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Gut Reactions: Week 17

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Gut Reactions: Week 17

  • Congrats to the Minnesota Vikings. 
  • That was one hell of a game. One of the best in the NFL this season, no doubt. 
  • Man was Tramon Williams brutal in almost every aspect of the game today. 
  • The slow start cost the Packers. Can't have that next week. 
  • Mike McCarthy has to stop letting his emotions get the better of him, being it throwing the challenge flag or calling offensive plays. 
  • Jordy Nelson not only smartly tried to hide McCarthy's challenge flag, he was helping with substitutions as well. 
  • Greg Jennings made himself a barrel-full of money with his performance today. 
  • Jermichael Finley was outstanding again. Really hope the Packers keep him around. 
  • Don Barclay looked so much better in the run game than he did in pass pro. 
  • DuJuan Harris looked so explosive on the turf. Ryan Grant, bless him, had no reason being out there. 
  • How about Mason Crosby? 
  • The defensive line did its job for the most part. The linebackers and defensive backs were absolutely brutal. 
  • I hated Capers going three man rush on that crucial third down on the Vikings' final drive, but I get that if Casey Hayward doesn't bite on the pump fake it probably works. But still hate that call in that situation. 
  • Jeremy Ross looked pretty fantastic as a returner. I didn't realize he was so big. That's a tough combo for a coverage unit when a guy that big can get up the field that fast.
  • I hated McCarthy starting the game with those shotgun runs to Grant. Helped contribute to the slow start on offense. 
  • This team needs to rest up and have a brutally honest film session tomorrow. And then members of the defense need to go visit the wizard and find some heart. Because without it, Adrian Peterson will be running through their pathetic tackling attempts next week and the Packers will be one and done. Again.
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jeremy's picture

Tramon Williams cost the Packers this game. I hope the coaches make sure he knows it.

Evan's picture

Agreed. No excuse for losing one's cool like that.

PackersRS's picture


On a side note: Dear M.D. Jennings.

I get that you're a backup and wants to make plays. I really do. BUT BAT THE FUCKING BALL DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One would think you would learn from Seattle, but then again the whole fail marry thing made you the victim.

I hope the Packers come up with a different mentality for the playoffs, but this was a playoff game essentially.

It was nice to see Rodgers take command of the game like he did, tho. Childish temper tantrums aside.

packnic's picture

How was this "essentially a playoff game" ? This was nothing like a playoff game. Win and you let Chicago in, lose and you get to play Minny again. Hardly a playoff life or death situation. The best case scenario happened. Jesus, calm down already. Packers now get to play a football team that hasnt won a game outdoors all year, in Lambeau, in December.

Evan's picture

I don't know about "best case scenario," but, you're right, it wasn't a death sentence.

PackersRS's picture

I'm not worried about next week. But a bye was on the line. Hardly a meaningless game.

Evan's picture

Not to mention the game IN San Fran in round 2, if they get there.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

That's the one that worries me Evan. Yes, I am looking past the queens.

mu's picture

yeah, tramon was worthless today. didnt want to tackle at all, giving the vikings points. he's basically the reason the packers lost.

Bench him if he wants to play that way. we can't have selfish players costing the team in the playoffs. i'm sure wood would love to take his place.

PadLevel's picture

Amen. He was also being manhandled by Jerome Simpson. So what exactly is his value - if he cannot cover or tackle?

Wenis's picture

What a bone-headed penalty by Williams. Let's not forget that Lambeau Field has turned into Death Valley for the Packers come playoff time.

Bryce's picture

Hate to admit but, you're right

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

If the DB's can get it together the Pack wins by 14 next week. Kept waiting for the Vikings turnover that would turn everything our way. Instead the Rodgers fumble was a difference maker.

Vikes played the best they possibly could and almost lost at home. Should be a different story at Lambeau. Especially if our DB's can tackle AP.

Smith's picture

Agreed.There were a lot of silly mistakes in the defensive backfield. Clean it up and the Packers should roll.

Evan's picture

More than that, if the entire offense doesn't take the first half off they'd roll to a win.

JJ's picture

No the refs helped. I didnt see any difference in the replacements and the real refs all year. Todays refs deliberately stalled placing the ball in the first half to let the queens get their subs in. Complete joke.

Brando's picture

Not to mention the extra long spots...

some guy's picture

If the offense substitutes the defense has to be given time to as well. No conspiracy there.

Jamie's picture

the refs were absolutely diabolical, especially the one black umpire with the glasses. He somehow "saw" the vikings receiver make the "catch" on the deflected Ponder pass even though he was 20 yards away and the reciever's back was facing him and he routinely refused to blow plays dead when Peterson would get swarmed and linemen tried to push the pile.

Riles23's picture

If Woodson plays next week, that will be a big help to a secondary that needs run help.

Can't take away from Minnesota in this game. Took advantage of every mistake and missed tackle. AD is simply superb.

Just don't see them coming into Lambeau and winning, especially with almost fully healthy Packers squad.

Lynn Dickey 12's picture

I'm afraid I can. Fast start will be critical, as a lead will pressure Vikings and put more on Ponder's shoulders.

I can't bet against the Vikings at this point. AP too much for them, secondary has no answer. Need turnovers.


FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Glad I don't make a living betting on football... I suck at it.

Just so disappointed in the D and Capers, with a bye on the line. Just made the road to N.O. a helluva lot harder than it needed to be. That said, we're in the dance... Fuck it... Let em hang.


Vik's picture

Hit the nail on the head. Raji, Pickett and Clay, bless them/ the others owe them for keeping them in the game. Tramon plays like this next week, we lose. Vikings will throw his way all night.

Nerd's Laptop's picture

-Tramon cost us the bye.

-MM's teams ALWAYS start out badly.

-This was one of those classic, black and blue division games. Anything could happen, and did. Throw everything you know out the window.

-Next week will be another classic black and blue game. But I don't see the Queens beating us two weeks in a row.

-Greg Jennings always knows which way to turn after the catch.

-JJ, 14 TDs on the season. Pay the man!

-How good is DuJuan? It seemed for most of the game that the Vikings were playing at one speed and the Packers another. Except for DuJuan Harris and Jeremy Ross.

-Looks like Cobb could be replaced on ST. But I don't like putting a rookie back there in the playoffs. He's guaranteed to make a mistake at some point.

-Aaron needs to GET THE BALL OUT. Especially when there's a guy (such as DuJuan Harris) wide open underneath.

Mike's picture

Agree - Ross will replace Cobb on returns...NEXT YEAR! Yes, Cobb is super, uber important to the offense - there were some times they needed him yesterday - but getting the ball in his hands as many times as possible with room to run only helps this team...especially with its tendency for slow starts.

MexPack's picture

Woodson is The Wizard.

Bugeater's picture

This is a true fact!

Ruppert's picture

From the queens standpoint, this was a textbook lesson on how to win a home dome game. They got up early, kept the drunken Norwegians (scuse me, "crowd") in it, and were just cocky enough to force the opposition into stupid emotional decisions.

The queens deserved to win. No doubt. AP is ridiculous. They made big plays when they needed them. But we definitely did more bonehead moves today. And if we come out with the same lack of effort and intensity, we'll lose next week, too. Let's hope we learn something from this.

Jayme Snowden's picture

Agree on ALL of these. Would also add, wtf with the clock management in the first half?
Said refs weren't spotting ball quick enough, but no adjustment made. Made so that the Packers wasted timeouts and couldn't challenge the obvious no catch. That play could have stalled the Vikings scoring drive.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

In-game adjustments, are not a strength of this coaching staff. Clock management, defensive adjustments, piss-poor offensive starts. Not. Good.

cow42's picture

I hope they play better/harder/smarter next week.

omega's picture

Does that mean you will actually root for them next week?

cow42's picture

I will try.
Wouldn't kill me to root for them for one more week, I guess.

Point Packer's picture

Greg Jennings looked washed up. Just horrible. Can't believe he was even on the field. I'm going to start taking your sold predictions to heart. You are so smart.

cow42's picture

I was wrong about Greg.
He played a great game.

Chad Toporski's picture

Wrong about Greg, but right about the winner.

At least we should get another good game next week!

cow42's picture

"another good game"?

i thought this one sucked.

the packers looked like garbage.

Beep's picture

Tough loss. McCarthy needs to give the challenge flag to an assistant coach for safe keeping. The first challenge, although correct, was useless on a 1st down play and kept us from challenging the second one that would have stopped their drive at the end of the half. Then the challenge penalty was inexcusable for a professional.

Evan's picture

The first challenge didn't prevent the second one. The wasted timeouts throughout the half did.

Mark in the montain's picture

McCarthy is just a really poor game coach. He's not worth $5M a year, and I think his team is beginning to realize that.

jack in jersey city's picture

was rodgers yelling at MM for throwing the flag?

LACheez's picture

I thought this too...kind of made me feel like Rodgers lost his filter, and showed what he really thinks of MM...(that #12 thinks he is an idiot)

Evan's picture

I think that's reading a tad too much into it. He was furious that McCarthy screwed the team out of a much-needed touchdown. Thankfully, a technicality in the rule saved his ass.

Point Packer's picture

If we never ran another shotgun draw I'd have lower blood pressure. How that junk is still in our playbook is beyond me. Yes, the Pack came out flat, but the play calling in those first two drives was just garbage.

The decision to drop nine on those two crucial third downs netted a 50/50 success/failure ratio. The second one made me think of the Sherman led Packers, 4 & 26. etc. I was happy it worked the first time and was screaming for the Pack to rush at least four the second time. Casey Hayward showed his youth on that one.

I was glad to see A Rodge pissed off today. Sometimes I feel he's a bit too calm. Not today. Held the ball too long and made one costly turnover, but also made some great throws and kept us in the game.

When it comes to next week. the Defense and especially our defensive backs really need to man up and tackle. Especially Tramon Williams.

Point Packer's picture

When I said "nine" I meant "eight". Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Stouted I am.

mudduckcheesehead's picture


I had the Happy Heron.

A_Lerxst_in_Packerland's picture

I'm with you 100% on never running the shotgun draw plays again! RB can't build up any steam trying to run out of it; much better to get the ball with a ton of momentum already behind you. In fact, I'd be fine if they dropped the shotgun period. Never was a fan of it.

darrin's picture

Maybe it was all that Jameson I drank, but did Mike Neal even play? Tramon was horrible - that much I do know.

IowaPackFan's picture

I saw he was subbed in at one point, but he was invisible on the stat sheet (once again).

rjw's picture

Vince Lombardi must have been screaming from the grave. What kind of tackling fundamentals has Caper's been teaching? Draw a line on the old tackling dummy 24" from the ground and teach defenders to square their shoulders and hit the target line. Only gang tackling works by wrestling a back like Peterson around his torso. He repeatedly was able push-off defenders or use his leg strength by gaining leverage with tacklers attacking his upper body. The biggest, strongest, fastest runners will go down if they're hit and wrapped-up below the knees.

Kathy's picture

That is my biggest gripe. Tackle low, dammit. Shoving a guy or dancing with him will not take him down. It will only allow him to carry you on his back for another ten yards.

Regarding Tramon - Yes, he had a sub-par game. But I don't think trashing him, like many did Al Harris vs Burress, is fair. He has one or three interceptions in the next game and you're all back on his bandwagon. He did NOT cost us the game. Lack of basic fundamentals (tackling) and the prevent D did.

Evan's picture

When people are saying Tramon cost us the game, they're referring to the idiotic penalty that gave the Vikes a fresh set of downs after they had stopped them on 3rd down. The Vikes ended going up 7 instead of 3.

Pollux's picture

It appears that Defense and OL play one week Fine and One week bad.. today was the bad one...does it mean that next week at Lambeau will play excellent???

sam's picture

tramon idiot williams is the reason we lost, he was so selfish during that play where he caused a penalty, i mean what the hell could the reciever have said for him to carelessly cause a penalty against us. I lost respect for this dummy

Jack's picture

I think Tramon is just trying to protect his expensive diamond earring from being jarred loose by a big hit.

trvs's picture

AP is ridiculous. His 199 yards cost us this game. Even when the line has clogged up his running lane, he bounces the opposite direction and runs like a mad man. A lot of poor tackling, but that dude is a monster. A touchdown in the first half could have made the difference.

Kevin's picture

Any word on injuries? Worthy looked to be done with that knee injury. Boykin? Looked bad on the play but he bounced up right away. I think he will be extremely sore in the morning. But any injuries on the Queens side? Winfield--hurt his wrist but how bad?

Evan's picture

Winfield broke his hand, I believe.

Kevin's picture

Will he be able to play with a cast? Or is it too early to tell?

Evan's picture

Knowing how tough Winfield is, I imagine he'll try. But I think playing, even with a cast, is asking a lot less than a week after breaking a bone. Though it probably depends on the severity.

Benny aka nunobow's picture

What does this even matter, if we continue to think that arm tackling or upper body tackling Adrian Peterson is the way to win the game? Nothing at all, if you ask me (fortunately you don't)

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Came into the game with a busted hand.

Evan's picture

Thanks. Didn't realize that.

Indiana Packer Owner's picture

Absolutely hate the philosophy of a "Prevent-Defense". Would someone please ban this from our defensive playbook once and for all!

Wutech's picture

With that emphasis on tackling this week it certainly looked like a serious lack of tackling.

Pollux's picture


RON's picture

I think M.M is getting so smart he has become dangerous to the team.

PackersRS's picture


packadutt's picture

typical Packer defensive effort...out coached..poor pass rush...cant get off field on third downs...stupid penalties...lack of real leader....Lombardi spinning in grave

Brian's picture

Our linebackers and secondary couldn't tackle their shadow. I wonder if we would be better off playing a 4-3 against the queens.

PadLevel's picture

So you are not impressed with Brad Jones and our all-pro line backer AJ Hawk? AJ is so assignment sure that he back pedals when defending a goal-line play! Attaboy!

KennyPayne's picture

T Williams was bruta in so many ways. Walden and Zombo just plain stink. MD Jennings is not a starting S. Capers was outcoached - badly. Brad Jones played like the third stringer he is. AJ Hawk was an embarrassment. Hope Ted gets some toughness on D in next year's draft.

Oppy's picture

Well, our OLB's and CB's have to be in position in order to even have a chance to tackle. They got sucked inside and gave up the edge containment all day long.

Edward's picture

+1 and although Raji had a good game, his finger-waggle was pretty annoying, considering they gave up nearly 200 yds and lost.

jack in jersey city's picture

i actually thought brad jones had a halfway decent game

Charlie M's picture

The one positive from today is we learned the true identity of Cow42: Greg Jennings' sister.

Evan's picture



Bugeater's picture

The funniest post of 2012 comes at the 11th hour!

Live4GB's picture

GB needs a Leroy Butler type safety willing to take AP head on once in a while and get him thinking. Waiting until you have 5 guys surrounding him and then wrestling him to the ground doesn't work.

tlo59's picture

A three man rush on an important 3rd and 11! When will Capers learn? And then they don't jam the wideouts this is pony league football. Did we really want a win? C'mon man!!

Edward's picture

+1 and the DBs play 10 yds off the line, too.

Annie's picture

What a difference between last week and this weeks game. Am I watching a different team?? Tramon was horrible. If they play like this next week- so long Super Bowl. This team gives me an ulcer

cow42's picture

Super Bowl?


Annie's picture

Why are you a Packers fan, Debbie downer?

jack in jersey city's picture

last week we were playing one of the worst teams in the NFL who had nothing to play for. today we were playing a pretty decent team who were fighting to get into the playoffs and it just so happens that they have the best running back in the NFL. i'm pretty confident that we'll kick their asses next week. i think it will be close but we'll win

chris's picture

Seriously what the heck is going through Capers' mind on third an 10-11 and he is rushing three and our DBs are 15-20 yards from the line of scrimmage. You can blame Heyward all you want on that last third and long conversion but you cant blame him for being worried about the flat. I have just never understood giving WRs 15 yards of cushion. And another thing, why not blitz? The Vikings run the ball 80% of the time, so why not blitz them I dont get the point of running soft zones when it hasn't worked all season I mean hasn't worked for four years and is the reason this bum goes from one gig to the next. Regardless of the outcome next weekend Capers needs to go.

some guy's picture

I'm thinking that what went through Capers' mind is probably that the coverage called would've been perfect if Hayward just played his assignment. If we make a list of times when it's appropriate to blame the CB for biting on the pump to the flat, 3rd and long will come in second. The only way it could've been worse is if Hayward did it on 4th and long.

"hasn’t worked for four years"

Yeah I remember how poorly the 2010 season ended.

hayward4president's picture

Gregs one juke almost broke MY ankle. Minnesota cost me another absence as work next Sunday and I'm not happy. I hope they don't make me regret missin. Tramon played like garbage. MDs endzone d was a joke and Shields didn't look very good either. I hope Dom capers can convince these guys to tackle next week and well.....Cobb better go the F off!.....oh yeah one last thing Ross is not only fast but dudes straight up jacked.

some guy's picture

Packers play on Saturday, so it sounds like you're covered.

hayward4president's picture

At* and I guess its Sat not Sun

Doug's picture

Agree on all comments. Two other observations: First, it seemed to me that Morgan Burnett was the only DB who could tackle AD properly, which he did several times. Second, how many times did AD hit a brick wall up the middle, bounce around to the outside, and pick up a huge amount of yardage? Since the Pack doesn't play a four-man defensive front, who is responsible for holding the edge? OLB? Whoever it is had better get their act together before next week.

Cole's picture

Capers is just a fool. That's said the only chance we stand against SF(if we win next week) is in the bay. Freezing cold will bury our chances.

McCarthy and Capers need to think long and hard about their legacy tonight an wise up. We should drop 50 every game on this Vikings team.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Watching Washington blitz on EVERY THIRD DOWN, the cowgirls have 7 points, third quarter almost over. Just sayin'.

cow42's picture

1) To everyone looking at where the SF - GB game would be played... did you even watch the game today?

2) The packers are lucky to be in the playoffs at all... they look like a 6 seed at best.

3) 2-4 vs 2012 playoff teams.

4) 2-4 in last 6 home playoff games

5) This season is, mercifully, nearing it's end. I've said it before and I'll say it again - 2010 ruined football for me. Since then losses have been crushing while wins have only supplied "relief". The joy is gone. Once you've had steak - it's hard to enjoy hamburger. This year's team is hamburger.

6) Sure hope Perry and Sherrod end up being players... if not this team will look exactly the same next season - Rodgers running for his life... opposing QB's putting up silly #'s.

7) Capers should have been gone last year. He's like the oversized 8th grader who goes back to his old grade school to pick on the little kids but gets his ass kicked at his own school. D looked pretty damn aggressive/creative vs the Titans then turned around and looked pretty passive/vanilla vs the Vikings. Feel free to get aggressive and take some chances against good teams you big pu$$y!

8) Rodgers' best seasons are being wasted. Thought for sure we'd get 2+ SB appearances out of him. Guess we're just gonna have to be happy with the one... it seems so long ago.

Tundraboy's picture

Gotta agree on 6 7 and 8

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

COW42 December 30, 2012 at 9:16 am

"It’s become apparent that my posts are ruining some level of enjoyment for other people who peruse this site. That’s not my intent.

In the interest of allowing all of you full enjoyment of this team, this site, and this season without worrying about the things that worry me I will keep my “mouth shut” from here on out (maybe a score prediction once in a while)."

Do what you want, but... That was quick.

cow42's picture

can't stop myself.
very upset.

murphy's picture

Yes. The guy has little going for him in life outside of posts on this blog site. Did you really expect more?

Annie's picture

Cow= Debbie downer

some guy's picture

"2010 ruined football for me"

Then please stop watching. This team is 57-29 with a Super Bowl win since Rodgers took over. We have, at worst, the third-best quarterback in the league. The team has been a legit Super Bowl contender for four years straight and five of the last six. Three teams in the history of the NFL have won more Super Bowls.

If that isn't good enough for you, that's your issue, but stop trying to convince the rest of us to join you in your misery. You sound like a Pats fan calling into Boston sports talk. You hate the Packers, dude -- we get it already.

Oppy's picture

Sadly, you just nailed it

Some of us find it a great hobby cheering on our home team, enjoying the season, the ups, the downs, the success and the struggles.

Cow42 is only interested in the good. He has no ability to ride out the bad with it.

Worse still, he can't even allow himself to root for his team, because anything less than perfection would crush him.

It's actually sad, and definitely not healthy. He should really stop watching football for his own sake.

(he's not the only one like this, either.)

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

I may have to take a hiatus one of these years . My dogs hide every Sunday, I don't kick em or anything :-) , they can just tell when I'm watching football. My wife and kids are always conveniently gone during the game. I didn't enjoy one second of the game today, just felt anxious the whole time. Can't be good, really wondered why I continually put myself through that. It occurred to me that I never actually take any enjoyment out of a game til it's over, with a W... Then it's just relief.

Yeah-yeah, I know... Waaaaaaaaa

I'll be tuned in Sat, with the Tums close by.

Vrog's picture

Amen brother

tkaters's picture

Perhaps I am crazy but if there wasn't any bad it wouldn't be any fun to follow.

tkaters's picture

Just remember, the appetizer to that steak was a two consecutive heartbreaking overtime losses and a concussion. It's football, you lose sometimes.

hayward4president's picture

Skins win n I get 80$ for 2nd place in our season long pick em. Fn knew I shoulda gone with the ol win one for chuckstrong today!

Tundraboy's picture

Told evryone Harris the way to go, He has what we have not had in a RB in a loooong time,

Lots of great thoughts on the board today.

Forget the bye lets get Cobb back put this behind us, Way too many bad play call patterns. Big strike or bust pass plays when a first down would do, And the @#$%^& prevent soft D on third downs!!!


Benny aka nunobow's picture

Haven't read the whole comment thread yet - would like to give an un-biased point of view.

What killed us today was not Aaron Rodgers single fumble at mid-field.

It was also not Tramon Williams' single - nonetheless stupid - hands-to-the-face penalty, when we actually had the All Day massacre stopped for a while.

What killed us, was not even just poor tackling... but pathetic the "arm tackling attempts" and just as pathetic "upper body tackling attempts" on All Day.

Seriously. If you think tackling Adrian Peterson with an arm or on the upper body is gonna get it done and that the only problem was the execution?? Then we REALLY have a problem!

Unfortunately - the first messages from the players indicates just this.

So... I AM worried about next weekend. If we don't learn a f*cking sh*t about the thing that really killed us... it does not bode well! It's as simple as that.

Happy New Year everyone.

PackRat's picture

Agree that Tramon was in on the fix today. Next week, tell Tramon he's covering Megatron, only in purple and not a third string WR.

Shields (who I've defended in the past) and Morgan Burnett were equally atrocious today.

Bright spot: When Mozes and the other OLB stayed home, the interior line many times made the play. Will be obvious on film.

Six sacks. Again.

Joe's picture


P.S. Tramon Williams has been awful for 2 years. Let's not act surprised.

IowaPackFan's picture

He's actually been pretty good this year (aside from yesterday) and he battled nerve damage in his shoulder all last season. But yeah, he was horrid yesterday. He's better than that.

dawg's picture

Could someone tell MD Jennings he's a DB,
NOT a receiver?---Knock the Fucn ball out!!!
Tra Williams, you got your ass handed to you!
This team is not going anywhere!
If we get beat next week by the queens again, heads need to roll.
MM, U might have lost your team tonight, Nelson showed U---unbelievable!

Idiot Fan's picture

My hope is that this team is embarrassed enough to come to play on Saturday. Generally that's when we play our best ball.

Jamie's picture

Geeezuzz...morons still referring to cowsak as a Packers fan.

He doesn't only look at the good...the clown bashed the team after a 55-7 blowout!!!

LACheez's picture

With how pissed Rodgers was when McCarthy threw the red flag, did we see how Rodgers truly feels about McCarthy? Does he think MM is kind of an idiot? Probably not true, but definitely seemed like a big reaction from #12.

Mojo's picture

This will be a big story line this week.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Watching his post-game presser, it sounded like that was more about the officials failing to rule JJ's catch a TD... Even after huddling up to discuss it.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

He wasn't happy about it.

Evan's picture

I think that's reading WAY too much into it. He was pissed in the moment when he thought McCarthy had screwed the team out of a TD. I don't think it was anything more than that.

Mojo's picture

It was hard to pick the most disappointing play this week. Could it be the easy third and eleven play near the end of the game? Perhaps any one of the plays Peterson broke outside after breaking tackles inside, including an incredible conversion on 2nd and 27? No, to me it has to be Tramons PF penalty. Absolutely stupid.

I knew this was going to be a tough game considering what was at stake for the Queens and being on the road, but man, some of the GB players played horribly, almost all on D. No contain. Poor technique from the ILB's. This was a game where losing Desmond Bishop stands out.

tlo59's picture

MM=big shoulders small hat, he really showed it today. Why does this team/coach/Rodgers think it is always best to go long on 3rd and 3 or 4 rather then pick up the 1st down and have a nice ball control offence. It was actually pointed out by Paul Ott C. a few weeks back.

Steven's picture

Start harris, and finleys been good.

Edward's picture

1. Capers needs to blitz Ponder more on Saturday.

2. Ryan Grant is a mudder, he might be effective at Lambeau. I'm not convinced Harris is the RB savior. But I like what I saw from him in picking up blitzers. He learned those assignments rather quickly.

FootballGods's picture

What happened to the fade to Finley in the endzone? I was screaming for it before Aaron motioned him wide, only to throw an incomplete slant.

-Mason's kicks look much better....not that you should judge xp's but even those were much straighter last week (sigh), not an ugly knuckleball.

- M.D Jennings will be rotated w Woodson more often than not, and I think that will be a good thing. His failed attempt in the endzone was a pic for Wood...we need those plays.

Drealyn's picture

Speaking of the 3-man rush. I just watched the Youtube video "Clay Matthews embarrasses Winston Justice" (the final play) and shed a tear when I seen how active the defense used to be pre-snap.

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