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Gut Reactions: Week 4

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Gut Reactions: Week 4

  • The NFL is a joke. 
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Irish Cheesehead's picture

I can't watch any more. See you next season.

bigfog's picture

I agree. I'm done. I will not support an enterprise that so actively seeks to screw its fans. I'm done. See you in 2013 maybe.

markinmontana's picture

Agreed. Fans turning away from the game and spending their $$$ elsewhere ought to get the NFL's attention.

EBL's picture

<a href=" rel="nofollow">WTF!</a> The scab refs were the 12th man tonight.

Michael from Winnipeg's picture

yep, done watching. this is sickening to my stomach.

Tundrabum's picture

Better rename this Gut-Wrenching.

Annie's picture

I think it should be gut reaction to the Game- cuz it wasn't a Packer loss

Brandon's picture

I'm done. Straw, meet camel's back.

Dave's picture

What crap. That wasn't roughing the passer, that was a pick. It was a pick in the end zone, too. I'm done, this isn't football. It's ... crap.

murphy's picture

The line is drawn HERE. THIS FAR. NO FURTHER.

eqfan592's picture

The sad thing is that the joke is on us, cuz we keep watching. Well I'm done. Until the NFL fixes this ref situation, I will NOT watch a single game of NFL football.

murphy's picture

Nope. Just canceled Sunday Ticket. I suggest you do the same. If it doesn't cost them money nothing with change.

eqfan592's picture

I wish I had Sunday ticket here. No direct TV available sadly. Well, I would have wished it if the NFL were worth watching. Good on you tho. I just called Goodells office and left a message for him. I'd suggest we all do the same. 1-212-450-2027.

Bearmeat's picture

just tried. line is busy. Obviously others are doing it.. good

Down with Goodell.

EP66's picture

Or call Ed Kukar in the officals office at 202-450-2010

EP66's picture

* that should be 212-450-2010*

markinmontana's picture

Body of an email I just sent to my local NBC/CBS/FOX network affiliates- It's not perfect but I hope it gets the point across...

I have enjoyed your (network name) broadcasts of NFL games (as well as other shows on your station) in previous years. However, the quality of the games is diminished with the NFL replacement officials being used this year. I will no longer being watching these games (and, of course, not seeing your advertiser's product) until the officiating dispute is resolved. I would encourage you to remove these games from your schedule until the officiating dispute is resolved. I realize the NFL dispute is not in your direct control, but if you continue to broadcast the games I will have to question whether you are screening your shows for quality, and stop watching altogether. Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

overkill's picture

Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson do their post-game aw shucks speeches. Gimme a break. Side note and to McCarthy's credit he's resisting the temptation to state what's blatantly obvious to everyone.

@tonyfinley1's picture

let's all not get pissed yet...we got fucked tonite,but,we have the better team,the best fans,we can do this turn around crap

ZeroTolerance's picture

I've lost all respect for Pete Carroll.

ZeroTolerance's picture

I have not been fucked so many times in one night since high school.

trvs's picture

thank god that nagler is king. I am so fucking pissed off, as I am sure all of you are. Seriously, a fucking infant could have seen MD jennings had the ball the whole time. Over with the NFL, they can take their pride and "safety first" league and fuck themselves.

ZeroTolerance's picture

Can't wait to hear the 'spin'. Which is what the NFL has become.

Watched the NFL Network interview with 'Mooch'. He stated the obvious, but the interviewer clearly had 'direction' to lead the 'interview'.

WisconsInExile's picture

Hey NFL: eat a bag of dicks.

Bearmeat's picture

Real score GB 12 - Refs 14.

Or actually more accurately:

GB 12 - SEA 0

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

Don't be surprised if later on you find out that some of these officials are on the take.You won't hear abought it this season they will cover it up.They know they will be replaced so they get what they can get now.

John in Waukesha's picture

I've never posted before, I'm 51 years old &amp; bleed Green &amp; Gold. I am now done watching football. It's time for Packer Nation to unite in not watching &amp; not showing up for games until this mess is cleaned up. Is it a hate crime to call for the assassination of Roger Goodell, Jerry Jones, &amp; the rest of the owners who have ruined the game we all love?

ZeroTolerance's picture

Maybe not a crime, but I'm sure your post was noted.

PackRat's picture

Werthy took plays off during college? Raji MUST be doing a post-bac this season. Lost in the ref's ineptitude will be the poor play (again) of Raji (all pro?) and Woodson (all pro?) whose poor coverage last year was masked by takeaways.

mu's picture

first time post, long time reader.

just wanted to say that I'm am done with the product the NFL has put on the field this year.

My Sundays will be used for something more productive than this garbage. I don't need heartache from anything more than my team playing bad football. Which they did for a half. But they righted the ship and earned a victory in the 2nd...twice. Twice the refs striped it away with an additional bogus pass interference to boot.

It's not your fault, Packers. You were the team that got hit by the bullet all the other teams have been trying to dodge.

Love the packers.

But I will not support the NFL anymore and put money in the hands of the greedy individuals behind the curtains.

cheesy fan's picture

Tell me I will wake up tomorrow and the NFL will give the game to the Packers!!!!

D B H's picture

Sure would make sense if they did. Even just call it a tie in admission of the mistake. I don't think there is any fan that could watch that and not see the pass interference as well as the fact that the Seahawks player did NOT have possession first.

Idiot Fan's picture

Not only did he not have possession first, he didn't have possession EVER. I still can't fathom how that was called a catch.

Stephany's picture

Anybody who say it could see that Jennings had the ball and he caught it! Tate or whatever his name is had his hands in it after it was clearly caught and all he could do was touch it. And as sad as it is I don't think the NFL will change the ruling if the game because it would cause to many problems for them. This is all BS and I'm really getting sick of all the lockouts. Like seriously?! Just pay them the money it's not like the NFL doesn't make enough as it is and with them being stupid and greedy like this is only pissing off the fans and I'm sure the players too which in the end is going to cost them ALOT of money because nobody will watch it or spend any money on anything related to the NFL and if we're lucky maybe the packers will just forget about next Sundays game?! Then if the NFL asks how they could have forgot about the game they can just say well the refs said...blah blah we didn't have to play? For whatever reason I mean they called the first interception that was a touchdown for the other team! I'm not sure if that made sense but you get my point. I'm realllllly beyond livid about this game it was super complete bogus BS!!! The only hard part for me is not watching the next game although I would probably get super mad from that one too with these refs

Wiscokid's picture

Totally out of control. Rules mean nothing. Every single ticket holder in the league should ask for their money back. This isn't football. I can't tell you what it is but it's not football.

DC Packer Gan's picture

I'm done with the NFL until hey bring back the real refs. The league has as much credibility as cycling right now.

Jimbo's picture

I am also finished with the NFL. The roughing the passer on Walden that wiped out the INT was a joke, as was the pass interference on Shields. The final play was the final straw. The Packer defender clearly had possession of the ball and the refs blew the call. The NFL is a joke. They can have their BS game, and I'll keep my money.

CSS's picture

I don't know what to do. I love watching the game but now sickened by the integrity of it. Not a sore loser, but how does/should a fan of the game react? Grateful I have kids to focus my time and energy on because the 2012 version of the pro game is anything but professional.

Mojo's picture


It's not even a game anymore.

Kevin's picture

True! It's not a game when the refs determine who they want to win the game!

cheesy fan's picture

I am calling my provider tomorrow and canceling the NFL package and demand reimbursement for three weeks of bullshit.I paid good money for a quality product that I did not receive.

Oppy's picture

NFL Officiating:

You're doing it wrong

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

The play was over as soon as Jennings hit the ground so tell me what were the official running over to look at?

jack in jersey city's picture

the first official even signaled a touchback, meaning that the ball was intercepted in the endzone. F*&amp;% goodell and the NFL!

FITZCORE 1252&#039;S EVO's picture

I had three separate bets with hawk fans I work with. They're not getting a red cent from me. First time I have ever not paid up on a bet, but it's about principle.


Beep's picture

Fans seriously need to stop watching next week. Only way these owners are going to get the message this incompetence is unacceptable.

CSS's picture

Dilfer and Young having some brilliant discussion about how bad this is, how marginalized the game is close to becoming.

Evan's picture

Dilfer was close to tears, it seemed.

ZeroTolerance's picture

NFL HQ should relocate from Park Avenue to Madison Avenue.

MichaelRose's picture

Well said, Aaron.

This is so rough.
I really hope we don't miss the playoffs by 1 game, or miss out on a home playoff game by 1 game...oh boy.

FITZCORE 1252&#039;S EVO's picture

Those idiots should be wearing ski masks.

pkrNboro's picture

McCarthy has to understand that a finesse, pass-happy game plan won't work when the fouls are not called -- that's been apparent for three weeks now.

McCarthy does not in-game adjust -- even after 4, 5, and 6 sacks?

Is Rodgers too hung-up on his MVP-ness?
He's got to check-down, or just throw in-completes.

When a game is lost by a ref, in reality it's lost well before the end.

jack in jersey city's picture

i agree that mccarthy's game plan in the first half was crap. he even admitted it in the presser. BUT, the defense kept us in the game and it was ultimately (wrongly) decided by the officials. this should NEVER happen in pro sports

Idiot Fan's picture

MM made a huge adjustment at halftime, which changed the whole game around.

pkrNboro's picture

“I thought the offense didn’t do our part in the first half,” McCarthy said. “I should have adjusted plans earlier. I’ll take responsibility for that.”

montanapackerfan's picture

fed up with this fkn bullshit.. these refs suck in every game...

lebowski's picture

Feeling jobbed, but I sincerely hope McCarthy walks in that locker room, looks his offense in the eyes, and says "the first man who thinks he played a great, mistake free game, step forward". This offense needs to seriously remove its head from its ass, no excuses. 8 sacks in one half??? Are you kidding me??! Defense was incredible, way to go rookies. Including McMillian's INTERCEPTION!!

Jimb0's picture

Hey packer fan's, I'm a Seattlite, and a Seahawks fan. That call was BS your team won the game.

Evan's picture


Idiot Fan's picture

Cheers Jimb0.

FITZCORE 1252&#039;S EVO's picture

I'm in Olympia Jimbo, too bad I don't work with intelligent folks like you.

Fish/Crane's picture

sorry PKR that doesn't fly

SHODAN's picture

Talk is cheap. There can be no more NFL football watched if change is to be affected. The owners only understand revenue.

Much as it may pain us, we just have to stop watching this bullshit. Until now whatever excrement the NFL has shoveled onto our televisions, we've, at best, somewhat hesitantly consumed, up to and including that ridiculous Ravens-Pats game last night.

But this. Has. To. Stop.

Talk is cheap, folks. I'm going to go do some mild self-medication. You good folks take care and don't sit back and smile while the NFL owners fart in your dinner.

Beep's picture

Let me have to stop watching next week. Do not tune in Thursday, Sunday, or Monday.

G's picture

I'm done

Fish/Crane's picture

I'm liking this Packer team more and more...and the young secondary!

lebowski's picture

Hayward and McMillian had great games. Perry got a good hustle sack. Bright spot.

Evan's picture

Shields played one of the best games of his career. That BS PI at the end was text book defense.

FITZCORE 1252&#039;S EVO's picture

I'm generally very pleased, and impressed with the young D. Yes, the O isn't clicking close to the level we're used to, but I like this team.

D B H's picture

Can the NFL correct the MISTAKE by changing it???

Make the right call!!!

John in Waukesha's picture

At least I won't be torn about spending Sundays in my tree stand!!!

FITZCORE 1252&#039;S EVO's picture

I don't blame you one bit John... Go slay em.

Barutan Seijin's picture

The Brewers have been playing decently, and there are some close races in the AL East &amp; Central. I think i'll tune into baseball postseason... After the world series, i dunno... Anything but this bullshit.

Get the real refs back and give them a hefty raise out of Goodell &amp; the greedheads' pockets.

bleedsgreen's picture

If it's a joke and you keep watching, or commenting, or anything other than a real boycott, then the jokes on you Nagler. Join the boycott or say goodbye to your integrity.

FITZCORE 1252&#039;S EVO's picture

He publicly said goodbye to that when he went to B.R. 8-)

JK Niffler... I love ya man

deelux's picture

Great news for all of you in the Milwaukee TV market who will NOT be watching next week's game...Channel 49.2 (the Bounce network) will be showing blaxsploitation classic "Superfly" on Sunday afternoon. The Curtis Mayfield soundtrack is outta sight, and what a fitting film for a bunch of football junkies to trying to kick their habit to go straight. Goodell is your Pusherman.

Mojo's picture

Ok, the call on the last play was horrible. But why didn't the replay ref overturn. It was so obvious the Doctor had possession. Totally gutless.

bleedsgreen's picture

Tonight, the joke was on me, because I was watching scab football, when I should have known better. And the players union, they should have known better, too. Shut the game down, now, and show the NFL who has the power. Or keep mucking around with this incompetent farce of a game.

Cole's picture

This game on top of the ne/bal game and the hou/den game where schaub nearly got decapitated..utter disgrace. I won't be watching next week unless real refs are back.

Lost a lot of respect for Russell Wilson for taking a post game interview. Man up
And admit you threw a pick coward.

Cole's picture

I expected it from a joke like Carroll but not Wilson.

woodson4president's picture

I gotta work in the morning and theres no chance i could sleep! Golden is so full of shit! Yes u pushed off and no u did not catch that ball! Walden that wasnt a late hit and Mac good pick buddy! I think im gonna be sick..

Bomdad's picture

We should have a class action suit of our own. We were promised the game would be played by rules and those rules enforced. Now. Have headaches and will miss work.

cheesy fan's picture

If you had a choice who would you be Tuesday morning?
1)Ref# 26
2)Roger Goodell???????

Keith's picture

Oh I am sure that wonderful Rodger will have some pleasant thing to say like "We have total faith in our Refs and as we all know this is not a perfect game" Maybe we should take Goodell's paycheck for every mistake that coast a game and say "Dear Rodger as we all know nothing is perfect and we just could not see you getting paid, p.s we are sorry!!!!

PackersRS's picture

Goodell. He makes 7 digits a year and in the end it will be the refs' greed that soiled the Shield.

Sam's picture

I'm usually grumpy and unapproachable after a heartbreaking Packers loss. I can't stop laughing after this one it was one gigantic joke...

jack in jersey city's picture

feel free to leave a message for nfl commish roger goodell at (212) 450 2027

mudduckcheesehead's picture

Or call side judge Lance Easley at 805-938-9144.

bryce's picture

left a few already. not yelling or cussing, just letting him know i'm out til he fixes this.

june's picture

Keep calling goodells office at 212-450-2027. Leave him a shitstorm to shovel out this week.

Evan's picture

Why the fuck did they have Wilson giving play by play commentary post-game? Hearing him talk about the great play Tate made was just rubbing salt in the wound.

paxbak's picture

He sounded like a moron giving Tate all of that credit as if he came down with the ball.

murphy's picture

I had little respect for Pete Carroll before this game. I have none now.

"Integrity" is not a word in his vocabulary.

War Wolf's picture

Get a grip! If we pissed our pants like you guys are doing, everytime we had a controversial play go against us... well, we'd sound like Packer fans. Tell you what, you give us back superbowl 40... we'll give you back this one!

al's picture

Right he was dancing down the side line like a little school girl at the end. Then hes right next to the ref when he stuck with the TD. That was just classless. We get it you havent won very many games Pete but seriously show composure. MM would absolutely never do that.

Stephany's picture

I think that was probably the point!

overkill's picture

Jennings (Greg), "The refs did a great job." Cute. Maybe better, "Well, actually we got screwed. Toe curlingly reamed. Broke-backed." Didn't feel one way or the other about Carroll and Wilson previously but after watching the aftermath interviews, wow. Particularly Carroll. "We just hung in there." You betcha, champ.

Bohj's picture

Wouldnt be surprised if the players boycott.

Cole's picture

On bright side, under McCarthy pack always seems to respond to this type of curcumstance. And hats off to Hayward and McMillian. Played their asses off. When we get house and neal back look out! This will go down as teds all around best draft. Every rookie rds 1-6 looks good.

IowaPackFan's picture

Yes, I have full confidence in Mike Neal...

PackersRS's picture

Yes. It should've been an INT, BTW.

BrianD's picture

Bring on the Saints! It's about time for this offense to feast on a soft defense!

Bugeater's picture

The Saints are going to murder QB1 if the Packer's O-Line doesn't get things in order. 8 sacks??? c'mon!!

paxbak's picture

- Despite the bad call... this is an 8-8 team
- Where did the offense go? 3 straight games with zero offense is no longer an aberration. There is something to it. You can't win many games in the NFL without offense. I think Aaron Rodgers has been reading last year's headlines as he is clearly not the same player. Where are the back shoulder throws? Where are the timing routes? It baffles me that a team with last year's offense and all players returning is this bad.
- The loss is bad enough, but the realization that this team, in current form, is not going anywhere this season is much worse.
- Mike McCarthy has a huge job ahead of him trying to turn this team around.
- Yay for the defense against a rookie QB!!
- I love how the announcers just dismissed the offensive pass interference on the last play. You can't do anything that blatant on a hail mary.
- Who is that imposter wearing the number 12 jersey out there?
- I love the Pack, but this team is very hard to watch given all of the expectations going into this season.

D B H's picture

The officials have been allowing more grabby-grabby in the secondary, and it's mucking with the QB/WR timing.

That being said, it's on MM to figure that out and adjust the playcalling to something more like we saw in the second half of the Fail Mary game. Once our O can stay on the field for 5 or so plays, they get in a groove and cannot be stopped.

Pack fan from ATL's picture

A-Rod is back to not trusting his O-Line like early in 2009. The loss of Wells looks like it has severely weaked what was the strength of our line last year: not allowing interior pressure.

Aaron can't step up into the pocket and Bulaga and Newhouse aren't having great years either. Those things combined is yielding a lot of pressures that did not occur last year.

Jake's picture

I'm not ready to say that. They certainly don't look good so far, but it's not to say they don't have the potential to turn it around. Remember 2010, offense started out slow for the first few games. Once it got together, combined with the D playing well, superbowl.

Wenis's picture

I will be cancelling my NFL Package tomorrow morning. From here on out I will just stream the games online and also download an HD quality torrent and burn to a dvd.

Rymetyme's picture

Good call Wenis. I suggest everyone does that. And if you want a jersey make sure you order a fake one from China.

I understand some fan's decision to stop watching NFL games -- the officiating seriously comprises the quality -- but I love the Pack too much.

replacementrefkiller's picture

I'm another first time commenter. I gave my fucking right knee for the sport that this bullshit commish has turned into a joke. Thanks for the commish number made sure to pass my phone around the bar. Please please everyone who's boycotting stick to it. I am

Steve's picture

I am not going to watch or talk about football until they get this bull shit fixed.

Mojo's picture

I know the hardcore bloggers will say how poorly the Packers offense played in the first half - and they did play poorly. But outside of one big Seattle play in the first half the D was solid the whole game. The Packers offense was good not great in the second half. Point being, sometimes the offense wins a game and other times the defense. For the game as a whole,the Packers outplayed Seattle and were raped by the officials.

FITZCORE 1252&#039;S EVO's picture


Phantom roughing the passer negates an INT well in Crosby s range.

Phantom P.I. on Shields takes it from what should've been a 2nd and 30+ to a 1st and ten.

And the last play speaks for itself.

Un. FUCKING. Real.

overkill's picture

Nothing to add to it, man. Well, one thing, that bastard who slammed Jennings, that sonovabitch. Rotten fckr.

overkill's picture

Greg, the pass interference not called. How often do you see Jennings get into a fist fight?

murphy's picture

Any tackling of the Home Team QB without the expressed written consent of both ESPN and the National Football League is prohibited.

THEMichaelRose's picture

Exactly. Glad someone actually compiled this list. Amazing how we all felt so pissed after those first two. Then the last play...absolutely unreal.

FITZCORE 1252&#039;S EVO's picture

I was seeing red when I typed that. Not all on last drive, but all well into the 4th qtr.

D B H's picture

After the 1) reversed McMillian interception and 2) the Shields PI call that wiped out a bunch of SEA penalties that put them in long yardage territory, it was a brand new game.

Everything that had happened up to that point - 8 sacks, the real Tate touchdown, and our second half dominance - had all been cancelled out by the Lady Foot Locker employees. And this was BEFORE the blown call on the final play.

Idiot Fan's picture

I'm still pissed. How do you go to sleep after a game like that? I need to go hug my kids in their sleep to bring myself back to earth.

philip's picture

couldn't have said it better myself. my kids were in bed when i got home to watch the second half of this loss*

as far as I'm concerned the packers have a 2-1 record. the packers should give jennings the credit for the pick and themselves credit for the win and if goodell doesn't like it he can suck it. if it comes down to the packers being one win out of the playoffs I say they show up wherever it is the 6th seed is supposed to play that week and march onto the field with the other 6th seed*

BrianD's picture

Big props to McMillian for that picture perfect pass defended tonight.

Idiot Fan's picture

I'm actually pretty pumped about several aspects of our D.

Sam's picture

The Ugly spot in this weeks The Good the bad and the ugly should not be demeaned by the refs. There is not a word in the English language that describes how bad the refs were tonight.

Sam's picture

I tried to find one to no avail

overkill's picture

One word won't do.

murphy's picture

Have to resort to alien languages...

Scriptura's picture

Dear lord yes.

BLACK HAWK's picture

As BJ Raja said..."we need to play better..WILL IT SMOKE THIS FIRE"?

SHODAN's picture


BCarver_78's picture

This Team has played uninspired all year including the Preseason lets how this wakes them up

Chris's picture

Sad that it had to come to the refs deciding a game, but it happened before (maybe not as blatant as this one, but still). The old refs made mistakes too.
The main issue is that these refs have no respect from the players. The players know now that they can get away with lots of stuff the old refs would call immediatly. Good example is the blatant foul on Jennings in the 2nd half. Never saw Jennings so out of his mind, and he is such an easy guy all around.
McCarthy ones again did an awful job adjusting on the fly when things didn't work as designed. They needed the halftime to change the offense into a more balanced attack, and everyone in this forum would have known that you have to run the ball against Seattle first and then go to the pass. Just watch their first two games. Everybody sees it. Only McC and his stuff thought they could be the wise-a** and do what they want.
The Packers lost a football game (and some players probably lost a lot of money thorugh fines coming), but if they don't adjust to the current situation in the NFL they wont make the playoffs this year, period.

murphy's picture

*maybe not as blatant as this one, but still*

No. Not even close. I've seen close calls that could have gone one way or the other. I've seen blown calls where a whistle blew early. I've seen clock errors, phantom penalties, and obscure rules that have changed the course of a game.

I have NEVER seen a call as bad as this.

I could live with the simultaneous catch ruling if it had been close. It was not.

Chris's picture

They rule for the home team in the 4th quarter if it's close. Seen in Baltimore, seen last night. What can you do?

PackersRS's picture

We got robbed against AZ in the 2009 playoffs.

This wasn't robbed. This was a rape.

overkill's picture

"The old refs made mistakes too."
No fckn' question but as memorable as these?

Packerdoc's picture

FOUR egregious bad calls on the final drive. It's hard to believe that there was no intent by certain refs to benefit the home team. No one can be that incompetent. Seahawks ownership should do the right thing and forfeit the win. Even if the league does not accept it, it would be the classy thing to do.

Chris's picture

Haha, thi is pro sports, lots of money on the line, no team in the NFL would forfeit their win.

T's picture

M.D. Jenning had possession, and had his knee down and was touched by a Seahawk player. That should of been the end of it. What happens after that fact does not matter.

KurtMc's picture

Page 2, item 5. Why can't the replay offical match video evidence to the rule book? They had over 5 minutes. It took less than 5 minutes to find this on the NFL web site.


page 7, note 1 Pass interference. Shields has the position for ball.

Double sick.

Thanks Rog for this great Center stage prime time game. All for less than one-half of one percent of the total NFL revenue.

dawg's picture

OK, lets say Tate caught the ball (he didnt), But what about the pass interference before the catch by Tate?

Chris's picture

I think the refs saw it and like in many other situations decided it was OK to shove the opponent away. Just watch all the other games: Never saw that much contact on receivers than this year since the illigal contact rule was implemented.

LtlBoyBlue's picture

Sad day in the NFL, we will see how bad it is later today when RG blows this off. I hope people vote with their $$$ and stop spending money on the NFL to wake them up. Without losing money or attenance the owners won't really care. I wonder how long it will be before a player sues the NFL for missing contract performance bonuses from the impact the refs have on the game. Can you imagine MD missing a bonus by 1 interception.

keeley2's picture

The integrity of the game has been compromised.

I'm done.

Tweet me when the real officials are back.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Many people want to complain about the offense. I agree too their offense hasn't been as good. But like the 49ers game, how can WR's get open when they are constantly being held, and interfered with? Just like the 49ers game. there is a reason why the Receivers don't get open and that is due to the replacement refs not calling pass interference, illegal contact, holding correctly. DB's know what they can get away with, and now they are going to hit receivers until they get called for it.

Jeffrey Hoffman's picture

Regarding post game interviews: Wilson was maybe 40 yards away from the end zone; how was he supposed to know the white hat ref had made a mistake? Same thing applies for Pete Carrol (but not for Golden Tate.)
Fact is, we all expect and rely on the officials to make the right call. Sadly, that didn't happen last night.

KurtMc's picture

Memo to all D Coordinators - tell your DB's to use "whatever" means possible to dislodge the ball, as the Ref's are not going to make the call.

Yo know its being discussed at all 32 teams.

Wait until this Sunday. 24 flags for 245 yards will seem like nothing.

LtlBoyBlue's picture

Anyone have Mark Murphy's phone number? As a share holder On an issue like this I would expect him to speak up and not follow the party lines.

CPackerFan's picture

I understand the frustration regarding the bad calls by the referees, but the language used by many belongs in a locker room or some bars, not on a public blog.

Pack66's picture

You've got bigger problems to worry about...

The Seachickens dominated the Pack most of the game...

If Matt Flynn was starting, the Pack would have been carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey...Wilson sucks...but that's Pete Caroll with you..he loves them guys right out of college. Why the hell they didn't throw more to Sidney Rice is a mystery.

The Pack is 1-2 and has major problems....hehe

John's picture

They dominated the Pack first half, we dominated them both sides of th eball second half and were robbed of a win. That's it end of this blog

Pack66's picture


TT sucks...

Pack66's picture

Blame the Koch Brothers (and many other like minded Repug a-holes) that want to BUST UNIONS in this country, and or, not give into any of the Union's demands....

Believe it or not, that's what this country is coming down to. These people don't want their to be any unions in this country because they want to be able to dictate and pay slave wages to the workers.

Don't be fooled and think that these people are on your side. They'll even go so far as to screw with the NFL...even though we're the ones that FUND it...

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the silver lining (trying real hard to find one here) is that sometimes an event as bullshitty as one like this, can bring a team together.

i'm hoping that's what happens here.

i'm also done watching football until this gets solved. also, fair or unfair, roger goodell will forever be defined by what happened last night. yes it's the owners who pay the refs, but he needed to solve this. his stubborn bs has soured the game for millions.

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I think and hope you're right

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I like to report a crime.... It happened in Seattle last night and I am pretty sure there is a couple million eye witnesses - the only people that did not see anything is the refs!!!!

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Beyond just bitching on message boards, I would LOVE to see Packers fans do something next week in protest.

Nagler, you and CHTV could be instrumental in that sort of effort.

1) Maybe have all the fans wear black next week at Lambeau, a funeral for the NFL's integrity.

2) Have all the NYC Packer fans protest at the NFL offices on Park Ave (I'd show up).

3) Order pizzas (extra cheese) to Goddell's office for the rest of the season.

Any other thoughts?????

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You know what nobody's talking about today? That ridiculous Rodgers leadership or lack thereof garbage.

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Oh....and Rodgers SUCKS as a leader...(almost forgot)..

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That actually made me LOL. Thanks for cheering me up gockcobbler!

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Well I called Directv and they refused to cancel the NFL Package and issue a pro-rated refund. They say by subscriber agreement once the NFL Package has been ordered and processed no cancellations or refunds are allowed. So after this season is finished I will terminate my NFL package agreement and I will just stream the games from here on out and then download the games and burn to a DVD and watch a day later.

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Ok, so the calls sucked. If the players don't like the refs, try taking control of the game sooner and not leaving it up to them. Stop putting the defense in this position time after time. Score more points. A field goal would have sealed it. 12 for this offense is pitiful.
MM promised the O would improve. Where, how? Or is this O no longer elite against physical defenses?
Next opportunity, get Datko off the practice squad.

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