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Gut Reactions: Week 14

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Gut Reactions: Week 14

  • On a night when Rodgers threw for less than 200 yards and no touchdowns, the Packers exerted their will against the Lions on the ground. 
  • Randall Cobb is, without question, Rodgers' go-to receiver. 
  • Loved seeing Ryan Grant's excitement after his lone run. 
  • Actually, loved almost everything I saw from all the running backs tonight. Both Alex Green and DuJaun Harris had good games.
  • Barclay played a scrappy game at right tackle, but I'm still not sold on starting him over Lang if Lang is healthy. 
  • Watching the Packers try to rush the passer without Clay Matthews is painful. 
  • I have no idea what Morgan Burnett is supposed to do on the play where he was flagged against Calvin Johnson. 
  • Speaking of Johnson, Tramon Williams battled his ass off against Megatron. The results weren't always pretty, but he played a hell of a game. 
  • Mason Crosby looks much better.
  • That said, can we please stop giving away huge swings in field position on these long attempts?
  • Aaron Rodgers is going to catch all sorts of hell for his Lambeau Leap. 
  • Mike Daniels - I know you are told to fall on the ball...but thanks for not falling on the ball. 
  • I'm really getting sick of this team coming out flat.
  • That said, I was never worried when it was 14-0.
  • Imagine what this team could do if it ever gets everyone healthy...
  • The Packers are back in first place where they belong and can clinch the division in Chicago next week.
  • Has this team found a bit of a running game? Yes, I believe they have. Loved seeing pulling guards and offensive linemen reporting eligible. If Rodgers can start hitting on some play-action throws, this offense will become dangerous at the right time. 
  • Welcome to Bears Week. They still suck. 
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Nerd's Laptop's picture

-Packers JV team beat Detoilet for the their game in a row.

-Running game looks good behind Barclay.

-Grant looks like he hasn't lost any burst at all, based on that one run.

-DuJuan looks like the real deal.

-Shields made a clutch INT. Came close to at least one more too.

-Young DBs aren't getting all the INTs that come to them. But they're young. They'll start getting those.

-Do you bring Woody back? Play him over Hayward?

-Crosby did ok in the weather, imo.

-All the injuries added up to a solid "lull" this week, but the team battled back and overcame the deficit.

-Daniels with a game ball for that recovery/TD.

-Shields with a game ball too for the INT.

-Aaron still tried to go deep too much, but all in all, solid game.

imma fubared's picture

Yes they won but in a few weeks we start playing the elite teams and here's where we are beating ourselvesL

1. Still need to rush 5 and 6 and that hasn't done much except to open up the opposing teams receivers a lot.
2. Raji is getting manhandled this year. No run stoppage and no pressure up the middle even with Pickett next to him. Take Raji out and put a someone with legs in there.
3. Try Crabtree at DE. He has the size and quickness that no one currently in that position has.
3. A J Hawk is non impressive. He is very slow for a linebacker.
4. Rogers seems reluctant to run. I hope he doesn't have brain freeze from last years MVP.
He sure isn't doing a lot lately.
5. O line did a good job considering.
6. D backs are playing pretty well. I notice they are turning back for the ball more.
7. Who ever told MM he knew how to call plays and had any strategy at it. Time to get someone to do that job and let him coach. Way to many missed opportunities in that game plan of his.
They are always 3rd and 6 it seems.

packeraaron's picture

<em>Yes they won but </em>

Lotta that tonight.

John's picture

win is a win

Nerd&#039;s Laptop's picture

1: We're getting Clay back.

2,3: We're getting CJ Wilson back.

5: The Loins have an elite DL. Our guys went up against them in the trenches and slugged out a tough, gritty victory.

6: We'll be getting Woody back soon. Gotta find a place to play him.

jeremy's picture

"Raji is getting manhandled this year."

What game were you watching? You didn’t notice him dump a pulling guard and blow up a running play single handedly. The guy is drawing double teams regularly.

John's picture

The game was called brilliantly!!! Great reaction to the flow of the game.

Did you watch the game at all?? lol

FITZCORE 1252&#039;S EVO's picture

Gonna be sooo great to get Clay back. Great win, bring on duh bares.


aussiepacker's picture

Hey dude did you go to the ufc the other night when it was in seattle? Wicked night of fights.

FITZCORE 1252&#039;S EVO's picture

I sure didn't buddy. I had obligations all afternoon, but I watched them from home. Great card. I figured Henderson would win, buti didn't think Nick would absolutely get dominated like that. I tell you what I came away with... Rory is filthy, he will be a champion. Guaranteed.

Ruppert's picture

I had to laugh when Cutler got destroyed yesterday. I hope he gets better, though. It's not like Jason Campbell is Johnny U, but I think I'd rather see the terminally lousy Cutler next week.

Let's wrap up the North on Sunday.

FITZCORE 1252&#039;S EVO's picture

He got smashed... I hope he's out!

Mojo's picture

I don't want to get greedy, but I want a first round bye. Alright I'll get greedy.

There's going to be a lot of complaining about this game, but I thought it was a good game. And as I far as I know, no new injuries.

jmac34's picture

no new injuries? best news of the night

denniseckersley's picture

Man, I haven't felt this good all season.

However, if someone said they Packers probably should have lost their last 4 games, I wouldn't argue with them. They've been poor for long stretches in all of them. They haven't played a really good game since St. Louis.

Fortunately, though, THE BEARS STILL SUCK

murphy's picture

*sits back, cracks a beer, and awaits Cow's flurry of stopped-clock doomsday predictions about next week's game*

Wagszilla's picture

EDS has looked quite horrible several weeks in a row.
I'll take Lang at LG over EDS any day of the week.

Jermichael Finley doesn't know how to block like Tramon Williams doesn't know how to tackle. I suppose I should congratulate him on not dropping 2(?) balls but I don't like sucking up to a perpetual underachiever so hey, I won't. Unforgivable. Even Jarrett Boykin managed to block well and he's a little baby wide receiver.

Hey McCarthy, why is it so hard for you to call a slant?

Nerd&#039;s Laptop's picture

Finley completely whiffed on that one play, resulting in DuJuan getting stuffed.

Beep's picture

Harris almost got killed due to JMike's whiff. That one is going to get some laughs in the film room based on how awful it was to not only miss the guy shooting the gap but barely touching the other LB who was standing there.

Jack's picture

Outside linebacker situation without Matthews = yikes. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't see any hits or hurries or anything from Moses, Walden, and Zombo.

alfredomartinez's picture

Zombo got laid out by Stafford and Moses got flagged a few times...the only one working his butt off was the always, unsung hero Walden...but youre right...w/o Mathews=yikes

lebowski's picture

Walden was invisible. As usual.

kevin's picture

Walden is not good. Not sure why you think he is a hero. Moses does what Walden does now, but is an UDFA and will get better.

Nerd&#039;s Laptop's picture

Moses is a rookie. He needs an offseason in the weight room, and he'll be a true pro.

We'll also get Perry back.

This group's got a future.

denniseckersley's picture

Moses sure was hurrying to get past the LOS before the ball got snapped

jack in jersey city's picture

clay matthews makes everyone around him better. you'll see both walden and moses make some pretty big plays once he's back

Beep's picture

Matthews out is like when your boss is gone and everyone screws around while he's gone. Boss gets back and asks, what the hell did you guys do?

lebowski's picture

It's not a matter of starting Barclay over Lang if he's healthy. It's a matter of starting Barclay over EDS, who gets pushed back into the QB like he's on skates. Barclay needs to stay at right tackle, Lang needs to get back inside.

mark's picture


FITZCORE 1252&#039;S EVO's picture


imma fubared's picture

I noticed the Lions used the identical defense the Giants used: 4 linemen, 2 linebackers and 2 corners 5 yards back and cover 2 safties playing deep. Rogers hates that defense and MM has no clue on how to beat it by passing so he runs and it worked against the Lions.

murphy's picture

Rodgers and McCarthy should compare notes with Ponder and Fraizer; those guys are masters at not being able to beat defenses with passing.

John's picture

what an idiot Rodgers is the best QB in the league

Pete's picture

AJ Hawk is scared of the new rules. He refuses to lower his shoulder to make a tackle. A few times he was right at the ball carrier tonight but arm tackled him instead of putting his shoulder into him giving them a few extra yards. Hawk takes a ton of criticism (deservedly) but he's almost always there. Lower the shoulder man!!

Pete's picture

Hey, if teams want to play 2 deep like the Lions and Giants have done, I think this RB corps can take advantage. Mac might finally have understood how to run the ball. Green, Grant and DuJuan can be effective and neither of them are too egotistical to share the load. Mix it up use PA-Pass and the offense will open up.

Nononsense's picture

I predicted in the "Things to watch and a prediction" thread that DuJuan Harris would open some eyes and I do believe he did that. I also think he just scratched the surface of the things he can do for this offense.

Bottom line hes a quick decisive zone RB and despite his size hes a physical north/south runner and he showed that on his first carry tonight with the huge collision at the end.

Gonna turn out to be one of those wonderful late season street FA pickups TTs been good with over the last few years.

JordanB's picture

Hard to say how well the Packers run game would have been against a Lions team that was battling for a playoff spot. The Lions weren't playing for anything.

It's never been about how great the Packers run the ball during the regular season. It's how they run the ball in critical playoff games.

I can think of two NFC championship games against the Giants that didn't go too well running the ball.

James Starks made key runs during critical moments in the 2010 playoff run. If Starks isn't available, then someone else will have to step up during the playoffs.

Starks is a proven playoff/superbowl winner. The Packers are 1-3 in playoffs with Grant even though Grant ran the ball well during the regular season. Green or Harris will hopefully do well in the playoffs.

aussiepacker's picture

The lions were playing for there first win at green bay in over 2 decades. You cant tell me that is not motivation.

Norman's picture

Not to nitpick but last year's playoff game against the Giants was not the NFC Championship Game. Point taken though that they haven't run the ball well against the Giants in the playoffs. Hopefully they won't see them this year, but doubtful they'd be able to avoid them and SF if they were to make the Super Bowl, both of whom are tough to run on.

PackersRS's picture

PULLING @@#%%# GUARDS! That is how you run the ball.

Beep's picture

+1. I was jumping up and down cheering when I saw 71 and 62 sweeping around the tackles.

PackerBacker's picture

I yelled when I saw that too. Finally a power running scheme.

John's picture

Starks cannot be depended on to stay healthy. End of story

lebowski's picture

You can add Mike Neal to that club as well. Ridiculous.

Jamie's picture


Are you upset with God???

Surely you're not upset with Neal...for having at least to this point legit injuries (the two most significant requiring surgery).

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"The Bears still suck!"
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