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Gut Reactions: Week 12

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Gut Reactions: Week 12

  • A perfect storm of mistakes tonight resulted in the Packers being on the wrong end of the team's worst blowout since 2007. 
  • Teams like the Giants have a pretty good idea of how to play this offense. Overwhelm the offensive line with four rushers, keep Rodgers inside the pocket and good things happen. The Packers haven't yet found an adjustment. 
  • They need to find such an adjustment before the postseason. Both the 49ers and Giants proved they can pull off the defensive blueprint. 
  • There were protection break downs from each and every player on the offensive line. Disappointing job upfront, but also a dominating effort from the Giants front four. 
  • Eli Manning has an answer for anything and everything Dom Capers throws at him. 
  • For the first time since Seattle, the Packers didn't have an answer to an opposing running game. New York pushed around Green Bay's defensive front, especially once C.J. Wilson went out early. 
  • The lack of effort on Ahmad Bradshaw's 59-yard screen-and-run on the Giants' first series was a microcosm of the entire night. 
  • Osi Umenyiora's strip-sack was eerily reminiscent of his play in the second half last January. Had a similar impact, too. If the Packers score on the final possession of the first half, it's a much different ball game over the final 30 minutes. 
  • Mike McCarthy obviously still has the confidence in Mason Crosby to send him out for long kicks. Crosby hit the 55-yarder true but just wide left. A punt is still probably a better decision there. Play the field position game. 
  • Corey Webster's interception was a result of preparation. He knew the route combination and jumped the route. Rodgers never saw him, probably because he's not supposed to be where he ended up. 
  • Dezman Moses is going to be a player. He's still raw, but there's a bright future down the road.
  • That said, Clay Matthews' return can't come soon enough. 
  • Jordy Nelson's stick-and-go route for a touchdown looked a lot like a score from 2011. 
  • However, so did Capers' defense. Manning torched Green Bay on third down and the Giants did pretty much anything they wanted on the ground. 
  • The writing was on the wall for this upset: A motivated Giants team, playing at home after the bye, facing a beat up Packers team struggling to protect their passer. An unexpected final score, but not an unexpected result. 
  • Luckily for Green Bay, Super Bowls aren't won or lost in Week 12. 
  • The Packers have five games to get healthy, punch their ticket to the dance and hope for the best. Anything can happen once your name is in the playoff hat. 
  • Three wins over the last five (Minnesota, at Detroit, at Chicago, Tennessee, at Minnesota) will certainly do the trick. 
  • The healing process begins next Sunday when Minnesota travels to Green Bay. This team can get healthy in a hurry with a win over the fading Vikings. 
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Kparis99's picture

Zach Kruse, positivity, keep it up, others haven't.

redlights's picture

So much for laughing at Chicago last Monday night. This was almost as bad. Packers >Bears.

Can anyone stop the 49ers?

NoWayJose's picture

It was worse. The Bears were playing their terrible backup QB. We had Rodgers.

Putrid, just one game though. Watch the tape. Burn it. Move on.

sparkyo's picture

x2 what Kparis99 said.

Mojo's picture

Can't remember a game they looked this bad in all phases. Fortunately, only counts as one regular season loss, but man do they have some work to do. Both lines were completely outplayed which is not good sign. The offense has to find something to counter the two high shell. The D needs a consistent pass rush from someone other than CM3. Oh, and the kicker needs to figure things out. Else, everythings fine.

woodson4president's picture

There was no drive in this packer team tonight. Seemed obvious from pretty early how this one would end up. We need clay.....n 3 or 4 new OL.

kennypayne's picture

Truth is Pack is just not physical enough on O line, D line, or at LB position to hang with SF or the Giants. ARod is the best, but so was Peyton Manning all those years and he got 1 Super Bowl in Indy.

No more Saturday type signings, moving a mediocre G to Tackle when a starting T goes down, and need a thumper at ILB (time for Hawk to make his $7M elsewhere next year). Perhaps a real RB would be nice as well.

Nerdmann's picture

It's a finesse team, but Dez Bishop is their "thumper" at ILB.

McMillian brought the wood tonight, but he got called for a personal foul for doing so.

Kind of a finesse league right now in some respects.

Nerdmann's picture

-Agreed, we went to their house, after they were rested from a bye week. Still, we played like this against the Lions too, but everyone gave them a pass, because we won.

-Say what you want about Green and Starks, but I thought they ran hard.

-The Oline stunk it up, but Arodge is still holding the ball for 8+ seconds at times.

-Eli Manning doesn't have "answers." He threw us 2-3 INTs tonight, we just didn't make the plays.

-Agreed, the FG at the beginning was a little to bold. But I don't think the game turned on that play.

-Is CJ Wilson REALLY that good? We couldn't stop the run tonight, or the screen game for that matter. But I don't think it was due to losing CJ Wilson.

-I heard Clay's gonna be out again v Minnesota. They have a pretty good RB over there too.

-Finley had an ugly drop, but also made a great heads up play to save would could very well have been a second INT for Rodgers.

-I love Cobb, but it seemed like they were trying to force it to him tonight. Kind of like what they were doing with Finley a couple years ago.

-Did Jayme ever find her cat?

mark's picture

-I love Cobb, but it seemed like they were trying to force it to him tonight. Kind of like what they were doing with Finley a couple years ago.

This. Webster was moving on Cobb before Rodgers released that ball. And he left Jones wide open. Not sure if he saw something pre-snap or what. But had Rodgers seen this, he had Jones for a big gainer, maybe 6.

Also, I think the sweep play to Cobb tonight was (in part) a set up. Watch for Cobb to throw one of those at some key point in the future.

Walty's picture

They've been saving the Cobb Pass for the playoffs.

cheesy4's picture

They have to make it to the playoffs first.

mark's picture

If at the start of the year you told me the Pack lost to Giants down Jennings, Clay, Bulaga, Bishop, Woodson, Perry and Shields, I probably would have said very sarcastically, "no shit"

I'm not making excuses for the guys who were out there tonight. It was awful, especially the defense. No doubt, this team has a lot of work to do. But we saw what they were capable of in Texas. It is possible.

Remember what Vince said, "It's easy to have faith in yourself and have discipline when you're a winner, when you're number one. What you got to have is faith and discipline when you're not a winner."

Point Packer's picture

MM's playing calling that led to the missed 55 yarder was beyond the pale. After a five yard gain on 1st down he called that awful John Kuhn up the middle dive that hasn't gained more than 3 yards in the last 3 years. Setting up a must pass down that the Giants capitalized on with a sack. And then to not either go for it or punt, is beyond me. No one on the Packers side who has half been paying attention the last month had any confidence that was going through the uprights. And to no one's surprise, it didn't. That missed field goal led to a short field for the Giants, who immediately capitalized and swung the momentum in their favor. Yes, not the first or last mistake of that game for the Pack, but a big one in my opinion. Combined with a continued inability to stop anyone on the Giants d-line. MM is a big piece of the blame on this one.

Cole's picture

How McCarthy can't find an answer to the two high look is beyond me. He keeps trying to force a square peg into a round hole. He deserves to be in the ugly for not only this game, but the whole season. We have won in spite of him. Great coach, atrocious play-caller...this year at least. Here's a memo: the league has caught up to you!!!

Pack Fan in ATL's picture

Problem is, the best answer this team has had for the 2 high has been a problem of late: Jermicheal Finley. Jermicheal used to destroy that look running up the seams, but he hasn't played well (drops galore) since week 3 at the Bears last year when he got 3 TDs and it just seems that Rodgers has lost a little faith in him when he isn't tunnel visioning Cobb.

jack in jersey city's picture

i was at the game tonight and everybody in that stadium was shocked that the packers were that pathetic. everybody expected an exciting, close game after the first few series but it just didn't happen. i really want to be positive but i have a hard time seeing this team going deep into the post-season with this O-line. i know our defense will definitely improve when matthews, woodson, and shields come back but this is our O-line for the rest of the season and i'm not sure they will be much better than they were tonight. also, the lack of O-line depth is very troubling- it could be a total disaster if we lose 1 more guy on that line! trying to stay positive.......

mark's picture

While I'm not going to overreact to this loss, I did see some twitter talk about how the Packers drop the occasional dud. Yeah, ok. Most teams do, Packers included. I get that.

But the post-game statements about effort, physicality and desire have me on alert. This was week 12 with tons at stake, in prime time, against the team that kicked your ass in the playoffs last year. And you couldn't bring the effort? Yikes.

Pickett did say this: "They played harder than us. That's not going to happen again. If we lose, it's not going to be because a team played harder than us"

We'll see.

Nerdmann's picture

"MM Lull."

It is likely to happen again, Lord help us.

Jake's picture

The loss doesn't bother me that much, as ugly as it was. I know the team is struggling to get healthy, and with our playmakers back on defense that will help a lot. The thing that bothers me is that no matter how many of our players do get healthy, none of them will be o-lineman. The lineup we have to protect Rodgers right now is the best it could possibly be the rest of the season. Bulaga is on IR, and we have really no depth, with Sherrod looking like he's not coming back this season. A lot of other teams (like the Bears) can survive with terrible o-lines, but they can run the ball much better and play more consistently on defense. Our team is so reliant on the QB play. The fact that we CAN'T protect him is frightening.

Ron Glick's picture

Does this increase the odds of Sherrod sticking for the year? What other option do they have?

jack in jersey city's picture

this is exactly what i was saying

Gloriious80s's picture


mike78's picture

Just as the Viking game would have been close enough for a win to be possible with PH, so are the packers with CM3 and Jennings.

cow42's picture

hey bearmeat -

come on back, bro. we all suffered enough last night. your debt is considered "paid" in my book. and don't be all "no - i honor my bets"'s not necessary. this is not a time for division amongst fans. time to bond.

i will say this, though... NOW WILL YOU GUYS LISTEN TO ME?!

i am in no way surprised that a blowout like this happened... my only surprise is that a blowout like this didn't happen SOONER.

they're not gonna be dealing with the likes of the rams and cardinals and jaguars anymore. 10 wins is not a given. PLAYOFFS are not a given.

this team is soft as shit. have been for a long time. they do not move the opposition out of the way... they are not capable... they are not physically strong enough. they have to rely on tricking teams or running away from/around teams... that does not happen against sound/physical defenses or offensive lines.

a couple of things...

1 - stop blaming the injuries. would woodson, shields, benson, or bulaga really have changed the outcome? shields is no better than house or hayward. woodson has been done for a while. benson is an average back. the line sucked ass WITH bulaga - maybe not THIS much, but they sucked non the less.

yes - matthews would have helped... but not 28 points worth.

no - jennings would not have helped. the o line is too pathetic to allow any skill player to help.

2 - stop comparing this season to the 2010 season. that line didn't suck ass. that defense was stifling. that run game was respectable. that offense hadn't been figured out. that team NEVER got trounced by 28 (and it was only 28 because the Giants called off the dogs - coulda' been a 42 point spread easy... lucky they weren't playing the Pats last night).

3 - someone go back and see if there has ever been a team that won the super bowl during a season where they also lost a game by 28... i bet such a team does not exist.

4 - rodgers holds the ball too long because... (a) he doesn't rust his line, (b) this offense has been figured out since KC '11, and (c) the Packer receivers are OVERRATED! yup - i said it... they drop the ball A LOT and, judging by the fact that rodgers can't get rid of the ball, they must be having an extremely difficult time getting separation.

we are now in the same boat as teams like cleveland, minnesota, miami, buffalo, tampa bay, san diego, etc... we get to watch the games and root for victory. but we know deep down that there will be no hoisting of any trophy at the end of the season. kinda like watching the bucks or the brewers... you do it out of loyalty.

Chad Toporski's picture

Go away.

cow42's picture


now that you're done with the insult part...

where am i wrong?

Chris's picture

So easy to say all year the Packers are a bad team and once they actually play a crappy match come out and say: I told you so.
Just shut up.

Caruso's picture


Please indicate those points where the OP is wrong.

I live in Dallas Cowboyz hell, and the same "we'll get it taken care of this week" reaction to a loss is something I hear all the time.

The problem? This is a team that THINKS its smarter and tougher than everyone else. The league, the fans, the coaches, and the players have all bought into the idea of the GBP juggernaut when it's simply not true. That's why M3 and DC won't/can't adjust. They simply don't think they have to.

Rush four, drop back two safeties. Wait for Finley to drop the ball or Rodgers to get sacked. Boom...done.

Watch film from the past two years. Practice a few timing routes underneath and use your TE to pick up the occasional blitz. Boom...done.

It's not hard to beat the Packers. It's just that everyone thinks it is until they take the 15 minutes to realize they've seen it all before.

Chad Toporski's picture

Never insulted you, just told you to go away. There's also no point discussing anything with you, because you don't care to listen, and you are a gigantic extremist. You have nothing of adequate substance to add to the conversation. Period.

cow42's picture

and you still have not said anything meaningful.

stop focusing on me and focus on what i have said/been saying.

where am i wrong?

Fergawdsakes...'s picture

"they’re not gonna be dealing with the likes of the rams and cardinals and jaguars anymore. 10 wins is not a given. PLAYOFFS are not a given."

- No, they're only going to be dealing with the likes of the Vikings (twice), the Lions, and the Titans....uhhhh

"stop comparing this season to the 2010 season. that line didn’t suck ass. that defense was stifling. that run game was respectable. that offense hadn’t been figured out.

- Packers o-line in '10 was mediocre (20th in sacks allowed), and the running game was not respectable in week 12 (how could you forget the whole "trade for Marshawn Lynch now!" hullabaloo?), and I don't get what the hell you mean by "that offense hadn't been figured out."

"someone go back and see if there has ever been a team that won the super bowl during a season where they also lost a game by 28… i bet such a team does not exist."

- Um, the Giants lost to the Saints by 25 just last year, in Week 12 coincidentally...

"we are now in the same boat as teams like cleveland, minnesota, miami, buffalo, tampa bay, san diego, etc… we get to watch the games and root for victory. but we know deep down that there will be no hoisting of any trophy at the end of the season. kinda like watching the bucks or the brewers… you do it out of loyalty."

- Wow. You're clearly the kind of pessimistic douchebag who lurks in the weeds waiting to pounce on any negative (real or perceived) so that you can gleefully shout about how awful everything is. You really want the Packers to fail so that you can smugly shout at everyone "see, I told you so." Deny it all you want, but it's obvious that you'd rather be right more than the Pack succeed.

You talk about the Pack being soft, but the reality is that you're soft. A real fan has perspective and doesn't let one bad performance send their opinion of their team into the gutter. Seriously, grow up.

cow42's picture

except i was saying these things when they were 15-1.
and i've been saying these things all year.

was the '10 line better than this one?
was the '10 running game better than this one?


oh - and i guarantee that they lose 3 of vikings/vikings/lions/titans.

Chris's picture

> except i was saying these things
> when they were 15-1.
> and i’ve been saying these things
> all year.

And you were wrong all last year. Only because you might be right now doesnt make you a genius how "knew it all before". An ape can make better predictions.

Tommyboy's picture

cow - I actually agree with a lot of what you said. The line stinks and we are often physically outmatched. I'd add that last night, McCarthy called a very poor game. He was impatient, stubborn, and appears terrified with the prospect of sustaining long drives.

I don't think our receivers are overrated. Well, Finley is overrated. That's clear as day. While there are drops, I suspect the drop rates are on par or better than the league average. What is far better than average is their ability to make plays and get open. The problem last night was that Rodgers was getting killed and again, in my opinion, McCarthy was so stubborn with throwing the deep ball that receivers were unable to complete their routes.

So, to be honest, I'm not hating your right now. The only thing I'll say is this, it's the "guaranteeing" they will lose three games to the Vikings/Vikings/Lions/Titans that makes people want to spit. You saying "I was saying this when they were 15-1" is EXACTLY the problem. Were their problems when they were 15-1? Quite obviously there were. The problem is that you inflate these problems to suggest they will lose, and lose in bunches. This type of cynicism is so obnoxious that it has you smelling like a troll (to be clear, I'm not accusing you of being one). There is no accountability when you say they'll be 5-6 by Thanksgiving, only gloating when the team you love loses as you predicted.

If you noticed, the article in which you went off on how everyone was too optimistic on the team, was an article about how the Packers were going to lose by two scores. That was a bold prediction considering the Packers haven't lost by double digits in three years.

So again, just breathe and do drugs. ;).

Idiot Fan's picture

It's the easy way out to just predict that we're not good enough to win the Super Bowl every year. Most years you will be right simply because winning a Super Bowl is very hard. And in the off-chance that you are wrong, nobody cares because we just won the Super Bowl.

Tommyboy's picture

IdiotFan - absolutely. I meant to include that as well, but was also aware of my getting long-winded. That's part of the obnoxious part. If cow had had a blog to post on for the last 46 super bowls, he would have gloated 42 of those times. Asserting that everyone is assuming the Packers will win the Super Bowl year after year is a straw-man argument I alluded to a couple days ago. We're not idiots (well, I suppose YOU are:)). We see how insanely flawed that setup to be.

Pack Fan in ATL's picture

Dude, the 2010 Running game was not better than this year's running game. You must be remembering Starks during the playoff run. The 2010 running game during the regular season was abysmal.

Bearmeat's picture


As Yoda would say: One good guess does not a prophet make. However, in this case you were right on. And I will agree with you that the Packers OL was exposed on National TV last night. If they don't get better (and I don't see how they will), GB is not going anywhere in the playoffs against good D's.

Plus, MM and AR need to adjust the offense to run more and do short routes. The days of the multiple 5 second dropbacks per game need to be over. Now.

And I will take my punishment like a man - at least through the rest of the year. Bearmeat will not post until after the SuperBowl. Maybe I will post under another pseudonym. ;)

However, I do take issue with the other parts of your analysis of the 2012 GB Packers. The WR's have the ability to burn the best Defenses. And the D with Clay and Wood will be just fine with the improving young players. I really do think that.

I say to you - Good day sir.

fubared's picture

I agree. Also there will be no playoff's for this team either for several years until we can put a very good O line together and get a running back. Look at our division, especially the Vikes. They got healthy quick and back in the picture. No more two easy victories over them the Lions, one win over the bears and were in.
I would be the less shocked person on planet earth if the Pack sits in the basement of the division for at least the next three seasons. Lots of rebuilding to do on this team. Those undrafted free agents we have hanging around are there for a reason: no one wanted them.

GBPDan's picture

MM got grossly out coached, again, and once more he proved that he's a terrible in game decision maker.

fubared's picture

I've been down on his play calling for a long time. I think the injuries are do to poor conditioning and lack of practice time. WIth that said, Mike wasn't out coached, he coached the players he has.
Some question why 43 running plays? Hey, he saw his star going down in flames and tried to save his life.

Chris's picture

McCarthy has no working Plan B. Good opponents all play the Packers the same way on defense: Rush 4, play 2 deep safeties and close coverage on the receivers. And the coaching stuff of GB has not figured out how to beat this consistently.
This is a 8-8 team which will probably make it to 10-6 because of 2-3 top performances by Rodgers.

Caruso's picture

Bingo. No plan B. No ability to adjust. Never willing to admit the game plan isn't working. Hey coach, you think sending out your non-kicking kicker out to try a 55 harder in the wind is some kind of genius reverse psychology? How 'bout you wait until we're up by 20 before you play Freud.

And on D it's worse. Hey coach, you think no one has noticed that 1) your D is the same D you used two years ago and B) the only people fooled by your complex scheme are your own players?

Gloriious80s's picture

There will be parts of this team that need rebuilding, given the age of some of the D and the OL problems, I believe. An 8-8 season may not be a bad thing as they need access to the front line draftees.

lebowski's picture

James Campen has definitely moved up to the top of the crappy assistant list. There are many teams in the NFL that lose a player or two on the O line, and remain functional to good. This group doesn't have a clue.

woodson4president's picture

Why does cow have to be one here. Nobody gives a shit what he thinks. Quit bein salty cause u live in ur moms basement.

D.D. Driver's picture

You turn the ball over twice in scoring position in the first half (on the road) and you are going to get blown out. That's all there is too it.

Keep in in perspective, though. The last two times the Giants won the Super Bowl, the Packer's won in the regular season. In '07 the Packers handed the Giants a 35-13 drubbing on the road.

Pack66's picture


I told you guys..if EVERYTHING doesn't go right for Aaron Rodgers he becomes a very "pedestrian" Quarterback....

Don't you wish you had a guy who could overcome the bad play of the team and put it on his back and "win" games...

Hmmmmm...i seem to remember someone like that in Packerland...not too long ago..

What was his name again...hmmmm?

The poster formerly known as Bearmeat's picture

Ah, the annual troll hunt commences after 1 or 2 bad losses.

It's. ONE. Game. Troll away if you want - but GB can still make a big time move at the end of the year.

Pack 66 - Your mom told me to give you her love this morning.

PackersRS's picture

Hoping for the best is not an acceptable solution, but I agree with it. It's what's left.

The Giants and 49ers, if not flat out better teams, have a clear edge over the Packers in terms of strenghts and weaknesses. Be it anywhere they play.

A roof over Lambeau would do wonders for this current team.

KennyPayne's picture

Man can you imagine what would have happened to the Giants if they had lost their Right Tackle like we lost Bulaga? Oh wait, they did, in the middle of the game no less and they hardly lost a beat.

Perhaps signing competent NFL veterans who have played for other teams (like Locklear who replaced Diehl for the Giants in the game) instead of trotting out nobodies like Van Roten, Barclay, and Dietrich-Smith might be worth considering. Of course, TT does not believe in adding veteran players so I guess we are stuck with the OLine we have for years to come.

lebowski's picture

Exactly the point I made earlier, many other teams lose a player or two on their O-line without going into a complete spiral. Even the Bears' crappy line lost both their starting guards, Spencer and Louis, during the game and Jared Allen, Kevin Williams and Co. were barely heard from. Can you imagine the implosion from our group?

fubared's picture

You actually hit that nail on the head as they say but the reason if Ted has no money. The Giants and the other 31 teams have owners with deep pockets. Ted has no money to compete with them in a bidding war for these players.
Ted actually has been trading away our second and third round picks to other teams in order to get a slew of 4,5, 6 round picks.
Its working good. We now have a team of DB's who are all smallish 5'9, slow, not great tacklers but at least they were cheap.
We have a O line with back ups who are undrafted free agents and injury prone (Datko) who also were cheap and very available.

Ted Thompson is playing cheap ball and its just now catching up to him.

packeraaron's picture

This is beyond absurd.

Ted has a cap, just like all the other teams. He chooses to pay his own guys.

I'd much rather have a GM who drafts, develops and re-signs guys he knows work in his system than a GM/owner throwing money around during the offseason on guys another team has given up on and who may or may not fit what the Packers want to do.

CSS's picture

Noooooooo....troll bait wasn't meant for human consumption!

Tommyboy's picture

Whatever, Nagler. It'd make more sense to adopt how the Eagles or Raiders operate. You're telling me you wouldn't trade positions with them?

I say good day, sir.

Oh, and if people honestly think the Packers can't spend as much, they have no idea about the cap and floors of the new CBA. The posts above are the most ignorant, ridiculous things I've read all day.

Gloriious80s's picture

Datko, anyone?

Nerdmann's picture

Wouldn't mind seeing what he's got.

Sherrod is apparently NOT ready, and I'd take Datko over Barclay or Van Roten.

Call me crazy!

ArodMoney's picture

Does anyone have any idea why House started over Hayward?

Nerdmann's picture

House plays outside. Hayward plays the slot.

ArodMoney's picture

Hayward has played outside since Shields has been injured though. I guess Capers said he liked House's size better. Still don't know how you can take your best corner so far this year off the field. Cost them a chance last night.

Nerdmann's picture

From Micheal Rodney's awesome twitter:

"Capers said he played House over Hayward because he's bigger. I would've played Hayward over House because he's better."


packeraaron's picture

This is no doubt after Michael's extensive tape study of both.

fubared's picture

I get this strange feeling they don't like Haywards size? He has what 6 interceptions yet they keep him on the bench a lot. Is it his tackling. I know the DB we got in the late rounds are all smallish, 5'9 guys. That's why they were available. All the good teams only are taking the 6'1 or 6'2 D backs to compete with the 6'4 and up recievers.

fubared's picture

Gutt reactions. None. I posted here last week the Giants by 28. Probably just a good guess but it was based on them having one of the best O lines in football to protect Manning, us having a worse pass rush than last year, them having one of the best pass rushing teams in football and us having the worst O line in football. I added it all together and thought whats stopping the Giants from having a field day against the Packers and couldn't think of any.

Now I'm predicting based on our division foe's watching the game, and having good pass rushers, good O lines, good running games, OK passing games that: Vikes by 12, Bears by 17, Lions by 21, us by 6 over Tenn, Vikes by 21.
Pack ends up 8-8 like I said after pre-season evaluation.

Pack66's picture're finally figuring out that it is TED THOMPSON who is the problem...and his ass ways...

You guys whine about losing an offensive lineman, but ol' tightwad TEDDYBOY won't get some insurance by signing an experienced vet of the waiver wire or in free agency...GOOD. The chickens are coming home to roost...

You can't win Thompson's way, because eventually you are going to need players who can step up and play if someone goes down...and Green Bay doesn't have that.

The light bulb is finally starting to go

Hell, even Bellichick signs veteran players and gets the most out of them...

Ted is awful...

Tommyboy's picture

Ummmm....ok. I realize this is a total setup, but I'll bite. Super Bowl 45?

Bugeater's picture

You know what's awesome? Copying and pasting the same post in multiple threads. That shows some real initiative!

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