on the "only if the player was injured".

PresidentRaygun's picture

I love our rookies! Great draft picks, Ted.

MarkinMadison's picture

After seeing Shields last night, to hell with draft picks. I like that they let him have a chance on kick-off returns.

NoWayJose's picture

I don't believe Collins should be suspended because I honestly think that play came out much worse than his intent. Williams turned his around at the last sec.

That said, (1) the NFL is dead serious and wants to make it's point and (2) this was a prime time game, perfect for making a point. I expect a suspension.

Collins needs to be smarter. It was a blowout. Don't take chances.

MLecl0001's picture

Williams actually said that Collins shouldnt get fined for the hit Collins made on him. The quote from Williams I saw said "Commissioner Goodell, don't fine the guy, it wasnt that bad of a deal, he shouldnt get fined. It was a football play, a football player making a football play. No injury, no harm." I expect Collins to get fined but not suspended.

Also how come no one is talking about Sam Shields return. It wouldnt be awesome if he has learned how to catch kick offs, he would be a great weapon back there.

MLecl0001's picture

It would be awesome, not wouldnt be awesome. BOO on the no edit button.

aussiepacker's picture

can't believe how good shields is playing, when most people thought he wouldn't make the 53. Also i bet ted wish's he gave tramon that new contract before the season started it probally would have saved him a couple of million.

spiderpack's picture

Sam Shields. My man. DPOY 2 seasons from now.Kickoff returns. oh yeah.

andrew's picture

i think james jones played a good game.. had a big drop. and the fumble.. but overall he is what u want him to be.. a wide out that brings spark to your offense. clay matthews played great..

but i cant really give rodgers to much credit today.. they called a good game offensively.. and the cowboys are really just bad this year.. rodgers looking anything other than great would have been inexcusable

lebowski's picture

It would be so awesome if we had our corners of the future here. Those are two young guys playing really well. Matthews, Raji, Wilson,... playmakers at each level. Just KILLS me to think we could have added a healthy Mike Neal to this mix. Kudos, TT.

Chris's picture

My gut reactions:
- The Cowboys are what we thought they were. A team in turmoil.
- Packers RB were used like they should be. Jackson looked good out in space and on those little screen/dump off passes.
- I'm nervous each time James Jones runs with the ball. He keeps it away from his body and in the inside hand for too long.
- Rodgers throws a beautiful sideline passes
- Crabtree has a long way to go as a pass catcher
- What would the Packers D do without Clay Mathews? He is a force on every play, even when he is initially stopped on his passrush. he never quits.
- I liked the change in pass coverage after the halftime break. Before the half Shields was on Dez Bryant, and although he got a great INT he was exposed a few times, basically due to the size disadvantage. After the half we saw Tramon Williams covering Bryant, which is a better matchup.
- That was a stupid move by Collins, going to the head of a receiver when the ball was already gone. Can't do that. I would have benched him if I were the coach at that point.
- Nice game to ease Bigby into game shape again.

Jim I.'s picture

Crabtree has had 4 passes his way all year caught three and the other that he dropped was with very tight coverage on a hot read on a blitz. Give him a break. At least he can man up against most d-ends and linebackers on running blocking.

Chris's picture

I hear you, and you are right, that was an overreaction on my part. he does a good enough job on blocking and it wasnt an easy catch. Still would love him to be a more complete TE in a hurry, because he and Lee is all the Pack got at this point at TE.

Rob_UK's picture

Anyone spot the use of the 3 full-back sets towards the end? Lined up flat behind Rodgers. Can't be many (or any) teams who've lined up like that in the last few years (mainly beacuse no other team keeps 3 full-backs on their roster). Fun, but let's never use it again!

Glorious80's's picture

Disagree. Like to see them pound the D-line. Good weather option.

Rob_UK's picture

CM3's tackle on Barber in the backfield was brilliant - read the play, beat his man inside with speed, and used perfect tackling technique. The guy's an incredible talent.

JerseyPackFan's picture

When Bjax scored that second TD and the Cowboys did not bother to challenge. Game over!

Zub-a-Dub's picture

The only bad thing was Collins helmet hit, unnecessary at the time.

IMO if the NFL wants to stop hits like this, suspend the player during the game, and the following game for an intentional hit like Collins made on Sunday night.

For a hit that is questionable that it was international (like the difference used to be in a face mask penalty, 5 yard or the 15) continue with the 15 yard penalty and fine.

Collin's hit was just border line classless, Pack had the game clearly in hand, almost on the same scale as Jolly's head butting incident last year.

CSS's picture

Was neither classless nor intentional. He committed a cardinal-sin in tackling - lowered his head and lost control. Williams elevation was coming down, Collins left his feet and turned his head away from his target and lost sight.

Poor form along with a pending $75,000 fine, yes. Classless, no. He has zero history of head-hunting and wasn't in this case either.

Asshalo's picture

"Nick Collins will most likely be suspended for the Vikings game for his helmet to helmet hit on Roy Williams."

I would bet not. There's no precedent set.

petes's picture

Anyone else think jones should have cut upfield and tried to score on his deep sideline catch to the 3. Seemed to just be ok with going ob

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