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Gut Reactions: Week 3

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Gut Reactions: Week 3

  • This game was drunk.
  • Aaron Rodgers had a horrible game. Just horrible.
  • Glad we got Clay Matthews' annual hamstring injury out of the way early this year.
  • Loved what we saw from the defense through a lot of this game, but why did it take being down 14-0 to see it? That opening drive was pathetic.
  • The loss of Finley loomed large at the end, and indeed throughout the game. He was a great matchup with the bigger, slower Bengals linebackers and could really have exploited the middle of the field.
  • I can't for the life of me understand why McCarthy insists on running a dive play on 4th and inches with a scat back and with an offensive line that couldn't win a short yardage situation against my mother and her friends, let alone Geno Atkins and his. To be clear, I have NO problem with the decision to go for it there. None. But to hope and pray your team is going to magically morph into something it's not for one critical play, is foolhardy at best and blindingly stubborn at worst.
  • Speaking of Johnathan Franklin, hate that a critical fumble on a play he should never have been running will mar what was a brilliant debut performance.
  • Whole lot of cheap crap went uncalled in that game.
  • Mike Daniels should be seeing more playing time.
  • It was a crazy game with lots of swings and these were two crazy talented teams. But if you score 30 straight points to take a commanding lead, you should win that damn game.
  • When you're going to go 10-6, you have to lose 6 games.
  • I never thought in a million years this team would "need" a bye at Week 4 - but this team desperately needs a bye at Week 4.
  • Go Pack.
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GBRick's picture

My thoughts were EXACTLY the same on that 4th and inches: "We aren't a 4th and Inches team" is what I said. Especially not with Franklin in there.

bigfog's picture

I saw the formation and said "welp, not getting this one." Have to wonder if Finley is in the game at that point, do they try something different.

Bearmeat's picture

I'm not going to panic. But this was an UGLY showing. Bad in almost every phase of the game.

We're all sick of the darn injuries. And MM - your playcall on 4th and 1 was laughable. You should apologize to the state of WI for that.

Mike's picture

His play calling was crap many times. Even the final drive...why not run when we were on the Cincy 23? There was 1:40 left and TWO TIMEOUTS!

Mark in the montain's picture

Mikie Mac is just a poor game coach.
Always has been, always will be. He needs someone good in the coaches-box, or at least a coordinator who can do the tactical thinking for him. He's a liability more than an asset as chief play caller.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I'm not going to panic. why? Its only the 3rd preseason game...

The game was ugly by Rodgers... One of his worst performances ever...

The injuries are killing them right now. I hate the early bye week, but they could desperately use it... Think of this.
Clay Mathews, Eddie Lacy, James Starks, Jermichael Finley, Morgan Burnett, Casey Haward all did not play in this game, or missed the majority of the game. They were down to 1 healthy RB, who hasn't taken a snap on offense this season.
They need to get healthy.

I'm SOOO sick of these Hamstring injuries... Whatever they are doing, it seems to be contagious...

The way I look at it though they played 2 very good teams and barely lost, which both games they had opportunities to win. They could easily be 3-0 right now... That is why I'm not going to panic.

Also I am really looking forward to seeing Lacy and Franklin. Thunder/Lighting... Great 1-2 punch..

jack in jersey city's picture

gary ellerson suggested that the hamstring injuries could be due to the playing surface that they practice on in green bay. i'm not sure if that's the cause but it would be well worth looking into

davyjones's picture

Well, he was down to one back, so you gotta give him that fact, but why not put a big-a$$ TE in front of him?? how bout a damn bootleg? AR coulda walked around the end for a half yd.

Nerd's picture

Dude had just turned his ankle like three plays before. Now you're going to run your smallest RB up the gut against the best DTs in the league?

At least run him off tackle or something. But there wasn't just ONE thing that cost us today. We had to TRY to lose this game.

Take any one ugly fluke play away and we win. Or just give us an extra 5:00 of ToP.

dawg's picture

With a pass rush as good as Cinncy, AR needs to get rid of the ball after 3 sec.,
MM should know that!!!!!

dawg's picture

Exactly is what Luck did to beat the Whinners-(bootleg)! On 4th and short! WTF, why put a rookie in that position in his very first game? W/ a twisted ankle?
Seams after every big offensive game---they play flat offensively! ?
Just an ugly game all around!
OL still sucks, so does MM play call!

ALSO: Could I get a Concussion pulled Hammy sandwich to go!
with cheese!!!!!!!!!!
WTF w/ all these injuries!!

JakeK's picture

"...two crazy talented teams..."

More like two ova-rated teams that are still playing like it's preseason. ... Sloppy football is played by teams that will be watching the playoffs on the tube.

Both teams deserved to lose.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

They both deserve to win at times too.I'm just glad the game is over .This and the SF game was very draining.I did'nt feel bad losing to the 9ers early this season but just how good are they, they got blown out at home today to the Colts

mudduckcheesehead's picture


jamie's picture

13 points off of 4 consecutive turnovers is embarrasing. Then consider that the lone touchdown was scored by the defense and the offense started in bengals territory every time and its downright unforgivable.

Oh and Mike Zimmer is dirty. One late hit is one thing, but consistently hitting him late and high is bullshit. That Johnson hit at AR's knee was ridiculous.

RC Packer Fan's picture

yet they threw a flag on Nick Perry for his late hit... I got sick of that crap fast...

Mojo's picture

The Nick Perry PF was weak. And so was the one on Tramon. And in fairness the PF when the Bengal D-lineman hit Rodgers in the shoulder shouldn't have been called either.

Taylor's picture

Red zone offense was horrible. Kicking 2 fgs inside the 10 will haunt you.

Drealyn Williams's picture

thats what happens when you come out in shotgun or empty backfield and the opposing can just rush 4 and have everyone else play man/zone.

Tony's picture

Aaron called 10-6 and they lost, so it's okay everyone. No worries.

Beep's picture

Wow, Aaron Rodgers is human.
If Finley goes elsewhere next year, his replacement isn't on this team.

Mike's picture

Agree...TT needs to get him signed now! We've seen where this offense goes without him

Nerd's picture

You don't like Bostick?

Dunno where he was today, but dude can play.

Glorious80s's picture

>Wow, Aaron Rodgers is human.<
Not paying him to be human. Paying him to be the "best QB in the game today." He has no business not being ready for this game and adjusting as needed.

pooch's picture

Aaron,just trying to figure out why we don't use Raji in the backfield with Kuhn out,i was screaming for that in 1st quarter even more in 4th quarter 4th and 6 inches.Rmemeber how that worked couple of years ago...damn no brainer

Idiot Fan's picture

I must be the only person who doesn't hate that fourth down call. I hate running sideways on fourth and short, and I especially hate passing. It seems like a lead blocker would just clog up the hole. A RB and oline should be able to get a half-yard up the middle. The only play call I would have liked better is qb sneak.

pooch's picture

no way,if you followed pack in past few years with raji blocking in the backfield he blew up big holes thru the middle and was always successful ,no excuse

jh9's picture

If you know you have a weak o-line, how can you expect a dive play (or a QB sneak) to work? If all your rushing yards come off stretch runs, why not run a play that has worked all afternoon?

Between Franklin and Starks, they rushed for 158 yards. That's good rushing production in any game, but not one of those yards came off a dive call.

Nerd's picture

EDS is never going to move the pile.

Mojo's picture

The Packer o-line gets a lot of undeserved criticism, but I didn't think there was anyway we were going to blow a stout d-line like the Bengals backward, especially with the LB's playing up to fill the holes. I was shocked when they asked the relatively diminutive Franklin on a bum ankle to bull his way through there. I've seen essentially the same play go nowhere many times with a bigger runner like Kuhn. What made MM think it would work this time?

Glorious80s's picture

They don't have a line physical enough to play these teams. If they can't deal injury-wise with four preseason games and three regular games, how are they going to survive a 13 game strech.
Better forget about any championships this year.

pooch's picture

Yep,all you Fin haters out there,you guys are nuts...Please Ryan 2 footed dog could run a flat faster

Lars's picture

Oh, give it a rest will ya. You and your poor Finley defense. "Haters" and all that nonsense. Grow up.

Really an inappropriate troll post in an otherwise excellent analysis by Aaron that focused on the awful call by MM on that 4th down play. It had nothing whatsoever to do with your hero Finley.

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

It's a team game and the defense shares some of the blame......BUT only 20 pts worth. The rest goes to Jeremy Ross, Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers. No excuse for the putrid play calling to open the game. No excuse coming away with only field goals when the defense gives you the ball in plus territory. It took an entire half before the short passing game made it's appearance. The short intermediate field was open from snap #1. Rodgers forcing the ball to Cobb on the wheel route resulted in at least a 10 point swing. It also changed the complexion of the game at the end. 34-33 means setting up for a FG. It's the same old story for McCarthy/Rodgers. No patience to move the ball in short chunks when seeing 2 high press underneath looks or Tampa 2. This loss is squarely on Rodgers and McCarthy. The defense kept this closer than what the offense allowed it to be.

jack in jersey city's picture

preach on brutha! agree on all counts

Nerd's picture

Agree, but I also think Mike and Aaron refuse to burn clock and hence, repeatedly leave the defense hung out to dry.

Breadman's picture

MM deferred his team into a 14-0 hole. Rodgers was dejected on the sidelines before he even touched the ball. Look at your defense MM
It stinks, why give the opponent the advantage to begin the game. Be aggressive from the start. The defense would rather be on the sidelines watching Rodgers like the rest of us. Not to mention the offensive line is young and doesn't need more pressure playing from behind.

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

The defense put the team in a 7-0 hole. Jeremy Ross adds another 7. The defense then proceeded to put the offense in position to score while adding 7 to make the first 7 a push. Explain to me how this is on the defense.

PadLevel's picture

Right on! Our much maligned defense actually kept us in this game. Our $100M dollar quarterback though decided to go for the flashy plays than to grind it out. Last week the Redskins played single high safety and Rodgers sliced them apart. This week Bengals used the tried-and-tested Tampa 2 with corners getting physical on the receivers. Ever since that Kansas City game this has been our nemesis.

Lars's picture

Completely agree. MM with his stubborn insistence on ALWAYS deferring in every game (as if it was 2010) helped put the Packers and Rodgers into an early 14-0 deficit against a very aggressive (dirty, IMO) defense than then teed off on the Packers.

McCarthy is completely predictable and bull-headed beyond belief. He gets away with it agains t crummy teams like Washington, but the better teams have his number and have for some time. Just terrible coaching today from MM.

Mojo's picture

I personally would always defer if given the opportunity. The way I see it, if the opponents score on their first drive you have more of the game clock to work with to catch up. If you stop them, then it's liked you've banked an extra possession. There is no other point in the game where your defense is as fresh and injury free.

Also, you should have noticed tendencies you can use against your opponents in the second-half. The offense dictates the action. And if you conclude the scoring to end the second quarter, how sweet it is to get the first possession in the second-half.

pooch's picture

Another poster posted "AL' I believe ,Franklin,Raji in backfield,who gets the ball Franklin?,Raji?QB sneak?,,,,,no lets have 1 halfback back there and have 9 guys key on him

Bearmeat's picture

Watching the Colts handle the 9ers as we speak.

Maybe neither the 9ers or the Packers are that good.

Drealyn Williams's picture

No,eff that! The Colts just aren't scared of them. Neither are the Seahawks. I refuse to believe the Colts or the Seahawks are more talented than the Pack. Eff that!

Bearmeat's picture

I just go by what I see. GB has only looked good for 4 out of 12 quarters - and the teams they've looked good against in that time are about to be 1-5.

We need a few more weeks to see how this will shake out. But the results are not encouraging so far.

Drealyn Williams's picture

Don't forget who we are missing on the defensive side.

Bearmeat's picture

Which always seems to be the case under MM.

Let's face it - his teams are never going to be healthy. If you want to change that you have to wipe out the entire staff from TT on down.

So frustrating. But at this point it's just reality.

lennysmalls's picture

Couldn't agree more. They lack the ability to close games because they have a poor-to-mediocre running game, for whatever reason AR doesn't seem to be as effective late in the 4th quarter, and the defense is still dependent on getting turnovers / bending not breaking. The strength of schedule doesn't look good. Bears will beat up on the Packers this year (they're just flat out better this season), and the Lions might take the Thanksgiving game. I'm holding out hope that the Pack can beat the Lions at home and beat the Vikings both times. And they should be able to beat the Browns at home. Short of that, I'm not sure. The injuries is so frustrating -- it has to be a combination of coaching and simply who the players are. They could be just soft players with soft bones and ligaments. Time to start genetic engineering?

Lars's picture

You can get all emotional and "refuse to believe" all you want. The Packers have lost to the Niners three times in the last year alone. It's not fear. Capers refuses to adapt the D to counter CK as the Sea Hawks and Colts do.

The Packers do not have the best roster in the NFL. They're good, but Seattle is the bomb. The Broncos are better. The Packers are about on par with the team they lost to today and the Bears.

Look at the OLine. EDS at C, a rookie 4th rounder and FA Barclay at RT? And, don't whine to me about injured players.

Drealyn Williams's picture

Emotional? GTFOH. Quick,name the Colts O-Line starters. The Packers don't look like the Packers when they play the 49ers. That's all I'm saying. The Packers are far from just an average team.

Breadman's picture

Why didn't Indy go for 2pt. Conversion? Didn't make sense. No mater SF just fumbled. At least I won't have to hear crap from Niner fans tomorrow.

Bibbon Hazel's picture

They suck!

jack in jersey city's picture

i hate the bears too. they DO suck!

lennysmalls's picture

Well they are beating up on the hapless Steelers tonight.

murphy's picture

There are a number of NCAA teams that could beat up on the Steelers in their current state.

jack in jersey city's picture

murphy wins! :)

pooch's picture

Not to mention we do not have power offensive line

Drealyn Williams's picture

We don't need a power O-Line. Franklin had success all day. But you do need a power O-Line when attempting a 4th and inches single back dive up the gut. SMH.

Idiot Fan's picture

But you just said it - the oline had been clearing holes for franklin all half. They should have been able to get a half yard.

Drealyn Williams's picture

Lol,come on,really? Those successful plays weren't 4th and inches with the ENTIRE defense keying in on 1 person!

Idiot Fan's picture

I understand, but we're talking about a half yard. Basically if you can allow your RB to get to the line of scrimmage and fall forward you get it. That's not an unrealistic expectation given how the run blocking had been so far in the game.

Lars's picture

Not when every body in the stadium including the senile KNEW what was coming. Keep blindly defending Mccarthy by "should have" means nothing. That was a terrible call with a rookie scat back.

lennysmalls's picture

Franklin appears to have potential as an outside runner.

pooch's picture

Yes you do,you 8 guys in the box and no one looking for pass,we have finess line that relies on pass for running

hayward4president's picture

Been sayin it all along. Give Franklin the rock!

pooch's picture

If not needed a power line,why could we not run it in the 1st quarter much less give Franklin a chance to get out of backfield before he got killed back you not remember last year 3rd -1 4th-1 time and time again we could not convert

Red's picture

Diehard Packer fan from KY, here. Drove to Cinci for my first Packers game today (off topic, AMAZING showing from Pack Nation. Place was rocking with Green&Gold, drove the home crowd nuts).

I'm a huge Rodgers Guy. My firstborn is due in February and Aaron is at the top of our name list, if that gives you an idea. Today was the first day in the Rodgers Era where I'm at a loss defending him against his critics.

Simply put, he looked checked out. Like he was playing while wondering if he left the iron plugged in at home.

3rd down incompletion? Shrug, walk to sideline. Can't capitalize on more FANTASTIC field position? Shrug, walk to sideline. Ball batted in your face with the game on the line? Shrug, walk to sideline.

Largely I think the rap on Rodgers, that he's "too cool for school", is an overblown media creation. Just like the rap on Favre that he's "just a kid having fun" was an overblown media creation.

But today it rang true. Aaron's "cool" looked listless and complacent, and frankly, he doesn't appear to be having much fun quarterbacking the greatest franchise in sport.

Much of this game was unfathomable and ridiculous. The Franklin fumble, the Ross fumble, those are just curses from the Football Gods.

Rodger's play, the demeanor of the offense, is the larger story, the one that's of greater concern for a promising season now at a crossroads.

some guy's picture

So where does the big Rodgers-McCarthy sideline fight fit into this "Rodgers doesn't care" storyline you're trying to cook up?

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree. He just didn't seem to be himself. I don't' know what it was but he didn't seem comfortable all game... Don't know what it was but he just didn't seem right.

Lars's picture

He was off. Maybe he was ticked to be starting in an 0-14 hole because his obstinate HC insisted on deferring.

some guy's picture

He took the field down 14-0 because the defense sucked early and Ross is an idiot. Trying to blame that on deferring is laughable. If you really need to make excuses, you can do a lot better than that.

jack in jersey city's picture

people need to chill. yes, rodgers had a bad game today. it happens (and luckily for us, not that often). it could be due to anything. last week the guy was kicking all kinds of ass. it's only the 3rd game of the season and we all know what matters is that you make it into the playoffs and get hot towards the end of december.

i was initially pissed when i saw the bye was going to be in week 4, but it turns out that it's perfect timing. let's get our guys back healthy and see what happens.

i think we can still win the division. the bares beat 2 shitty teams that they should've beaten and barely beat the bengals. the lions got beat by the mighty (haha) redskins and cardinals and the viqueens are total crap.

i'm still very positive about the rest of the season!

hayward4president's picture

The lions beat the skins

Breadman's picture

Niners got their butts kicked 2 weeks in a row. Who's got it better than us? A lot of teams Harbaugh

lennysmalls's picture

Couldn't have happened to a nicer coach.

mike's picture

time to ditch the waffle house menu, the play calling sucked

The TKstinator's picture

Wait until after a play doesn't work.
Then say it was a lousy play call.
While the team is running off 30 unanswered points, remain silent.

4htand1's picture

The league is cracking down on head shots. YA RIGHT! The Pack lost 2 key players back to back weeks. Bengals knew Finley would be a huge problem. Pack gets at least 1 more td instead on a stinken FG. Rodgers had a bad day, oh well, it happens to the best sometimes. Thank God for this bye.

Red's picture

Some guy,

I think bad body language fits exactly into my larger point. Do I think Rodgers doesn't care at all? Of course not, and I think you're deliberately missing my point if that's how you take it.

Arguing with coaches, throwing hands up in exasperation, forcing the ball at strange times, it's all there. I'm not a Sky-is-falling person, I think this team is still the class of the division. But if you think everything is A.OK w/ Rodgers and the offense, well, I disagree.

KennyPayne's picture

Red you are spot on. And it is not a new phenomenon.

Aaron yelled at McCarthy in Minnesota in the final regular season game last season.

He also looked checked out in the playoff blowout against SF.

For the record, I am a huge Rodgers' fan and rightly or wrongly I think he is getting tired of MM.

lennysmalls's picture

So who do they bring in next year? Nick Saban? Sean Payton?

some guy's picture

Guy has one bad game and you're going all-in with the body language analyzing armchair-psychiatrist stuff. What is this, New York? I'll put some stock into attempts to read the QB's mind when they aren't knee-jerk reactions to a single game. Weird how nothing seemed off when Rodgers was tearing up the field the last two weeks, huh?

Here's a crazy idea: Cincinnati has a good defense that matches up well with the Packers' O. I know that isn't as sexy as whatever ESPN-style storylines we might dream up but maybe, just maybe, that has something to do with what happened on the field today.

Red's picture

Hey, I hope you're right. But when you see piss poor execution matched with piss poor body language it's not a stretch to say there may be some chemistry issues. And minus the wild miscues, Rodger's looking checked out was the story of the game in my opinion.

The game's not played by robots. There's a mental aspect and noticing "Hey, that guy's dialed in" or "That guy's completely out of it today" is a part of it. Rodger's was checked out yesterday, and I'm saying I hope it's not revealing of larger chemistry issues, that's all.

You can say "Aw shucks, bad day" and tip your cap to the mighty Bengals D all you want, but I think you do it at the expense of watching the game everyone else is watching.

Bob's picture

Early on Rodgers could have run for a first down on 2nd and 3 but instead tried to force it to Jones who was held by the way....freaking refs! WE settled for a fg once because all our receivers were being held ...announcers caught it but one obvious hold on Jordy was right behind a refs turned back. I saw defensive holding in the end zone but that wasn't called either! The fourth and inches call around the end Arod. Ross should be benched from all k/o and punt receiving duties or simply cut tonight...........this owner is PISSED!!!Bears will lead us by 2 games and that should infuriate EVERY Packer player, coach and fan as we cannot beat them until Nov. 4 th and that is n eternity away! What's with the hammies AGAIN,even Aikman is questioning it! We need a strength and conditioning coach who knows what the Hell is going on!! Nut it up Pack and crush Det. ! I am still pissed!

Lars's picture

Nope. he didn't try to "force it to Jones." Jones stopped on his route and admitted so after the game. That int. was on him, not Rodgers, just like the int. against SF was on Finley for the bobble. That mistake by veteran James Jones was probably another reason Rodgers was out of sorts. Same dumb mistakes---over and over and over and an OLine that can't protect to save it's collective life.

Combine that with McCarthy's bonehead play calling all day, and Rodgers having to position green rookies and youngsters like Franklin, Ross and others and you begin to see why AR was so frustrated. Oh, and let's not forget Mccarthy's decision to go for a FG mid-way through the second quarter (only down by 3) on the 6-inch line. Brutal.

Stroh's picture

It was also abundantly clear that the CB was sitting on that route. Jones deserves his share of blame for not crossing in front of the DB, but Rodgers has his definite share of the blame too. The read was obvious from replays that the DB sat inside and was playing to force the receiver outside. Rodgers has to read that and throw somewhere else. So even tho the DB was playing to prevent the route from succeeding, Rodgers still decided to make the throw! That's where Rodgers mistake occurred.

Wisconsinexile's picture

I certainly share the exasperation with MM's play-calling at times. That said, look at all the rookies on the field. The reason MM/TT's teams start slow each year is due to the same 25-30% rookie infusion. Every year we watch these kids take their first NFL lumps. They will get better, and we'll have some excellent depth once the walking wounded return. But boy, you wonder how much this holds the "dynasty" back.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Agree with Paul Ott Carruth. Defense is adequate and should get better with return of Burnett and Hayward. Need Matthews on the field. To be a good solid defense, someone, like Datone, Neal or Perry, has to develop into a + player this year and next year into a stud. I'll take allowing A.J. Green 46 yards and 1 TD catch. Shields did a good job. EDS has always had trouble with bull rushes. I said last week EDS should be resigned (meaning for a reasonable amount with a modest signing bonus). EDS has been in the league a few years, so I guess he probably won't get a stronger base. Clearly, there is room to criticize me about resigning EDS, but the only options seem to be a so-so EDS, a FA, or a rookie/Tretter/Van Roten. Other guys on the o-line were hurt by bull rushes today. I hope Barclay and TBahk have the frame/build to add strength and weight.

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

Thumbs up to the bye week! Even with our pathetic line, I like our chances on 4th and inches with Lacy in there.

Marlow's picture

Every time I get discouraged about the Packers, I think, "We could be the Giants."

Evan's picture

Or the Vikings...

TGJP's picture

I don't know. I still have faith in this team. Aaron Rodgers is the best qb in the league by far. But the Bengals showed what can potentially happen when he runs into a dominant defense....

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