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Gut Reactions: Preseason Week Two

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Gut Reactions: Preseason Week Two

  • Oh Graham Harrell. You just had to pump in some drama into the preseason by looking terrible, didn't you?
  • To be fair, Harrell got little to no help from his receivers or his offensive line. 
  • This team has a LOT of good, young talent in the secondary - but it is raw as hell. 
  • Jordy Nelson is the man. 
  • Randall Cobb officially has ball security issues. 
  • Alex Green played nearly a flawless game, save for two snaps. He missed a read on his initial run and whiffed badly on a third down blitz pickup - but other than that he looked good. 
  • It's only preseason - but this team can't stop the run unless they call a run blitz. That's concerning. 
  • Charles Woodson is a ninja. 
  • D.J. Smith looked good, and the best part? He's going to get better. 
  • The 10 yard cushion that the corners constantly give opposing receivers just baffles me. 
  • McCarthy calling a timeout with a minute left - guy wants every rep he can get. 
  • Never a good sign when Aaron Rodgers has to remind the ref that the clock should stop after a kickoff. 
  • Just remember, none of this means anything. 
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denniseckersley's picture

ohhh LOOK WHO's BACK. heyyooooo

Don Hutson's picture

Has to rekindle the Aaron vs. Aaron feud. Man-o-man, couldn't just let sleeping dogs.....

Bring it on!


Good to have you around more frequently again Nagler.

When do we start to worry about Worthy? Seems like he's having zero impact.

Otherwise, I'm not too concerned. Yet...

Oppy's picture

ancient NFL wisdom:

Rookie defensive linemen rarely make an immediate impact in the NFL.

Yes, there are exceptions, but usually takes DL 2-3 years to come into their own.

P.s.- my personal take is that Mike Daniels will make a bigger splash than Jerel Worthy this season.. And maybe even long term. Not to say I think Worth will be poor, I just think Daniels is under rated.

D B H's picture

I agree about the *raw* talent in the secondary. So many guys that could make the jump...but you gotta wonder if the diluted practice and game reps will hurt that.

Richardson from Vanderbilt looks like a guy to watch in the seconday - he's got a fantastic skill set, body type, and seems to be around the ball a lot.

Tommyboy's picture

Robert Francois and Jarret Bush get my special teams and defensive game balls respectively. Offensively? I...guess...Boykin?

Alex Green showed me a burst I haven't seen in Green Bay for some time.

Harrell is REALLY looking rough. Show me a worse-looking #2 in the league and I'll give you a nickel and a sack o' ducks. And did anyone else notice some of the AWFUL holding calls the refs missed to help Harrell out? Datko...yikes.

Rocky70's picture

Hard to disagree with anything you've said.

Nelson, Green & DJ Smith will be vital in 2012. Is Cobb going to be an elite player or another 'hold your breath' type player?

G. Harrell is 27. Already past his prime. (sort of). TT will be addressing this issue shortly. (this week, hopefully)

Nerd's Laptop's picture

-Harrell isn't as bad as he looked. But McCoy would still be an upgrade.

-Defense looked rough.

Jordy looked good.

-Alex Green looked good.

-DJ Smith looked good.

-nice return by Otis Merrill.

Barutan Seijin's picture

Graham Harrell is worse than Brian Brohm. The team doesn't move with him under center. The Browns aren't pushovers on defense, but he showed nothing. Nothing. The guy's not an NFL caliber quarterback, not even a back up. I'd rather have Cobb as the backup QB.

Oppy's picture

Harrell wasn't good, but saying he's worse than Brian Brohm doesn't exactly make your statement easy to take seriously.

Brohm was a complete waste of space.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

If he doesn't get better, soon, graham will be holding hands with Brian in that categorie. I'm just wondering how much better Harrell will get at 27. I am rooting for him though, not much of a choice.

Drew's picture

You don't understand giving a man a 10 yard cushion and then letting them run 5 yards to you before you move? Okay, me neither.

Mojo's picture

Possible Good, Bad & Ugly candidates:

Good: Masthay; no injuries; game doesn't count.

Bad: The backup o-line

Ugly: Harrell & the backup o-line again for not to be able to both pass block and run block

Evan's picture

I thought Datko and Taylor did pretty well at LT and RT respectively.

Tommy boy's picture

I thought Cato looked like a middle schooler out there.

Evan's picture


Tommy boy's picture

Son of a...I meant datko. How the hell did that come out as "Cato." anyway, I saw at least one filthy hold datko got away with after he was beat and his run blocking seemed to always end up with him on the ground.

Evan's picture

ha...gotcha. I was thinking, "I know there are a ton of guys on this roster right now, but I have no idea who Cato is..."

But, yeah, he was far from perfect. But I just think he's made huge strides since the Chargers game.

People say he needs to get stronger, which of all the possible holes in someone's game is probably the easiest to fix.

Tommyboy's picture

Yeah, he probably was. Also understand that I actually only watched him for a few plays. I also think "Datko" is spelled "Cato" so what the hell do I know?

Lucky953's picture

Agree, Harrell looks a looong way from an NFL quarterback. Our #1 run defense was atrocious. M.D Jennings makes me gnash my teeth.

Bearmeat's picture

Overall, I'm not concerned. Yet. This a veteran team who had 19 guys not suit up due to injuries. Experienced coaches with good teams don't care about the preseason results. Those cares are for GB circa '09. Not in '12.

Stopping the run is a concern. The #1 secondary is going to have a few issues early in the year - Jennings and House are still very young - and it gets younger in the dime.

Harell sucked balls. If he doesn't improve in the next 2 weeks, TT's gonna have to get somebody.

Mojo's picture

Tonight we witnessed what a post-ARod apocalyptic world might look like...and it ain't pretty.

PackRat's picture

Okay, when are we going to realize that we are going to have the same defense as last year, at least fire the first half of the year if Worthy, Perry and Moses don't make a quantum jump? Raji had stopped being a force to contend with (unless he's saving it for the season) and Hawk desperately needed replacement by Smith, not to play alongside him. Burnett has to play up to Collin's standards if Woodson is going to roam near the line. THANK THE LORD Tramon looks great again.

BubbaOne's picture

I was expecting w/ 4 young, athletic O-Linemen there would be more running room. I know Newhouse was out last week but overall the #1 unit's run blocking lacking.

GBPDan's picture

Please pick up a #2 NFL QB Ted, please! The POP warner experiment is over. Perry, Worthy, Moses, Heyward, Daniels all looked like below average rookies tonite, very un-inspiring. No hint of playmaking ability. I hope they pick thier game up soon! The offense will be great again this year...the D? I'm not sure yet.

Oppy's picture

thought Perry, Moses, and Hayward all flashed at times last night.

If your scale is based on making a sack, a strip, or an interception- and those are the things a rookie needs to do in preseason game to qualify as 'an average rookie', then I guess I'd begrudgingly agree with your assessment.

I though Moses showed good aggression and flow to the ball/instincts, Perry bull rushed a double team like he was out for a sunday stroll, and Hayward had moments where his instincts really showed up- should have had a pick 6 for that matter.

I look for the details. They are rookies, they all aren't going to be playmakers every down or even every game. They're learning.

GBPDan's picture

The O will be great this year if Arod stays healthy, if he is hurt, The packers will lose EVERY game that Harrell starts. That's ALL games! Is this what we want Ted?

PackRat's picture

YOTTO does not mean "year of the turnover" Randall.....speaking of, any best tight end on the game sightings??? Better resign Beluga quick....he's a BEARS FAN!

paxbak's picture

Against the Browns.. At home? I only listened to the game, but it is really concerning how our D can't get off the field on 3rd down. Just like last year. I am concerned we still have the Giants hangover. It doesn't sound like these new D-line bodies add any juice. Also, we have no backup O-linemen - we were owned!! ... by the Browns... at home. I expected much more.

GreenBaySavant's picture

Last night reminded me of sucking under Mike Sherman. At some point the offense will get back or close to last years form, but the defense.......

(yes, we were missing Jennings and Finley)

GreenBaySavant's picture

At first I kept circulating "It's only preseason' in my head. Just like everyone else keeps saying, especially on the radio. About midway through the 2nd quarter, it occurred to me that even though it is a preseason game, nobody would be easing of the throttle (NOT waiting for week 1 to throw the switch). The play calling may be vanilla, but no one is going to risk getting hurt by playing half @ss. Other than a handful of positives, the whole team (1's, 2's, 3's,etc.) are out of sync. And, either they get it together within the next two weeks, or we start the season with a loss to San Fran and Chicago

Fish/Crane's picture

in about sixty hours this thread will receive its last reader and then for all of eternity shall never be visited again. preseason football

NoWayJose's picture

Best comment on this I've seen. There's a lot of chicken littles out there. Yawn.

BTW, everyone used to same the EXACT same stuff about going into the season with Flynn as the backup QB in 2010. That worked out fine.

tony's picture

I was all for letting Harrell grow as the back up... but he's just not performing. Football's a strictly performance-based game, and if you can't perform, they'll need to find someone who will.

Colt McCoy, on the other hand, looked fantastic. He looked like someone I'd be comfortable seeing play if he had to.

I think they seriously need to make a move. Maybe give Harrell another year at the 3 spot and some more practice reps. He's been too bad to rely on.

Evan's picture

Why are Neal and Hargrove only seeing playing time toward the end of the 4th quarter.

Is that just where they're falling on the depth chart or does Mike not want to waste reps on to-be suspended guys?

Tony's picture

Probably doesn't want to waste the reps on the suspended guys... makes sense.

PackersRS's picture

There was no injuries. I'm thrilled.

The rest can be fixed.

woodson4president's picture

If DJ Smith doesnt keep starting after his Bishop like performances somebody needs their head checked. And it pains me to say it but....damn Bush is playing his ass off!

Grant County's picture

Bush stinks he's 28 or 29, he's reached his maxiumum potential. He gets burned all the time. He's way overpaid for what he does. Cut him and keep B. Ross he's 23 and has more upside and cheaper and can do the same things (maybe better given time and reps) than Bush.

Oppy's picture

Jarrett Bush is going to provide the Packers with around 10 impact plays this season, a mixture of QB hits/hurries resulting in turnover/failed conversion, QB Sacks, Forced Fumbles, or Interceptions.

Yeah, I'm going on record with that. 10 impact plays in 2012.

He's not cut out to be a starting CB, you don't want him playing man on the edge.... But he capable of being a play maker around the LOS in the mold of Woodson.

Grant County's picture

Do you have a prediction of how many times he get's burned. I'll go on record and say 20. If you go back and watch the Cleveland game carefully you will see B. Ross doing the same thing as Bush, playing near the the LOS made 3 good plays 2 tackles for negative yardage 1 tackle for 2 yds, 1 pass he did get beat for 27 yds, but he had good coverage it was a great pass by Wallace. And his tackles had some stick and power to them. Again he's 29 maxed out and limited in the cb area, he's good in sp teams, but 1.5 million bad business. Give me the young guy whose got upside, and a better cb right now and 4yrs to learn how to down a ball inside the 5. Should'nt take 4YRS(maybe half season). And playing for league minimum.(saving 1.3 mil) And I didnt say he was a starting cb. I said he (Ross) could do what Bush does right now and be as good as Bush plus he's a better cb right now.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

I think a 2:1 'burned' vs. 'big play for' is on the conservative side for Bush. I don't hate the guy, he just can't cover... That's all. That being said, he is a sure tackler and I can see him causing a couple fumbles and being in the right place when a QB makes an ill advised throw once or twice for a pick.

Oppy's picture

Let me remind you that what the Packers are paying Bush is the price the market set when Bush was a FA- they matched an offer.

eqfan592's picture

Just relax folks. Maybe toss on your Superbowl 45 blu-ray/DVD and relive some awesome memories to wash the bad taste out of your mouths. Worked for me. :)

Jamie's picture

Not sure what the panic is all about.

The starting defense played two partially three series...

1 play - 4 yards - forced fum
10 plays - 36 yards - 53 yd FG
4 plays - 3 yards - 47 yd FG (following Cobb fum)

Tommy boy's picture

Fair point...completely fair point.

packsmack25's picture

Rabble rabble!

Point Packer's picture

It really sucks when you can actually make a valid case that adding T-Jack to your team would be an upgrade.

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