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Gut Reactions: Week 7

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Gut Reactions: Week 7

  • Aaron Rodgers isn't human. 
  • His offensive line is. 
  • Rough day for TJ Lang
  • Randall Cobb is ascending 
  • Charles Woodson is invisible 
  • Dezman Moses is as good as Nick Perry. There, I said it. 
  • Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb & James Jones may be writing Greg Jennings' ticket out of town. 
  • House and Hayward are exciting just because of the promise they are showing. 
  • House in particular caught my eye today. Was always next to his guy. Some may have been completed, but he was always right there. That's a good sign. 
  • What is up with Tramon Williams? 
  • The cornerbacks in general are tough to watch when tackling. 
  • Brad Jones seemed to do a good job calling the defense. 
  • But boy are he and AJ Hawk tough to watch in space. 
  • Really liked the call on 3rd and 1 where Rodgers JUST missed James Jones.
  • Hated the call on 3rd and 7 where Rodgers didn't have a receiver within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage. 
  • Michael Brockers almost singlehandedly destroyed the Packers running game today, including on an honest-to-goodness counter play. I swear, I just about fell out of my chair. I can't remember the last time the Packers ran a counter. 
  • Bring on the Jaguars. 
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packersplanet's picture

Bring on the Jaguars. I'm feeling pretty damn confident myself

Mike's picture

Great insight! Great WIN!

The thing that must improve before next week is Lang and Saturday need to figure out what they were doing wrong and move forward. They were responsible for the struggles in the run game, as it was often their man who was wrecking the run game. We saw how effective and explosive Green can be by his 15 yard run and his receptions. I do have one qualm with Green (or the equipment guys) - could someone figure out why/how he got eaten up by the turf monster so many times??? Because that killed two or three run plays that looked like they could have gone for big yardage, especially the one where Green was cutting back to the left and there wasn't a Ram within 5 yards of him.

All things considered, it was a good win.

Cole's picture

Green is good. Our o-line just got beasted, luckily Cobb is amazing! Hate to say it but I would cut driver when quarless, sherrod come back.

Nerdmann's picture

-Green gets another week to show what he can do, then I'd start working Starks in. Green gets tackled by his shoestrings too much, isn't breaking the occasional long one to offset his 1.8 per carry average.

-Give Starks a shot on a natural surface, it will be easier on his foot.

-Offensive line isn't helping these RBs out much. That said, both Cobb and Kuhn were able to bounce off the pile and make significant gains. I'd like to see Green start doing that once in awhile.

-Speaking of Kuhn, dude can get it done. I don't know how he does it. He's real slow, but he's got cutting ability. And vision. Seems to be able to get yards with some consistency. May be worth a look behind Green and Starks.

-JJ still can't catch the ball consistently when it comes in over the shoulder. If he can catch the ball facing the QB he can get it done.

-Hayward and House are good.

-Sign Sergio Kindle and bulk Perry up on gilbert burgers. Let him play DE like he wants to. Unless his knee is worse than is being disclosed. Then IR him and let him come back next year.

-Dez Moses looked pretty good, but seemed just a half step slow today. Still great for an undrafted rookie.

-Still played down to an inferior oppenent this week, but at least they came out with the win.

-These gutsy calls on ST continue to play off. Interesting that MM's not saving that stuff up for the playoffs.

-Teams seem to be able run the ball up the gut against us when they really need to. Yes I know Raji is out, but this concerns me.

-What's the status of Neal's knee?

packeraaron's picture

Green is fine. That line gave him nowhere to go today.

dawg's picture

Green is fine, The OL has never been fine!
GB. OL, laughing stock of NFL.
A-Rod bail's em out every weekend!!!
Campen's gatta go!!!

pkrNboro's picture

Holy Cow !

The "Nerdmann's Gut Reactions"... that other guy a run for his money!

Barutan Seijin's picture

I disagree that they played down to the opponents. I thought they played fine. More or less completely dominated the second half -- and that's including the garbage time, clock eatin' TD drive with all the completions & plays to the middle.

Aside from that, the Rams are not a bad team; give 'em some credit. They're just not as good as the Packers.

Idiot Fan's picture

The Ravens D has been decimated by injuries, yet they still cut Kindle. I'm not sure he's what we need.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Kindle hasn't been right since he split his head open. Shame.

Ruppert's picture

Starks wouldn't have had any better numbers today than Green. Green keeps the job, rightfully so, until he coughs up the football. THEN Starks can come back.

Oppy's picture

Green knocked it out of the park last week vs. a very good Texans defense.

I don't understand how you can completely ignore his performance from just seven days ago. To my eyes, there wasn't ANYWHERE for Green to run on a good number of his touches. It's usually a bad sign for the OL when the RB is getting hit 2 yards behind the LOS.

Nerdmann's picture

That 3 yards per carry last week?

All I'm saying is, I'd like to see him break some of those shoelace tackles.

Both Cobb and Kuhn bounced off the pile and redirected for significant gains tonight.

I'd just like to see Green start doing the same.

John's picture

yes the 3 yards per last week is all we really need

cheesy4's picture

What about Jermicheal Finley?
How did he not make the list?

Sam's picture

Walden really caught my eye today. He wasn't perfect but his effort and intensity were both very high. He was also hitting like a freight train.

PackersRS's picture

If the Packers win a SB this year, both Woodson and Driver will retire. They may retire even if they don't win, particularly Driver, but Woodson is due a lot of guaranteed money in 13-14.

Just think an entire season of being second fiddle will be too much to their ego, particularly with the young guys at their positions(Cobb, House, Heyward) playing such a prominent role.

And I'm not so sure that, by the end of the year, Woodson will deserve to be part of the starting secondary. Either as a S or a nickel CB.

pkrNboro's picture

Woodson's making $11.4 million this year -- RIDICULOUS!

He's been grabbing the past couple of years in coverage as his speed has declined, so he can't play true CB anymore -- reason enough to re-work a contract.

Plus McGinn said he lead the team in missed tackles last season, by a large margin. Earlier this season, McGinn mentioned the near every-game gamble that routinely gives up ~ 15yds.

Considering how Thompson resurrected his career, I was disappointed when he didn't volunteer to take a pay-cut.

Regarding Driver, he took a pay-cut -- but knowing his role would be reduced, and that he can't play ST -- the team made an emotional decision instead of a rational one.

You just can't be sentimental and be in the NFL.

MarkinMadison's picture

Woodson is looking for that career INT-TD mark.

Nerdmann's picture


Mojo's picture

Yes, for God's sake can someone throw him a pick-six so he can concentrate on trying to cover someone.

Oppy's picture

Actually, I am almost 100% positive I saw Donald Driver coming off the field after a punt- I think he actually was on the punt coverage team today.

Call me crazy- I didn't believe it myself. Unfortunately, I don't have a DVR so I have no way to confirm it. I think my jaw dropped.

Fish . Crane's picture

Donald should be given a chance to go to an afc contender and given a chance to play. Any other team and he is on the field. Miami

redcheesehead's picture

driver wants to be a packer

SpartaChris's picture

MJD on the sidelines in crutches as we speak. Looks like he could be one less threat for the Packers to worry about.

A_Lerxst_in_Packerland's picture

I did NOT like the deep shot on 3rd & 1. Please please please just get the 1st down, THEN take the shot! Could have really eaten some time off the clock with a sustained drive there.

PackersRS's picture

Didn't Rodgers change the play at the LOS? I remember seeing him motioning his hands and hearing a "jet" out of him. Could be other play, though. But I think it's on Rodgers that play.

I'm personally fine with it. Though it's not exactly a surprise, seen as the Packers do it so much, but fact is the DC will call for a short yardage coverage, and will probably load the middle. And IIRC Jones was on single coverage. So all in all, to me it was, if not a good call because it didn't worked, at least a plausible call, with background to it.

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

You heard correctly. "2 Jet" and "3 Jet" are slide protections.

PackersRS's picture

Ok, so I heard right but thought wrong...

Thanks for the info POC.

RON's picture


Nerdmann's picture

I'm not giving up on Green yet, but I'd like to see him break free a little more.

Just too many shoestring tackles.

Oppy's picture

MM remembers exactly what Starks did in 2010.

MM also remembers exactly what Starks HASN'T done since.

ave's picture

All caps post looks like a telegram from 1905. PACK RULES [STOP] BEAR SUCK [STOP]

Gloriious80s's picture

Re O line: A look at Datko when an opportunity opens?
Has size and potential before injury. Was making improvements in preseason.

Oppy's picture

I thought Datko was looong gone.

Evan's picture


Oppy's picture

Could have sworn he was picked up by another team. I'll check.

Oppy's picture

Nope, you are correct. He's on the PS.

For some reason, I thought he didn't clear waivers. My bad.

Bearmeat's picture

What's going to come back to bite GB is the lack of speed in the middle of the D between AJ/Brad/Chuck.

Smart OC's with good QB's are going to gameplan the hell of out this problem with slants, seams and ins. It's pretty hard to hide personnel that can't cover the middle.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree that they are a bit slow up the middle. I personally am thinking now they should use Moses as ILB in Nickel/Dime situations. He brings alot more speed to the LB's and gives another pass rushing option. He is also better in coverage then Hawk and Jones.

pkrNboro's picture

Here's the link to the "gamebook."

I post it as a courtesy, as I absolutely detest the NFL's website, and the way they bury this information behind a maze of slow-loading BULLSHIT.

Barutan Seijin's picture

Try google site search (e.g., ' gamebook yadda yadda') That should help get you get closer to it without their slow loadin' crapola.

Also, if you don't like all that cruft that sites like throw at you, NoScript will make your browsing life happier.

pkrNboro's picture

Thanks, but I've tried google using several different search criteria -- most often you get "", which is where I start anyway... or some bullshit from some game 8 years ago.

And if you turn off javascript, the link for the "gamecenter" -- that eventually gets you to the "gamebook" -- doesn't even load. You're left with a bunch of white space that doesn't even show the damn score.

But thanks for your two well-tested non-solutions...

Chad Toporski's picture always has the gamebook available on the game recap page.

eVade's picture

Excellent information. I too detest wading through the blinking mess on The Packers recaps follow a reasonable URL scheme that's easy to get at.


Chad Toporski's picture

BTW, I also detest how clunky the NFL site has become. It was so much simpler without all the unnecessary eye candy. Don't people understand how to build websites these days?

Barutan Seijin's picture

Hmm... I can get right to the game center with ' packers rams gamecenter 2012'. It's the first hit. I click Gameinfo and the gamebook link comes up in a popup.

Beep's picture

I'm not sold on House, yet...even though he was always around his guy, they still were throwing at him down the stretch and his guy was always making the catch.

Jennings is proving himself expendable the longer he's on the sideline. I'd love to keep him in green and gold next year, but saving his cap space for AR12 and CM3 might seem wise. Draft a high WR next year to round out the corps.

Barutan Seijin's picture

Yeah, me neither. Hayward, yes yes yes. House -- i dunno. He didn't look at all that great to me. OK, i guess, but just OK.

Evan's picture

If I'm not mistaken, this was House's first game ever in the nfl (did he ever see the field last year). No one is "sold" on him yet, but most of us are very excited about what he's shown thus far.

Jamie's picture

House forced THREE incompletions today...and on another his coverage was so tight he almost knocked the ball out on the completion. I'll take 50% (almost 33%) completion against in a guys first PT.

Tramon and Hayward gave up much larger cushions today...though I suspect part of that was the DEF play call.

Oppy's picture

Very surprised at the number of people who weren't happy with House's performance.

Looked like a nice showing to me. This might have been his first ever appearance in an NFL game. I don't think he was ever active as a rookie.

House showed all the skills you need. His coverage was tight for the most part, he was aggressive but not flagged.

Here's a newsflash: Corners give up receptions. It's why they always talk about big-time CBs having a "Short Memory". You get beat in this game. Corner is, almost without debate, the single most difficult position in football.. and House looked just fine.

packeraaron's picture

Jesus. Tough room. That was House's first pro action. He looked great and will only get better.

The Dude's picture

I agree. Davon did a great job considering this was his first live action on the season. If there's someone in the secondary I have a question about, it's T-Will. He's always 4-5 yards behind his receiver, and is constantly trying to strip the ball away rather than just tackling the guy. He hasn't been the same since his shoulder injury, but that was quite a while ago.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I completely agree. House's coverage to me was great. His play towards the end of the game where he forced an incompletion on the 4th and 2 was great.
This was his first game back and I could see his physical play already. I am looking forward to seeing him play more in the future. Williams better pick his game up because Hayward, House, and Shields are up an coming CB's.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture


jack in jersey city's picture

plus he's playing with a brace!

John's picture

My god give him a couple of games. He is wearing a sling as well

pkrNboro's picture

"AJ Hawk tough to watch in space"

...and to think we could have had Lee Majors for that kind of money!

pooch's picture

Hot Damn T.J. went on a bender in St Loius worst game i have ever seen a o.lineman play,hope the hang over was worth it

pooch's picture

T.J. Mandrich

Fish . Crane's picture

Just watch a Bear game

Jamie's picture

Bulaga vs CHI this season was 10x worse....Barbresque....followed up by the SEA first half debacle. Probably the worst 6 qtrs of his career...not necessarily consecutive.

pooch's picture

Tramon,for chris sakes whats this playing off 5 yards onff the reciever,you play like shit,get your head out of your ass,your playing like Bush

jeremy's picture

Does TJ Lang know that the point of pulling it to block someone on the edge?

woodson4president's picture

Hayward is playing very good. House played great for first game..very physical. Rockin that 31 Al would be proud! N I WILL REP MOSES ALL DAYYY KEEP HITTIN BUD!

woodson4president's picture

N oh yeah Cobb = Percy - headaches

Tommer's picture

Was the PF hit by Moses on Jackson legal? It wasn't helmet to helmet. He didn't launch himself. Didn't lead with the crown of his helmet. Didn't lay Jackson out. What was wrong with it?

Jamie's picture

Nothing...but watch him get fined just like Perry give false validity to a terrible call.

Ryan's picture

Perry = horrible one trick pony.

Jamie's picture

And Ryan = serial labeler.

(Prob the same guy that said 'Jennings is the next Ferguson' after he missed the first two games of his second season)

djbonney138's picture

WHAT IS WRONG WITH RODGERS??? HE IS OFF, oh...wait? We aren't doing that anymore? Oh, my bad, I will see myself out.

woodson4president's picture

That call on Moses was a joke. I was watchin all the games at the bar when it happened and i swear a hit took place in the skins game right around the same time that was worse and there was no call! The nfl is just a joke. Every hard hit u just have to wait n see if a flags comin or not.

Mojo's picture

No helmet to helmet. No launch. Hit him in the shoulder pads. No consistency in calls. Why not just insist all defensive tackles be at the torso or lower and get it over with. Wait ... Walden got flagged for that against Seattle. Hell, just forget it and go to flag football.

Nerd's Laptop's picture

These penalties have nothing to do with player safety whatsoever.

The NFL's agenda is to help offenses to increase scoring plays and highlight reels in order to promote TV viewership.

It is ruining the integrity of the game.

jack in jersey city's picture

i'm hoping they change the uniforms to pink bunny suits

Beep's picture

I don't think it was a penalty, but there is no denying that he went high on Jackson. It wasn't helmet to helmet, but it was close. The refs are going to continue to error on the side of caution when they only get one look, from one angle, at full speed. If Dez pops Jackson between the waist and the numbers, he still gets the hit he needs, without the chance of the ref touching his flag.

Pack Fan in ATL's picture

Its for this reason I wish those kinds of penalties could be reviewed somehow. They are huge deals. 15 free yards and an automatic first down regardless of the down and distance. We have been hit by too many of those where they weren't justified.
I haven't been one to bode on calls prior to this year, but its almost like there is an agenda this year...

trvs's picture

The depth on this team is amazing. Two starting quality linebackers have gone down, and we are winning games. Sorry Ray Lewis, but I think this says a lot about of our team this year.

Cobb is a modern day velociraptor. So sharp, j.jenkins was lost on that 1st TD.

Raji would help prevent the rushing touchdowns, but our D is really working together. #38 , #37, #29, and #31 are all legit CB's in the NFL.

My question to Greg Jennings is... Yes you will most likely get paid better to play elsewhere, but do you really want to catch passes from another QB?

A.Rodg is a beast. If he could hear me yelling at the TV for when to throw it, he could be even better. (Actually, the NFL should use the camera view, like Madden, for a series. That would be interesting to see.)

Next Sunday should be fun. Go Pack Go.

redcheesehead's picture

people are quick to jump back on the aj hawk sucks bandwagon. dude has been playing out of his mind the past few weeks i dont think 1 mediocre day should warrant all the hawk talk again.

SHODAN's picture

Not really seeing enough criticism of Hawk around here to warrant this pseudo-reality check. He's playing much better than we're used to seeing him play, but to say he looks rough in coverage isn't at all unreasonable.

redcheesehead's picture

also cobb is the future of the WR core i expect him to take over as the number 1 guy maybe as early as this season. nelson looking better and better as season goes. driver getting little to no time but i dont think he minds. hes on the team for one last shot at the promise land. he loves the game. woodson on the team for the same reason they both know they are done. but its hard to say goodbye when you know you have a shot at a ring.

Wenis's picture

Get rid of Clubfoot after the season. If he can't make a fairly long FG in a dome for the 3rd time this season what do you think he will do in the post-season if it comes down to it.

LoL......At the Hawk comment Aaron. Looks like he is running around with a #50 sack if shat in his britches.

SHODAN's picture

"Looks like he is running around with a #50 sack if shat in his britches."

Trying to understand what this means caused me such a headache.

Rodgerdat's picture

Where are the idiots criticizing our team and saying Pack has been figured out and going nowhere! Quit hiding and man up punk asses.

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