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Gut Reactions: Week 1

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Gut Reactions: Week 1

  • The Packers gave the 49ers their best shot - and it wasn't enough. 
  • It was pretty clear that Dom was content to play zone to keep eyes on the quarterback. The problem, of course, was that Boldin was destroying the zones. 
  • Jordy Nelson: Dominant. 
  • I had one ex-NFL player text me that he LOVED Matthews' late hit because it let Kap and the 49ers know that if he was going to run he was going to take punishment all day. I'm not going to say I felt that way - I thought it was crazy cheap - but I thought it was an interesting take. 
  • Ryan Pickett was awesome today. 
  • The safeties were not. 
  • Jonny Jolly was exactly what I thought he'd be - great help against the run and a liability when it came to rushing the passer. 
  • By the way, did Datone Jones play today? 
  • I hated McCarthy benching Eddie Lacy after the fumble. 
  • Jermichael Finley proves once again he is one of the most confounding players in the NFL. 
  • No, really. Did Datone Jones play? 
  • Aaron Rodgers had an excellent game, as usual. Much better game than he did in the playoffs. 
  • Hard for me to get too worked up about this one. I picked the Packers to lose and they did. Of course, I thought they'd be pummeled on the ground and they got destroyed through the air. But the result is pretty much what I thought it would be. The 49ers made a few more plays than the Packers. 
  • Ok. Looking forward to watching RGIII and the Redskins to get ready for next week. 
  • Go Pack Go. 
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Johnny's picture

Their best shot? I don't think gifting them two turnovers is our "best" shot.

Evan's picture

Agreed. This was hardly their "best."

packeraaron's picture

It was the best they could muster today.

packsmack25's picture

Ridiculous. That fumble and interception were both horrible and unlucky, and the golfing penalties were killers and mostly unnecessary.

packsmack25's picture

Holding not golfing

TommyG's picture

auto-correct= forgiven

themasterfake's picture

SECTION 5 Page 45 Paragraph 3... a ball that is out of bounds can not be hit.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Completely agree... Also their best without Burnett and Hayward. 2 huge parts of the secondary...

packsmack25's picture

If anything, it was the best shot the Niners had. Seriously, when do you ever foresee Kaepernick going for 400 and Boldin going for 200 again while getting one of the less than ten interceptions Aaron Rodgers will throw this season?

RC Packer Fan's picture

exactly my thinking.
Packers didn't play their best. 49ers played about as well as they could.
Packers were missing basically 2 starters from their secondary. 49ers were missing no one that contributes...

Doc J's picture

They missed Crabtree for sure. And maybe Manningham, too.

packsmack25's picture

And we missed Sherrod, Bulaga, Harris, Richardson, Tretter, and Worthy. Can't talk about guys not currently on the active roster. Burnett and Hayward are on the active roster.

redlights's picture

Would you prefer the Gints six TO's?

jeremy's picture

They Really, Really missed Heyward and Burrnett.

RC Packer Fan's picture


packsmack25's picture

"Best shot" is laughable. You're smarter than that Aaron. This is what happens when you consistently give trolls attention. It starts to seep into your logic.

First of all, without Hayward and Burnett, it already isn't the Packers at their best. Then 2 very costly turnovers, several stupid decisions by a return man who shouldn't be in the NFL, and several egregious holding penalties make this a pretty bad shot.

Barutan Seijin's picture

For the most part, they played to their ability. That's what i'd call giving it their best. Unfortunately, for guys like Ross, MD Jennings & McMillian, that just isn't enough to win. But you have to go battle with the guys you have.

I bleed Green More's picture

Not a good game for these three, Ross might be gone looking for that news.

THEMichaelRose's picture

I think, given the number of early errors, things could have and maybe should have gotten much worse score-wise. I don't know how they were tied at half. So in that way, I was very pleased with the resiliency of the team - giving it something like their "best shot."

Also, totally agree on Ross. Just awful awful awful. Like taking a penalty before each possession.

packeraaron's picture

It was the best they could do today.

How worked up you all get about this is really funny.

packsmack25's picture

It was the best the Niners could do today and they barely beat the Packers at home despite two gift turnovers.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I don't think it was the best the Packers could do today...

I think it was about the best the 49ers could do.

gbslapshot's picture

I agree Aaron, sometimes it is like people forget that this is just a game...not death or life.

packsmack25's picture

What did I say that made it seem as though I treat it as life and death? I disagree with Aaron essentially saying the Packers have no shot to ever beat the Niners. That's an asinine statement.

gbslapshot's picture

My comment wasn't directly to you Packsmack. It was more of a generalization.

razor's picture

Aaron - we get worked up because every year is an opportunity to get better, but instead the Packers have lost ground to the 49ers. Too many mistakes and too many mediocre players.

It's like having faith every year that Brett Favre will take us to the promised land. Eventually you realize that it ain't gonna happen and it's frustrating.

packsmack25's picture

This is so dumb.

Dennis eckersley's picture

Did James jones play?

Evan's picture

According to my fantasy football team, he did.

@KevinDCushing's picture

He had only 1 target, right? Looks to be the #5 option on offense. Cobb, Nelson, Lacy, Finley, Jones.

Anyone think that will change, barring injury?

THEMichaelRose's picture

Nope. 5 sounds right. He makes plays when he's open. You don't design things for him like you would for Cobb, Finley, or Lacy.

packsmack25's picture

Eh, he had some quiet games early last season, too. Just the nature of the offense. He'll get his eventually.

redlights's picture


Oppy's picture

Exactly.. MM definitely has a gameplan that revolves around featured match-ups.

Yesterday afternoon, James Jones was not one of the featured match ups.

PackerPete's picture

It was not a good day for any Jones on the Packers roster. Datone, James, or Brad.

@KevinDCushing's picture

No mention of their "Best" offensive lineman, Josh Sitton. He had a rough day, no?

Jack's picture

No kidding. I was surprised by that.

PackerPete's picture

There was one particular shot when the Packers huddled up where one could see that he is a little, how should I say, out of shape, no? He is a middle of the road OL. Very good against average or below average DLs. Dominates against those. Totally overmatched against elite talent.

Oppy's picture

You and Anthony are nuts.

Sitton is one of the best guards in the NFL, from week to week.

He was matched against premiere, elite talent yesterday...You can't win'em all.

I actually wondered, was Sitton holding because Aldon/Justing Smith were simply better than Sitton?


Is this an indication that Josh still isn't 100% comfortable with playing on the left side of the line yet?

Could be either, or both. Time will tell.. But he's still a GREAT OG.

Anthony's picture

Regressed ever since he got that new contract.

E's picture

Also no special teams? I thought they were non-existent/horrible today. Field position was an issue all day for the Packers.

E's picture

Except for Masthay. Masthay was great.

redlights's picture

I'm considering buying his jersey. That tackle puts him ahead of half of our DBacks.

PackerPete's picture

Had he played safety instead of McMillian we might have won. At least he can tackle.

jim's picture

masthay was a great find... continues to improve his kicking game and expands on his usefulness on the team. kickoffs, placed punts, great tackles. very athletic.

packsmack25's picture

And yes Aaron, let's knock a rookie who is at his first ever NFL game (he had never even attended a game before) because he didn't make any plays against the best OL in the league.

And that Matthews hit wasn't dirty. There's no way he could be sure Kaepernick was going out if bounds when he left his feet. Shouldn't have even been a penalty, although I realize why they called it in real time.

denniseckersley's picture

Clay's hit was definitely a penalty. The bucs hit on Geno Smith may not have been late, but Clay's hit was really late.

Fi crane's picture

Amen. Couldn't believe he was being bashed. Just too many three and outs. That was the ball game

Justin's picture

For the players that were available, I agree with Aaron on the "best shot" comment. Luckily, should these teams meet again you hope that Hayward and Burnett, whose availability would have benefited today, can make a difference.

I'm not worried about the secondary. I had questions about whether the Pack could stop the run, and they did. No reason they cant beat SF down the road.

Lee's picture

Agree totally with PackSmack. Our young, reshuffled O Line played well and will get better, much better. If D. Jones was MIA that just means he'll learn, grow and get better. Other 2nd year guys - Perry & Daniels will get better. If Eddie Lacy progresses throughout the season the way he did from 1st half to 2nd he will be hell to stop in January and February. If San Fran is the cream of the NFC I think we have a shot at the SB.

Tony's picture

Why do you disagree with him benching Lacy? Fumbled inside his own 20. It was brutal.

TommyG's picture

I disagreed too. Lacy was supposedly the answer to our running woes, and we benched him. If Starks was the answer then he would've been the starter. Instead we were right back to last season's line up. If you are okay with that benching then why didn't finley ride the pine after his eff up?

Zub's picture

Did James Jones and Datone Jones play today??? With 3 first round picks not producing today, Buluga, Sherrod, and Datone and the other first round pick from last year also not able to collapse the pocket or put pressure on the QB (his name escapes me) Zombo could play as we'll IMO, so that's 4 first round picks not producing to the level of their draft either due to injury or poor performance.

Given the talent of the 49ers, you are not going to beat the elite teams in the NFL with 4 first round talents not contributing.

VApackerfan's picture

Are you foreign?....If so, I'm cool with this post

Johnny's picture

1.) Our pass rush was so meek it's hard to really comprehend. Seriously, we could not muster a single rush on the QB aside from one play when Matthews ate the guards lunch with a swim move.

2.) Jeremy Ross is TERRIBLE. He only made the 53 because of his flashes in the return game against the Vikes and that looks to be a real flash in the pan. I really don't understand waiting two seconds in the end zone and then running it out, or looking at unblocked 49ers running directly at him and deciding it'd be a good idea to run it out. Just terrible.

THEMichaelRose's picture

I hear ya on 1, but I don't think they were trying all that hard to crash the pocket. They realized they overran Kaepernick a lot last year. You could see Matthews content to sit back and contain, oftentimes assigned to be a spy.

Bearmeat's picture

And they still had more sacks than SF.

Our ceiling is higher than theirs. If we play again, it'll be us walking out with the W.

PackerPete's picture

The whole game was a little strange. Yes, the run was stopped. The read option was stopped. But the keys is getting off the field on 3rd downs, and it you have 3rd and long on multiple occasions and don't execute, then the strategy is not working. They should've realized sometime in the 3rd quarter that Kaepernick had a good time throwing and Boldin was eating the DBs alive. At that time, they should've switched to trying pressure. It seemed to me coaches were happy to not having the D giving up a lot of run yards, but all that counts is the W or L. And it is a L. While the 49ers OL might be the best in the league, their receivers are mediocre. Getting beat with allowing over 400 yrds through the air is troublesome. There are much better throwing teams than the 49ers. The skins may not be but Cincy certainly is.
I'm not giving up on the season obviously, but the D finds ways to lose. Even with all the highly touted draft additions this year and last. Perry was invisible. pass rushing he is a one trick pony. So is Neal. The most troublesome to me was how easily the 49ers brought down rushers with low blocks, yet the Packers trying to execute those totally whiffed. Shows a major difference in athletic ability between 49ers and Packers defenders.

THEMichaelRose's picture

Boldin had a wild day statistically. He was mostly open all day against the zone, but had a couple tough catches and broken tackles.

All that talk about how bad SF's receivers were. All they needed were Boldin and Davis. That's why I hate the stat about how a QB has completed passes to 7/8/9 receivers. I'd rather give the ball to my top options a few more times than spreading it to my backup WRs or TEs.

Stroh's picture

Tried to tell some this week not to underestimate Boldin ths guy is still avery good receiver but everyone put him down cuz he's not fast in the 40!

RC Packer Fan's picture

yup. I remember hearing that the guy wasn't good, and just had a lucky playoff run. Sorry the guy is good. He just hasn't had a great QB to play with.

What is scary is to think how much better the 49ers offense would look with him and Crabtree together...

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Cow42, if you have any honor, or have a set in your coin purse, you will admit you were wrong and you will never show yourself here again. 90% of 9er your offseason bullshit was just that. Pack hung with em the whole way, at their house, spotted them two turnovers and 4 points. The Pack can beat anybody in the league

4thand1's picture


Cow42's picture

Full offseason to plan.
All the emotional edge in the world.

And this is what they came up with.

400 yards in the air.

Over 1000 given up in their lady two games .


Cow42's picture

*last... Not "lady"... Although, "lady" might not be completely off base.

mudduckcheesehead's picture

Stick to trolling and leave the misogyny alone, you ass. There are ladies who post on this site who are more man than you are.

4thand1's picture

Cograts Cow. Its official, nobody likes you. Actually I think its what you crave.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Hey, CHTV edited my post... Wow, first for everything! I've said much worse than "make like a dick and beat it"... Will it get taken out... Again?

Sorry Nagler, that's a great line!

Stroh's picture

You do realize cows are female don't you?! No rocks between the legs just a hole. LMAO

VApackerfan's picture

"All the emotional edge in the world."
Really dude, that's what you came up with as an advantage for the Packers heading into this game....emotional edge, haha

jim's picture

agreed.... time and experience will work for the packers

Bob's picture

Morgan needed to play. Are we the only team in the entire league that cannot get off a Hail Mary pass? Pathetic!!!

Fi crane's picture

Kuhn got open though

Matt's picture

Best shot? Looks like you've been taking shots. Put down the bottle, this was NOT the Packers best effort.

packeraaron's picture

It was the best they could do today. I love how touchy people are about that comment. The 49ers are the better team.

packsmack25's picture

Ok, this sells it for me. Nagler IS the troll. I had my suspicions, but now I'm sure of it. The Niners were not the better team. Home field is worth three points and the refs gave them four more. They won by 6.

Cow42's picture

Over 1000 yards and 79 points against the Pack in the last two games.


xuyee's picture

There is not a single honest, knowledgeable 49ers fan who is thinking they dominated that game. Capers got caught playing last year's game is all and it almost worked.

It's clear SF is scared to run CK aggressively as he's going to have to get through a whole 16 game schedule unhurt. In retrospect, he could have played a lot more man coverage, especially given the success we had in containing the edges.

aNEWpackersJERSEY's picture

Moo. This should settle the argument as to whether or not you're a trolly-troll. Who is the best quarterback in the league?

razor's picture

OK they are better. They had no turnovers, better field position, better time of possession AND thank you Mike McCarthy for reminding us that more points are needed to come out ahead.

What can we learn from playing them the last three times?

PackRat's picture

Any time Jarret Bush is on the field playing defense, you are not going to get off the field. Banjo gave them the out to retain a DB to nuture.

No mention of the blanket coverage on Boldon by Tramon? Before we annoit Hayward as the DB savior, he is the savoir of the slot receiver--the number one is a different story. Could you imagine if it was Crabtree and Boldin even if Hayward was there?

We didn't spend capital (draft choice or free agent) on our secondary and that will show all year long.

Great showing by the derfensive and offfensive lines. Evidence of the investment made. Love 'em all. Please sign Neal and Daniels before their price tags go up.

OLB is goingt to be allright. ILBs are going to be 10 feet behind good TEs all season long.

Please get Boykin off the kick return team. You will not believe your eyes if you key on him.

Better let Datone fully heal before sending him out because he has no evidence of the burst/power everyone was so high on.

MLecl0001's picture

I dont get why so many people are down. We didnt have our starting safety or nickel db. We have a rookie starting LT in his first game, we have a 2nd year player as our RT (I forget was Bahk UFA?). We have a rookie RB, 2 young safeties, a rookie nickel, a 2nd year OLB who only played a few games last year. We are the 5th youngest team in the league again this year.

I got upset when they lost and was disappointed. But maybe its just me but I am so optimistic for this year after this game. If the young guys continue to progress this could be one hell of a team this year. Sure there are going to be some bumps in the road, but you know what I think its gonna be a fun ride.

Also I think they didnt get much pressure on Kaep because they were more worried about contain than pressure. It puts a lot more strain on your secondary when you do that, and that is why I think not having Burnett and Heyward really hurt today. You could see on a couple plays late in the game where they lost contain trying to get to Kaep and he burned us with his legs.

If this team stays healthy I will not be worried but extremely excited to face San Fran in the play offs.

Clay's picture

Amen MLECL! I was very encouraged. I think the Pack can grow to beat San Fran this year barring usual obseen injuries. I'm not fearing any team after what I've seen across the NFL today. It's a long season;)

THEMichaelRose's picture

I was encouraged by a number of things too. I like the team's chances come playoff time. But I really really wanna avoid playing SF again. They may just have GB's number for now.

Bearmeat's picture

Nah. Except for not having Crabtree (who probably will be out all year), everything went the 49ers way.

1. 4 free points
2. Fluke Int.
3. Starting FS and NB out. (they cover the middle of the field)
4. Ross sucking at his job (he'll be gone I hope)

I'm very confident if we play in the playoffs its the 9ers that are going to go home crying.

THEMichaelRose's picture

My concern is they'll already be at home. With GB's schedule, hard to imagine they can top 11 wins - no bye again.

razor's picture

Fluke intercept = Finley hands of stone making a shuffle pass to the defender and then almost missing the tackle because defender was making a move on him.

Longshanks's picture

Excellent post MCELL!! I agree 100% They had this team beat despite two turnovers and Burnett and Hayward out. If those two are playing, no way does Boldin and Davis have the days they did. If we play them in the playoffs and everyone is still healthy, we'll beat em!!

Marlow's picture

Yes. What you said.

razor's picture

We are down because a whole bunch of high draft picks are not producing. Next man up is not working. Poor performers like Ross are kept way too long.

And, guys like Neal. After three years of contributing virtually nothing, what great things is he doing now? Are they still trying to coach him up to greatness.

Also, how have the 49ers be able to improve so much in the last two years compared to the Packers?

Sean's picture

I hate zone coverage... sure we miss Burnett and Hayward but the 49ers were missing their receivers as well. I mean if it isn't Boldin it probably would have been Crabtree eating our lunch.

If a receiver is eating you alive how about making some adjustments? I swear Capers and McCarthy are the stubbornest coaches.

some guy's picture

datone was put in to go up against double teams all night. what do you expect. good job Dom

TommyG's picture

you're blaming Dom for Datone being double teamed? If you are placing blame there, then you should be thankful; that means clay or perry were single man all night! You should thank him for that result. Heavens, if Clay were singled up every game we would be blaming him for not beating his man.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

What abought the refs who don't know the rules for the dead ball fouls.Many holds and low blocks by Gore going at the knees.

4thand1's picture

One thing I noticed , SF ran pick play after pick play and never got called. They made contact many times with GB secondary players.MM has to learn to whine like that ass Harbaugh.

razor's picture

Totally agree - especially the part about McCarthy. Stop burying your face in the play charts and work the refs. Don't you know the plays?

RC Packer Fan's picture

I disagree with the best shot. As pointed out by many others here...

I was honestly expecting the Packers to lose. I wanted them to win, but I was geared up for a loss. But I was more impressed at how physical they were... Everyone last year was ripping them for being soft. They weren't soft today.

The things in my opinion that killed them was the 2 turnovers, the refs blowing the offsetting penalty's call, and the untimely penalty's.

It seemed like every time they started to gain some momentum they would get a penalty that would negate that.

The team seemed to have a major toughness attitude to them. I love that, and they will be better with that attitude.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Agree with all of this.

THEMichaelRose's picture

I agree too. I was never upset about Clay's penalty.

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

Many issues need to be cleaned up and certainly can be cleaned up. Turnovers and poor special teams play, particularly in the return game and kick coverage, doomed the Packers today. There were some questionable things on offense I could pick apart but 28 points against a very solid defense is nothing to sneeze at. I thought McCarthy and Clements did a nice job of varying the launch point for Rodgers. They helped out their young tackles. Good job there. I also liked the use of 2 x 2 sets with Lacy as the lone back in the backfield and Rodgers under center. Lacy is a one cut zone runner and is a load once he makes that cut and gets his shoulders squared up. He has great vision to see those backside seams open up on the backside cuts so know need to cloud his vision with an extra back or TE in the backfield. Still worried about pushing the ball vertically too much but like the basic West Coast staple of the slant-flat combo. Worked well for Finley. Inside the seams....not so much.
Dom Capers did a nice job in preparing to stop the 49er running game this offseason. It showed. However, he did a poor job of adjusting to what Greg Roman and the 49er offense were presenting today. A simple axiom in football, especially when scouting is, a team is what they are on that specific day. Today, the 49ers were not the running and read option juggernaut. It wasn't for a lack of trying. Capers had the defense ready for that. Where Capers failed was the lack of coverage thrown to Boldin. There was absolutely no bracket coverage on Boldin. There was very little man played today on Boldin. Now some will argue that by playing zone it stopped the big play and the ball was kept in front of the defense as they rallied to the ball. True. But Boldin is a physical possession receiver.....not a big play down the field receiver. Boldin can be pressed in man or bracket. He can be played in off man in straight or trail. What he can't be allowed to do is find open holes in zones which he did all day. Capers biggest success was his biggest failure. While containing Kaepernick on the ground he allowed him to become the next coming of Aaron Rodgers through the air. Maybe it was because Jennings and McMillian were disadvantaged and he didn't want to expose them that he played mostly zone. Certainly plausible but at the end of the day you have to take away the QB's security blanket and Capers and the defense didn't do it. You can stay committed to the plan but your plan needs to have adjustments and they just weren't made. I've remarked quite a bit about how McCarthy has been late or refused to adjust to the situation. Today it was Capers who failed to adjust. Let's hope he does so moving forward.

jh9's picture

I agree. Boldin had 13 receptions and 208 yards. I couldn't believe Capers didn't make a halftime adjustment to stop him. That killed us.

But I liked our defensive front seven's fighting attitude. No one can say we played "soft" today.

Bearmeat's picture

Capers has never been a good adjustment DC. Can anyone remember a game where Capers made solid changes in game?

We'd better hope his original plans work.

mudduckcheesehead's picture

Thanks, Paul. I always look forward to hearing your take on things. Your analysis is the best in the business.

PackerPete's picture

Paul, thanks for your analysis. I can't say I can comment on it, as I'm just your average couch potato. What would interest me is how you saw the rookies perform? I thought Lacy did alright aside of the fumble, but McCarthy said his first half was 'terrible'. Jones and Hyde were invisible, Franklin didn't suit up, Bakhtiari had ups and downs. But I really would like to hear what you saw. Thanks!

4thand1's picture

SF ran pick after pick with no calls. They ran into GB secondary several times making contact. MM has to learn how to whine like Harbaugh I guess.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

I'd rather lose than have my coach resort to that.

Eric, of the North's picture

Todays game made it clear the Packers have not been able to replace 3 key players from their last super bowl run. Nick Collins, Cullen Jenkins and Woodson(in his prime).

Edward's picture

Playcalling was suspect. Too many 3 and outs leading to a 38 to 21 time-of-possession advantage for SF.

No wonder the D was so gassed by the end.

THEMichaelRose's picture

Even GB's scoring drives were remarkably short though. Running all that no-huddle appears to be advantageous. Makes me think coaches are willing to deal with the TOP deficit and fatigue. Probably a factor in keeping 27 guys on D or whatever it was.

TommyG's picture

Forget the refs, and eff the yards; our two turnovers cost us the game.

If we can remove those two snafus then we avoid the L column, and we ride a win into Lambeau.

The Skins are not the Niners. We will go into the bye with a 2-1 record; lots of encouraging things tonight.

Stroh's picture

Agree turnovers as usual decided this game! The rest is wjndow dressing. Nothing more.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree.. And imagine how different the game might have been if Williams is able to pick off that Kaepernick pass early in the game. There was a good chance he could have had a pick 6.
The Packers went into San Fran and lost by 6 points. The biggest reason to me is the turnovers. If the offense is flawless and doesn't have the turnovers, they win the game. One of the 49ers TD's came off of the fumble by Lacy. To me that is the difference in the game.

leo's picture

hey Aaron, at least today, I hate your Guts

AndrewInAtlanta's picture

We had the lead with 7 mins to go. We had the ball with a chance to regain the lead with just under 4 mins, we had SF in 2 third downs early in their last drive and could not hold. We were very close to winning this 1st game, on the road, against a Super Bowl team that beat us pretty good twice last year. I'm cautiously optimistic.
My biggest frustration is how poor the offense looked when we got the ball back with a little less than 4 mins. That could have been hero time for QB1. Rodgers is going to take a little heat for that this week I think, deserved or not. Its the whole "4th Qtr Comeback" thing.
Like I said tho, cautiously optimistic

Nerd's picture

1: Two turnovers and FIVE 3 and outs is "our best shot?"

2: "Rodgers led fast-paced touchdown drives of 6 plays, 80 yards (1:47); 8 plays, 62 yards (1:16); 7 plays, 69 yards (2:48) and 8 plays, 76 yards (2:30)." How ABOUT that time of possession!? 40:20? We even out that time, Kaepernick gets 264 yards passing and WE WIN.

3: Problem with the defense is, Bolden was UNCOVERED. Who'd he have to beat? Still, it was the offense that shit itself today.

packeraaron's picture

<em>Two turnovers and FIVE 3 and outs is "our best shot?" </em>

Against this team? Yep. They've played three times in the last how many months and they keep playing the same game. There's a reason for that - this is the best they can do against the 49ers.

Nerd's picture

Mike's teams shit themselves regularly, not just against good opponents.

They played "their best" against Houston last year. That's about it.

Bearmeat's picture

I don't know about that. The fumble was legit. The pick was just bad luck. So was the blown call.

You change those last two things and its very likely that GB wins.

packsmack25's picture

All fumble recoveries are considered lucky. Teams usually recover 50% over time, so it was an unlucky bounce that they lost the fumble.

packsmack25's picture

Yeah, because last year has any bearing on this year whatsoever. Give me a break.

PackerPete's picture

I'm not disagreeing with you Aaron, but if that was the best then there is no hope of winning against the 49ers. Because what you are saying is that we can either stop the run or the pass, and on O we have to hope and pray nothing goes wrong.
Even if we assume the 49ers are the top team in the NFC, there is no shot of beating them then, so the best hope you'll have for this season is reaching the NFC championship game?

packsmack25's picture

He already said the best this team can do is lose in the first round of the playoffs. Aaron Nagler already gave up on this team.

PackerPete's picture

ok, then why play and risk major injuries? The Steelers are terrible this year, but after the first game they don't have much reason to look forward to next year either with 3 major injuries.

Tom S.'s picture

"I hated McCarthy benching Eddie Lacy after the fumble."

It was tough, but necessary. Then again, I'm sort of old school like that, and willing to take shit for saying it.

Going on timeout to think about it after breaking something valuable is a great way to teach youths to treat expensive things more carefully.

FITZCORE 1252&#039;S EVO's picture

That's fine, just do it to everybody that coughs the ball up... namely, Finley.

Joe's picture

Does anyone know how much Datone Jones really played though? I remember seeing Pickett, Raji, and Jolly out there a lot but was hard to tell on the tv i was watching how many snaps he got? Just curious..

Sean's picture

I thought I read in he was going to be fighting through pain for a while due to his ankle. In any case... has not played as expolosive after injuring his ankle.

Bibbon Hazel's picture

Mental mistakes in the first half and some ticky tack holding call eve after Macy's facemask went uncalled. No pass rush outside of clay. No instincts by the terrible.safeties in that zone. And absolutely zero breaks. That will get you a loss. Somehow I feel ok about this game. The positives were definitely Arodge and his protection and the run defense. 9ers have a great oline so I hope t

Conan's picture

This was not their best. They made a lot of really stupid mistakes in the first half. The bright spots I saw in the first half were the passing defenses ability to stop the pass in the first couple of minutes. In the last five minutes the defense did really well also. That hit that Matthews laid on Kap was not illegal. He was already in the air when Kap stepped out of bounds. If the Packers had played their best in the first half the second half wouldn't have mattered. On the 49ers last drive, on that 4th down play, Boldin pushed off; like, really pushed off. That was such a blatant push off I don't understand how it was not penalized. The Packers could have played better, and should have, but at the end of the game it seemed the officiating crew was done with this game.

Ranch Tooth's picture

1.) The offense is as much to blame for this loss as the defense. Too many 3-and-Outs in key momentum situations.

2.) Best sit Datone. He's not doing anyone any good with his ankle. I'd rather have him sit a few games in the beginning rather than have him hobbling towards the end of the season. Or not having him at all.

3.) These were two really, really good NFC teams. Top echelon. Barring injuries, they will meet again in the playoffs.

4.) The team with the most mistakes lost. That's usually the difference.

PackerPete's picture

2.) I was watching the game a second time and focused on rookies, including Datone. Really saw him twice trying to do anything, and I think how he played had nothing to do with his ankle. I think he just experienced playing against the top OL in the NFL, and it wasn't pretty.
3.) disagree. Let them play other teams, and you will see the 49ers will have trouble with teams able to shut down their run game and cover a WR. the Packers will have trouble with any team that can throw the ball. They will dominate weaker teams and lose to better teams. Sounds like a 9-7 season for me, which is ok.

VApackerfan's picture

9-7 is ok? Not if you want to get into the playoffs in a stacked NFC. As long as Arod is QB for this team, I expect a spot in the playoffs.

Tundraboy's picture

Never thought I would say this but I think our Coaches are the problem. MM and Capeman

Capers. Record speaks for itself. Get on the sidleine or go home. No skip the sideline just GO

MM Lose the goddam charts and go inspire your players. Not the most flexible at adjustments and what a stupid message to say to Lacy. Fumbles (not a stupid careless one), get benched!!!. "Ill show him" How about a pat on back?. and realize that he is what we need and has looked better than any other option we have. Maybe if the O line did even a half ass job blocking and MM did not run straight up the middle every goddam time, and the O line not f ing up with holding calls we would not always be on our heels . Time of possession has become a joke

DC Packer Fan's picture

In term of characterizing this game being the Packers' "best shot," if I'm Nagler I want that one back.

Fi crane's picture

Wouldn't want to be Washington

Ma Linger's picture

My two cents. Top notch d backs can go from man to zone every other play. They have the skills and talent to do it.
Fifth round or later dbacks from schools you never heard of, who are smallish, to slow to cover ground and not great tacklers cannot.
To make matters worse they practice and play man most of the time so the zone is confusing to them at best.
To use the words of Jimmy Johnson 'You can't coach speed'.

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