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Gut Reactions: Super Bowl XLV

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Gut Reactions: Super Bowl XLV

  • Say it with me: World. Champions.  t
  • Aaron Rodgers was superlative - if not for the drops, he would have had close to a record setting day.
  • All hail Dom Capers - down to using Jarrett Bush and Pat Lee, he kept things together and never let things get away from his defense.
  • Mike McCarthy is now, and forever, a Super Bowl winning head coach.
  • Congrats to the Pittsburgh Steelers who had a superb season.
  • Corey and I would like to thank each and every one of you for making Cheesehead TV a part of your daily Packer routine.
  • I'll have much more as the night goes on. I have to put he girls to bed - with a huge smile on my face.

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Norman's picture

No cow chips - we just won the Super Bowl!

Okay, I had nothing to do with it...

Norman's picture

Pretty close on that prediction too Aaron...if it wasn't for that two point conversion!

MadJam's picture

Green Bay Packers Rock. World Champions! Let the dynasty begin. Lombardi Smiles! Congratulations to all you Cheeseheads!

Badknees's picture


Rich Beckman's picture

Great game!!

Everyone stepped up.

I already cannot wait for next year.

Norman's picture

Would love to hear more about the halftime talk and how they pulled themselves together after all the injuries. Sounds like there is quite a story there.

Idiot Fan's picture

Thank you TT, thank you MM, thank you Packer players, and thank you Cheesehead TV community. This was in many ways a perfect season!

Ruppert's picture

For the next 12 months, I will not utter the term "Packers" or "Green Bay Packers."

No...Every time I need to refer to that team, I will only use the term "The Reigning World Champion Green Bay Packers." This might make for some rather long blog posts, but I'm okay with that.

Bearmeat's picture

+1 Ruppert!


how sweet it is!

Nambo_Field's picture

You all deserve to enjoy this... rather, WE all deserve it. Lombardi's trophy is coming back to TITLETOWN!

jeremy's picture

Thanks Corey and Aaron for giving expat Packer fans (Wisco fans too) a place to talk green and gold during the best Packer season ever.

Keith's picture

Pure bliss. Thank you Cheesehead TV and community for making the experience of being a Packer fan truly remarkable.

Starry Barts's picture

God Bless Cheesehead TV and GO PACK GO!!!!!

Real66's picture

Time for vindictiveness and then I will go off into the sunset: Pack66, where are you? Come on out to play.

Real66's picture

Time for a big thank you though - thanks Aaron, et al, for what you have here.

Tommyboy's picture

That guy just trolls and runs. He'll drops some ignorance, then never sticks around to respond to logic. I can't imagine he stops by. If he does, I'm sure he'll try to sell that "luck" card again. HA!

PackersRS's picture

"You will never win more than one super bowl with Erin Rodgers and Thom Tedson!!1 HAHAHAHAHA!!! If not for Roethlisberger throwing picks, no way you would have won the SB!!!!"

Or somehing like that...

Tommyboy's picture

Like DAT!!!

Chris's picture

Wheeeee our Packers earned this!!!
Thanks all of you guys of CheeseheadTV for giving us a great view from the Packers fans!

Jim's picture

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! hahahahahahah!!!!!!

Cuphound's picture

Dom Capers' defense was absolutely astonishing in just how excellent they were. I'm in awe.

The Pack is the champion of the world, and just in case anyone has forgotten THE BEARS STILL SUCK!

WTX Cheesehead's picture

I will NEVER make fun of Jarrett Bush again! GREEN BAY PACKERS! SUPER BOWL XLV CHAMPIONS!

ColoradoPackerBacker's picture

Wow. How awesome! Ask me 8 weeks ago ... I did not see this coming. Go Pack and thanks Cheeshead TV!

TPackers's picture

I hope MM and TT give one of the 150 Super Bowl rings to Al Harris. Although he didn't finish the season with the Pack the man certainly deserved to reach this point during his career.

thepretzelhead in Japan's picture


June's picture

Because of the class act that Al Harris is - I imagine that he has been cheering the Packers on this journey to Super Bowl Champs. I wish Al could have been with the team to the end of the season - but I will never forget that he was a part of where the Packers are today. WORLD CHAMPIONS

Adam Czech's picture

Championship caliber discussions and insight from the crew at CHTV all season. Thanks for everything!

Nambo_Field's picture

Where them trolls at?! Let 'em come out and get what's coming to them! Bush was even good today! Haha, no cow chips allowed Nagler!

WoodyG's picture

8-6 to 14-6 & a Lombardi Trophy ..... Doesn't get any better ..... Will never happen again this way but it will happen again & soon ....

cole's picture

Props to James Starks. Rodgers was perfect woulda had like 5 tds without the drops. D stepped up without wood and a banged up shields. WORLD CHAMPS!! Was not expecting this after the lions loss. Just goes to show what this team is capable of!

thepretzelhead in Japan's picture


Tommyboy's picture

Let's hear a cyber round of applause for the fine folks at CHTV. WOO!!! I'm thrilled I found this site and visit it multiple times daily. LIKE DAT!!!

willis's picture

I can't believe they won, this is so great.

jeff hanson's picture


PackRat's picture


AR12 unvelievable. To keep coming back to guys after drops was amazing.

How about that OFFENSIVE LINE???? Totally played the best DL/LB corps to a standstill.

Mike McCarthy really kept the ball in ARs hand and NEVER got conservative.

AJ Hawk became a player this year.

Lee, Bush and Peprah in coverage? Give Capers three rings!!!

WORLD CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

I've had my doubts about McCarthy's playcalling all year and costing the Packers an opportunity to win a Super Bowl. Early in the season I felt he didnt' adjust to the losses he sustained in personnel. The New England game is where we finally saw him use more WCO style to move the ball, using the backs in scat, etc. In my opinion he began to use his personnel better. Last night was no exception. A lot of 11 and 10 personnel sets with a sprinkle of Big 5 here and there. Great use of Fox 2 and Hound 2 protection out of 20 Flex and 21 Pro. He attacked the Steelers using vertical stretch concepts (Jennings 2nd Touchdown)and stretching the defense horizontally by taking shots down field on the edges and in the seams. The only call I wasn't a fan of was the first call of the series in which the Packers drove the field to get the FG in the 4th. They ran Fox 2 protection (playaction)in a situation where up to that point, they hadn't run the ball very much. The decision to throw wasn't the problem in my opinion as it was the formation and style of throw....they weren't fooling anyone at that point with a play fake. The play I loved the most was the boot pass. Even though it didn't net the "big play" it was effective and sent the message that they would and could vary the launch point for Rodgers. Absolutely loved it.

All in all, a GREAT offensive play calling performance by McCarthy. He had checkdowns available for Rodgers and attacked the Steelers in their most vulnerable area....the secondary. McCarthy dictated to their best playmaker all night. Polamalu's best play came on a 2 yard gain by Starks as he flew in from his safety spot. Other than that, he was pretty non-existant.

I can happily say that I was proven wrong about McCarthy's play calling abilites during this playoff stretch. I hope he keeps it up in the seasons to come.

Oh...the challenge of the Swain catch........GREAT decision to do that. It was a close call and he didn't hesitate at that point to take a chance. Going from 3 to 2 timeouts was worth it at that point considering the momentum at the time. To me, this was the best game McCarthy called all year, from a managment perspective (no play clock issues, challenge call) and from an X and O perspective, using formations, personnel, etc. What better way to do it than on the biggest stage in this profession.

Tommyboy's picture

You're smarter than me.

Wuscokid's picture

I have no idea who you are but I love your posts.

I feel like I get an education every time that I read one.

Keep 'em coming.


packeraaron's picture

Actually doing a post on this right now - Mike even said, a lot of credit for the offensive flow has to go to Rodgers. Lot of "check with me" a the line. As you say, Mike did just a fantastic job of keeping his foot on the gas.

Clark04's picture

While not the best performance by the Pack this season, a win is a win, and in the most important game of the season, that's what counts. The defense made some huge plays and stepped up at all the right times. Amazing that the two of the most deserving players on the team got injured; the Pack showed a lot of heart and came out world champions. Go Pack Go.

aussiepacker's picture

I would like to thank Aaron, Corey, Brian, Alex, Jayme and Holly for all they have done this year and also to Jersey Al, CD and all of packer nation that frequent this blog you guys mean so much to me thank you and congratulations.
We are the world champs.

RockinRodgers's picture

Thanks Aaron, Corey and Brian. Awesome year. Glad to have shared it with you guys.

keith's picture

I did not hear Brian Bulaga's name once or Lamar Woodley mentioned much at all. Great job by the rookie and the entire o-line!

Loved Woodson's reply when reporter said it must be bittersweet--Woodson said not at all--It was great day.
While Wood was missed the second half--his leadership and what he taught Tramon over the last few years stayed on the field!

MOPAK65's picture

After the Detroit game I made the comment that no NFC North team would go to the Super Bowl. I've been eating a lot of crow since then... This team deserved it! McCarthy kept them together in spite of the mounting injuries during the season and even tonight, with Woodson and Driver on the sidelines, the Pack held it's own!
Looking back, I made a bone head statement and I'm glad I was so wrong - THE PACK REIGNS SUPREME! GO PACK GO!!

cow42's picture

let's say the schedule just came out and you saw that the Packers had to play the following games consecutively...

New York Giants
Chicago Bears
@ Philadelphia Eagles
@ Atlanta Falcons
@ Chicago Bears
Pittsburgh Steelers

who would have looked at that stretch and called for a sweep?

not me.

fucking unbelievable.


Me, my wife, my two daughters, and my son in a group hug - counting down the final 10 seconds...

One of the best moments of my life.

CSS's picture

But, but, but....Rodgers stil hasn't won a playoff game in Lambeau Field! (/snark)

Will's picture

Say it loud and say it proud We are World Champs!

PackersRS's picture

First of many to come.


Jay's picture

At some point I will break down the game, look at what went wrong and what went right, do my youtube video and all that stuff.

But right now...

All I can say is GO PACK GO! SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS! Thank you Green and Gold, One and All, for bringing the Lombardi home!

Paxbak's picture

As am Auburn Graduate and Huge Packer fan, What a way to cap off the best football season ever!! War Damn Packers!!!!

I discovered this site during the draft last year and followed along throughout the ups and downs this year. What a great site!!! I have to say, when Wood and Shields went down, I was thinking about a repeat of that one point loss the last time we played the Steelers. No repeat as Bush actually had a pick!! And we Won!!!

C'mon Labor dispute!! Let's settle this thing, cause the 2011 Pack looks like they will be better than even this team. Can't wait until next year!! Love Cheesehead TV!!! on more time War Damn Packers... What a football season

Erikgj's picture

I have never been prouder of the packers. Very happy Aaron won the game and the MVP too.

NoWayJose's picture

So proud of this team. They were warriors. Warriors.

This whole run was magical, and I am so glad to have been here for it.

CHTV crew- thanks for making the season that much better.

Now who's for a few more beers? GPG!!!

jack in jersey city's picture

fire mccarthy! fire ted thompson! they will NEVER win a superbowl!!!

thepretzelhead in Japan's picture

Our fifth column is officially we can let the Packer leaders possibly become the best ever.

foundinidaho's picture

My father was giggling like a little girl after this game. Thank you Mike, Ted, Aaron, Jarrett, etc. This means the world to both of us. God Bless the Green Bay Packers.

thepretzelhead in Japan's picture
Black Hawk's picture

Great Win, inuries have blessed this season! I have always been a huge Ted Thompson supporter and even more after his post game speech. Anyone who runs a business can relate....when Ted was accepting the Lombardi trohy after the game, talking w/ Bradshaw...Ted stated..."THIS IS TOUGH BUSINESS"


Badknees's picture

Sign Shields to a reasonable long term contract ASAP.

JoePackersNYC's picture

Wow. I tried to comment on this post Aaron last night but I think there was too much traffic! I could never get the page to load! That's a great thing. Huge day for Packers fans. Super Bowl Champions!!!

Thanks to you and the whole CHTV team for keeping us informed throughout the years!

Go Pack Go!!

Bob - Omaha's picture

I would like the GBP money truck to back up to McCarthy's & Caper's & Thompson's respective homes and allow them to take as much as they'd like...We need to lock those guys into contracts for the next 10 years - I don't care what kind of contract they have now - lock them up! Oh, and all the other assistant coaches too...what a staff! Ridunculous!!!

T's picture

I wonder if we will get another "Aaron Rodgers for MVP" video, now that he is one.

Norman's picture

Okay, now that we got that outta the way, who do you like at #32 in the draft?

jaydubya's picture

If I was any happier I’d be twins.

Congrats to the whole GBP organization! Yes I mean dietary aids, trainers, secretaries, grounds crew, equiptment handlers, ... everyone.
Hope you all get a nice fat bonus in your next paycheck.

joepacker's picture


joedubya's picture

Holy crap, it happened. ;)

jaydubya's picture


mark's picture

Leaving work early today to cheer on Aaron Rodgers outside the David Letterman studio. STILL EUPHORIC.

World Champs!

BubbaOne's picture

1st Q: Wondering who you thought was the Defensive MVP?
...Collins had INT TD but allowed RB to break containment several times.
...Matthews had the forced fumble but didn't have any sacks.
...Zombo had the only sack and a few tackles
...Bishop had the fumble recovery and I think led the team in tackles

2nd Q: Was anyone else shocked as I was that we didn't hear Raji's or Jenkin's name called more? I was expecting huge games from both.

Maybe the whole D team should get the long as Robert DeNiro doesn't have a baseball bat in his hand when the award is handed out. "Team, Team"...thunk!

Chucking Wood 21's picture

Aaron, thank you for all the time and hardwork you put in covering the packers all season. We (packer nation) cant thank you enough.



ricia's picture

I still can't believe it. Brett who??? I just found this site. Grew up about 50 miles from Green Bay during the Lombardi years. The Packers was the religion in town. On game days my mom and I huddled around our little black and white TV cheering the Pack. If the boys wanted to join us that was fine, otherwise they left us alone, dinner was in the oven or just needed to be heated up. We ate after the game ended. The outcome of the game determined the dessert.

Irish Cheesehaed's picture

F'in incredible. Heading to Green Bay tomorrow for Return to Titletown at Lambeau. 8 hour drive - who cares? We are WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!!

Asshalo's picture

Still Can't believe it. I hope they release a DVD of key games this season (i.e. the last six of them).

rodgers's picture

was at lambeau today........crowd was awesome!!!!!!!!!!

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