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Gut Reactions: Week 17

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Gut Reactions: Week 17

  • For a game that meant absolutely nothing for the Packers, that was a hell of a contest.
  • Matt Flynn made himself a ton of money today.
  • And no, Flynn's performance does not detract from what should be an MVP award for Rodgers.
  • Jordy Nelson got a ton of work due to both Jennings and Cobb being down, and he made the most of it. He's turning into a special player - that the Packers got at a big discount.
  • Nice game from Jermichael Finley. I got a lot of "he catches them for Flynn" comments. Don't think its that so much. Instead, he was relaxed knowing the game didn't mean much. Calmed him down. (That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.)
  • WHAT a difference Ryan Pickett makes for the run defense.
  • Tramon Williams battled against Calvin Johnson. I know its frustrating when Johnson has a big day, but that is going to happen. You can't expect Williams, or any corner. to shut him down. Tramon worked his ass off out there today.
  • Jarrett Bush - nice hit in the endzone,but please, shut up. The guy scored.
  • Really good work from Ryan Grant again today.
  • Chad Clifton looked like a guy who was injured early in the season and who has watched 3/4ths of the year from the sideline.
  • The Packers sat their three best players - and still beat the Detroit Lions' starters.
  • The Packers end the 2011 regular season a franchise-best 15-1. Time to get rested and ready for the playoffs.
  • Go Pack Go.
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davyjones's picture

And no injuries!!!

PackersRS's picture


PackersRS's picture

Almost everything has already been said about this game, one thing that stuck with me was how well the OL played. Really positive going forward.

Jake's picture

This. O-line plays well, this team beats anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Mojo's picture


BrianD's picture

Shields made some great tackles today. Can't say the same for Tramon. I liked how Tramon played with some fire (hit on Pettigrew) after being completely embarrassed by Megatron today.

Congrats to Flynn - and I wonder if a franchise tag and trade strategy is out of the question now.

Stafford is an incredible NFL QB. Suh should have known not to do the championship belt, especially at Lambeau.

some guy's picture

That's a bit hypoerbolic. Strong year, but how much of that is Johnson? A lot of Stafford's big 'clutch' throws this year were all Johnson. When you can under/overthrow a ball by 10 yards and have your receiver still pull it down, it helps you look good.

People look at the big yardage and the bombs to Johnson and forget how wild he gets. He'll have a stretch in almost every game, including today, where he can't hit the broadside of a barn.

Packers Fan in Atlanta's picture

Yea, definitely can't put it all on Tramon. There was at least one play where Tramon was in perfect coverage and Stafford put the ball exactly an inch over his outstretched arm while jumping and it was just enough for Megatron to get it.

PackerBacker's picture

4 best when you include Jennings.

packsmack25's picture

5 including Collins

A-rodg's mustache's picture

good memory

Packfancjh's picture

Why does Lee still have a roster spot?

Mike M's picture

Because he was a 2nd round pick.

Oppy's picture

because he is usually a stellar ST player

Mike M's picture

Yeah that too.

bomdad's picture

that was a very satisfying win for packers fans.
Motivation for Rodgers to get that single game TD record, Inspiration for the team to go into a bye with a head of steam.
It should also mean coach of the year for McCarthy.

Jeremy's picture

What a regular season for the Packers!

Not to nitpick at 15-1, but I am worried that the defensive scheme has gone stale and that it is no longer presenting problems for the opposing team to over come.

Here's to hope that Capers has some different looks up his sleeve for the playoffs

calipackfan's picture

First to sweep the nfc north, 1st seed, mvp quarterback we are the most blessed team in football.

markinmadison's picture

If you can complain about this game then you can complain about anything. Calvin is a beast. Flynns development over last two years has been amazing.

Mike M's picture

True. Now about that damn pass rush...

PackersRS's picture

Another thing (not gonna say names in order not to jinx it):

A certain receiver on this team has stopped dropping a certain type of throw that had plagued him in the past. I, for one, am very glad he's gonna be a Packer for a long time.

Jake's picture

Also was thinking this same thing. Won't lie, held my breath on that long one down the sideline...

bomdad's picture

I was at the game in NE last year. That's the first thing I hollered after the late game connection.

Idiot Fan's picture

I'm a little surprised that Cliffy only got one quarter of work. Did they intend to break him in that slowly, or did they just decide fairly quickly that he's not going to be able to help us in the playoffs?

Ken's picture

What a win...going into the playoffs on a high note!

To have 6 starters inactive and still pull out that game? incredible. Probably the happiest I've been all season. Bring on the NFC.

Jake's picture

Kind of thought Tramon was just giving Megatron a big cushion today, and generally not playing overly aggressive or anything on him because the game didn't mean too much.

Agreed on Grant too, he's been looking good lately. Seems to be is forte to come on late in the season, and it will be very beneficial in a couple weeks.

bomdad's picture

Stafford was throwing into some very small and non-existent windows. Thats also why he gave up the INT at the end too. Too many risky throws.

Idiot Fan's picture

The Detroit receivers made some amazing catches today. I think Stafford is a decent QB, but his receivers really helped him out today.

PackersRS's picture

They did, but he made some great throws.

This game was Stafford in a nutshell, a guy that is capable of making amazing throws that only a handful can make, but a very inconsistent guy that is not as sharp reading defenses and that will force balls.

Stats or not, he's not playing as well as Eli Manning. And this coming from an Eli hater (Eli still has too many "bad Eli" moments).

This year, Eli has elevated himself to the Elite category, with not only his play, but his overall leadership and ability to make great corrections (that last drive against us was amazing, he saw what Capers was doing and started calling for delayed routes from his TEs).

Stafford is a very promising young QB with a ton of natural talent, but he's not mentally ready.

Oppy's picture

I walked away from the first half of the game thinking that Stafford was overhyped and, to be completely honest, looked like he could not hit the broad side of a barn. Man, he looked terrible. I thought, he must just be used to throwing sloppy jump balls with the knowledge Calvin Johnson would make adjustments to get into the vicinity of the ball and come down with a catch.

Then the second half happened, and he started to make the kind of precise throws you'd expect him to make based on his reputation.

Is Stafford always this wildly inconsistent?? I have to wonder if Johnson's talent is hampering his development.

packsmack25's picture

It's very rare that a QB becomes something different in the pros than what they were in college. Rodgers was efficient and protected the ball in college, and that has translated well. Stafford was at times stellar and at times wild in college, and that is translating.
But we also have to keep in mind the dude is 23. Dalton is a rookie and he's 24.

PackersRS's picture

Stafford to Johnson is this generation's version of Favre to Sharpe.

Some people argue that losing Sharpe made Favre better, because he stopped forcing the ball to him and being all around lazy and started to read defenses properly.

It remains to be seen if Stafford will make the jump that Favre made from 93 to 94 and forward.

Packers Fan in Atlanta's picture

It's the same kind of coverage he played him with during the Thanksgiving day game.

Mojo's picture

One word: WOW! Happy New Year.

Wiscokid's picture

OMG!!! The Lions must really hate the Packers as if they didn't already.

Matt Fynn with Packer passing record, who would have thunk it?

Congrats to the G Men. What at game.

davyjones's picture

The Lions are now the most Hateful team in the NFL. They are thugs and their coach seems to be at the root of it. He appears to be a little on the whiney side and he seems to have taken passion over the line to pure hotheadedness.

PackersRS's picture

Yep. This game sealed the deal for me.

cow42's picture


this is gonna sound stupid but i hate the lions more than the bares and 'queens right now.

bares at least show some class.

'queens look like they're gonna be harmless for a while.

lions have zero class. every player/coach on that team is a tool.

Tommyboy's picture

Even though it hurt his team, I can SORT of understand the timeout due to frustration, but it goes so much deeper. He downright encourages the personal fouls, I think. I also am pretty tired of that stupid fist pump after scores.

Suh did "The Belt" to mock Rodgers (maybe he didn't notice he wasn't playing?). I would love to do the fist pump on random first downs to mock Schwartz.

PackersRS's picture

Dominc Raiola (Lions center) had to reportedly calm down Schwartz at some point in the game.

That tells you all you need to know.

overkill's picture

Screw 'em.

overkill's picture

"Matt Flynn made himself a ton of money today.
And no, Flynn's performance does not detract from what should be an MVP award for Rodgers."
Right on both counts.
Matt Flynn, unbelievable. Thought it was over late, was asking too much from him, but he gutted it out big time. As did Jones, when it counted. (the man catches better during adverse weather? wt*?)
Rodgers knew this cemented Matt's departure but was still grinning ear to ear.
Great way to end regular season.
Get Nelson outta there on punt returns.

kparis99's picture

Heard Flynn say that Rodgers did a great job calling the plays? Need to know, was Aaron just relaying the plays to Flynn, or actually calling the plays on the field. If Aaron was calling the plays, is just adds to his awesome factor. A-rod, calling the plays like Bart Starr did, back in the day is too cool. Anyone else hear this, or researching this. I'd like to know.

packsmack25's picture

Flynn and McCarthy said that he called the plays out of the no huddle in the first half. He's so awesome.

kparis99's picture

That is awesome. My huge mancrush on Rodgers got even bigger.

PackersRS's picture

Yep that's correct. But more than once Flynn changed the call at the LOS.

The guy did a wonderful job all around today and showed the NFL that he is a starter in a lot of teams. He made great adjustements, kept his poise, showed leadership, and made some huge throws.

Only one really bad decision and a great game from a guy that doesn't practice with the starters is huge.

kparis99's picture

I'm taking nothing away from Flynn, he did a great job obviously. I just thought it was really cool to have Rodgers picking the plays and calling them in. Super cool in my mind to have a QB calling the game rather than an Off Cord, or Coach, even though it was only two minute drill/hurry up. My thoughts are, I'm thinking this was also part of Macarthy's plan to keep Rodgers involved in the gameplan, keep his mind fresh on game situations, rather than just sitting on the sideline. Genious move by MaCarthy I think.

PackersRS's picture

McCarthy has done an amazing job of building leadership in this young rosters.

Oppy's picture

The reason WHY Rodgers called the plays is even more awesome.

MM said that he felt it was important for Rodgers to prepare for the game as though he was going to start, because anything could have happened (what if Rodgers needed to play due to injury or sickness, who knows what), and also because MM felt that even after he decided to sit Aaron, he needed him to remain mentally involved in the game and sharp to help him stay on top of things going into the bye.

MM decided to run no huddle the entire first half, and in a genius move, also decided to allow Rodgers to call the entire offense over the headset to Flynn for that duration.. What a better way to keep your QB locked into the game mentally, even if he isn't playing the game physically.

Aaron Rodgers played the chess match the entire first half of the game.


kparis99's picture

Ha Ha, I just read your post Oppy.. Ditto.

JJB's picture

Didn't get to watch. How was the passrush?

Chris's picture

Nearly non-existant as could be expected with the only reliable pass rusher on the sideline.

PackersRS's picture

What pass rush?

POOCH's picture

Lee is out,Walden on his way out,Play Soto opposite Clay then watch how effective he can be

cow42's picture

walden may not see the field again this year.
zombo's just kinda 'there'.
so'oto and jones played better than the other 2 in my opinion.

PackersRS's picture

Walden was having a good year actually, improved from last year, but I think the off-field "shenaningans" started to affect him.

POOCH's picture

One of the greastest maybe most entertaining games at Lambeau other one was GB beats Wash. Monday night 48-45

cow42's picture

i think lang may be a tackle.
if eds can continue to improve, bulaga, eds, wells, sitton, lang might be their best run/pass line.

KurtMc's picture

Agree Cow42. So'oto won the OLB position tryout "interview" by his play today. An excellent text book tackle.

Brad Jones showed "Flashes" also.

Hope Pickey can stay healthy in the playoff's.

Hope the DOM has a few tricks for playoffs.

LOVED the O-Line play today...

KurtMc's picture

Also, why don't our DB's play physical within the 5 yards? T. Williams needs to at least attempt to disrupt the route.

One of the Lions score (I forgot which) at the goal line, the DB were off the WR's 4 yards??

Don't know what's up with that?

eqfan592's picture

I don't think T. Williams trying to get in the face of a player like C. Johnson is going to work out too well in the long run most times....

Dave's picture

Great game offense!! Flynn was awesome. But, hate to say it, win or lose in the playoffs, I think the coaches for the safeties and CB's will be replaced after the season is over.

Bob's picture

Yes, with Thompson's business like approach. I wouldn't feel to comfortable about my situation whether I'm a player or an assistant after the season ends. I got a nice chuckle out of a comment on one of the blogs yesterday, "Does the defense even practice during the week".

Starry Barts's picture

I just love this team.

buckslayernyc's picture

I think, even under the new NFLPA agreement, the Packers can Tag Flynn ala Matt Cassell, which guarantees him about 12 million in a one year contract, and then trade him. The catch is if Flynn won't sign it, or if the Packers can't find a trading partner willing to convert that $12mil into a signing bonus and long term contract.

I highly doubt the Packers let him walk, I just get a little nuts when I hear the sportscasters constantly spew that he is an unrestricted free agent next year....

Ask Corey Williams how that worked out, or Matt Cassel for that matter.

Ted Thompson would obviously not tip his hand in this regard.

Oppy's picture

IMO, Finley will get the tag and the Packers will let Flynn go in FA.

Mike McCarthy openly embraces people moving up and moving on. In fact, he practically advertises and promotes his assistant coaching staff whenever there are openings around the league for OC, DC, or HC jobs.

I think he is a HC who understands that this is a very fluid business in terms of personnel and staff, and that everyone's ultimate goal is to better themselves, grow, and move up the ladder. You enjoy your time with people while they are here, make the most of their talents, help them grow, and when they outgrow what you can offer them, you happily set them on their way to bigger and better things.

It might be different if the Packers felt Flynn was a back-up QB and they had a use for him. But I think they all know he's got the talent to be a starter, and he deserves the freedom to make an unfettered business decision. He's done all they asked, and there has been no hostilities.

With Finley, I believe the Packers want to work something out with him, but it may take the time bought with the franchise tag to accomplish that. If things genuinely don't work out, they may trade him.

Bob's picture

The Packers have already made what was probably close to their best offer to Finley. Their is only so much money to go around, Pack can only afford one mega contract. Who would you pay Finley or Rodgers. Unless Finley is willing to sign for 4 million or less per year, he will be gone. My guess is a team like the Jets will make an offer that cannot be worked into the Packers numbers.

Tommer's picture

That's why he will be given the franchise tag and traded for a first round draft pick.

Bob's picture

There is only one tag for the team, who do they use it on Flynn or Finley. You can win without a tightend, not without a good quarterback. Who will fetch more in a trade?

Oppy's picture

"The Packers have already made what was probably close to their best offer to Finley. "

What makes you so sure of this? People were sure the Pack wasn't making headway with Williams, Rodgers, and Bishop at varying points as well. You just never know.

Sometimes it takes a lot of time to get these things done. If I'm not mistaken, didn't the Packers place the franchise tag on Ryan Pickett for what basically amounted to just a handful of days until they ironed out his contract extension?

I think the Packers will tag Finley with the hopes of coming to terms sometime within the span of the offseason. If it turns out that Finley and the Packers can't come to a mutual long term agreement, but Finley is professional about things, the Packers will probably enjoy his services for the season and let him walk thereafter.

If they can't come to terms and Finley takes the tagging personally and allows it to be a distraction, the Packers will put him up for offers from other teams and take the best trade partner.

Just my take, anyways.

Bob's picture

I think the Pack wanted Finley bad, only so much money for receivers on any team. Jennings, Nelson, & Jones + Driver, that's a lot of salary and cap space. Don't get me wrong I like Finley. The money is just not there for what he and his agent want, top 5 money. My best case scenerio (which never happens) is tag Flynn. Trade him and Hawk to either Washington or Miami (top 10 picks) for 1st round pick and late round pick. Finley signs mega deal with another team has great year, Packers get 3rd round compensatory pick or my favorite option, Finley resigns with Packers at cap friendly number just like Jones. Think of it top ten pick, late round pick, get rid of linebacker who doesn't fit this system and keep Finley. If dreams only really happen, then again sometimes they really do happen.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Well, I gave the edge to Detroit in this one for all the obvious reasons. I guess I just gave their starters too much credit and our JV squad not enough. When it's all said and done, they are still the lions and they still don't win at Lambeau, I did punch myself in the face, it doesn't make it right, but it's the least I could do.


overkill's picture

Schwartz don't surf, Fitz.
Love the smell of Lion hair burning in the morning.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Surf? Explain.

Oppy's picture

Apocalypse Now reference?

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Never saw it, been meaning to since Homer Simpson made a Soylent Green reference tho.

Bob's picture

Solyent Green is my favorite movie. "Solyent green is People, you've got to tell them Hatcher, it,s people', there breeding us like cattle, tell them"

Normthe1's picture

+1 with a hat-tip...!

Winks's picture

Bonus points for Brad Smith... took out a fan that ran onto the field late in the fourth quarter before the Packers kicked off to the Lions one final time. Hell of a tackle, too.

Wagszilla's picture

Tramon was getting shredded all day and his "hit" towards the end of the game was as dirty as they come. Disappointing.

That being said, the Lions are complete bush league and wish both them and Suh the most unpleasant of 2012's.

Interesting to see Capers try so many new looks. Let's hope the D can get a little more pressure in the playoffs.

PackersRS's picture

calling shenanigans on the "dirty" tackle. He had no way of telling that the ball had been dropped, he made a great effort to stop the guy from moving forward.

Kparis99's picture

Tramons tackle was as clean as they come. It was probably his best tackle of the day. I have no problem with it at all.

Wagszilla's picture

It's not the tackle, it's bending the guy back...

There's no way he couldn't have seen that.

Packer Hank's picture

Matt Flynn = Obi Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor). Tell me he doesn't have a resemblance. And the fact he was using Jedi mind tricks out there today proves it.

Oppy's picture

Clean shaven, he looks like Matt Damon, from Good Will Hunting.

Another way of putting it, He's got that Irish Bostonian look- which I think he actually is..?

jim's picture

we are truly watching an organization that has it all together. wouldnt it be great to go to work and have your job work as smoothly as this organization does, and have a boss who showcases your talent and recommends you for better things? i can think of no better term for the packers than "class".

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