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Gut Reactions: Preseason Week One vs Browns

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Gut Reactions: Preseason Week One vs Browns

  • Wow. The Browns are bad.
  • I wrote it in July. Desmond Bishop is coming for A.J. Hawk's job.
  • Strange that the Packers are having a punting battle in camp and refusing to punt.
  • I can not express how happy I am that Dom Capers is with the Packers
  • Welcome back James Jones
  • How long until Duke Preston is cut? I mean really...
  • Nice to see John Kuhn pick up right were he left getting blown up in the backfield
  • McCarthy has GOT to get a handle on the penalties. They blew up so many offensive drives last year. He can't allow that to happen again
  • Over all, a fun first preseason game. Now, on to next week and Buffalo
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Ron La CanneWatching Bears / Bills!  Cutler first quarter 1 's picture

r.e. Capers - Amen!
Oline - pick the starting five this week and start working on discipline
The WR's are awesome and deep
Jolly showed continued improvement
Aggressive play up front helps the db's
KO coverage still needs work. On Crosby's deep kick the Browns were only two players away from a TD.
Punt coverage on the one punt was good
Smith don"t hot dog. You haven't proved anything yet.
A better test next week - can't wait

Ron La Canne's picture

Sorry about the unintended Cutler stuff. Must have been too excited last night.

Packnic's picture

all i know is that if you would have told me two days ago that our defense (because of good solid pressure) would have gotten 4 interceptions without Al Harris or Charles Woodson taking a snap... i would have laughed at you. I know the Browns suck, but we have to take into consideration as well that, 1. this was our first live hitting and 2. It was the first test of a new defensive scheme. I really feel like things can only get better and its exciting. In Dom We Trust. I feel like we are gonna break some records this year in the INT category.

First team offense had very few penalties if any at all. but your right, that has got to stop.

John Kuhn should start looking elsewhere for employment. Quinn has too much potential, and Hall is too solid to let Kuhn continue to blow precious reps. Hall had a crucial block for the Ryan Grant touchdown... It wasnt a blow em out of the water block but it got the job done. Quinn Johnson and Korey Hall is plenty sufficient at FB. see ya kuhn.

BuckslayerNYC's picture

Finely looks pretty nimble...could be nice weapon in two TE set with Lee, who also looks great.

good first step considering there was no scrimmage last week.

Buffalo is going to be tough, this is their third game. Hopefully we will have some bodies back on defense.

I think both inside linebackers are hoping to replace Hawk and Barnett....I just want the best crew, could care less who sits.

Oppy's picture

It was good to see Quinn Johnson showing the stuff that piqued the GB scout's interest- knocking defenders up and out of plays. When he starts to grasp the offense more completely, I can see his immense value. Hopefully they can teach him to run the ball up the gut in short yardage situations.

Our Defense did look promising. Everyone knows Harris, Woodson and Barnett weren't playing, but also consider these things:

-we had a very undersized Montgomery playing left end for a 3-4 alignment. Now consider that's where BJ Raji should have been.

-Neither Jeremy Thompson nor Clay Matthews III (the two options for starting at the position) were playing at ROLB. Brady Poppinga, who has to the best of my knowledge never taken a snap at ROLB for the Packers, playing exclusively at strong side- was the guy filling in.

Seeing the pressure this defense applied without them, in the first pre-season game, is promising. The idea of what this D could bring with Raji, Matthews/Thompson, Barnett, Woodson and Harris is down-right mind-numbing.

-Alan Barbre played well though alittle inconsistent, from what I saw. He did have a break down or two, but he did recover fairly well after being initially beat on a few plays. His performance was sound enough that I'm not terrified by the prospect of not having Tauscher at this point.

bucky's picture

What, no love for my guy Sutton?

Asshalo's picture

Flynn was decently impressive. Hope he continues to prove me wrong.

Mr. Optimistic's picture

Flynn looks pretty good. I was impressed with his cool, and he gets decent zip on the ball.
Finley looks good, too. He got in some useful blocks with his receptions.
Bishop needs to be on the field. The guy gets around or through blockers. I don't know whether it's desire or agility or football instincts or what, but he has something his competition doesn't.
Brohm is a lost cause.

Ruppert's picture

In addition to agreeing with many comments above, let me add that I don't think Moll did much of anything to fend off younger guys that want his roster spot. He's going to get somebody killed. I made a point to watch Jamon Meredith on my DVR this morning, and except for 1 play I thought he did a pretty good job. I think the Spitz-Sitton-Barbre combo looked functional (better than that, really, but it's Cleveland), and I think unless there's some injury or major collapse we'll see that on opening day. Just love the energy. Controlling the ball for 40 minutes, I'm impressed that the O linemen didn't get fatigued. Quite a few guys, including Barbre and Sitton, played a game's worth of football last night. Matt Flynn impressed me a lot, too.

PackersRS's picture

Maybe too soon, but Sutton=3rd Rb. Finley looked impressive but so did Lee. Happy wit the TE situation. First offense is amazing. Grant played very well. Flynn is our backup. Who needs those bad veterans when we have this guy? And finally, it'll be VERY though for Raji to take that LDE spot from Jolly. Best DL last night.

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

I forgot how much I love the "gut reactions" post every week. Yay! On the backup QB discussion - I'm actually starting to like where we are. I've posted several times that Flynn reminds me of Ty Detmer. Flynn is looking more and more like a decent backup. That takes a lot of pressure off the coaches in my view with regards to Brohm. Just let Brohm develop now (or not develop) because you have a decent backup.
Love the RB battle with Lumpy and Sutton. I think Sutton will win
Bishop deserves considerable playing time. I'm tired of hearing what he can't do because I've seen what he CAN do.
I think it was Ron L that posted it's getting close to the time to pick 5 lineman and go with it. I hope we see that beginning with the 3rd pre-season game. BTW, aren't you just plain scared when you look in Sitton's eyes through his helmet?
Finley is looking better and better.
I love the long O drives early. Let's help the building D early in the season by keeping them off the field with lots of long O drives. I think Aaron posted on this a few times (our slow starts last year). Sure looked good last night.

wgbeethree's picture

The ZBS looks like it may finally be clicking for everyone. Grant had some burst. Wynn and Jackson looked good.I really liked how Sutton looked running between the tackles but he wasnt very good at helping when being held in to block and he seemed to be a little impatient ant cut off the blockers a little too much instead of following the fb but all in all im looking forward to seeing more of what he can do.
Bishop looked great blitzing and even looked really good when dropping into zone coverage. If we can get him on the field without having him in man to man coverage i think he can be huge for us this year.
The pressure was really good last night. It was hard to tell where the blitzes were coming from and that cause lots of problems.
WAY too many penalties.

bomdad's picture

Cheesehead Nation bump in full effect! Please invite Crosby and Kapinos to call in.
Bishop was awesome, but recall Hodge from a couple years ago and how he never panned out.
The Browns looked terrible. Reminded me of that first preseason game against the Chargers a few years back, was that MM's first season? A team blitzing all over vs a coach in his first preseason game with a team.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Yeah, Kuhn did himself no favors. -

Gotta keep reminding myself "it's only preseason", we all know who the preseason champs were last year... 0-16 -


Abdul totally came to mind last night when watching Desmond, very impressive none the less.


BuckslayerNYC's picture

Hodge had major was not for lack of talent or effort that he did not make our roster the 3rd year. He is still in the NFL I believe....

Bishop, with few coverage responsibilities, should make it.

I think injuries will determine the TBs and FBs we keep. Its a high injury position (RB) thus it stands to reason that someone will be on IR or PUP to start the season. I would not cut any of the RBs. I just hope Wynn times it right that he is playing his best ball against Tennessee.

Sutton is GB Sproles. Guy has incredibly quick feet. That is not a trait that is possessed by any of his competitors, if he is durable enough to last Pre season, he makes it. He will be a terror on screens, which with Tauch gone now, we can start running again.....hopefully succesfully.

I am calling it right now, Finley is the second coming of Shannon Sharpe...

I think the backup safety from Pittsburgh was a good pickup and Rouse will not be making the tunnel run against Chicago....oh yeah. Brohm will look better when he runs with the big dogs instead of the 3 rd team. tough to throw when you can't set your feet.

JerseyPackFan's picture

Someone had to get Brohm to call into the show ASAP

PackersRS's picture

"I am calling it right now, Finley is the second coming of Shannon Sharpe…"
I was pretty skeptical about him, still am actually, but he showed that he can get open, can position his body nicely to make the catch, and blocked pretty well last game. But he still needs to beat Lee for the starting TE job, let alone be called the new Sharpe (the less talented one ;))

FITZCORE1252's picture

What's with the discrepency in the year we were founded? All the packer gear with a date on it says "Est. 1921", but it's really 1919.-

It pisses me off 'cause that's just another thing that I argue with my Bear fan buddies about. They say they're a year older, but really we are.-

Yeah, I'm 30 years old and am well aware how lame that is to argue about but, c'mon they're Bear fans for crying out loud!


FITZCORE1252's picture

“I am calling it right now, Finley is the second coming of Shannon Sharpe…”

WOW, take a step back and breathe Turbo. He caught 2 balls. He's got upside but that's just ridiculous (Man I hope you're right though).


Ruppert's picture

Fitz, 1921 is the year the Packers joined the NFL, or whatever the league called itself then. In 1919 and 1920, the Green Bay Packers pro football club existed, but they weren't part of the league. The League was formed in 1920.

Ron La Canne's picture

Went back to the DVR and looked at film.
______________________________________ On Grants' TD Korey Hall just plain blew up the OLB. He should get credit for three and a half points on that one.

First Oline pass protection was very good. On runs they didn't have much push, but they didn't allow much penetration either. Overall they did a good job. Hope they stay together for at least a qtr. and a half against the Bills.
Montgomery was bad as the RDE. Poppinga was bad as ROLB. Fortunately neither will have to be counted on to start (if they make the team). AJ - no big mistakes, nothing outstanding either. Bishop looked just as good in the replays.
Kicking - Punt? Crosby - Accuarcy, Accuracy, Accuracy! Yeah, they were long but distance was there. On the 45 yarder he made the ball hooked and came uncomfortably close to the Left upright.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Yeah Ruppert that's what I tell the bear fans. They counter with "who'd ya play, yourselves". Irritating, bear fans in general.


Mr. Optimistic's picture

Who did the 1919 & 1920 Packers play? A bunch of other, similar teams from the area that don't exist anymore. It's not like football began with the NFL. Back before everyone went to college, there were a lot of working men playing the game. My machinist grandfather played for one of those teams, the Racine Iroquois. He always hated the Packers, especially Curly Lambeau.

JerseyPackFan's picture

You guys should read the book "Before They Were Packers" by Dennis J. Gullickson and Carl Hanson. Great book detailing the town football teams in Wisconsin and the Packers.

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